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15 Jamaican Celebrities You May Not Have Known Are Dead


Alton Ellis (1938 – 2008)
Known widely as the “Godfather of Rock Steady,” he had a string of hits, including I’m Just a Guy, Girl I’ve Got a Date and Get Ready Rock Steady. He passed away in 2008 from multiple myeloma, a form of bone cancer.


Desmond Dekker (1941 – 2006)
Dekker rose to prominence after releasing numerous musical hits that introduced Jamaican reggae to the world. His song 007 (Shanty Town) made it onto the soundtrack of the 1972 Jamaica reggae film The Harder They Come. He died of a heart attack in 2006.

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One thought on “15 Jamaican Celebrities You May Not Have Known Are Dead

  1. Baldhead Ras Drluv says:

    Yanique, kudos on the good works you've been doing but please, make hurry to correct this one.
    The picture of this beautiful young lady you've posted as one of 15 Jamaican celebrity you claim is dead, you, do not know her and she is NOT DEAD. If you care to get the facts straight contact me and I can have this lady speak with you in person and also I ask of you to please let whoever gave you this information know that they're wrong and they too can contact me for the facts, thank you.

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