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14 Amazing Facts You Did Not Know About Trinidad and Tobago

The Trinidad Moruga “Scorpion” Pepper has officially been ranked as the world’s hottest pepper by the Guinness Book of Records.

Stokely rebel

(Original Caption) Stokely Carmichael speaking. Photograph, 1970.

Trinidad and Tobago-born Stokely Carmichael (also known as Kwame Ture) was active in the U.S. Civil Rights Movement. He rose to prominence as the honorary prime minister of the Black Panther Party. He popularized the term “Black power” as a social and political slogan.

It is the birthplace of the steel pan drum.

PitchLakePitch Lake in Trinidad is the world’s largest natural deposit of asphalt. It covers about 99 acres and is 246 feet deep.

Brain_coralMeasuring 10 feet by 16 feet, the world’s largest piece of brain coral can be found at the popular diving and snorkeling spot Speyside in Tobago.

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26 thoughts on “14 Amazing Facts You Did Not Know About Trinidad and Tobago

  1. John Manzo says:

    How about the fact that almost 50% of Trinidad is South Asian and not Black? I guarantee you that most people don't know that and you don't have a single Indian person in any of the images when they are the single largest ethnic group in TT.

  2. How is this fact HISTORIC ????????

  3. John Manzo says:

    Huh? How is the colonial and post slavery history of TT and its current ethnocultural composition anything BUT "historic"?

  4. @ John Manzo. I think you're missing the point of the things highlighted – i.e. interesting and unique facts to a smal, island nation. That 40+ % of Trinidad's population is of south asian ethnicity is not unique to Trinidad, even by Carribean comparatives, far less world comparatives.

  5. Alexandros Priestley-Trotman says:

    @John Manzo as everyone has said thus far, how is this interesting? As for not showing East Indians or Asians in the images, tell me did someone of Asian origin win Miss Universe? No. It is stupid comments like that, that cause problems. Go and bark up another tree.

  6. I tried to look at it backwards and forwards, but can't see what could possibly amazing about the %50 of Indians .__.

  7. Shanil Singh says:

    @John Manzo you are so right.

    The religious and ethnic diversity is unique to Trinidad because it is unique in context of the region. That diversity has alot to do with our output as a people and our creativity as well as our problems. For many foreigners this is what resonates with them who have stayed in Trinidad for 1-2 years not the things you have listed. I had someone in the French consulate tell me the exact thing at a show last year.

  8. Keith Smith says:

    @ John Manzo. Please don't confuse the terms ethnic and cultural, historical and statistical. These are fact that transcend any ethnic lines. and for you to imply this once again, it's an us and them scenario. Shame on you. These are wonderful facts about this island. Get over it and enjoy!!!

  9. Vashti Roebuck says:

    Thank you John Manzo………..they are some great facts to share with my kids and grandkids.

  10. Im guessing hes trying to say that said population multiplies like rabbits? (beats history? i dont know)

  11. Richard Valentine says:

    isn't that wendy fitzwilliams?

  12. William Ganness says:

    1. Despite Having amongst the most lucrative combination of natural beauty and natural resources, the poor is getting poorer and the rich richer.
    2. Have the second highest homicide rate in the Caribbean.
    3. You can get locked up for being homosexual or having anal sex between consenting adults.
    4. Parents of the Hindu and Muslim religions can marry off their 12 and 14 year old daughters to 50 year old men.
    5. Despite having the two densest Leatherback turtle nesting sites every government ignores the tourist potential of this and continues to spend hundreds of millions of dollars developing Carnival and Maracas beach each year both of which makes no money for the country.
    6. Is the 6th largest exporter of shark fin in the world.
    7. Have a public education system that channels the best students from primary schools to be indoctrinated in church schools where the government pays the salaries and expenses for these schools, while government run schools are factories for criminals and dropouts.
    8. Is in the top 10 countries with the largest carbon footprint where politicians believe this to be an accomplishment.
    9. Is considered to be amongst the most corrupt countries in the world, where government officials and politicians award huge contracts to their friends and family and NON have ever spent any time in jail (with one exception) for these acts during the past 50 years of independence.
    10. Where women literally think they are the most beautiful in the world – actually sorry about the last one I think women in every country think they are the most beautiful.

  13. Drake Dodson says:

    Actually, right off the bat this article is wrong. The hottest pepper in the world as recognized by Guinness is the Carolina Reaper.

  14. Timmeh San says:

    Ahh boy we get a real fucking trini here , highlight as much shit as you can think off about your country and post it for the world to see because only your country is a cesspool and you need to make sure the 'better' countries know about this. Try not to breed William.

  15. William Ganness says:

    Timmeh San Too late, my son. I wish i had your advice back then.

  16. The Trinidad moruga scorpion (Capsicum chinense) is native to the district of Moruga in Trinidad and Tobago. On February 13, 2012, New Mexico State University's Chile Pepper Institute identified the Trinidad moruga scorpion as the hottest chili in the world, with a mean heat of more than 1.2 million Scoville heat units (SHUs) and individual plants with a heat of more than 2 million SHUs.[1] However the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion has not been certified as the hottest pepper by the Guinness Book of World Records.[2] The previous record holder was the bhut jolokia of India. The current world record holder is the Carolina Reaper.

  17. Lucy Marianela says:

    first of all we acknowledge indian arrival and their impact on food culture etc but they simply didn't do the things that black ppl for they aren't on the list.. also the miss universe was black..and most pages on facebook etc about trinidad show indians all the time..and their food and their chutney or whatever they call their music.. so relax.. yall always get mad when black people shine.. fvck off already.. everyone knows trinidad's makeup in african indian and some chinese and mixed ppl and the few arawaks are trolling and dumb..go to an indian oriented page and see if they highlight or show black trinis not really if ever.. and btw guyana has the same thing you are talking about but the other way around.. ppl assume guyana is all east indian..moving along

  18. William Ganness yes William well fucking done bro, highlight everything bad! (y) Showcast how Trinidad is a fucking hellzone … douche

  19. Nigel Reyes says:

    What kind of illiterate replies am i seeing see here?? The east indians & chinese excel very well as school and make it big on the headlines every single year! Furthermore they are the business set of tax payers in this country since they are also the one to save and sacrifice to run their own business which employs peeple like yourself and your children! If it wasnt for these people, Trinidad would have been a lilttle Guyana with no such success in making the country worth living in. You all are damn racial and needs to educate yourself properly before making yourselves look like some stigmatised fools that would never get pass your ancestors slave days. Go fight with the white man nah.

  20. Nigel Reyes says:

    The 50% indians who you are referring to does not behave like the 100% of the kind of ppl living in Laventille for one. Secondly, the 50% of indians actually makes up 53% of the population who help provide jobs for you & your children because they are the ones adding to the economy their taxes from owning their own businesses. Thirdly, the indians excel very well at education and makes it big on the headlines each and every year! Unlike the blacks focus on kfc, brands & liming & being rude to their parents. Educate yourself properly nah & stop this jealousy fit. Ppl like all yuh not angry with the white man for your ancestors slavery days but all yuh angry with the wrong set of people who doh do all yuh nothing! Look at the crime situation… Look at the kind of ppl in prison. All yuh rel have selective memory boy

  21. Nigel Reyes says:

    Lucy please go educate yourself. You all born with a stigmatization that would never leave all yuh blood. And who you referring to go fuck yourself already?? Did u say that to the east indian teacher who tried hard for people like all yuh to learn something at schools & to not play the fool? Did you say that to your east indian boss who pays your salary and can replace your stupid ass any day come?? One simple reminder for you… all yuh cant run a country else it would be run down like somalia & the poor parts of africa. Indians excel at everything in this country & not shit like 'freedom fighting' & stupid miss world or universe pageants… the indians excel at education & business to provide jobs for ppl like you and your children & pay the country the biggest set of taxes for the economy to remain stable. All yuh focus on miss world/universe/caribbean/big & beautiful etc, brands, kfc & increasing the crime numbers & spaces in prison.. why yuh dont talk about that

  22. Lucy Marianela says:

    Nigel Reyes yes very illiterate and racial.. the first thing I see in the comments is bitching about black people and complaining that the thread is not east Indian enough.. then when ppl rebut, your fa99ot ass wants to get mad…how many Trini pages only focus on east indian things and nobody complains the rare time I see black TRINIDAD BEING HIGHLIGHTED SOME ASSHOLE WANTS TO CHIME IN AND GET UPSET and be disrespectful and he needed a reminder that he is acknowledged and on those other pages you dont see them reference steel drums and stuff born on the island they reference chutney and hindu celebrations as the MAIN CULTURE of the island. As for doing wellin school it is known inthe USA that black Caribbean and Africans studentds excell and make the black statistics for the ivy sit down with that… In the USA you live in richmond hill queens and all of you are trashy and on welfare and drunk all the time blasting horrible chutney music if you want to go there, oh and the schools there are ghetto and total shit..don't try to ride off actual East Indians and Asians who come here through selected immigration policies taking only the smart ones..also speaking of business, how many of you have businesses that literally have slave labor from indonesia and other asian countries chained in cages bringing your shitty culture here to America, and the fbi has raided so many in the USA including 7/11s and dunkin donuts..By the way, the reason you can do business or anything really in the USA, is because black people fought the white man as you put it..that's the reason I am able to be in the USA as I don't do the racial shit against black people I show black America gratitude for not being docile pussies like your ppl… same in Trinidad.. blacks fought against colonialism.. you suck the Englishman asshole and thats why they made you the pet and gave you preference….you can't offend me with the references to slavery because when you come here and to Canada real Indians remind your untouchable dalit ass that you aren't one of them with all the stigmas based on our race we STILL make it. Guyana is horrible and it is mainly indian so you contradicted need like 5thousand of their dollars for like a loaf of bread…read this and get educated excerpt to start you off with "The model minority myth, in other words, is a setup: a carrot offered to certain groups so long as they don’t get out of line, assert their rights" so don't clown black people for fighting for justice.. asshole because your ppl the first in line when the dust settles to take full advantage of those rights… now go fvck a goat.. bye

  23. Lucy Marianela says:

    Nigel Reyes this is why I post about black success on my page day in day out because what you say is total bullshit…yall be pushing drugs out of venezuela and have "business" fronts and are also into the same shit… nobody is jealous of musty underarm smelling untouchables with a purple ring around your lips and eyes and mad hairy… yall marry off your kids at 11 12 yrs old we also have genius children..we arent mad at indians we just look at you with contempt because you are so phony and always try to distance yourselves from the island when you go abroad as if you are ashamed to be from there.. yet on the island try to act as if your culture is the original when it isnt.. you have your good stuff but you also have criminals and pedohiles ..alot OF YOU ALSO LIVE LIKE SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE TYPE STATUS SO…. you have the selective memory..

  24. apples and oranges..we are talking about historical actions you are talking about population your little comment about slavery being nothing is offensive… still get notifications from this thread.. I saw your page funny how inflamed you get over gayness in indiana and other gay issues yet have no problem trying to diminish black people on a black can be a wild homo and nobody knows until you tell em yet we cant and wont hide our skin we have to deal with haters like you all the fucking time.. funny how some of yall homos can be some of the most hateful prejudiced people out there..yet cry about petty marriage bullshit…

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