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7 thoughts on “Is This White Mother Doing Enough to Prepare Her Adopted Black Children for Racism?

  1. Wajet Roberts says:

    I wish her and her adopted children the best. She's at least a quarter Asian. Like my Chinese friend told me. When Asian is mixed with Caucasian they are accepted. This is one reason why may Asian women flock to Caucasian men. So their children are accepted. (Sigh)

  2. Cynthia Lewis says:

    Fi also wish her the best. I think she may be on the right path by having a mentor for the children, as well as for herself.

  3. Really great video – she sounds like she's really learned a lot. I think that adoption is awesome because so many kids out there need good, permanent homes and we all come from such different experiences that having mentors and role models really allows us to grow and see things from multiple perspectives. I'm definitely checking the book out.

  4. Speech English says:

    To be honest, most Black parents do very little to prepare their children for racism in America. This is extremely evident in the fact that most African Americans know very little of their own history, there True history, or of African history, which you have to know to be able to connect the dots of American/Western racism against Black people. That, and an understanding of American politics and government, the two things that affect Black people the most in America, and which many Black people know very little about.

  5. Jen Braden says:

    This degree of self-awareness is rare in anybody.

  6. Linda Harper says:

    I wish her and her family well also and yes I so think she is doing whatever she needs to help her children navigate this society. I applaud her for first adopting black children and then realizing she may need help and getting that help.

  7. what are you talking about? asians are accepted by white people. asians flock to white people because they are closer in genome. they are more neaderthal than human.

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