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16 thoughts on “Ferguson October: Jesse Williams Brilliantly Explains Why Black Men Should Have the Same Right to Live as Anyone Else

  1. Not if they assault other people.

  2. Abdul Shabazz says:

    The police get to get away with murder smh

  3. DeOnna White says:

    The Truth!

  4. Ja'von Brown says:

    I'll bet the world you feel the same way about white people.Not!

  5. Ja'von Brown The whole world? You're on.

  6. Tiffany Toure says:

    Jesse Williams! Your parents have done an excellent job! Human Rights we say.

  7. Takes a lot of courage and God in you to Speak out, " I respect the courage" Silence changes nothing.

  8. they don`t use Rats and Monkeys no more for their new drugs experiments (Animals rights advocates call it cruelty), Now they are using African people, Hmmmmm can you imagine. Just pay the African Politicians and get permission to conduct their new drug experiments on poor rural African People , Hence we have Aids, Ebola and something else coming soon. You ever wonder how none of these deadly diseases never occur in Asia, India or Europe, Its always Africa. The few human rights advocate that left, CIA is rite now planning how to eliminate them.

  9. Carolyn Falkner says:

    Why aren't other Actors singers, Athletes,rappers coming forward? It seems the only challenge they're willing to take is the bucket challenge

  10. Jesse Williams is a straight up real about who he is, and what he is about. can not be mad at him.

  11. Carolyn Falkner says:

    They are willing to pour ice cold water over their head in public for a cause but when we're in hot water they are no where to be seen what ever happen to "I Love My Fans And I Wouldn't Be Here Without You" Lady GaGa , Beyoncé and Jay z
    I calling you out and all the rich Americans that are against the mistreatment of our youth go shine a light on what's happening your fans will surely follow you and fill the streets where the heck are you? Get out of the cold water and get in the hot water

  12. Carolyn Falkner says:

    Just saying

  13. John Emmerich says:


  14. His is so FYNE. Not just his boyish good looks, but intelligent, awake and aware!

  15. You are the IDIOT. As that is the only thing you have to contribute. If you got nothing better to say just move on damn it. Everybody has a right to express their views without being abused. SMT.

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