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131 thoughts on “After Watching This You Will Know Why Black Children Suffer The Most From Institutional Racism

  1. Farntella Graham says:

    andhe just talked about the education system.

  2. I have been aware of what was going on but didn't know what to call it. Institutional Racism.

  3. Nene: As both a nurse and educator I have been saying this for years, people have told me to get over racism, and I NEVER will until, we live in an equal society. Santa is not coming to this town.

  4. I call it a curriculum of failure, a political facet of deprivation. It's all in the white supremacist, neo-Confederate, conservative/federalist agenda to privatize public education. That way, private schools are not bound by the restrictions of government regulations, certification, and constitutional liabilities. They can discriminate and kick out any student they wish under states rights to do as they wish, how they wish, to whomever they wish.
    Join us in the movement at to petition President Obama and Congress to remove the exception from the 13th Amendment. It's about human rights, human dignity, social equality, and equal opportunity. Sign up and get involved today.

  5. Because they say so.

  6. Carolyn Rosie Street says:

    No, because it is true. Dealing with in our district. Look at any urban school district. He probably did a lot of research instead of dismissing it out of hand.

  7. Carolyn Rosie Street I just dismiss it, because I don't care.

  8. Robert Willis says:

    So what might be a possible solution against this great struggle?

  9. Micah Chervin says:

    Just so we're clear, Teach For America and other alternative teacher certification pathways represent less than 1% of all teachers nationally. TFA includes more teachers of color than traditional certification pathways.

  10. Charlie Willock so why antagonize people by being on this thread….just be productive or dont bother…

  11. If you think education is bad for black children now, watch Chartered Schools. The schools are owed by whites they are for profits schools, the teachers are not certified, pay less than regular certified teachers, it is going to be bad, bad. I try to tell parents do not send their children to Chartered Schools.

  12. White middle class and Asian… Black and Latino. And yes by design.

  13. Emerald Jean says:

    I wonder how much of it is about us not being educated about what goes on. I was in gifted classes, and so was my brother. We never had really experienced any of this. My parents always made sure we did our best in school, and that we had access to tutoring and other services when we needed them. There were other kids that didn't, but we always did. We werent rich either. My parents just did their best and we made it.

  14. Ruby Thompson says:

    Ok this is not new to us, we have been saying this for years…The question is when will the change come? When will Parents start speaking up and voting out these people on school boards that don care, that want the schools to stay this way….I say to the parents exercise your rights vote these people off your school boards mid term elections are very important.

  15. William DafamilyMan Brown says:

    This is why we need to stop relying on education for economic development and start opening our own businesses. Education is not only in the classroom. Most education comes from family/cultural experience, living life, job skills, and learning from history. Going to school creates too many worker bees who saturate the market with devalued degrees. We need to start becoming job creators and you don't need a formal education do this. All you need is a little capital, hardwork, creativity, a vision and tons of patience. This is what we really need to be teaching our children.

  16. This is so true and when I worked on the Pipeline from Schools to Prisons We Found that This Information is not only known by Schools Officials Nationwide Be Used As A Program! Join our Team To Fight This Go To http://www.NationaOmbudsman.Org or http://www.Ombudsmaninc.Org.

  17. Cheryl Dixon says:

    Why do people bother writing to their prospective politicians, when they're the ones who write these laws into action that goes for state and federal. That's like me going to the person who robbed and beat me near death for help.

  18. Unfortunately, its not laws per se…

  19. Charlie, your right wing canned response tells everyone all we need to know about you. Anyone who threatens you with facts you call third grade names. Ironically the article was about what happens when people don't get a good education, Many end up like you.

  20. Elliot Levine A fate worse than death.

  21. Greta Mills says:

    If people only new the truth about education or the lack there is. Most Parents don't know; some don't care; some help promote the problem. We are doomed if a the correct change does not come. Better facilities smaller classes meeting sstandards at every level teachers being honest real teaching for understanding
    getting rid of politics taking the dollar sign off children's head

  22. Shawn Mc says:

    and thats the key, a support system.
    we dont need a new building or new computers more than a great support system.

  23. As long as blacks and whites live together, there will never be such a thing called equal society. That's why as black people, we needs to build our own community, by which i mean businesses and any institutions you could think of and stop depending on white folks.

  24. Mane Flemming says:

    Thing is it all starts at home. I see average and smart students placed in Special ed classes because they have disciplinary problems and no one knows what to do with them. If students act out and are disciplined then momma wants to come and cuss everybody out. School officials spend more time trying to be politically correct to please everybody and end up not pleasing anyone. There are so many educators that don't have classroom management skills. Institutional racism? yeah it's always been there… Teachers that will stereotype students cause they are to much of a disruption? yeah, it's always been there… Happens all over and if it's not racial it's economic class. Parent involvement and expectation is the number 1 factor dealing with their child's education unless the child is self motivated to succeed.

  25. as I see it, there are several aspects to the problem. ssome are: (1) true, from what I know, that the inexperienced teachers are the ones assigned to special education classes. that's of course a huge mistake from the standpoint of effective education, but understandable from the standpoint of longer-term teachers who feel entitled to avoid the tougher assignments. in that respect they are like most of the rest of us. (2) in assigning kids to special ed, there IS confusion between behaviorial challenges and instructural challenges. although this does not apply to me, who have always been both a goody-goody and a high performer academically, in fact some of the brightest people I have met in later life were a behavorial pain during their school years. (3) failure of parents to read to their pre-school kids, to have any books around the house, is a very important factor. from my experience in an urban school system, in too many cases this devaluing of parent-given help goes back a couple of generations. (4) and then there is the fact of a widespread lack of jobs to be looked forward to if you hang in there to graduate from high school. I can understand why a lot of kids would feel: what's the point.

  26. Ryan Tippens says:

    odd….when I was in school the blacks and whites and Asian kids were all in the same classes in the same buildings…when I was in college, same thing……..

  27. A beginning point is throwing out the concept of the Bell curve and embracing the reality that all children are brilliant. They each have a talent, gift, deep understanding that reflects one or more of the various types of intelligences. At the root of the attack on the capabilities of Black and Brown kids specifically, is that they are not allowed or expected to be brilliant, to recognize that they are within themselves, or supported to develop that brilliance. Every child who walks in a classroom should come in with an "A" in the teachers record book. That is a recognition that they are smart, know a lot that the teacher does not know, and is capable of academic success. The teacher's job is to explain all of that then tell the student(s) that his/her job is to instruct them in how to keep the "A" and add more. The teacher must also demonstrate how easily it can diminish if the student doesn't do the work. That means the teacher has to give clear attention to each and every student, and the student has to take charge of his/her choices and actions. Success for out students can begin one teacher at a time who believes in the brilliance of his/her students and is committed to supporting the students to pursue and develop it. There are such teachers out there, but they are diminishing in number.
    The other huge piece of the problem is that in public schools, every adult in the employ of a school district belongs to a union. Each union demands their cut of the pie, and after they are all fed, the students get the crumbs. It's the reason why independent schools can charge $25K and up in tuition, and provide financial support to families who need it. There are no unions. Teachers and other administrators get a one year contract, and the head of school gets a 2 or 3 year contract. Proof in teacher and Head performance is what gets a contract renewed. In independent schools, students come first. In public schools, students come last.

  28. Laroilyn Davis I hope you are an educator, because your viewpoint is Right-On!!! The De-Valuing of our children has become the normal approach to one of our most valuable resources!!! I was watching the "OWN" network, and Oprah had this woman on the show who has written some books about our (adults) relationships toward children; and the "author" said something that resonates very strongly with me; and that is "the children come here smart, they do know more than we give them credit for, they come here to teach us some things"!!! We have to RESPECT our children and Value them for their Brilliance!!!

  29. Cindy Dives says:

    Laroilyn Davis All children can learn, but they all learn at their own pace. Fine, I can accept that. I don't care the color, race, creed, religion, etc. of my students. They all walk in with the ability to succeed. I tell my students that i am not in the business of failing kids, I am in the business of teaching kids. I also teach in an urban high school. I teach high school English, with an average class size of 30 students. I see each class for 45 minutes a day. We are currently working on a writing assignment where I conference with each student individually. The problem is, there is not necessarily enough time to give each student the individual time he or she needs. I try to be fair, but some students need (or want) my help more than others, therefore time is not distributed evenly.
    I respectfully disagree with your comment is that devoted teachers are diminishing. With the rare exception every teacher I have worked with in my now 14 year career has cared about the success of his or her students. Most work many hours outside of their mandated workday, often with the students. I even know of some teachers who freely tutor their students who have moved on to college with their college level work. That is dedication. We value our students. We value education.
    Unfortunately, education is also very political. Politicians and lawmakers control the education system in this country, not the teachers themselves. Different groups use education to further their own political agendas. We have seen this through No Child Left Behind, and now even with Common Core and even Race to the Top. We do not leave education to those who best understand it. Teachers are often vilified as the problem within the education system, when if you listen to what was said in this clip many of the institutionalized problems within education lie outside the realm of educators/teachers. We have not control over budgets, buildings, etc. And new and alternatively trained teachers are hired at a greater rate in certain schools. I know of schools that are made almost completely of new teachers, with a principal with limited classroom experience. Because older teachers are more expensive, they have been particularly vilified with a public perception being carefully built that they are not effective, are lazy, and in it for the money. With schools having tight budgets, they may choose two new teachers with lower qualifications rather than one experienced one. The question then comes, who mentors these new teachers? How do they get better at their craft? Much of what I have learned comes from the experienced teachers I work with.
    I would also, respectfully, disagree with your take on teacher's unions. The school unions often do fight for the rights of children — such as a push for lower class sizes. Teachers deserve a fair salary same as any other profession. Many states require teachers to hold a master's degree. Forbes Magazine lists education as the third worst career with a master's degree with a median mid-career salary of $60,000.

  30. Jessica Griffin says:

    That's why I think they should all be voted out. Vote for someone from the minority parties (Green, Libertarian, Independent, etc.)

  31. Talia Williams says:

    Parents should fight for their kids and make sure they have good education do without something to hire a tutor or whatever it takes to make sure your child keeps up and excel in the classroom.

  32. Debbie Gibson Newlan says:

    You need to look further to the poverty before you call it racism. You also need to look at the behaviors of students. I have students in my regular classes that should be in advanced classes if you really looked at ability, but the advanced classes are not just selected for ability, they are selected for behaviors that will generate a positive achievement level. There are students who for a myriad of reasons do not choose to follow the rules and allow teachers to teach. They will not be placed in advanced classes unless they have a high test score and even then unless they will do what is expected of all students.

  33. Melcolm Melcolm Melcolm That is a great thing, we need to get our debt paid as well, they got help, don't think they are successful, and did not get help, and so, they say get over your self, you do for yourself, or die. You will not be paid your debt, but you can do it look what you did for whites. Okay …. I say bull s…

  34. April Bonilla says:

    And the mother Fuck kkk in truth shall set u free smmfh

  35. We have to fight for our rights – I mean FIGHT!

  36. As a black man, how can you convince me that it is safer for me, my kids and my people (black people) to walk the streets of the United States without a bullet in us by a police officer as against walking the streets of North Korea?

  37. Vernard X Johnson says:

    Schools are where black boys first encounter a public system. In this institution they are supposed to receive effective support for their healthy intellectual development, but in truth, this is the system most responsible for diminishing their lives. It is the first place they are officially defined as lesser-than, and too often criminalized.

    " It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains.”
    Assata Shakur.

  38. Corey Han says:

    It starts from the family. My brother has been a teacher in low income and upper middle class schools. He says in the low income schools black parents are absent from PTA and do not take notice in their children s education until they see a failing grade.

    On the flip side he said white parenting is much better, but Asian parents take the most interest in their children's education.

    From then comments I have read on here, I already know you will not like to hear this. The truth always hurts and it's easier to blame someone else for you failures. Oh…. Of course I do not mean ALL black people, but black people are failing more than any race and it's not anyone else's fault but your own.

  39. Corey Han says:

    Nzingha Shabaka what I see? A 50" plasma TV is affordable but not food? A $250 pair of Nike shoes, but you can't afford health insurance? An Xbox is affordable but you can't afford books? DON'T TELL ME YOU DON'T KNOW PEOPLE LIKE THIS…

  40. Corey Han says:


    I bet no one here knows George Washington Carver but you know Al Sharpton

    I bet no one here knows Herman Cain but you know Jesse Jackson

    I bet no one knows Madam C.J. Walker but you know Sheila Jackson Lee

    I bet no one here knows Ben Carson but you know Barack Obama

  41. Corey Han says:

    If the first thing you see after reading my post above is RACISM, then you fail! It's PRIORITIES!

  42. Heidi Nostrom says:

    That’s the key. Parents who are involved and teach their children that education is important.

  43. Chris Lee says:

    odd..isn't it "institutional humanism" to give them a free education at all?

  44. Chris Lee says:

    thesis: blacks without whites fail, whites without blacks thrive

  45. Chris Lee says:

    Malcolm Malcolm Malcolm good luck with me a black majority in the US or sub saharan africa that has done that?

  46. Corey Han sorry, you're a racist. Just because you know an individual like that he's not representative of the entire race. Go troll somewhere else you don't know wtf you're talking about.

  47. oh my f'ing goodness. Did you all hear ANYTHING THIS MAN SAID?? .

  48. I bet no one here wants to hear your bs so f off.

  49. Chris Lee says:

    Will Ewing Sr I listened and stand by my criticism. This is an anglo-european country and its SUCCESS is its roots in the innovations and intelligence of it's western european heritage, it's no scandal that the children with more access to that heritage will do "best" one goes to University in Sub Saharan africa, no one sends their kids to boarding school in Burkina Faso..we WANT to believe that all people and cultures are "equal" but they are not. His thesis is that there is something wrong with the way we ACCOMODATE the black child and not something wrong with the black child's interest and willingness to ASSIMILATE..unless you thing we should be more "accomodating" of the black child's disinterest in assimilation

  50. Corey Han says:

    Will Ewing Sr Oh so you like Sharpton, Jacskon, Lee, and Obama? You will never get off the plantation unless you open your eyes.

  51. Corey Han ok, you've convinced me. Talking to an ignorant racist is a supreme waste of time. I call it a lesson learned. Thank you.

  52. Corey Han says:

    Will Ewing Sr There are more black people on welfare per capita than any race. That's not racism that's a fact. I have met two auditors from the DES and both have said there are many black families in the U.S where the ENTIRE family has no record of ever working. He said it happens with other races but it's very are.

  53. Corey Han says:

    Will Ewing Sr why don't the schools, Hollywood and media want to keep Carver, Cain, Walker and Carson a secret? Think about it. These are all run by the Left. They don't want black people full of hope. They want to keep them where they are, full of despair, so you keep voting for the Likes of Obama. He doesn't give a crap about you.

  54. Frank Anton says:

    Corey Han in all reality…you don't know shit HOREY.

  55. Frank Anton says:

    The world has never been the same since the British took a black baby and turned him into a Blonde Hair Blue eyed Jesus. This gave the justification that people of color were sub-human or animals. This gave the rise to the greatest genocide known to mankind, the destruction, rape pillage of the Americas (Indigenous People), the African Continent, Asia and all the worlds continent. That was then, however today, it's still the same old song.

  56. Jlk Klj says:

    Vanity & Violence >IT~IS< YOU…… Your kind laugh
    an kill the SPIRITS of my children that descended here to this planet, to help YOU?¿ GOOD IT IS, not god or odd, you can live without god. But you can't live
    without GOOD. My GOOD children are about to leave
    this planet of vanity in violence if there IS no change.
    The infection of >division are DEVIL VISION comes in
    all colors forum's and shapes ., Like the land of >AmEricans< are the lands of >rAcism~man< GOOD put IT in the WORDS.
    P's If no charge Hellenism of the Hellenistic
    people WILLS will completely rule by demonic
    RULES. But YOU don't hear this nor see this.

  57. Corey Han says:

    I'm tired of liberals dividing this country up into little groups, setting them upon each other, breeding spite and envy, and then having the nerve to accuse conservatives of hatred.

    Allen West

  58. Corey Han says:

    "I'm tired of liberals dividing this country up into little groups, setting them upon each other, breeding spite and envy, and then having the nerve to accuse conservatives of hatred."

    Allen West

  59. Chris Lee says:

    The talented tenth of social media

  60. Chris Lee says:

    The talented tenth of social media

  61. Malcolm Malcolm Malcolm, will we be allowed to do so without interference though?

  62. Donna J. Edmond says:

    Will, it is impossible to present a cogent argument to bigots like Corey. Bigots are race baiters and insist that they are right no matter what. It is best to use bigots like Corey as the impetus to fight racism and reach those who are truly reachable. Feel sorry for bigots like Corey. But ultimately keep moving and keep running your race. Also: don't feed the trolls like Corey. Bigot trolls like Corey thrive on it and it lets them rant and reveal their racist agenda.

  63. Donna J. Edmond says:

    Will, it is impossible to present a cogent argument to bigots like Corey. Bigots are race baiters and insist that they are right no matter what. It is best to use bigots like Corey as the impetus to fight racism and reach those who are truly reachable. Feel sorry for bigots like Corey. But ultimately keep moving and keep running your race. Also: don't feed the trolls like Corey. Bigot trolls like Corey thrive on it and it lets them rant and reveal their racist agenda.

  64. Donna J. Edmond says:

    Don't feed bigot trolls like Corey. They will keep spouting racist nonsense. Let bigots like Corey be the symbol of why we must continue to fight for change.

  65. Chris Lee says:

    Donna J. Edmond accusation is sufficient argument to you..he is saying a critical mass of black folks in the USA don't GIVE a shit about what you and I call normal education and its goals. The fact that you can't argue or accept common sense observation is fact that we can never get anywhere on this issue. The TRUTH isn't always pleasant.

  66. Donna J. Edmond says:

    I accuse no one of anything. The posts speak for themselves. Neither you or Corey know whether or not a "critical mass of black folks in the USA" give a shit or not. Furthermore, what is "normal" for you may not be "normal" for others. Common sense dictates nothing and "truth" means even less, because your "truth" may differ from others.

  67. Chris Lee says:

    Donna J. Edmond you're so hypersensitive noone can carry on a rational discussion with you. Did he say something untrue or did you just not like the way he said what he said?

  68. Corey Han says:

    Donna J. Edmond the Democrats have you right where they want you. You are a model citizen to them. Once you can break away from those chains you may understand what i am saying.

  69. Chris Lee says:

    Corey Han People keep saying we should have a conversation about race..what they really want is a monologue about it..

  70. Corey Han says:

    "These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.”—LBJ

    He's saying once blacks got political power they (the Democrats) had to adapt. In case you did not know , the Democrats were the party that were for slavery. The Republicans were the party against it. The Democrats have adapted by twisting the truth making it appear it is the opposite.

  71. Donna J. Edmond says:

    Actually, I am not the one who is hypersensitive. But you and Corey certainly seem to be. You two did not come on this thread to dialogue about race and the role it plays in education. You two came to post racist ill informed propaganda and are not educated in race, critical race theory, history, or higher education pedagogy. Education about this issue is multifaceted and oftentimes simple minded, ill informed, and uneducated people tend to be a historical and offer simplistic, one dimensional, "arguments" and it is quite useless to try to dialogue with those types of people. That is all I was trying to say about this issue because folks like you and Corey would not be able to understand any real dialogue about the issue nor do they wish to be educated about it either.

  72. Corey Han says:

    Donna J. Edmond there is a big problem with radical leftist professors in our schools today. Most of what they teach about race IS propaganda. What is dialog to you? You don't want to hear an opposing view? Do you want me to join a rally with some meaningless "hey, hey, ho, ho" chanting? Not going to happen from me. It seems to me you don't want to hear from anyone unless they are 100% in agreement with you. Anything short of that you resort to name calling. Typical leftist tactic. To blame everyone for your own problems.

  73. Chris Lee says:

    Donna J. Edmond if so then address our assertions instead of calling us names

  74. Corey Han you wont get off the plantation as long as Will Ewing is on the plantation.

  75. As usual, I'm not surprised at all!!!

  76. Ninõ MisunderstoodPhilosopher Brown says:

    I was thrown into special ed from the time I started school til my sophomore year of high school, claiming that I had a learning disability. It's crazy cause I excelled better than majority of regular ed students. Graduating top 10 percent of my high school class, class rank 33 of 250.

  77. Tiffany AndersonHill-Dorsey says:

    As a school administrator, I can tell you that it is extremely hard to find a high performing teacher that is willing to go to an inner city school to teach. They do not want to have to deal with all the issues that come with teaching students from poverty. They have the Teach for American Program where they recruit teachers from other industries to work in low performing schools, but they do not stay too long due to the low pay and the high demands. The teachers at the low performing schools have low expectations of the students and the teacher unions protect bad teachers. It is extremely hard to get rid of a bad teacher due to teacher contracts. If the teacher union made it easier to get rid of bad teachers, increase the starting salary for teachers, and gave decent raises, we would not have these issues in education. The parents in low performing schools also need to put more demands on the teachers and become more involved as well. I sometimes have to send a social worker out to find a parent because the parent will not answer my calls or come the school for meeting and their child is failing every class!

  78. What is your point the point.

  79. Jim Stackpoole says:


    The Teacher Wars A History of America's Most Embattled Profession.

    The author recounts 150 years of U.S. social and political battles over curriculum, purpose and students. Tragically, it repeats what some educators have said generation after generation, but to no avail.

  80. Great commentary. Strong and accurate points. ..

  81. I hear many black scholars, teachers, preachers, community leaders, and parents complaining, but doing nothing about this problem that has existed since Ruby Bridges. Now, listen to this racial craziness coming from a white female teacher…

  82. Frank, How about the Italians… It was the Italians that did "IT". Ala the Renaissance…

  83. Frank Anton says:

    petite chicks riding a monster cock and squirting all over us

  84. Mrs Emerald Jean please be more clear, but what do you mean when you say "made it?" Question: were there any dark skinned kids in your gifted class? were their any kids from single family households? were their any kids with nappy hair sitting inside the classroom for gifted children? I am glad that you and your brother excelled, but did you make, or was it made for you?

  85. then we are doomed indeed Mrs. Greta Mills.

  86. Corey Han What is your point? It does not matter if they go out and buy mud, it does not take away the debt we are owed. You need not respond because you are not in a position to respond to blacks problems, and certainly not the debt, because you will never see that we are owed, because whites feel, they are suppose to take and steal from blacks, because we are black, no questions asked.

  87. Kisha KN says:

    I know them all.

  88. Corey Han I know everyone except Shelia Jackson Lee. what makes you the smarter person on the INTERNET? LAME

  89. I guess just kill whitey. we're all just horrible racist.

  90. Why? Why hate us so much and so deep that it 'remain' inbedded in this nation's laws? What did the racists see back then and now? Our skin color, body type, strengths or was it that we look so wonderful and have such a beautiful golden skin that racists cringe because they wish they had our color (that's why so much tanning)?

    Racists wish people liked them the way we are liked and loved by so many? The way white women look at our men's handsome strong bodies and smile at the thought of indulging in such chocolate delight? Is it the way the husbands look at us wishing their wives had our shape? Is it how thier children love, play and listen to us (the nannies) more than their own parents?

    I know; it's the way we blend all of our talents together so effortlessly that so many drool while experiencing this about us: The African American Woman mother of that African American Man. We can help you get there….just ask anyone of us and we will be happy to give you the help you so richly deserve.

  91. Interesting … When my family moved to Mississippi I was places in a special Ed class with new Teachers. Mostly Black and handicapped white kids. When I started it was in the middle of the year . I couldn't do the math but I knew the answers as I often work them out in my head and come up with the answer. In the special class I finished before all of the students and often helped them with their assignments . The teachers often asked me why are you here. I said the other Teachers thought I should be . Well I am now a Teacher and a singer song writer and I try to work on the students who need it with a little more attention . Thanks for putting me in those classes it helped me understand just because that just because doesn't mean you are .

  92. Eladio Banks says:

    That wouldn't make anything better…that would only reverse the roles. Then maybe it would me leaving sarcastic comments and you on the other side observing in shame

  93. The first grade teacher in a public school my children attended told me that my youngest son tested in the lowest percentile of the national average of other first graders. I was first angry because the school ran all of these test on my child without notifying me or receiving my permission. They tested him so much, the only things he learned I taught him! I did my own research and found that first grade teacher systematically failed at 3 -4 children of color in her class every year she taught school! She had a 10 year old girl in her first grade class that year! I took my children out public school and put them in church school, that child did have to repeat 1st grade. He not only learned but he graduated from high school at the top of his class and made Whose Who of High School Students. He now holds a bachelors degree in nursing! I wish I could find that teacher and the principal of that school and show them that I made right decision for my child. I caught them in their system of "genocide" for black children!

  94. Which documentary is this from?

  95. Which documentary is this from?

  96. This person has no clue what he is talking about. I teach at an urban school. Before one talks, especially like this person, you need to know the facts, and speak from evidence. Everythng in this country needs to start form the evidence, evidence based. If that was true, you would know how stupid and incorrect what this person is saying. Read Reign of Error, that is evidence based. People like this should remain silent until they know the evidence better.

  97. I teach Robotics with programming and Engineering in High School whenever I get a black student, they think I'm not the average teacher of color. They complain it's too hard and typically change classes. None of them want to put in the work. So who's fault is it now?

  98. This may not been totally relevant but I am a retired teacher from London. One memory sticks vividly in my memory, that is a boy called Mohamed, a Somali immigrant, in a Junior School in West London. He was around 9 or 10 at the time.
    We were doing a "roundings" exercise on the whiteboard. Even before before I had finished putting the questions up, Mohamed had the right answer. He was well up in his maths ability, easily matching if not surpassing most of the children I had come across in a Grammar school.
    This was around ten years ago. I really hope he made it to University.
    One small memory.

  99. Ann Young says:

    Some of the comments made by this Educator are true. However, the problem regarding the education gap is far more complicated than this. There are numerous factors that add to the education gap. It is true that large numbers of children of color are placed in Special Education environments, attend schools that lack resources, are taught by new teachers who lack experience and training, etc. It is also true that many children of color attend schools that are more focused on maintaining a bureaucratic system than educating children. The public school system is also hugely outdated. It was initially designed to teach and prepare children to assume jobs as laborers, craftsmen and service oriented workers in various fields. Our world has become a technical global market place. A school system needs to be implemented that focus on today’s societal needs and the types of jobs that are now in demand. We must also acknowledge that all children do not come from ideal households with dual parents who make education, responsibility and discipline a priority. Many children grow up with various predicaments that undermine their ability to achieve.
    My cousin who teaches Robotics and Engineering in a public school commented on children of color saying her class was too hard and transferring out instead of putting in the work to be successful. This is a sad reality; however, children like this did not wake up one day and decide that they were “too lazy to do the work”. These children have an entire history that enabled excuses and crippled their motivation and ability to succeed. The education gap will not decrease simply because you label and define the problem as institutional racism. Institutional racism has always existed and many have overcome it to be successful. These success stories must acknowledge what has held others back, what has worked and help create a system that will lead today’s children to also achieve success.

  100. Ray Lesene says:

    Anyone living in America and does not believe institutional racism does not exist, is out of their F…… minds. Just look at the criminal justice system. The Jim Crow Laws of separate but equal still exist in the south and several states in the north. The schools that are run down, under supplied with teaching materials are the schools that are populated with BLACKS and LATINOS, this is NOT by coincidence, it is by design. Just take a look at the race riot of Tulsa, Ok in 1921. Blacks were very successful economically, but it was not to be in America, so the GOVERNMENT put and end to it. Just look a the current U S Supreme court judges, and PLEASE NOT count Clarence Thomas as BLACK, is design to be the backbone of JUSTICE in this country, yet they are doing everything within their POWER to break down every civil rights bills that was put in place to make this country a more just country, ALL RACE BASED DECISIONS.

  101. Ray Lesene says:

    Institutionalized RACISM, starts in Washington D C.

  102. Reggie Walls says:

    Corey Han It's only racism if you are blanketing your statement over an entire race of people. Just because you might know of a few minorities doing this does not mean this is the case of the majority. We need to wage war on poverty not poor people.

  103. Guy Welsher says:

    Amen my kids were in kindergarten already reading books. They need to get theM prepared. It's hard when the parent doesn't know how to read or is a single parent working her ass off to put a roof over the kids head and a hot meal. It all starts with the family and that has been destroyed.I wish I knew the answers. But I know that if a child gets to kindergarten and can't read and there is 1 parent in the home. You're already behind the 8 ball. That doesn't matter on the color. Fix the family and all else will follow. If a man and a women can't afford the kids don't kick the dad out of the house and put her on welfare. Help them out and keep the family in tact. It's unfortunate but you can't save them all.

  104. I don't give a shit what color you are, NO ONE should be treated this way! If you are special needs, need alittle more assistance in school, should be the priority, not color!

  105. Guy Welsher says:

    Amen Ray they control what's happening in the schools. With the dollars they dole out. Dismantle the DOE and keep it local. Also get involved in what's ahppening in the schools and vote these people who are chronically failing the children out.

  106. looking at comments below..nobody wants to be poor…people want to have things,, experience life and get respect…been there..the game of should set people free.when it does not,, what dad had the same rebuilt car forever.same clothes for ever from valley fair.he put all his money into everyones was the answer to be free..if it was not , what then.we had road blocks,,, either get it or get out ,, do not slow the class down..our schools have no time for people who are become road kill…you need to look into,, or ask him to help look into and prove what he said. we can force change. always be careful as to who is stirring the pot…that is just sad….

  107. Corey Han says:

    Tracyi Miriam Brooks – Kisha KN – Debora Schaffer.

    The good guys are not mentioned in schools or Hollywood and if any of the living ones get a little too much traction you may see 15 women simultaneously come out of the woodwork and accuse them of rape, ruining their careers, like Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain and Bill Cosby.

    Tracyi and Kisha you know that most people in this country have no clue who they are. Ask people when the subject comes up if they know all or any of the four. I have done so and most do not.

  108. Record Booth says:

    We need to declare war on racism it does exist in our society. BY PRODUCING A PRODUCT CALL JUSTICE!

  109. Greta Mills says:

    Exactly, if a parent make education a priority in the house children will do what is necessary. It has to start at home, parents are the first teachers. Parents have to be supportive and make sure their child is getting the best education their is. There is nothing stopping us but ourselves because we don't value education and make it a priority. God first health and education everything else will fall in place.

  110. Gary Abrams says:

    Corey Han I know them all except Ms. Lee. So what is your point.

  111. Gary Abrams says:

    Corey Han Eyes open. I see Amerika. What is your line?

  112. People like to say the parents, the parents, the parents. When are we going to acknowledge SOME PEOPLE SHOULDN'T BE PARENTS and their kids, hence society, are suffering because of it. Our educational system will never change until we decide to put ALL CHILDREN FIRST despite the inefficiencies of their parents.

  113. Peggy Brown says:

    Heck I did not have to watch this to know the facts. Common sense should rule the day. I would place any "Black Teacher" from my all "Black" school against any teacher of today. Some of the teachers were not much older than my older siblings but they "really" cared along with most parents. Also trash like "Empire" was not on to be so influential. Happy to see so many "BLACKS" working but it is trashy. Big naked asses are the "money makers" and children are exposed to this crap (adults also) and "think hmmmm education". Who the hell needs an education. To make the real money all I need is a big shaking ass and sagging pants I'll become rich. We are losing the minds and hearts of our children to "trash"!!

  114. MeShun Vann says:

    Corey Han It's not just people of color that you described and you are correct it is about priority.

  115. Harold Bruce says:

    Corey; Tropes, Claptrap and Republicans have reversed their being against slavery, they are now are for the worst parts of oppression, bigotry and racial hatred and it shows in there policies..

  116. It's 2 late 4 complaining now 2 many years PASS 2 even make a difference .

  117. I've been saying this for years, since I saw Ed Bradley's 60 Minutes report wherein he took hidden cameras into two schools: one public school in NYC, and a school in suburban NY. And the disparities were disheartening, and made me angry.

    The real fight in this country for equality BEGINS with education! And that begins with equal funding for education. There has been a deliberate systematic effort to keep people of color (particularly African-Americans and Hispanics) from being educated on the same level as whites because it that gap remains in place so will the economic and social gaps.

    We must redirected our expressions of disapproval towards the absence of equality in education, first. Because if there is academic equality everything else will begin to fall into place over time. And the "powers that be" know this, and oppose this!

  118. Ramal Davis says:

    The solution is to BUILD OUR OWN SCHOOLS

  119. People please stop responding to him


  121. This is Sad but true, no one knows their name when they're born they have to be taught, if one has better, they can do better.

  122. Interesting….there is no academic achievement gap with homeschooling. Not a practical answer for most, but for those who can do it-the results are worth the effort.

  123. Jeff Gué says:

    Dr. Umar spoke on this.

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