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14 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe What Happens To Cornel West While Protesting In Ferguson

  1. He was planted there. Just like they plant Al Sharpton and rest of those pacifiers.

  2. Ihye Jaye says:

    Strangely, that is the first thing I thought of.

  3. Terrance Watson says:

    At least he was there.

  4. We have many coons but not West if that was Al S. I would not have even clicked the link but West is on our side.

  5. What's not to believe? He said he went there to get arrested, and he got arrested.

  6. What Did That Shit Accomplish?

  7. Terrell Mitchell says:

    Many asked Dr Martin Luther King Jr the same thing… I guess learning is a process

  8. Terrell Mitchell That Was A Waste Of Time. Putting The Focus On The D.A. To Press Charges On The Killer(s) Would Have Been More Meaningful. Getting The Community Armed So They Will Be Able To Protect Themselves From Raciest Bad Cops. They Are trying To Take Our 2nd Amendment Right from Us So We May Continue To March, Sing, And Go To Jail Beat Up And Abused. He Could Have Registered All That Was Not Register To Vote. Educate The People On How To Bring About Change. This Is 2014 Marching Do Nothing But Allow our Public Servants To Abuse The People In A Control Environment. Just Like In Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. That Was The Right Thing To Do At That Time Marching Put America On Blast. All Marching Does Is Give Our Public Servants Permission To Enforce Marshal Law On U.S. Territory. Which Is A Waste Of TIME… May GOD Bless America….

  9. Terrell Mitchell says:

    MrDiamond Mundy What he didn't do was throw stones from a glass house called facebook… he acted on what he believed in… hope to see you doing one of those items you listed. God bless

  10. Obviously no has seen my many suggestions time after time, marching, rioting, going to jail, etc., does not accomplish anything. I will say it again, first met with the major, next the governor, about no white cops in the black neighborhood. If the governor and the mayor cannot see it, go to your law maker about legislation to keep white cops out of black people's neighborhood, if your lawmaker cannot see it, then you will have to come up with an action plan to get your solution to the problem to come to fruition, you will have to work it, get as many people to support it as possible, and work to put pressure on the governor and the mayor, as well as your lawmaker and everybody else lawmaker who is a part of your group, give your group a name, have it incorporated, nonprofit, solicit donations, that is where your nonprofit comes in people can claim their donations, get an attorney. This is something that will cut down on white cops killing black men. There will be some issues maybe, claims like discriminating against white cops, that is not the case at all, they have always been in black people's neighborhood, the only reason you don't want them in there now, is because they are killing all the young black males. You might have to go to the UN they have declared something is wrong with the criminal justice system, and the killing of black males. You ask will this work? Who knows, you got to do something, the idea is something else will come of it. Marching, rioting going to jail nothing is going to happen. Do something that will produce solution to the problem. Other groups works on their agenda for decades before something happens, it is a start and you are not sitting back doing nothing. Those people in Freguson, somebody is going to get killed, or a bunch of them will end up in jail, or prison. There are people in prison now, from the Civil Rights era, and many got killed. Places like NY, Missouri, and many other places you see white cops shooting down black men, unless something is done by the people it will never stop.

  11. Love Abundance says:

    Wake the Fuck UP Black People!

    1. White folk will never validate.
    you! Why? We make up the.
    majority population… it’s about power!
    We are a superior group… shit we built.
    the world over a period of 3 million years! Know
    your damn history! We created most.

    2. Get your shit together! Only buy
    from each other. They need us more.
    than we need them. Black men… stop giving you wealth to white women? Now, that’s stupid. White women/men aren’t giving their wealth to black men/women? The moment a black man makes money he marries a white woman. Micheal Jordan worth $500 million just married white. Reginal Lewis was our first black billionaire and married a non-black woman and he died and all his money is out of our community. We do this all the time. The Jews, Asians, Latinos, and most whites never give their wealth to blacks. Never. But, we can’t wait to give our wealth to the white woman or man.

    3. Start your own businesses and get.
    paid in cash… like the Jews, Asians & Amish!
    Do not invest you time into the white mans.
    oppressive dream. Blacks need to start our own industries. Shoes, cars, clothing, food, etc.

    4. Grow you own damn food… the
    white man is killing us through food.
    It cost pennies to grow food.

    5. Learn how to build houses and.
    everything. The most important thing you can.
    do is learn how to grow organic food and shelter.

    6. Turn off the damn TV, drop kick banks,
    read a book and stop giving $1 billion dollars per week to.
    the white mans church! Religion was stole from the black man and rewritten by the white man to enslave black slaves, period.

    7. Home school you kids and teach them.
    the truth. Move out of oppressive areas!

    8. Stop being stupid consumers… never
    buy stuff from anyone who won’t buy from.
    you! Buy black ONLY! Only buy
    assets that appreciate in value. The Jews, Asians,
    Amish, and most whites only buy from each other.
    and buy 60% below cost.

    9. Ebola, Sars, HIV, etc… all bullshit! Africa is the wealthiest continent in the world… how do you take over wealthy land? Create a false flag disaster (911 come to mind) and make it mandatory to take an unknown drug that will kill hundreds of millions. Thank you Obama. Whites are 1/10th of the global population, they want people of color (who make up 9/10ths of the world population) dead. Always have.

    ENOUGH ALREADY! Damn… we are Kings and Queens who built most of the world… who discovered most of the world… what the fuck? Why are we seeking approval from white people who came along 3 million years after us?

    Damn… Black Africans created: Language, Math, Music, Cars, Agriculture, architecture, fire, light, the pyramids, Art, trade, the binary code that created computers, the wheel, cooking, religion, textiles, spices, mined gold and other precious stones. Blacks built the first libraries and universities… We explored the world, built ships way before the white man? We discovered the Americas, India, and the world… This is why the white man hates and destroys the people of color around the world. We have all the power. America oppressive all the black countries… ask yourself why?

    Ferguson has 14,000 blacks controlled by gun point by 60 white officials. Literally! Sounds like the plantation to me!

    Most importantly, people of color make up the majority of Ferguson and the world population! We are not the minority?

    Whites made up the term ‘minority’ to control us. People of color make up 9/10th of the global population! We have never been the minority. Just get educated, armed and keep it moving!

    Get the hell off the Grid… I have helped thousands get off the damn grid! Free housing, free food, free education, free health care & cash based income like the Amish! Just do it!

  12. Love Abundance says:

    We are way too passive. All black people must get armed, educated and only buy from each other. They should do group neighborhood watch and walk through… the community should pay the armed blacks to patrol all areas. PERIOD! They must be armed with guns and cameras.

  13. yea lets all arm ourself and start a war! comment like that make people become racist jeez…

  14. that guy is a fcking racist, who the fck care.

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