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8 Ways Slavery Affected Black Families And Still Has An Impact Today

slaveBroken Traditions

African family traditions, which varied according to national origin and religion, could not be replicated in the New World after Africans were forced into slavery. The slave trade was responsible for breaking up African families. Husbands, wives and children could be sold separately because U.S. law did not legally recognize their families.

slave1Broken Families

Enslaved Black people were denied a secure family life. Because they were property and could not legally marry, a permanent family could not be a guaranteed part of enslaved people’s lives. They had no right to live or stay together, no right to their own children, and it was common for enslaved parents and children to live apart.

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14 thoughts on “8 Ways Slavery Affected Black Families And Still Has An Impact Today

  1. I appreciate this great article, thank you. The title of the article indicates that information regarding how this effects the people of today, was forthcoming. Is there an additional page somewhere?

  2. You look at the look on our relatives face, I wonder what were they thinking? They went through this for hundreds of years, it is hard to imagine. I would not have taken it, something had to give. Whites were out numbered part of those times. Why they did not rise up? The white devil would come to the female home, her man sitting on the porch, he goes in rape his woman while he sat there listening to the devil making sounds as he raped his woman or wife. Now they are ready to make their move and wiped us from the face of the earth. Since they are suppose to go extinct in a 100 years, they are planning on talking everybody else out before they go.

  3. I believe in karma but…WTF did We do to deserve this Shyt!

  4. we stiil think like this today our family are distance now.

  5. In the face of overwhelming, verifiable, documented, research substantiated results,… reparations denied! Forget and forgive?

  6. Another way slavery impacts Africans in America today is that it never ended. The same instituions, hierarchy, white supremacy, and overseer system has never ended because the American system of justice, business, corporations, reiligion, and industry has been modeled on the institution of slavery. The very constitution we invest our taxes in was never drafted to included us as a people in the United States, and even the 13th Amendment which could have overturned this inequity in the constitution, was divided by an "exception" to prevent it. We invest our taxes to get a return of all of the provisions guaranteed by the constitution, but we are the most unrepresented people in America. We can change this, not by a vote, not by a temporary remedy, but by demanding that the exception in the 13th Amendment be removed in order to provide to us the inalienable rights it guarantees. We have been undergoing a white supremacist persecution for 149 years. It is time we demand better for ourselves and our children.
    Join us in the movement at to petition President Obama and Congress to remove the exception from the 13th Amendment. It's about human rights, human dignity, social equality, and equal opportunity. It's about justice. Sign up and get involved today.

  7. Joan Coulter says:

    Forget & forgive? I do understand that that is not what you are advocating. Remember, the jews say, "Never Forget!"

  8. Yes, I think the common practice of how the slave was denied his natural rights of family life still impacts our psychology and thinking today. That is why it is so easy for Black men to walk away from their children. Something in our genetic pool is saying let me walk away from this responsibility. I don't have a legal right to it any way. But we should take a long and hard look at this practice and resolve that I will never leave my children. Staying in the home is connected to slavery as well. The slave master provided every need of the slave. We were responsible for nothing. If we would make these two commitments in our lives, it would go a long ways in developing our people.

    Firstly, to accept responsibility for our selves, our families, and our communities. This will never happen as long as we are not interested in business life. As long as we are not interesting in competing for business development in our communities, our families will remain weak.

    And secondly, we should vow to never leave our children. Even if we are not in the home with them, we should pay child support and continue to be in their lives with regular visits, and strong conversations about their aspirations, education, and dreams. We should resist slave culture still heavily impacting our world and lives.

  9. Toni Blank Dailey says:

    This article was copy and pasted out of any american history book. Anyone who has graduated high school should know those things. It doesn't speak at all in depth of how its effected us today.

  10. Rosa Anthony says:

    If you have to ask that question then you don't have an understanding of any Basic SCIENCE! Nothing is created in a vacuum (everything has a cause and effect component)-Physics, Genetics, Psychology, Economics, Theology, etc .

  11. Toni Blank Dailey says:

    Reply on the wrong comment? That has nothing to do with my statement. I didnt ask a question.

  12. Re-Ality says:

    Better than this article that actually shows how we are still affected.

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