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175 thoughts on “What This Man Is Claiming About the US Involvement with the Ebola Virus Is Quite Thought-Provoking

  1. Shammua Mekonnen says:

    Not making sense. Vaccine (remedy) against the drug (remedy). Help me here.

  2. Marcia Gumbs says:

    How come lies are easier to swallow than anything that requires ones to think and research on their own.

  3. Shammua Mekonnen says:

    Marcia Gumbs bless sistren. I don't overstand why it is that the evidence is so clear, yet we as a people, are so conditioned to main steam news, we can't even bother to research for ourselves. I really need Kevin Spruill to qualify his statement.

  4. the powers that be in america has made a real killer like smallpox killed the indians! now ebolia! to kill off black people!

  5. Shammua Mekonnen says:

    I am agreeing with you. History has shown these facts clearly.

  6. don't be sucked in by the CDC they are at the root of this evil! where's the cure? white people are given it! but no black suvivors! yet! an there so intellagent! bunch of fools to make something like this in the first place!

  7. Are you serious? It's zoonotic and comes from a specific colony of bats. This is ridiculous. Atlanta Black Star, you're fear mongering.

  8. Are you serious? It's zoonotic and comes from a specific colony of bats. This is ridiculous. Atlanta Black Star, you're fear mongering.

  9. Theodora Anagor says:

    Really? Did you know that Sierra Leone allow the United States to construct the Kenema P4 biological warfare laboratory on their soil? Yup!
    The murderous attack on the people of West African was created and done right on their soil by the United States Naval Operations…
    Most all of these articles where written before the outbreak in West Africa, but if firmly says that the out bread will be given to Africans in West Africa…

  10. Theodora Anagor says:

    Did you know that Sierra Leone allow the United States to construct the Kenema P4 biological warfare laboratory on their soil? Yup!
    The murderous attack on the people of West African was created and done right on their soil by the United States Naval Operations…
    Most all of these articles where written before the outbreak in West Africa, but if firmly says that the out bread will be given to Africans in West Africa…

  11. Kevin Spruill says:

    Shammua Mekonnen perhaps you're not quite understanding whats being discussed, the patents he mentioned are for vaccines against the ebola virus… not against a drug. there's no need for qualification as one can look up the patents and see exactly what they are for. Try critical research and thinking before blindly believing that everything is a conspiracy or anyone who has views other than yours or Marcias has been brainwashed for cryin' out loud

  12. Marcia Gumbs says:

    One of my heroes (paraphrasing) When you build a pit for me, build a pit for you. The thing with Viruses and Pathogen designed for a specific purpose do not follow that purpose so in trying once again to decimate us (your history) yours will also be decimated. Karma is a Bitch.

  13. Kevin Spruill says:

    good grief… lets look at the facts – the only two people given zmap used all that there was. the only other experimental drug was given to Duncan at the end (prior to any testing) in a last ditch desperate attempt. Ebola outbreaks have been occurring on the continent for more than 30 years and many who contract the disease do not die… and they haven't received any vaccines.

  14. Kevin Spruill says:

    Shammua Mekonnen typo – vaccine against the disease

  15. Kevin Spruill says:

    Theodora Anagor since the disease and outbreaks on the continent, including in sierra leone have been occurring for the last 30 years – how could this laboratory be responsible – please explain (in your own words, not links)

  16. Marcia Gumbs says:

    Kevin Spruill you work for the CDC or are you going by the TV reports like us and taking a different opinion on it. Like you were are all entitled to our points of view though different.

  17. Theodora Anagor says:

    Kevin Spruill Because the Labs have been there for more 30 years, there was also a documentary where they were releasing monkey experimented on by these labs, being released into the populace, and might I say you are incredibly patronizing. I will post the link to the video. In fact there are a series of them that I have posted to this site including the video. The book I must say is a must read.

  18. Kevin Spruill says:

    Marcia Gumbs I looked up the patents after the first round of hysteria… which is why I noted that anyone can do that… its publically available information via the National Library of Medicine, the CDC and the patent office.

  19. Theodora Anagor Thanks for the links. Unfortunately, those sources aren't reputable. You sent me some conspiracy blogs hosted by WordPress. To back up your argument effectively, first you need to connect the idea of the research laboratory to the murder of Africans (you haven't presented proof ex: just because there's a Subaru parked on the street doesn't mean that all streets have Subarus parked on it). Next, you need to back it up by evidence. The evidence needs to be reputable – cited and contain numbers with information we can actively measure.

    That's the problem with conspiracies: they take facts and assign a hypothesis to them without connecting the facts.

    You're saying: There's a laboratory the the US has on soil in Sierra Leone and that, because of this, they've murdered people.

    Who did they murder? What individuals who work at the laboratory did these murders? How were they carried out? What mechanism was used to carry out the murders? Did someone approve the murders? If you're so sure you have the evidence that these murders were initiated by the laboratory, what date exactly were they released and what documents do you have proving said release. Do you have footage of the murder? Do you have testimonies? Do you have the know-how and credentials to validate these claims? If not, who does?

    The virus originates from the DR Congo and is carried by bats. We've known about it for years, since the 70s. You can actually track outbreaks in history and compare them to the known range of the bats. Here's a site that will give you the real statistics from a reputable source:

    Conspiracy theories do not help people in Africa. Aid relief helps Africa. Getting on a plane and going over there and putting your hours in – that helps. As a healthcare worker providing relief to multiple agencies and a RAM volunteer, I can say that the best way to help needy demographics is by actively helping. Fear mongering, pitching conspiracy theories… that doesn't help. Especially, when some people will take it at it's word and not question the sources.

    Help People Who Need Medical Care in Your Community:

  20. Theodora Anagor says:

    Aaron Thompson I also sent you a link to the emerging viruses Facebook page, A book you should read instead of pulling up pages of NGO's involved in this outbreak.and since when was thoroughly researched info.

  21. Shammua Mekonnen Actually, there's no unopposed evidence in history that the white colonists and governmental officials had adequate medical knowledge and experience in 1763 to utilize biological weapons for direct genocide. You can actually read a dissent to the claims of deliberate genocide here:

    Brown, Thomas Did the U.S. Army Distribute Smallpox Blankets to Indians? Fabrication and Falsification in Ward Churchill's Genocide Rhetoric. Ann Arbor, MI: MPublishing, University of Michigan Library 2006

  22. The patent, likely, is also to stop people from being able to manufacture the virus independently and allow the government to enforce such. It doesn't imply it was created. Genetic patents (such as the patents for medications or even types of medical testing) have existed for years now. It doesn't imply the government created the virus – it implies that they believe they have a legal claim to be the only ones to replicate it's structure.

    The individual in the interview needed to review his facts about why and how genetic information can and is patented before making that interview. Interrupting the other person repeatedly and not letting the viewers hear the dissent also makes him look without credit.

  23. Theodora Anagor The credit for the sources used by Boston Children's Hospital for the development of Health Map is here:

    It tracks outbreak reports and deaths from hospitals all over the globe. It's considered reputable by the medical community.

    Facebook is not a reputable source. The book you're talking about was published in 1996. It is considered out-dated. The book is considered controversial and has several books published to counter it. You can see it on Amazon – it recommends the counter argument texts when you try to purchase it.

  24. Theodora Anagor says:

    US Exploiting West Africa Ebola Outbreak to Establish Military Foothold.

  25. Theodora Anagor says:

    India Holds Bill Gates Accountable For His Vaccine Crimes.

  26. Theodora Anagor says:

    Bill Gates and 47,500 Cases of Paralysis

  27. Theodora Anagor says:


  28. Theodora Anagor says:

    AIDS/HIV is a similar example prior to European intervention/exploitation of Africa, suddenly a practice that is many , many thousand years old becomes deadly, the Natives of south America, and the people of Madagascar eat the same foods with no repercussion regarding a viral surge, this is nothing but WESTERN CONCOCTED HIV/AIDS LIES.
    HIV/AIDS was manufactured in the 1960s in American labatories funded by the US government, under a US Army program entitled "SYNTHETIC BIOLOGICAL AGENTS". The same is true of its cousin, Ebola which has hastened what America was already trying to do with its Africa Command in Africa, the deployment of more American military forces on the African continent.
    In this article, the key question must be, WHERE ARE THE AFRICAN FEMALES WHO DIED OF HIV/AIDS PRIOR TO 1960? If they can't produce the bodies of such females, it proves they are lying. How so? Today, most of those affected by the HIV/AIDS biowarfare killer are females and females have children in Africa. The virus, if it existed in the 1920s, which it DID NOT, would have went from mother to child. Ask them to produce the females, not a male in Africa. They must NOT be permitted to continue to lie and call it a "scientific" study. There's nothing scientific about this so-called study and "perfect storm".
    The has been, can be said, is being said about the Ebola outbreak,.

  29. Theodora Anagor says:

    And then there is this. South Africa's 'Dr Death' Basson found guilty of misconduct.
    He had breached medical ethics when he was involved in the former apartheid government's chemical and biological warfare programme, it ruled.

  30. Michael Carroway says:

    If someone believes that ALL of the experimental antidote was used on the 2 doctors you are really misled.

  31. Shammua Mekonnen ebola has been around since the 1970s , viruses and diseases easily mutate overtime becoming more effective and adapt .

  32. yup they got the cure

  33. Theodora Anagor says:

    AIDS as a zoonosis? Confusion over the origin of the virus and the origin of the epidemics.

  34. Theodora Anagor says:

    Eating Some Bad Bat.

    That's why researchers are scrambling to confirm the biological origin of the outbreak, which was first identified in remote villages in the rainforest of eastern Guinea.

    As of last March, Guinea officials had banned the sale and consumption of bat meat, according to BBC News. Rene Lamah, of Guinea's health ministry, hastily announced the ban while taking a tour of the forested region – the suspected epicenter of the epidemic.

    You might be thinking, "Well of course eating bat would make you sick! That's why you don't eat bat!" But in fact, a lot of people do eat bat, and not only in remote villages in the rainforests of Guinea.
    Travelers in parts of China, Thailand, Guam and even Australia might run across bats in food markets and restaurants. Varieties of fruit bats, including the sizable flying fox bat, are the most popular to eat. They are meaty and often beheaded, then deep fried with pepper and onions and sold as street food in more urban settings. For the most part, bat is just as healthy as any other bush meat.

    Of course, the animal's diet certainly influences how safe it is. About 10 years ago, researchers found that flying fox dishes in Guam were actually slowly poisoning Chamorro people with a neurotoxin the foraging bats got from cycad seeds. However, the fruit-heavy diet of Guinea's bat population doesn't include this harmful seed.

    Still, the bat ban was certainly not the wrong idea. Fruit bats of the Pteropodidae family have always been considered to be the natural host of the Ebola virus, and the first suspected victims commonly handled and prepared bat corpses for their village.

    However, the actual transmission of bat-borne Ebola to humans was never confirmed.

  35. James Smith says:

    hey kevin spruill were can i go to see the patents

  36. James Smith says:

    Kevin Spruill thank you

  37. Kevin Spruill says:

    James Smith welcome

  38. James Smith says:

    Kevin Spruill hit me up on facebook. I need bright individuals who are trying to not bring fear about ebola but bring education.

  39. Kevin Spruill says:

    James Smith sent you a message – check your "other" folder since we're not friends

  40. well you an I both know the govt is behine a lot of crocked things! world wide why do you think we are the most hated around the world?/ ebolia an aids are just the tip of the iceberg! 1 this is part of there world domance! an black folks don't count wake up! they have but the pigs on us now they are killing us daily! the prisons are over full an lots of them are not guilty just poorly repsented in court! the deck is stacked aginst us! on all fronts but we survive! we are attacked in the press an on the news we get no justice in the courts why is that? being black in america!

  41. shammua you are on target

  42. The call it biological warfare. But I don't buy it. Recent years look what the white racist in South Africa did, they planned to use chemical to sterilize black women in South Africa, and they planned to slowly kill all blacks by poison in SA. So anybody who want to ask the question why, look at their history. Some of us have been trying to tell black people they really want to enslave us again, so they take the next best thing lock up as many black men and women as they can, because the prison industrial complex knows how to make big money off them, and the states are in on it.

  43. I believe the document is genuine. The medical people are saying they have a cure but it doesn't work on blacks, only whites, because of our melanin, they said. Something to think about, they say the first case of Ebola was diagnosed in Africa thirty years ago, no cure. That should have thrown up a red flag from day one, first thing a cure should have been on the table, but they did nothing, why not? They knew it was contagious, and the possibility of it spreading is going to be there. Then they did not put nothing in place to cover their bases to keep it from spreading. There are all kinds of holes still open. They went to work on a cure for HIV, even though they said it was started in Africa too, but too many white gays were coming down with it. But with Ebola only African people were getting it. And now it has started to spread. All you folks who think the powers that be are critical thinkers, you better think again. Look how the terrorist slipped in here running 737 jets into some of the tallest buildings in NY. I do not feel very safe with these folks, they have had us on the run for too long. As if many of our people in Africa don't suffer enough already. They want Africa bad. If they did dropped that stuff on our people, things are not looking too good for everybody right now, if they don't get a hold on it spreading all over the world. Black people should not sit back, and go in the wait and see mood, and leave it in the hands of the Lord, you need to sit down create a survivor plan, your natural remedies, masks, everything. I will be calling a meeting with my children very soon. Brother and sisters, ladies and gentlemen, I am telling you, I did hear something many years ago, that they had made something that was only effective in whites, but did not cure blacks, no fine details about it, that is all I remember.

  44. Kevin Spruill Do you know if it is the same patent he has in his hand, that you are talking about ? Before you give us your information, we need to know what he has in his hand, and it is the same that you are talking about, is that right? I am sure if I need to look up vaccine for Ebola we can get the patent number, and the only thing we need to do is find out the patent number on the document in his hand. I feel like I am repeating my self. Stop coming down so hard on the man, you should have had more information to give us, since you are saying he is just causing hype with inaccurate information. This is serious, just prove his information is incorrect, as we forward.

  45. James Smith You still need to know the patent in the doctor (sorry I cannot remember his name) hand.

  46. Sundiata Keita says:

    its common sense, everybody wants to tiptoe around it, like these aint the same MF's that wiped out the Tainos, the Aboriginals, the Diego Garcians, tried to wipe out he Namibians. smmfh

  47. Sundiata Keita says:

    yall want to act like white people didn't try to genocide people 15 times in the last 500 years. yall want to play dumb and shit huh?
    "Massa been good to us, he wouldn't never do us like dat!" smmfh, you nigras trust the shit out of Massa for no got damn reason.

  48. James Dickerson It is all about maintaining white supremacy, and they continuing to see us as slaves and making money off us, it is amazing the money they continue to make off us, things most people don't think about. If this system survive all the evil they have done and continue to do to African people, I don't know what to say.

  49. Kevin Spruill says:

    Nzingha Shabaka actually you're right – it's much more likely he's talking about this patent – again to create a vaccine against the disease.

  50. BLACK GENOCIDE: from Full Definition of GENOCIDE : the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group — geno·cid·al ˌje-nə-ˈsī-dəl adjective.
    Europeans raided the world and killed as many Black people as they could in the process, they began the historic African slave trade, killed off the people of Tasmania, after slavery was ended in America, a reign of terror began and has lasted in excess of 150 years. Before the Jews were deemed a serious threat to the Germans, there was a Black Holocaust (1890-1945). We can talk about Margaret Sanger and her eugenist friends who started Planned Parenthood for the purpose of killing as many Black babies as possible, the Tuskegee medical experiments, the CIA bringing drugs and guns in our poorest communities in order to facilitate the Black on Black crime White people always want to discuss when convenient, the mass incarceration as a result of the criminal activity involving sale and use of the drugs and guns, and now White police and vigilantes are unlawfully OVERkilling us (17 shots?) and physically abusing us daily, only to face little or no real prosecution. The authorities in place above the police are complicit in giving full cooperation to them so as to shield them from ever facing prosecution, and they continue employment uninterrupted, and are oftentimes they are honored for the killing they have done. Can you say Darren Wilson? And now they have introduced Ebola under very suspicious and questionable circumstances, bringing it to a poor community in TX. Where are you MEDIA? Do you know about the tactics Hitler used to propagandize his people into complicity? Then you'll know why the media and the masses of White people who claim to not be racist are so silent on this obvious matter of BLACK GENOCIDE.

  51. I want to ask a question to every commentor here , can you all tell me what was the curemethod used to fought off the ebola outbreak in west africa prior to this recent outbreak, does anyone recall? I am awaiting a reply.

  52. Shammua Mekonnen says:

    Aaron Thompson Oh really. O.J. Simpson was found not guilty of murder, but i have a sneaky feeling, you believed he did commit murder.

    Not a chance will ever think different after their track record. You won't catch me being fooled by the false flags that easy. Once you hear rattle snake, you think POISON.

  53. Shammua Mekonnen says:

    Willie Gibbs Jr. Thanks Willie. I know that when your'er not being pursued for extinction, it would seem crazy to some, who sincerely believe that no such thing happens in this world, but i am sure they are very few who think so.

  54. Shammua Mekonnen says:

    Interesting preface to the Video, i will view it.

  55. Theodora Anagor says:

    Blood transfusion from a healthy donor. No vaccine was needed, Nigeria cured their people without a vaccine, But with Natural medicine.

  56. Di Mund says:

    And white people are not Devil. Im tired of hearing black coons going on saying that we are responsible for our own destruction.

  57. Theodora Anagor says:

    Shammua Mekonnen Ebola, AIDS Manufactured by Western Pharmaceuticals, US DoD?

  58. Theodora Anagor says:

    In the 19th century, the father of modern gynecology, J. Marion Sims, conducted his research experiments on enslaved Black women. Sims performed the invasive and torturous procedures without anesthesia. J. Marion Sims’ justification for choosing not to anesthetize his test subjects was that he did not believe Black women felt pain at all. In an 1857 lecture, he stated that it was “not painful enough to justify the trouble.”.

  59. Theodora Anagor says:

    AIDS and Ebola – Where Did They Really Come From?
    by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

  60. Theodora Anagor says:

    They have been using this premise for hundreds of years, ringing loud and clear through the Ebola debate.
    These Africans are so ignorant rather see the witch doctor stereotype, instead of the Africans realizing wherever specific NGO's were in an affected area that was previously clean is suddenly affected by this virus, no can't possible know what they are talking about.
    The same regard is shown to black people on threads like this, assuming there is a level of education or common sense or intelligence is lacking somehow, stemming from this kind of mentality.

  61. Theodora Anagor says:


  62. Aaron Thompson you're using sources campaigned by the same diabolicals. You cannot use an enemy's sources for truth. And even Theodora us engaging in the hysteria by using those sources you pulled up is crazy. These are the puppet masters who create and pull BOTH strings. Whatever is going to be. Prepare but of course continue to live. Don't live in ignorance but dammit we can't make ourselves crazy. If you're not going to go to the doorsteps all of these sick fux, we're wasting time allowing them to manage our minds and emotions. Out of control.

  63. How about when it comes to a point where you are living in a world and you don't know who to believe or which side to run to? I walk the middle road. Whatever is going to be is going to be UNLESS the people organize and start confronting all of the SOURCES not the messengers for causing such psychotic hysteria in the masses. While all the little people fight down at the base of the pyramid it continues to ascend the groups who make up ALL sides of the story. The key in life is to get rid of the source of insanity not just the descendants. I trust NONE of these stories anymore on either side. Whatever is going to be unless we do something different and change it: Is going to be. These fuckers will not run my sanity, my psychology, my life and stability anymore through propanganda. Throw that fucking TV out of the window. It's controlling how we feel about health, survival, race, family, morals, everything. That idiot box is out of control and now its on our computers!

  64. Steven Washington says:

    Keep in mind that, in addition to the experimental drugs, the Americans who survived received blood transfusions from previous Ebola survivors…the benefits of those antibodies cannot be ignored.

  65. Theodora Anagor says:

    "The fourth outbreak of Ebola was in the United States. The strain of Ebola Reston is so called because of an outbreak which occurred in Reston, Virginia, in late 1989. Very few following the present outbreak of Ebola know that there was an outbreak of Ebola in the Washington Suburb of Reston, less than 20 miles from the United States Capitol. There were two other small incidents of the Reston outbreak after 1989." –Horace G. Campbell

  66. Lendl Alfred says:

    I don't need to add any further comments, the brother was thorough.

  67. Jay Contreras says:

    The book, Medical Apartheid by Harriet Washington leaves no doubt that the US govt is wholly capable of creating genetic specific bio-weapons & engaging in covert human experiments & has a LONG HISTORY of it DOCUMENTED BY T-H-E-I-R own personnel. That's what so insane about these freaks–they do it, they document their evil & THEN turn around and deny what they DOCUMENTED when the general public finds out about it. If that ain't deep-seated psychosis, I don't know what is.

  68. Kim Petitt says:

    It is sad when some are diluted by the spiked kool-aid… eh, Kevin Spruill? The U.S. has the patent on Ebola and 5 vaccinations to eradicate, to destroy it, however the spokesperson for the patent stated openly "We don't see a real market for distribution on it". Do your homework. Oh yeah, he's white and so are the patented manufacturers. It's all there if you do your homework!

  69. Kim Petitt says:

    Kevin Spruill you are one of those house negroes; I can tell. Please don't state things publicly anymore.. it makes the rest of us look bad.

  70. Kim Petitt says:

    Exactly, Michael. We know this isn't true especially since Ebola has been around for years… only enough for two whities?? OMG!! Who is drinking the Kool-Aid now?!!

  71. Kim Petitt says:

    Thank you Shammua Mekonnen… Me thinks, no, me knows Kevin Sruill is the ultimate house negro; the one who came in from the fields "tellin' on all de odder negro slaves that works out in dem fields"… so he can get good wit da massa… yes sa massa!

  72. Di Mund Why do some blacks love making themselves look stupid.

  73. Kevin Spruill says:

    Kim Petitt too funny i present facts to present a different opinion than his and all you can do is toss out childish names… thanks for doing the work of the very people you disdain by attacking other blacks… massa is pround of you

  74. Kevin Spruill says:

    Kim Petitt child your petty insults are what makes you look bad… if you can't string together a coherent argument or present facts to refute or challenge information presented, then perhaps you're better off sitting quietly in the corner rather than demonstrating your ignorance. but hey, thanks for sharing sunshine

  75. Keith Pride says:

    Sterilization and extermination using biological and even chemical weapons is nothing new, and whether or not you believe population control is a conspiracy doesn't make it any less true.

  76. Val Bessi says:

    Although not ok with the US doing such a thing (if they do), the fault completely rests with the leaders in Africa for accepting bribery. Why do they not have the right mindset to worry about their people? Why do they let this happen if indeed it did happen the way it has been described?

  77. Theodora Anagor says:

    CDC Suggests "Hermetically Sealed Caskets" For Ebola Victims – AKA "Fema Coffins".

  78. Kevin Spruill Why do you keep saying that? Until we know what is in his hand and the patent on the document, what you keep saying is not helping the situation. You made the statement initially as if you knew the patent on the document he was holding. You need to shut it down until you or we get the information, and you should feel obligated to get the document or patent he had in his hand, after you came back refuting what he was saying. Simple as that. I will say it one more time, me having the patent on the vaccine, and not have the patent on the document in his hand, doesn't mean a thing.

  79. Joan Coulter says:

    I knew something evil had to surface sooner or later. Ebola is manmade just like AIDS to eliminate millions of Black people from the earth.

  80. Michael Carroway says:

    Kim Petitt Now watch the treatment that the guy in Nebraska receives.

  81. Kim Petitt says:

    You present shit; you are a thot — male genuine.

  82. Chris Underwood says:

    Europeans have a history of genocide and this is not far fetched.

  83. Troy Bryan says:

    You are a fool, Africans "black" people sold their people to EVERYONE, white patriots set them free, white people freed them, taxpayers feed them to this day by going to work! I have NEVER had a slave, YOU have never been a slave! Irish slaves had it much worse when was last time you heard one complain?! You haven't, when was last time you heard an Indian complain they had it the worst! Time to drop the poor me i was a slave BS, ALL races were slaves to someone at one time learn some history!

  84. Troy Bryan How long did he Irish stay is slavery? No other group stayed in slavery as long as Africa people. The Irish people after leaving slavery assimilated into white supremacy culture, and had it made, that didn't happen with blacks everybody got help but black African. As for whites feeding black people that is a damn lie everything we got we have already paid for it, by working for free fro hundreds of years, and producing a got damn country that you live in today. You miserable free loader, why you folks don't ever talk about all the free ass work we did for you all, your country benefited, and now the most power country in the world because of slavery as well as all the other white ruled countries because of slavery. Look you miserable thing, holding a people in slavery is not bull shit, we will talk about it until kingdom come, we are suppose to, even when we get our debt paid we will not stop talking about, after what people who look like you did to my relatives, you need to go set your ass out in the sun, as a member of white supremacy that was created by whites like you for whites, you cannot tell me anything, if you are not saying yes your kind did the most horrible crime to a people for hundreds of years, and did not pay them a dime. Who are the free loaders here. I wish I could block you, I am not suppose to respond to racist nonsense, it is a waste of time.

  85. Aaron Thompson Why do you say white colonists like they were something nice. Now you all need to say what these colonists were, a d stop trying to cover for them, they were invaders, colonizers, and murders, you put it nicely, but they did nothing nice.

  86. Shammua Mekonnen says:

    Kevin, i see you made the corrections, "…..were for vaccines against the diseases", instead of "……were for vaccines against the drug".

  87. Shammua Mekonnen says:

    Aaron Thompson Extremely naive, or living in denial, which one represents you?

  88. Shammua Mekonnen says:

    Lamont Andrade , blessings to you. I do agree that diseases & viruses have been around as far back as history has provided evidence. What we need to acknowledge today is that, the advancement of Mans thinking capacity and, with the advancement of technology in all of the sciences, coupled with the documented proof of human experiments on people who had no full disclosure of the true nature of the experiments, we must not see these things as business as usual. I am not worried about the diseases & viruses that have been naturally mutated, normally, nature itself provides the remedy or, cure how ever you accept it, i am worried about the private enterprises, who study them and then patent them, we will never be sure that they are doing it for safety purposes, why??, because history has shown, what negative things they do with them. You watched the video, you heard the gentleman. Do you deny the vicious things these entities have done to people both at home and abroad?

  89. Shammua Mekonnen says:

    Theodora Anagor , i like how you do it, you provide a measure of research information, that can prod and stimulate interest. Maximum respect to you

  90. Aaron Thompson Regardless of how you try to rationalize it, it's a fact that throughout history, your people are known to be mass murderers.

  91. Ken McClelan says:

    i've been reading your posts, and while you make some good points, it's pretty clear that you're a racist and have a severe distaste for all or most white people. you act and feel like you are owed wages for work your ancestors did. when a mention was made of the irish being enslaved, you fired back with: "How long did he Irish stay in slavery? No other group stayed in slavery as long as Africa people. The Irish people after leaving slavery assimilated into white supremacy culture, and had it made, that didn't happen with blacks everybody got help but black African. As for whites feeding black people that is a damn lie everything we get we have already paid for it, by working for free fro hundreds of years…" get over yourself nzingha. have you even considered that the irish are were they are today because they grew up as a people, because they didn't rely on beggars handouts… for the past 150 years? we used to have to compete with blacks for jobs here in the US, but we have moved on. look, I know that black people have suffered, that they were wronged – by greedy selfish whites and greedy selfish blacks. and while the white people have grown up and progressed forward, blacks are still stealing and kidnapping black people to sell into slavery to this very day… where is your outrage on that? i am outraged by it, and the only time I have ever seen outrage or helping hands trying to do something to stop this barbarianism, they were white people's hands. where are the black world leaders, the rich sports figures, business owners, movie stars, politicians? nobody cares for the blacks who are being taken and chained every day, most often taken by muslims and sold into slavery in the Persian gulf to other muslims. as for Ebola… it doesn't look good for the USA, but when you rant about why hasn't someone made a cure when Ebola was discovered 30 years ago… what have the black nations in Africa where it started been doing to find a cure over the last 30 years? what have all the other nations of the earth been doing to find a cure over the past 30 years? it is not my country's job and duty to serve or help you… but we do it anyway and we have done more than many African countries have done to feed and care for Africans. you know that. and while you make accusations that the USA is up to no good on this latest Ebola epidemic – I would agree with you, and I would tell you that the citizens of America are the ultimate target of our own government – so you are not alone. but let's not be carrying hate around for 150 years. if you want more out of life, then go out and make more out of your life. quit holding out your hand for what you think someone else worked for, and start looking for a leg up instead of a hand out.

  92. It is true that diseases of 'old world' like small pox, measles, syphillis and other diseases, played havoc in American continents after Columbus's ships with crew (all Europians) landed there and subsequent invasions of white Europians. But Ebola is adiffere t case.

  93. Alvin Hall says:

    Learn the true history moron

  94. Love it Nzingha Shabaka!

  95. Woody Nelson says:

    James, how racist can you be? Ebola doesn't discriminate.

  96. Woody Nelson says:

    Aaron Thompson How did the Army not get chickenpox themselves? To think this is an effort to kill off black people is a racist idea. Ebola does not discriminate and don't over look the fact that the first person treated in the U.S. for Ebola was a white man and don't overlook the fact the large majority of people trying to stop the spread and treat those who have it are white.

  97. Woody Nelson says:

    James you are a racist. Your racism is over looking the fact that there are a lot of blacks in Africa who are being treated and surviving.

  98. Woody Nelson says:

    Kevin Spruill Thanks Kevin a black man with reason.

  99. Woody Nelson says:

    Marcia Gumbs The reason we ran out of vaccine here and the Liberian couldn't get any is because all of it was being sent to Africa as was testified.

  100. Woody Nelson says:

    Kim, all available vaccine was sent to Africa thus the reason for having limited availability here in the U.S.

  101. Woody Nelson says:

    Nzingha Racist Shabaka, you need to take another look at black slavery history. The Europeans, Spain, England, and several other country's were keeping slaves long before the U.S. became a country. It was the Europeans that introduced slavery to the U.S. so where is the condemnation towards those country's. You find it too easy to blame us contemporary Americans for slavery when we had nothing to do with it. Where's the blame towards the other country's? Where's the blame towards the blacks who participated in the slave trade?

  102. Woody Nelson says:

    Theodara, really? You fail to realize that in poor, over-populated country's like in Africa were disease runs rampant anything can happen without the proper sanitation and vaccine.

  103. Nzingha Shabaka there are only 2 patents on file. That's why i said that… did he say he got hold of a secret document? No, he said he had the patent that shows the govt created it.

  104. those precious metals that are in today's smart phones which are highly valued lie right in the ebola zone. china has been trying to buy them up as fast as they can to supposedly keep the us from gaining the stronghold on the technology market at the rate that it's killing people in africa they will soon be able to control that region and it's resources. it no wonder countries have been slow to donate to the ebola cause. yes I most definately think ebola was made in the lab and place in those regions. they want people to panic but the government is really not panicking because they have the cure!

  105. Woody Nelson Blessings to you. That knowledge of overcrowding in regions that are tropical, which are breeding grounds for diseases and viruses is established, as well as breeding grounds in non-tropical regions. That is not an excuse to simply see this outbreak as business as usual. The disease has been around for a long time, as is stated, clearly there is some remedy or cure, that controlled it from then until now, why do i say this?, history has shown that deadly diseases & viruses such as EBOLA spark massive efforts of containment. Lets not cloud this dangerous Global threat to life or, to the lives of a specific people, by repeating Globally known facts on overcrowding and poor sanitation.

    There is a clear and present danger to Moors, Black People, Africans, People of Colour, however one wants to label it. Many of us who are not living in denial, will not dismiss even the theory, that the so call Black Nation, who i call Moors, are marked for extinction. We know that the scramble for Africa is more vicious now that the eugenics agents are on the rise. The very serious discussion about over population is not science fiction for a movie, it is real, and the Nation that sees them self as more powerful, will take land to preserve the life of their Nation. You might not have the time to really research and investigate what others are tracking, but, you should.

    All of the extended Moor Nation, who feel that by living in the West, is a safe ZONE, think again. Nothing in these time are far fetched, you can't lose your guard because of something that makes sense, issues like these, one has to been clear, as clear as possible.

  106. Woody Nelson EBOLA doesn't discriminate, but a vaccine that only remedies people without melanin DOES. Big deal that the majority of people trying to stop the spread are white, what does that mean; that White people are not responsible for the outbreak???. That is why others need to stay focus, you are dismissing every level of suspicion that indicates there is something not adding up here. Clearly you are entitled to your opinion; but what is it based on??, many of us have reason to believe based on history, and the evidence, that we must not dismiss this as a mere one of those natural things that happen.

    Who is this White man you are talking about that was treated in the US for EBOLA??

  107. Woody Nelson how do you know that all available vaccine was sent to Africa??, would you have sent out all the vaccine, knowing that the disease could reach your shores, or are you so sure it will not become an epidemic in your Country???? get real Woody.

  108. Aaron Thompson so you will determine what is credible?????

  109. Woody Nelson I don't fail anything, neither is Africa a country, or over populated you can fit most of the world in this continent, you only see the stereotype of Africa, I am Africa I know what it is really like. Africa has the poverty but it is also very rich, the fact you do not see the later is your own ignorance. You could say that the 45 million homeless Americans are living in the same condition as these so called African stereotype you stated who are living in " disease runs rampant anything can happen without the proper sanitation and vaccine." This stereotype needs to stop. You and people like you need know what you are talking about before you come for me who does.

  110. Kim Petitt says:

    I am so on hold for that, Michael. Anything new as of yet? Haven't turned on any news today and haven't seen any new posts about it on FB. What you got?

  111. Kim Petitt says:

    Thank you Shammua Mekonnen… Me thinks, no, me knows Kevin Sruill is the ultimate house negro; the one who came in from dem fields "tellin' on all de odder negro slaves that works out in dem fields"… so he can get good wit the massa… yes sa massa!

  112. Hubert Marlin Elingui Jr. this is great reading, whether some see it as negative or not, it is sufficient for the financially strong Moors to pool their resources and do what the Caucasians are doing, which research to keep their Nation alive. It is impossible that only Caucasian research labs are able to create vaccines. I am going to do a research on medical labs owned and controlled by so cal Black People.

  113. Theodora Anagor great comment. They are millions homeless in America, situated in disease & virus ridden areas, yet he sees no clear and present danger there, why??. He sees only Countries in Africa, base as you clearly expressed, on stereotyping, as places destine to have such outbreaks. Again, he may not see himself or his Nation (People) on the endangered species list, but i do, and persons like Woody can't be trusted at this point, he would have to see his Mother or Wife or Child and most of his family die of the disease, before he starts to pay real attention and not just see it as News.

    Theodora, my problem is this though. I am concerned that no research labs controlled by Moors, or even African Corporations are coming out and saying anything about this Global Threat. Everyone else is creating vaccines for our Nation, except us. Do you have any information to the contrary??, It is impossible that a vaccine is created only for Albions and not Moors. Where is the vaccine that works on Moors only, people with melanin and not Albions (Caucasians, white people)????.

    Why is it that Woody and persons like can't see there is something questionable here?

  114. Shammua Mekonnen They are Nigeria contained and eradicated Ebola in Nigeria, using their own medicines.
    Guinea, Sierra Leon and especially Liberia have an issue with organization.
    The Nigerian government think that the contamination from Liberia was a setup, Liberia is essentially the USA in Africa and their ineffectiveness is intentional. I have heard in articles of diseased bodies thrown down wells contaminating the water supply, totally suspect behaviour. They don't want to see because they are paid not to see, these are probably people working in the CDC or other similar organisations.

  115. Knowledge yourself
    One of the most profound requirements of public education is to diminish the racialization of Ebola to clarify that the first recognized outbreak took place not in Africa, but in Marburg Germany, hence the name given to Ebola as Marburg Virus. In 1967 an outbreak of haemorrhagic fever occurred simultaneously in laboratories in Marburg and Frankfurt, Germany.

    Thirty-one people became ill, initially laboratory workers followed by several medical personnel and family members who had cared for them. Seven deaths were reported.

  116. Lloyd Miller says:

    We love to make everything a racial issue, but really, nature has been trying to kill us for millennia. I remember seeing this thing spread around on Facebook about the Ebola vaccine not working on people with melanin (black people), and people believed that crap. The CDC patented a strain of the Ebola virus, which is way different from the one that is spreading through the world today. Ebola has been around for decades, and the first outbreak happened in the 70s!

    I'm not saying biological warfare doesn't exist, and the Black plague, which killed millions of Europeans in the 13th century, was as a result of that. But please stop this "big brother is the cause for every bad thing in nature." I mean, seriously, enough already. It's stupid to think we have so much control over nature. Very very stupid.

  117. Kim Petitt thats right KIM, if they think that all Moors (Black People) will swallow their %@#*, they have a next thing coming. Years ago, someone i knew very well came to me, talking really good, engaging me as usual, guess what ??, they were trying to keep me from observing anything suspicious because, they were planning to rob me. This is how i see this situation. Aaron Thompson can't be trusted, i don't care what colour he/she maybe. We don't need to be calm an foolish, we need to see the clear and present danger, and anyone who is trying to pacify this, and tell us go about your business as usual, there is no conspiracy, they can't be trusted, PERIOD.

  118. Well they did the same thing in Haiti when cholera was killing people over there. Even after they found the UN dropping stuffs in the running water ththese people was using. They still found them not guilty.

  119. I honestly believe that this is a man-made biological agent.

  120. Thanks Theodora for your incisive comments and facts,our government was able contain the spread because proactive measures were taken when it was obvious United States ruled out Nigeria from list of benefactors from the vaccine.Nigeria has the potential to clean up the mess created by the west,their target was our population but they failed.The same country that refused us help is now coming to seek our assistance to mopped up the mess they created in Liberia,S/Leone and Guinea.Our various governments in Africa must be proactive in every sphere of governance and rely less on the developed nations for help and aids.Now Ebola is failing ,they are bringing Marburg virus again

  121. I am happy to hear some one talk about the role of the government in the Ebola scandal that is what it is the government is eyeball deep in this crap I do believe they created it to be a biological tool to use against certain groups of people particular black people this is shameful and criminal. do your home work google the experiment look for a book written by a man named Horowicz.

  122. you guys are nailing this s%%% you lets me know i am not loosing it I am right this is a redemption for me to know someone out there knows what I know and blieve You are so right keep it going I love it

  123. What is a Clinical Study?
    A clinical study involves research using human volunteers (also called participants) that is intended to add to medical knowledge. There are two main types of clinical studies: clinical trials and observational studies. includes both interventional and observational studies.
    The US Department of Defense gave a contract worth $140 million dollars to Tekmira, a Canadian pharmaceutical company, to conduct Ebola research, which apparently involved injecting and infusing healthy humans with the deadly Ebola virus. The US Department of Defense is listed as a collaborator in a “First in Human” Ebola clinical trial (NCT02041715, which started in January 2014 shortly before an Ebola epidemic was declared in West Africa in March. Were the participants in these clinical studies aware that they were being injected with the deadly Ebola virus?

  124. Fort Dietrich/D trick cured the first C.I.A dr because he bought Ebola to Liberia. Foreign investors have been offering to buy land before 2012 Librarians refused to sell example Thomas Bright was murdered for his land like his brother in 2010. Too many Liberians refused to sell because Thomas an accountant left the U.S successful to farm and found diamonds on his property. Now don't be surprised if they discover rubber for drones tanks in Ferguson. Who spends a billion on war but hasn't paid the bill for the first haulacaust cholera in Haiti documented United nations=How is it that New Orleans still hasn't received compensation for repair reparations Congressman John Conners. Con delesa Rice apologized for New Orleans Aunt Jemima

  125. First Holocaust maafa or second holocaust America Moor Black Wall Street 1921Tulsa.2014 How about Donald Sterling come on "we have no respect look at how we treat the Black jews in Israel". Insulting aboridginal Black jews by calling them Falashas genocide taking land. Gentrification is ethnic cleansing. Raise prices homeless robbed of property. Ask the indigenous people how much morgage did the religious people european Christians pedophiles pay. Happy Indigenous peoples Day upstate New York just put another chief group of humans off their land zion…

  126. First Holocaust maafa or second holocaust America Moor Black Wall Street 1921Tulsa.2014 How about Donald Sterling come on "we have no respect look at how we treat the Black jews in Israel". Insulting aboridginal Black jews by calling them Falashas genocide taking land. Gentrification is ethnic cleansing. Raise prices homeless robbed of property. Ask the indigenous people how much morgage did the religious people european Christians pedophiles pay. Happy Indigenous peoples Day upstate, New York just put another chief group of humans off their land zion…

  127. Rick Ronson says:

    Remember this one thing though.
    Death is the only real escape from these destructive minded crackas and their bullshit.
    death is not a bad thing…it is graduation from this physical shit run by destructive crackas.
    if crackas kill every nigga in site they will start on each other. that's how crackas roll.
    Go watch 300 and any Roman Gladiator era shit. KILL KILL KILL.

  128. Saul David says:

    the cdc is civilian the armys version is 10x bigger i think its semed its where they guy they charged with the anthrax thing after 911 worked

  129. Interesting. Use a Black Female Islamic reporter as the interviewer to subconsciously negate the Doctor's comments in the eyes of the viewer, while at the same time appearing impartial. Her presence promotes the idea of the oppressed down-trodden brown women of the world by anti-multicultural extremist like the Doctor. She represents multicultural or global problems in contrast to Dr. Short's representation of the specific targeting of Black peoples by whites.The psychological manipulation here is that the rest of the good multicultural brown skin people of the world, including Black Women taken in by this new age multicultural cultism, can't get along with the good white people who are just trying to make the world a better place for everybody because of these anti-white extremist like the Doctor. Even though the Doctor is presenting facts that are verifiable, the interviewer still makes him seem unreliable and angry by asking him a question that hints that he may not be the credible person in the interview, which puts him on the defense. Notice there was no similar tone taken with the white man from washington. You thought you were just watching a short interview. This is deep, subtle, psychological warfare on the minds and hearts of the viewers… And then there's the Ebola!

  130. Sidney Jones says:

    Why we always fall for mess like this. wake up our president has a great job in trying to stop this outbreak.

  131. Be careful black folks, the last time a group of undesirable people(gays) demanded a "cure"for a "viral epidemic that plagued them"was back in the early nineties, and many gays were killed(300,000+) by an "anti-AIDS" drug(poison) called AZT. I always wondered why the pharmaceutical industrial complex was never threatened by accusations of them or the government creating bio-weapons targeting blacks or undesirables. Now I get it, as long as we believe uncritically that there's a disease, we will go to them anyway to be "diagnosed"for it and then "treated"for the "disease." A "cure?" Be careful what you ask for.

  132. Press TV is state-funded [English Language media outlet in Iran] and is a division of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). IRIB is independent of the Iranian government, but is said to be close to the country's conservative political faction. Remember what conservative indicates in this world. Why is Iran's biggest media outlet in english? Why not Chinese or Russian? Or better still, why is it not in Persian, the language of their people.

  133. Kema Onwordi says:

    Its beginning to add up, pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, of how the whites want to completely anihiliate, Africans, who are always sitting back, doing notting to improve his enviroment and situation,the late MKO Abiola spearheaded reperation for Africa from this imperialist white nation years back, it was thwarted and push under the carpet as usual.well, well, black nations and blackpeople all over ,let's wake up and fight for reperation, since its not right to revenge.they have there ways,but let's at least fight back, let there be some form of compensation before our Mother Africa is completely wipe out. From onwordi kema, warri Nigeria.

  134. Rahmaa Bakar says:

    I agree with some of your point but don't be angry while you debate.

  135. Andre Jones says:

    Though communicable in a suspiciously wide variety of ways, the most effective way of catching the disease is through the exchange of bodily fluids. It is also wise to note that men who have been treated and cured of Ebola still have the virus in their semen 7 weeks after cure. In a hyper-sexualized culture that has been proven to eschew safer sex practices, Ebola is akin to the Terminator.

    I cannot prove it, but my hunches are usually right – I believe that this black man who died of Ebola WAS given the same treatment as his "lucky" white predecessors. However, I believe that the disease was ENGINEERED for maximum efficacy in melanin rich peoples, and LOW efficacy in melanin poor peoples. The cure did NOT work for him, because it simply wasn't designed to. Below is an article that was written a couple of months ago and originally aimed at the Black gay community (specifically because of the communicability), but the ramifications for all cannot be ignored.

  136. Idk…he says it was patented in 2001, but the first outbreak was in 1976 in Sudan. I don't think it's so farfetched to believe that Ebola and AIDS are both modern man-made diseases, but I do think this guy is a conspiracy nutt. He statement, "Anglo's have been killing Africans for 500 years" and claiming that Europeans invented smallpox to kill Native Americans(lol, I'm part Native myself) goes on to show his paranoia. Africans have long killed each other and Africans were the ones who sold the captured tribes they warred with to the Spanish as slaves. He makes it sound like white people just went to Africa and rounded up black people on a safari. He should study things like the Spanish slave trade triangle and Idi Amin, the Sudanese civil wars, Congo, Somalia, and Mogadishu civil wars, the Ivory Coast diamond mind slave trade and other suich atrocities that Africans have inflicted upon themselves throughout history. I'm not excusing the horrid acts of slavery that Europeans committed against blacks in America, but am exemplifying that Africans are jsut as much to blame. Anyways, what we do know is that the Big Pharmaceutical companies from the developed nations DO test their drugs on residents of 3rd world countries in Africa. There is a lot of money to be made there. Both AIDS and Ebola surfaced at the same time. It's not so far fetched to reach the conclusion that there is a conspiracy behind it, but seeing that it goes back to 1976 and has been ongoing since, makes it hard to believe that the current president and government is responsible for it. If anything I'd say it's a deal between pharmaceutical companies and corrupt politicians in African countries, that were aided by laws passed by Congresses of the past that allowed for the production and testing of these drugs overseas. Having said that, we have little evidence and mostly speculation to base this off of.

  137. I totally believe every word this black spoke. I don't believe Ebola just appeared one day. I believe it was created to kill off Africans. People don't realize that God is color blind.

  138. **singing….No weapon formed against me will prosper, noo it won't work!~.

  139. the hEbola virus that was patented is a VACCINE…vaccines are made from synthetic versions of the original virus. The man has many valid points, but the patent he holds is for the vaccine. The US has done a lot of messed up things, but this is not one of them..

  140. Jay Samms says:

    I hope you guys understand that they are trying to make a big fog to where we can't see what the issues are it is definitely not a race issue as we have mix people of all races walking the earth with us it is most definitely about our government and the evil that they do and let's not forget that this is about to be a new world order that means the whole world 178 nations out of 193 are signed on for this new world order change you guys better pay attention it's a way bigger than black and white but yes our government did drop Ebola and they're going to kill us with that too and the ones that dumb guy from you bola are going to die from the mandatory vaccinations when they come get us in the middle of the night and shoot us up with the library B virus so everybody go get your guns and protect your family is depopulation time and for those of you that don't know get on look up Geoengineering the colapse of earth and u will all be in the knowing! it's time to stand up for the God in you the God in all of us don't let them in slave you don't let them take you to a Fema camp don't let them take your guns this is the last fight you guys God's children need to get ready

  141. Anyone AMAZED at the treatment that the female nurse in Dallas is receiving? As as her f**king DOG? And if anyone is REALLy paying attention…today they said that the 1st doctor who contracted Ebola in Africa was given a vaccine that an african who was CURED had received. If they had a vaccine to cure him, why haven't the rest of the african people been given it?

  142. Barbara Sam says:

    people wake up, they spread aids to Africa to slowly kill off the population but the population continues to grow. Africa is the new frontier for investors to invest in Africa, in order to push their agenda forward they have to dilute the population. God is a just God. and the will bring judgement upon the people. bringing awareness does not change the plan that already set into place, however knowledge is power.

  143. He fails to mention that the patented virus is a different strain from the current outbreak; the CDC has patents on various viruses, this is to create vaccines which are weakned strains of a virus; lastly that Nigeria was able to contain the virus and thus only about 8 deaths occurred, saving African lives.

  144. Sean Padden says:

    A non-scientist with a agenda bending the truth about a legitimate creation for research. Simple solution. I am sure the CDC has the sequence for the virus on file. Someone simply needs to get the DNA sequence from the current outbreak and compare it to the DNA of the CDC strain. If they are identical then you may have something, but I will predict there will be enough mutations in the DNA to make the comparison moot.

  145. he Ebb Cade Experiment.
    In 1945, African-American Ebb Cade, a 53-year-old truck driver, was secretly injected with plutonium, the substance used to make nuclear bombs. After breaking several of his bones in automotible accident, he was rushed to the emergency room. Unbeknownst to Ebb Cade, he was in the care of doctors that were also U.S. Atomic Agency employees. For six months, he was held in the hospital under the belief that they were treating his injuries. During that time, he was injected with more than 40 times the amount of plutonium an average person is exposed to in a lifetime. The doctors and researchers collected bone samples and extracted 15 teeth to monitor the effects of his exposure. Ebb Cade grew suspicious of his broken-bone treatments and escaped from the hospital. Unfortunately, Cade suffered from the brutal effects of intense radiation until he died from heart failure eight years later at the age of 61.

  146. Troy, you don't understand, and I don't expect you to. Don't compare black people to any other race.It is not the same. You just don't get it, but I pray before you die, you will.

  147. This should be an Eye opener for our leaders. They should end corruption and focus on the betterment of their people. Else we will always be guinea pigs.

  148. I see a lot of white people on this forum trying to dismiss the claims that their people are responsible for the ebola outbreak and are quick to point out how many white people have contracted this man made disease.

    Well white people have you heard the phrase "a few for many"? Yeah thats right, if white people have to kill thousands of their own to kill millions of us then to them its well worth it. Its called military science

  149. Marley Dodd says:

    It is to my understanding that Dr. Randy Short did not read all or at least most of the 27,488 words in the Ebola Bundibugyo virus (EboBun) related U.S. patent that he brought forward. I read the patent with a scrupulous eye to see if what he said was true. I concluded that if he had read it, he would not have spoken negatively against it because, in actuality, the 2012 patent is not a patent of the creation of the human EboBun virus. It is a patent for the use of a killed version of the virus and an attenuated version of the virus for the specific purpose of use in vaccinations that can be administered to humans and animals. It is the same process that is used for flu vaccinations.

    It is embarrassing for me to see him arguing so passionately and defensively with someone due to his own lack of knowledge of what is actually in the patent. It is truly unreasonable. Even if Dr. Short were correct about his accusations about the patent, he should not have raised his voice and tried to overtalk Michael Lane with a condescending voice and demeanor. That is not effective communication, that is like having a one sided conversation.

    It is unethical that Dr. Short took an accusatory stance to dismiss what Michael Lane had to say when he said that Lane would disagree only because he is African American. He should not have been so ethnic-focused during a topic such as this one. Not everything is about the color of our skin. I know what it is like when I or someone else is racially profiled and Dr. Short definately racially profiled Michael Lane here, which is totally unfair.

    I do not know for sure if the Ebola virus was being tested on anyone in Africa as a form of genocide because I have not yet researched to that extent, but I do know for sure that the patent that Randy Short spoke about in this video, does not have any information that remotely supports his claims.

    As people, we all need to do our research before arguing about any subject and we need to make better efforts to listen carefully before speaking. It is a daily self-discipline.

  150. I certainly agree with the principal discussent in the manor he is presenting his arguement its factual couse the document prove so.I am disturd lost all that I have back home can america help me? Which I know it can't be so.ebola obama n ur CDC why.

  151. black people need to stop all these woe is me attitude and get up off the floor. once you have the intelligence to realise you are being wronged then the battle is half won, all you need do is right the wrong, we complain about being oppressed but do nothing about it but moan year in year out. if the whites are inventing all these diseases to wipe us all out, are we that thick that we cannot find a cure, don't we have scientists brainy enough to come with something? as long as we keep on blaming white people for everything, we are empowering them and keeping ourselves down and at their mercy. let's stop enslaving ourselves.

  152. lol pure ignorance.

  153. Ti Na says:

    Let’s see, 3 white people from Africa, infected with Ebola, 2 doctors and a nurse, I think, were whisked to America, immediately given an experimental drug, and recovered within days. Afterward, they gave smiling news conferences, at which they looked as healthy as august apples. You couldn’t help but feel amazed and proud: American courage and efficiency had created the cure to the world’s worst disease. It was easy to honor the cured, and to applaud their recovery, for those saved were doctors and a nurse who had dedicated their lives to curing others. The whole episode shone like the sun on a warm afternoon.
    Days later a black man, who had come to America on his own, who was not a doctor nor, probably, very wealthy, proved to have Ebola. But the cure was withheld from him, though there were many doses available. Perhaps because he was black, not wealthy, and/or not a medical worker. For whatever reason, the powers that be decided not to cure him. Probably, to see what would happen. A living experiment. Like the Nazis treated Jews in the camps. Is there anything not immoral, cruel and racist here?
    What scares me isn’t that the doctors at the Dallas hospital were evil, which they were, watching Mr. Duncan die while they withheld his cure. What scares me is that they did it with such public openness, such unconcerned arrogance, even holding press conferences to announce that they would not give him the cure, as if they were assured that their attitude itself was justification.

  154. I Need To Ask Somebody Who Name These Disease Man Made Scientist Its All In The Movies We Watch People This Is Not About A Dishes Doesn't No Color Its Of The Devil Its Says Attack Satan Made Scientist Make diseases

  155. In 1954 the American government gave a million dollars to 2 doctors to come up with a cure for the polio desease that was killing thousands.. Hilary Kilbrowsky and Nicalous Sabin.. Hilary Kilbrowsky took his ass to the Congo in Africa to experiment with monkeys, because there liver help medicine expand faster, so he thought.. He ended up injecting a million Congolese people for what he called the polio vaccine, bbut what he released was the aids virus on all african people in the Congo. . LOOK UP THE RIVER DOCUMENTARY, this is the video on YouTube that shows you step by step of there misdeeds. . The American government has been killing and experimenting on africans for years.. They want the wealth in Africa, the diamonds, the gold, the copper, tge oil, etc..

  156. Aids didn't kill fast enough so they created ebola. Aids & Ebola are attributed to war factories and that's what we call the NWO ( New World Order ) Why do do they have to bring soldiers instead of doctors? is ebola terrorist? Let the fools be fooled…

  157. Michael El says:

    Tell it brother… They lies is in vain.

  158. presstv! iran would put any useless sycho to bring useless conspiracy theory from holocaust didn't happen to anything.. seriously this useless monkey if he like Africa should go create useful thing to africa rather than change masters… ebola happened in 1960s as well so he comes about 2012..loser..i am so tired of this black losers every time they have problems with their masters go to the worst black haters to advocate black cause. I know barack hussien obama is not for blacks but the loser would be the last on the list.Iran…seriously.

  159. Any one who wants to kill us is right because our president sold us to the entire world by bagging for money all around ( Ellen Johnson Sirleaf) we should know that nothing good comes easy or free. No free gift from Saton "

  160. Luci Ryan says:

    Thank you Dr. Short.

  161. Sean Padden says:

    It is now November, where is the mass outbreak of ebola in America? Unless some people are incredibly good at hiding this outbreak it simply doesn't exist. Scare mongering doesn't do anybody good.

  162. His is certainly right BUT it does not justify his Rudeness. Shut up and give the White guy a chance to make his case…..He did not get to say much because Homeboy would not shut up and let him talk.

  163. Simple minded says: EBoLa= all white patients go home … all Black patients dead hmmmm!???!

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