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10 thoughts on “Watch How This Officer Gets Caught Lying About Video Evidence That Shows Him Beating a Black Man in Handcuffs

  1. Rick Banks says:

    Cops lie as quick as they can inhale….never believe ANYTHING that comes from a cops mouth or in their "official" report.

  2. Vaurn James says:

    Funny, this is the same BASTARD who arrests you for alleged DOMESTIC VIOLENCE based on her word; yet, VIDEO evidence hasn't led to his immediate arrest…sorry, Police and Feminists are the bloody same….NEVER held accountable for their CONDUCT.

  3. One day my people will learn that it is time to leave the land of Slavery, I have never seen any footage of a cop one on one with a brother. They always first handcuff the brother and then beat the shit out of them. Showing just how much of cowards they truly are. Now, I know and you should know that the many europeans are very afraid of us as men and they know they can not win one on one on fair field. Just as they beat and kill us the only answer it to beat and kill them. No one ever say that. Just do the same thing to them as they do to us. But when you speak strong like that they say you are inciting hate and will come after you, because they do not want any one to raise up the spirit in black men and women in america. Now what kind of mindset will beat another persons that is tied up? only a animal. When Margret Sanger stated that we are only 3/5th of a man and they have the right to do to us as they see fit, We should have ran for the ship to get back home. I am encouraging every free thinking brother and sister to just get up and leave go home. Why continue to live in a place that clearly do not want you their? WHAT! YOU WERE BORN HERE THIS IS YOUR COUNTRY? Ok what I have to say about that is this: Just because a cat born in an oven does not make it a biscuit now does it? Look I am ex military also, I did some things for america that I will never ever speak of but still that does not mean america is my home land. I'm am so very clear after all the racism I experienced in its military after all the intense battles I was in, to return to that place and get spit on and mistreated as they did me, HELL NAW WAS I GOING TO STAY! When I returned, I thought home the whites let me know that I had only did what I did for the betterment of them not for me and my people to enjoy america, So, what did I do pack my didi bag and left. Let them have it I'm in a very peaceful place and you will never understand what I know so. Black people in america/Hell stay their and keep getting your asses whipped or do what I did and get the hell on. IT IS NOT YOUR HOME! To just talk strong about what is going on will never make a change, to protest will never make a change, the real change will never take place for my people their. How can I say such a thing? I was in many riots back in the day in the state. After all the sit-ins and marches, protests, letter writing to congressmen, voting etc, etc it did not change the fundamental way whites think about black. This is another video that proves me right. Not all whites but the ones that have the positions to make real change they are the real problems with blacks in america it is the thinking of the whites about blacks. They gave the book to the world to love thy enemy as thyself and if your enemy hit you one one cheek turn the other and let him hit you. For the poor and meek shall inherit the kingdom of God, Now my people if that is the requirements to get into heave then I say screw that and lets go one one one and end this shit and let the best man stand. Enough is enough. Now, watch how many whites and modern day house ni&&ers speak very bad against my comments. It will be those that perpetuate the position of the white and that will come against me. You know the bole and the skull and bones blacks that pose as concern black but in truth are really working to keep the whites in power so that they can get that extra piece of chicken out the back door its these Negros that work form the inside that keep my people in slavery. FOR A HANDOUT FOR THE WHITES AND WE KNOW THIS! For them it all good they get rich more abundance and the master pat them on the head and you can not tell that nig nothing. Now, whit that kinda black in place how you gone win? we have to defeat the house nig,, and the white man let us not be fooled any more their are mans blacks that have to be dealt with as well. LET A WORD TO THE WISE BE ALL THAT NEED TO BE SAID. TIME TO CAUSE A CHANGE. KINGS AND QUEENS WITH YOUR SUPERIOR MINDS.

  4. Pamela Warner says:

    And please tell me where would we go?

  5. Pamela Warner You have many places that are very friendly towards black people. I left in 1981 May 15th I landed in Israel and since that time I have lived in Europe, West, North and East Africa as a matter of fact their was a survey of 10 of the worlds most peaceful countries and 6 of them were in Africa. In addition we find that during (this is historical fact), The Slavery business headed up by Americans their were several European countries that were very friendly toward Africans Germany was one and you need to do some self study to get up on this because if you have to ask where to go then you do not know your history. I know I sound hard and callous I do not want to be but I have not time to waste and you do not either. You are living in a police state and when it hit you and my people that you are it will be too late to leave because they will come up with a way to say NO MORE INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL!!!! do not think that Ebola just came from some bush meat in Africa, what you are seeing is a plan of the ultra rich and wealth to de-populate the world by several billion people, I know this sounds very strange to you. But, the people have been so dumb down that you can tell them the truth but they will not believe it to be true. This gets very deep my sister if you have more question I'm willing to explain some things but I AM NOT GOING TO DEBATE WHAT I HAVE BEEN GIVEN TO KNOW. I left over 33 years ago because I saw what was taken place and Have not regretted it. One thing I want to mention before I go, is since I have been out of the States is that information is more abundant than you can belive.

  6. Red Dipper says:

    Pamela Warner Where the hell you came from!!…AFRICA??…Good god

  7. You sir are correct!

  8. Pamela Warner says:

    Darrell Crowder R u kidding me Isreal???? They are almost rioting agains black africans there!!!! Calling them n!&&ers and telling them to go home. And why would anyone want to go to Africa with Ebola running rampant.

  9. in america people of my ethic type, have no rights and racist institutions goals are to crush us all.

  10. ANYTIME the P.D.'s (or D.A's) statement begins with "an investigation is underway" WHAT THEY REALLY MEAN IS "let us get our LIES together & we'll get back to you"!

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