12 Ways Neo-Racists Deny Responsibility for Slavery and How to Respond

Slavery ended in 1865. Get over it!


“Get over it” is a statement used to dismiss or minimize the negative impact the Trans-Atlantic slave trade — the largest (15 million-60 million) forced-migration of human beings in history — had on Black people. It assumes the racism upon which the institution was built no longer exists. Slavery was an institution that had a large impact on the economic, political and social fabric of the Western world. The wealth and privileges that whites enjoy today are a direct benefit from slavery and the system of white supremacy that was built to support it. Wealth is transmitted across generations and so are the racial wealth disparities brought on by racism and slavery.



Nobody in my family ever owned a slave.


Your ancestors did not have to own slaves to benefit – either then or now.  Although less than 3 percent of whites owned slaves, the wealth and opportunities that the institution generated were extended well beyond those whites who owned slaves.

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