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18 thoughts on “Disturbing Footage Shows NYPD Officer Pistol-Whipping Defenseless Black Teen in the Face

  1. Abbas Ali says:

    I can truly see he was running from something…but what did he do.before the Video?

  2. Sundiata Keita says:

    runnin from that ass whoopin he knew was comin to him, courtesy of the Beast.

  3. Sundiata Keita says:

    white people are prepared to exterminate us. that's why the laws are going all out on us, theyre just waiting a large Reaction from us to spark it so they can say we asked for it.
    this is why they say in the Reuters article yesterday nationwide the FEDs and cops and preparing for black riots nationwide after the Ferguson verdict, even though no one is planning a riot.
    yall better step your ammo game up so you can hide your family when they ride on us.

  4. There is no reason for the zealous racist cops to keep beating up black men. If he did something, arrest him the beating must stop.

  5. I looked at the video a second time. These cops are so arrogant, and violent, I believe something is about to go down in America, we have the continued murder of black men by racist arrogant violent cops, and blacks cannot do anything about it. There are some other things, I see but I will speak on it another day. We have a white male shot 2 sheriffs/cops over two weeks ago, killed one, it appears they are afraid to go after him. As much as they like shooting down black men, and having one of their own killed, they should have found him by now.

  6. Tema'athy O'mar says:

    Abbas Ali, unless the previous crime (happening off camera) was violent, how do you justify the punch he received AFTER surrendering and laying on the ground? Just "good measure" ?

  7. Jerry Knox says:

    In my years on the metropolitan police department when you take the suspect to court all battered and bruise no matter what hero she did the questions are going to be asked of the arresting officer how did suspect get this way . So now with so many people with cameras the officer will be hard pressed to explain at the risk of committing perjury

  8. Ajani Ubuntu says:

    It's appalling to see people justify what the police did. You don't need any other information. The man ran decided to stop and police would have had no resistance to arresting him. Instead the used excessive force. There is no justification for it. This type of behavior has been prevalent in law enforcement forever. How quick we forget the Rodney King incident. The difference between that case and what we are seeing today is pocket cameras. The black community has gotten immune to such behavior. Wake up folks to the new Jim Crow that never died.

  9. The term to serve and protect only seems to apply to certain people in the community, Those officers are no better than the criminals/thugs, They are nothings and criminals in uniform, they could have killed that youngman and claim self defence which a lot of them do and get away with it, they are a law unto themselves. And this is happening again, and again.

  10. If he committed some sort of criminal offence still does not warrant him being beaten up by 3 oversized/overweight officers who could have easily arrest him without a problem. that video didn't show him resisting, they have their guns Tasers and other forms of protection, so there is no justification for that behaviour,

  11. This is ok, as long as they realize and understand that these types of acts help create the Ismaaiyl Brinsley's and Eric Frein's of the world. Their acts were a natural evolution of this type of conduct.

  12. What he did before the video couldnt be more irrelevant. The cops are not judge and jury. Their job is to arrest and let the criminal justice system handle it. Once he was in cuffs brutalizing him should be a crime if it isn't. That what prison is for. It's paramount that you understand that.

  13. Robert Fish says:


  14. Cowards nothing but cowards. Always have been Always will be until we put a stop to it!!

  15. I do not care what the young man was running from he did not deserve to be treated in human those people are cowards

  16. Taken down by Fatty! Hah!

  17. Ashley Lynn says:

    THUG (cop) activity…. this is unacceptable

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