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8 thoughts on “What These People Did in Support of Michael Brown Was Completely Unexpected and Disruptive


  2. Just Ivy says:


  3. Sharon Parks says:

    great way to continue to raise awareness. sitting next to some of these people that support JUSTICE for Mike Brown may have surprised some of the fellow audience members, I can't blame them for feeling that way, I am equally surprised at the hatred that is concealed by people in close proximity to me on a daily basis. It's surprising.

  4. Jackie Graham Jr says:


  5. Georgia Boy says:

    There were still a lot of White people sitting their looking amazed, shocked, and some appalled. I respect the ones that did have the courage to stand up and protest though.

  6. Ama Nwaifejokwu says:

    I absolutely just love the indifference demonstrated by the mostly white audience; it tells exactly where they stand and it is representative of the general lack of sentiment felt by the majority of so called whites in this country.

  7. It was simple amazing We have to do this as one to make a diffrence. Black or white whatever your ethnicity!!

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