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6 thoughts on “14 Stunningly Beautiful Black Women from South Africa

  1. Teran Henderson says:

    I am glad a few of them had their natural hair…I wish more African women would wear their own hair and have traditional clothes on, but as long as a few represent that's a start.

  2. Yusef EL says:

    All of them look Americanized to me.

  3. Albert Lykes says:

    Yusef, I was thinking the same thing. yes, they do look Americanized and I don't know if that their natural skin color or not, but they do look stunning.

  4. Judye Midi says:

    Define Americanized? Everyone in the world tend to dress alike now. It does not change who they are. A traditional costume your grandmother's generation wear because that was the fashion and their personal liking does not make them more African than the present day African or Asian in jeans and t-shirt, We need to find peace with our-own-self verse just appealing to stereotype or expectation. This are 100% true stunning Southern African women well represent. We kind to each other!

  5. Yusef EL says:

    Americanized=weave and other artificial enhancements.

  6. Nicol L Lami says:

    TV presenters better put some clothes on smh!

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