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10 of the Most Popular Conspiracy Theories About the Ebola Virus Outbreak

ebola patent

Ebola Is Man-Made; the U.S. Government Owns the Patent

The Ebola patent held by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has fueled one of the most popular Ebola virus conspiracy theories: the U.S. government created the disease.



biological weaponRace-Targeting Bioweapon

In a recent Final Call article, Minister Louis Farrakhan cites a national security memo by former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger calling for the depopulation of the “Third World” — as evidence, the Ebola virus has been designed to target those with African genes.

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3 thoughts on “10 of the Most Popular Conspiracy Theories About the Ebola Virus Outbreak

  1. Jay Contreras says:

    The REAL conspiracy theory is the US govt's denials & excuses–they create a paper trail of documents (like declassified documents & patents), say things publicly that are suspect & then DENY they have anything to hide and call us paranoid. Where there is smoke, there is usually fire. And if it looks like a Nazi, acts like a Nazi & sounds like a Nazi, then you are PROBABLY looking at a Nazi. These are the same tactics used by Nazis in Germany & it's documented that the US govt brought these same psychopaths to the US after WWII via Operation Paperclip. 'Conspiracy Theory' my ass. More like good common sense.

  2. If thing gets out of control, is this what many people have been talking about? My gut feeling is that there are rich and powerful white men who may have something to do with this. If you do the research, most of the rich and powerful white men, main agenda is that the planet is over populated, and that is what's causing climate change. Once you know what causes climate change it is no way you will come up with that conclusion. Many of the rich, powerful white men also believe in Eugenic, which was started in America I believe, and Hitler was in contact with one of the major players in America's about Eugenic, prior to and during the Jewish holocaust.. Bill Gates father was a member of the eugenic society right here in America. The population control rich powerful white men, all sit on each others board. A white woman who headed birth control in US, and was allowed to come into the black community teaching black women about birth control, was also a member of the eugenic society right here in America, her last name was Seiger. Leaders in the black community gave her an open door to come into the black community. A lot is going on, and been going on, concerning black folk, but some of this s… may blow up in their face.

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