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148 thoughts on “What This Couple Is Doing Is Exactly What Could Help Build the Black Community — So Why Are Some People Calling It Racist?

  1. Racist? Supporting our own is racist. I support my people period and don't give a damn what anybody else thinks. I'd like to know who thinks it's racist.

  2. Shawn Mc says:

    they did this experiment years ago and they stated it didn't work, there just wasnt enough black owned institutions for them to patronize.

  3. Stan Louis says:

    We are headed in the right direction. We have been stereotyped for so long of not supporting ourselves, but tearing ourselves down. This is not racism, this is uplifting a community to be self sufficient. The very thing that is being asked by other communities for us to do. I welcome other races to do the same, by using spending dollars to black owned businesses. More funds cycling though creates more jobs, which equates to less poverty, leads to less crime. I applaud this couple for taking the arrows. Starting a movement is never easy. I will be following suit.

  4. Bwire Vincent says:

    A very positive step: It will encourage more Blacks to start venturing into business.
    Africans, Jews, Italians, Chinese, Hindus etc, all do it, mostly for self-empowerment, and also, for the purposes of accessing the home products, which are not available on American store shelves.

  5. Jeff Smith says:

    hmm now just imagine all white people felt the same way…. πŸ˜‰ good luck!

  6. Jeff Smith says:

    most racist thing ive ever heard.

  7. Jeff Smith Black folks business. Stay out. Nobody asked you.

  8. Jeff Smith says:

    got it. fight fire with fire πŸ™‚

  9. Ja'von Brown says:

    Jeff Smith The vast majority do! Jews only support Jews yet you NEVER EVER hear this shit being ripped off to them, so you can stfu coming at us with it!

  10. Ja'von Brown says:

    Fuck you and your family. People like you only have a problem with this when Black people do it. Anybody else and its aok. Foh!

  11. Ja'von Brown says:

    EVERY other ethnicity does this and NOBODY, BUT NOBODY, BUT NOBODY has a problem with it! But as soon as Black people do it it's racism? Gtfoh! Why they're in front of the enemy talking about this befuddles me. Don't talk about it, just do it.

  12. Sheen La Flare says:

    I would love to speak to the both of them…

  13. Ife Wilson says:

    Jeff Smith We eat fire.

  14. Ife Wilson says:

    That means we have to create more πŸ™‚

  15. Jeff Smith says:

    who's we?? unfortunately I don't have the ability to speak of behalf of all white people.. I suppose unlike Black Americans, white people come from many different beautiful cultures around the world with their own unique history and social systems.. I love how you can trivialize the white race and just amalgamate the history of America, Jews, Polish, Persians, Romans, Turks, British, Russian, Dutch, etc.. but the world is a little bit more complex than American History so I suggest you pick up a book and enlighten yourself with fascinating history of the world and reconsider limiting yourself to association by skin color.. good luck πŸ™‚

  16. Jeff Smith says:

    just take responsibility for yourself its easier than changing the world πŸ˜‰

  17. Ife Wilson says:

    Jeff Smith You just made assumptions about every black person who commented on this article. This article/video is a representation of how we as a group are becoming more and more aware of our history. We have been force fed lies due to the power structure that is in place to help people that look like you. Our history was stolen and re-written as your history. I suggest you pick up a book and re-learn and unlearn what you have been taught. For starters, you can read Stolen Legacy by George G.M. James: By the way, "we" refers to blacks living in every country on this planet.

  18. Jeff Smith , I will repeat myself: This is Black people's business. We really don't give a damn what you think.

  19. Jeff Smith says:

    and its the wrong direction to be going.. should white people preach intolerance? should white people only do business with other white people?? no obviously not so why do you feel an exception should be made for "the best interest of black people" should I start concerning myself with the best interest of "white people".. im sorry you cant listen to the voice of reason and that your deep seated hatred toward white people make you incapable of thinking for yourself. black people elsewhere on the planet don't need you to speak of their behalf because they are taking charge of their own lives and don't have time to join your pitty party. you are not BLACK PEOPLE.

  20. Jeff Smith says:

    this only encourages racism and inequality.

  21. Ife Wilson says:

    Jeff Smith LOL!!!

  22. Jeff Smith One more time, no one's concerned with your opinion. But I guess that's the nature of white folks. Got to poke your nose where it ain't welcome. If we need want your opinion, we'll blow a dog whistle.

  23. Jay Contreras says:

    White will have to find somebody else to pimp, that's why this is a problem. They have made all their money from pimping us for centuries. We see what happened with Black Wall Street & during Reconstruction. And I wonder if any of these whites go into the Asian, Arab & Jewish communities, talking this crap? know they don't. Only US. Why would THAT be?

  24. Jeff Smith says:

    I don't agree jews should be doing business together either.. after all they do control the media, the banks, and most American politics.. but you don't ever dare point the finger at them lol. nature of white folks??? listen to yourself! im not white people. ill give you my opinion whenever I feel its warranted and if you say or do anything that attacks my personal belief system of offends me ill shove that whistle up your little ass and make you my little bitch.

  25. Jeff Smith says:

    id love to sit face to face and have this debate with you. ill poke my nose in whenever I want and if you say anything that offends me ill sure as hell let you know. ill blow that whistle and youll be my little b*****

  26. Jay Contreras says:

    As far as the bogus charges of racism: White will have to find somebody else to pimp, that's why this is a problem. They have made all their money from pimping us for centuries. We see what happened with Black Wall Street & during Reconstruction. And I wonder if any of these whites go into the Asian, Arab & Jewish communities, talking this crap? know they don't. Only US. Why would THAT be?

  27. Ja'von Brown says:

    Jeff Smith and I love how YOU trivialize our efforts to do the same dam thing everybody else does you little racist cunt. Perhaps YOU can show all the wonderful examples of other races doing business with Black people. Despite all those cultures and places white people may come from, NEVER EVER in history have the racists among you had a problem putting your cultural differences aside to war against Black people. Pop that shit to somebody who doesn't know. IT's YOUR deep seated hatred toward Black people on display here. You aint no voice of reason you're the voice of the fuckin kkk any you can't tell me shit about speaking on behalf of my people any fucking where. This is an effort to take more control of OUR lives yet here YOU go railing and raging against it you fuckin nazi. You don't tell Jews they hold pity parties so don't rip that shit off to us.

  28. Jeff Smith says:

    no I don't read you hate mongering books going to tell me jesus was black, the Egyptians were black, other other civilizations were black, etc.. I don't have time for conspiracy theories. have fun though πŸ™‚

  29. Jeff Smith says:

    Lorenzo Darden ill repeat; you do not speak on behalf of black people.. get over it

  30. Jeff Smith says:

    Ja'von Brown you just referred to me as kkk and a Nazi because I don't agree with segregation? im very confused. you run your mouth like that ill teach you to eat through a straw. this is a topic up for debate so be a man and debate the issue without trying letting your pride and egocentrism get the best of you..

  31. Ja'von Brown says:

    Jeff Smith And I'd shut your little bitchass down so bad you'd wish you never had. In a verbal sense every time you poked your narrow ass nose in this I'd kick you right in it.You'd pull out that whistle and be forced to eat it.

  32. Jeff Smith says:

    haha this isn't Hollywood cutie im Canadian id smack you back into the womb lol

  33. Ja'von Brown says:

    Jeff Smith this but not people like you? Lmao!

  34. Jeff Smith Oh My God, Y'all!!! White Jeezus getting pissed 'cause he can't get his way. Guess what, Tarzan. I already told you that your opinion was not welcome here!! You stuck it in anyway. We understand what we've had to deal with. You never will. And your un-informed "narrative" screams through the atmosphere as concrete proof of your ignorance. Now go and make more babies with your sister!!

  35. Ja'von Brown says:

    Jeff Smith you can't tell us what to do. Get over it.

  36. Jay Contreras says:

    @Shawn MC—they didn't say it didn't work. There were certain businesses they couldn't find that were black-owned but I wouldn't characterize it as a failure. I think MORE of us need to do this. ALL THE TIME. It's not like we haven't done it before. Massa worried b/c he's going to lose his bottom bitch.

  37. Tony Thompson says:

    Jeff Smith Hey Jeff, It sound to me you are not racist would you shop in a black owned business is the question.

  38. Jay Contreras says:

    Ja'von Brown It's a troll. Here to rile us up. We need local/regional/national directories like Ameritech puts out that list all of the wholly black owned businesses that is published by a black owned company that's paid for by advertising dollars.

  39. Jerome Cross says:

    they do think the same way, only its so ingrained you haven't ever had to say it out loud dumb ass

  40. Jeff Smith says:

    im not trying to tell you or anyone else what to do I just think we are capable of living together in harmony. it starts with working together. we shouldn't have to limit ourselves by "race" or skin color. i live in Canada and we have an amazing social system that enables equality and gives everyone opportunity to succeed

  41. Jeff Smith says:

    i haven't said anything racist at all you are just consumed by your hate and rage toward white people im sure you spend hours watching youtube videos and commenting on blogs and preaching your apathy toward non-blacks everywhere. you should be proud

  42. Ja'von Brown says:

    Jeff Smith i love how YOU trivialize the existence of Ghanaians, Haitians, Jamaicans, Gabonians, Togoans, Cameroons, Grenadines, Senagalese, Gambians, Guineans, Nigerians, Congolese, Beninians, Mauritanians, Egyptians, Sudanese, Kenyans, Somalians and so on into something you can make your own little dominion to where YOU think you can tell us what to do. All beautiful cultures rich and more diverse than your little mustard seed sized brain could imagine. Now I suggest YOU pick up a book and a calendar to educate your sorry ass and to realize what century you live in because that time you think this is is long past. Case in point "you're not Black people" Lmao at your stupid ass. I'm your huckleberry.

  43. Ife Wilson says:

    Jeff Smith Oh, everything is all good in Canada? Looks like your fellow Canadians think otherwise: Just a simple google search will do the trick.

  44. Jerome Cross says:

    ahhhh, hate Deez nuts and shut the Duck up

  45. Jeff Smith says:

    of course! i wouldn't be able to go a single day without doing business with people of many different cultural backgrounds. i don't think in colour. ive dated many black women and many of my closest friends are black. im sure they would also disagree that any ethnic group should "only" do business with each other. its absurd,

  46. Jeff Smith How is it that it encourage racism? I mean really. we should have the right to be able to buy in our own community not travel to another to get goods . This is not about racism it's about supporting where live .

  47. Jeff Smith says:

    because I cant think of a more reputable source than huffington post LOL no sorry Googling "racism in Canada" isn't going to win this fight hun, you've never been here and you have no idea what you're talking about. Canada helped African slaves escape slavery.

  48. Ife Wilson says:

    Jeff Smith How do you know that I've never been to Canada. Don't assume things. Your comments aren't going to change the fact that we, black people, are going to do more business with ourselves.

  49. Jerome Cross says:

    Great concept, I've been practicing for years, and remember only spend your money with those that appreciate it, I've cancelled many an order because of the where else you going to go attitude.

  50. Jeff Smith says:

    actually after this im only going to do business with white people too. im going to ask my family and friends to do the same. cheers!

  51. Jerome Cross says:

    hey Jeff Smith "Hush Puppy ain't just a Shoe", its ment for Y…. O….. U

  52. Jeff Smith says:

    you live in a community of all blacks??? where does this happen??? I thought you lived in the US? you need to bring down the barriers! it sounds to me like you and everyone on this thread ONLY associated with blacks and has absolutely deep seated hatred towards whites.. yet you live in a all black community??? how do white people interfere if you only live amongst other black people??? if white people said they only want to support local "white businesses" so they can support "their own" how would you feel? if youre community is helplessness racist I suggest you move elsewhere…

  53. Jeff Smith says:

    Marie Hamilton we are striving toward EQUALITY how does "only doing business with your own community (of other black people) help stop racism?? how?

  54. Jeff Smith Been hearing that same lie for as long as I remember about living together in "harmony". Meanwhile, my people are being brutalized and shot down in the streets every day. Even our babies are not safe. We're still the last to get hired and the first to get fired. I could write you an encyclopedia but you still wouldn't get it. White supremacy, Canadian or not is still white supremacy. And it blocks your understanding. That's why I kept telling you to mind your business. You can say you're not racist, but your comments say otherwise. Personally, I don't give a flying, flaming fuck one way or the other. No matter what you say, it's still none of your business and you will not change anyone's minds here. If you do have an iota of decency in you, you would go away. This is something that our people have been trying to work on for a long time and it must be done among us. We don't need the "great white savior" to rescue us. We never have. White folks have never given us justice and we don't expect any now. How can we expect equality, justice and peace from those that stole it from us to start with? At any rate, you Jeff Smith, most definitely don't have any answers. All the crap spewed from you has already been said. Besides, I think you stuck your nose in this to disrupt the conversation we were involved in anyway. That's what white people have done for as long as I can remember. I remember something the elders used to say when I was young: "everything be alright 'til white folks get in it" Your people have been and continue to be the most unnatural destructive force in history. You can dispute that if you like, but I am a long time student of history. and your own documented history bears witness to what I'm saying. White privilege does not allow you to see. You've never had to deal with being Black. So stop assuming you can speak to our challenges. You don't have a clue. And keep your white arrogance to yourself.

  55. Jeff Smith says:

    you're spreading hate I cant even imagine what you type of views you force of your kid

  56. Jeff Smith well it has been said by white people many times . hate don't have NOTHING to do with IT on my part but it sure sound like it on your part i lived where they live and other races come in the black community and treat the people like subhuman and also way over charge for goods this is a discussion about what the black community need ,it has nothing to do with racism . this is about a need for the black community not about racism and as far as white people saying THIS ABOUT THEIR COMMUNITY THERE IS no need for them to say ANYTHING because THEY ARE ALREADY DOING IT ! .

  57. Val Burton says:

    Jeff Smith , white people do feel that way.

  58. Val Burton says:

    Jeff Smith , white people do feel that way.

  59. Bona B Yol says:


  60. Jerome Cross says:

    don't trust whitey, if he says don't spend your money with your own kind, that's what I teach him

  61. Tony Thompson says:

    Thank You Stan, You are right on. This is not about racism but some thing we must do to have a place. It all start with building finance in the community's but black people have to be committed to finding a way to make it work there will be obstacle. I can't think of one black person who just want to go out and kill whites. The black community can control black on black crime we have to have the political power to do so.For the white who don't want blacks to be self sufficient there is a real problem. Bottom line we need Financial Power, Political Power, Media Power.

  62. Jeff Smith Get over what? The only one I see here that has to get over anything is you! You need to get over that sense of superiority that you thought you could tell us how we should think. What part of this is our business did you not understand?

  63. Jeff Smith : We're not the people that put up the barriers. We're not the people that maintain the barriers. I will keep saying this. It is none of your business.

  64. Jerome Cross says:

    Jeff you might want to be a little more concerned about them tittie bears there than "Who" "I" spend "MY" money with.

  65. Ja'von Brown says:

    Jeff Smith stfu and stop lying! Racism is alive and well there too. This dude must really think we don't get out much. You probably ALREADY only do business with white people.

  66. Jerome Cross says:

    My money Jeff, mines, not yours… Mine, motherducker

  67. Jeff Smith says:

    Listen I'm not going to argue with any of you any longer it's simply is a waste of my time. It's obvious to me this is just a place for black people to group together and share their hatred towards whites. All I'm saying i is that there should be no discrimination in the workplace and all people should work together to create equality and acceptance not intolerance

  68. Jeff SMith I think you are missing the point. The point is about empowerment. We have empowered you guys a lot. So now it is time to do the same for our community. If you strongly believe in equal opportunity, go and buy groceries from a local black grocery store. I don't see you saying that you support local black businesses as well as whites. I think you are afraid of what might happen when blacks begin to prosper. Is it really that intimidating that you have to discourage us from supporting our own race? If we don't then who will? You?

  69. Jeff Smith great maybe that is what you have been doing all along.

  70. Stan Louis says:

    Tony you are right. Plus those with positive attitudes needs to star being the influence on our youth. The youth are acting out as a reflection of what they are observing right outside there front doors. The sad part is the adults looking to just profits off of all this negative stereotypes are just adding fuel to the fire. Rapping about a negative situation is glorifying it when you insinuate that you can gain a Maybach, and reside in a community that is much better than where you're at now. Rather than rap and flaunt off of that negative stereotype, follow the lead of this couple and uplift that same community. Let the new generation that is none the wiser see that you too can be successful by being a business owner, a senior VP, an inventor, or so much more than just rapping to escape the impoverished community. The more we plant seeds that we can grow and accomplish so much by example, the stronger we become. The more beneficial we become to the rest of the world. We have to be the example of financial power.

  71. Adisa LamarTwo-x Bey says:

    Wow these white folks panic when shit don't come their way

  72. Adisa LamarTwo-x Bey says:

    Wow these white folks panic when shit don't come their way

  73. Stan Louis says:

    Jeff I do not want come off as a racist, but rather as a teacher. I noticed you feel as this is a racist movement, and on the outside looking in I can see how you would feel that way. I would be highly offended if I heard this the other way around. So I completely get the position you're coming from. There is however a difference. When you turn on your television and watch news programs what do you see when it relates to the black Impoverished community. The answer is negative images. So the community is run down, the people have all but given up. The ones that are pushing through are either trying to get out or get there children out of that community. What this couple is saying is what if we give back enough, and others do the same. That means that are will eventually get a facelift, and will change how those who reside in that community feel. All communities do it without thinking. Unfortunately with the mentality that have been instilled in us from birth. The black community do not instinctively do that, but rather the opposite. In the black community it is seen as being successful if you purchase from other communities. If you purchase from black owned then it is inferred that is not of great quality or service. You may not understand this as you do not get labeled in this manner. However in our community it is a common theme. Now before you say something to the effect of that being silly, it is still real and happening. What this couples main goal is not increasing separation or segregation, but uplifting certain communities to be self sufficient. A restoration project if you will. Hopefully other communities will aid in the cause as it is simply beneficial to all. I hope that clarifies some things. I hope you too will help in this cause.

  74. Ja'von Brown says:

    Jeff Smith nice willie lynchism there. Go f*** your sister.

  75. Adisa Lamar Two-x Bey, He's just another infiltrator thinking he must rush in to save all the "misguided colored folk" from themselves. We're supposed to feel guilty because we ain't singin' Ebony and Ivory with his ass.

  76. Maurice E. Wright says:

    Jeff Smith how so?

  77. Adisa LamarTwo-x Bey says:

    Lorenzo Darden yeah I know. The devil loves to play victim of what they created

  78. This a$$hole, Jeff Smith is nothing more than an infiltrator. There's always at least one that will interject himself into whatever we are doing. These devils can't stand the thought of Black consolidation. That's one of the reasons they murder real Black leaders. Cut off the head, so to speak. They feared Malcolm And Martin for that very reason. United, we would be a a force in this world and others around the world would come to our assistance. Wish I had the time and the space to explain, but with white daddy continuously sticking his nose in…..well, you get the picture.

  79. Supporting a community isn't a bad initiative. It's their money, and they can choose to patronize blacks if they so desire. They don't come off as racist, bigots or even disrespectful. They just choose to try to support there own people as whites have done for years. Whites supporting their own people involved degrading ours. There were entire organizations dedicated to reducing or limiting our rights. Its really unfair to call patronization racism. I applaude their efforts and I wish more people understood where they are coming from.

  80. Tony Thompson says:

    Stan Louis That is truth.Negative stereotype is killing black people this is why we must take control and build black own businesses. Ethnic groups that run businesses in the black community's must the time have no respect for the community or the people so as a rule i will not pay you to disrespect me. As for this genre call rap it's the good the bad and the ugly. Rap has changed the music business in a big way to me that's the good. Hip Hap culture is too disrespectful we need unity not thugs that's the bad, Gang black on black crime that's the ugly. I am in no way a racist but we must free our minds from mental slavery and start producing.

  81. Bwire Vincent says:

    Jeff Smith Inequality is alive, and real.
    You eat Thai, Mexican, Vietnamese etc, everyday. There's, also, a Chinatown, in every major city in in the US: I don't see you calling that racist!
    I mentioned Italians and Jews too: Are you gonna tell me that you have never been to, or seen a Scandinavian, German or Russian store?
    I think, you are the one who is bent on encouraging racism and inequality.

  82. Pete Baffoe says:

    well done guys but be very careful you could be assasinated remember Ron Brown, Brother malcolm X , Luther king, Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba, I could go on and on, any good thing that comes from black people some nitwits have tried to stifle.

  83. Jeff Smith ….HOW integration is not moving us along any faster either…just creates more wealth for white institutions and businesses? Why cant it be black owned and whites work for us…that's true integration.

  84. Jeff Smith White people do feel that way. It doesn't have to be said, actions speak louder than words. How often do you see other nations of people come spend money in our businesses? Mostly everyone spends money with there own kind & blacks always spend with everyone else. As soon as we talk about building our own brands it's racist? Man sit the f**k down.

  85. Ja'von s
    aid everything I wanted to say. PERIOD!

  86. Jeff Smith says:

    Crystal Fowler there's no such thing as "white institutions" and "white businesses" why don't you understand that?? business doesn't discriminate. letting go of these backward belief systems that anyone is trying to hold you back is the ONLY way to further yourself. stop speaking on behalf of "black people" i know MANY successful, very accomplished and aspiring people that happen to be black. you don't have the right to categorize PEOPLE by skin colour. GET THIS THROUGH YOUR HEAD. there's no white people.. white people come from many different historical lineage and diverse culture. we don't identify with ourselves as being white.. rather we appreciate our differences and choose to work together toward a common goal. if your goal is to eradicate inequality or stop racism then i suggest you stop thinking in a racial context. start to look at people as individuals. we are all responsible for our own happiness and blaming others or social restraints won't get you anywhere. the world is far from perfect but we have to step outside our skin and let go of our pride and accept the fact we are all EQUAL.

  87. Jeff Smith says:

    whites CANT support WHITE ONLY business. there's laws against that. what are you talking about?? this is all in your head. you can hire a good contractor or you can hire someone just because their black. if thats your rational than I'm sorry to tell you but you miss the whole point of "DOING BUSINESS" then…

  88. Jeff Smith says:

    no Jerome I'm going to continue to work WITH visible minorities just as i do every single day of my life and see "people" us individuals NOT defined by the colour of their skin.. how bout you concern yourself with letting go of your pathological hate toward people of European decent. cheers.

  89. Bwire Vincent says:

    Jeff Smith '…there's no white people.. white people come from many different historical lineage and diverse culture. we don't identify with ourselves as being white…'
    Do you know that the same can be said about every other race on earth? Just like you, we, also, appreciate our differences and choose to work together toward a common goal. Unlike you, some of us don't get the opportunity to, 'step outside our skin', simply because the racist never asks what kind of a dark skinned person one is …

  90. Jeff was Harvard founded by a Africans/Black people, Was the White House or the Federal Reserves or World bank founded by an Africans/black people, How about the U.S. constitutions that didn't even consider Blacks or Women equal citizens. Who controlled access to housings, business loans, told the country and the world aparthied and segreation is equal? Even in school the romantic language the one out of European countries are studied, but native languages of African people and their tribes is almost non existant. Yes creativity in entreprenurship and free enterprise does not discriminate but the institutions and business that are owned and created to protect the liberties of its founding fathers is real. "Mount Rushmore," I dont see any American Indians, or African Slaves on that either if we all equality built America. "Whites" do discriminate, or do you live in an imaginary world. Althought their are hunderds of Blacks that do well as middleclass citizens…that is not the majority and as far as business and economics we way behind in this country. Now aboard many Africans are making great strides…beyond entertaiment, sports, and retail clothing.

  91. Ja'von Brown says:

    Crystal Fowler he thinks we're stupid and we're going to fall for that we are the world bullshit that gets us knocked in the head time after time over and over and over and over again. I would truly embrace the idea of a TRULY EQUAL society where ALL were held in the same regard. However, there's way too many Black bodies piled up, and too many oceans of my people's blood shed by the devil himself for me to ever see that as anything but a dam pipe dream.

  92. Jeff Smith Ok, no offense but you're an obvious troll having commented on nearly every post here. Which part is all in my head exactly? Did I just imagine slavery, Jim crow and the rest? Or the idea that supporting your community can be a positive thing? There is no law stopping people from spending their money as they choose, with whom they choose in business or on a personal level and you have no say in that. There were however, once laws that prevented blacks from having equal rights (Jim Crow) and that is historically documented. Plz troll someone whoe doesn't know what they are talking about? Have nice day : )

  93. Jeff Smith says:

    Honestly this experience has opened my eyes and changed the way I will forever look at visible minorities. I have been personally attacked on here simply for voicing my believe in equality and standing up against prejudice. I no longer care what happens to you good riddance

  94. Mr. Brown, I agree some Whites they do this alot. Whenever Blacks, Africans, or People of Color try to do anything to empower their own especially Blacks, without integrating them into the picture… Whites feel this need to holler "reversed racism." I wish Mr. Smith would tell me what my ancestors or descendants has done or is currently doing on the economic global scale has disenfranchaised White people from creating wealth? What are Blacks doing to limit them from getting a jobs, housing, quality education, and free entreprise to manufacture and build business?! That is RACISM. This stuff people are talking about is prejudice, not racism? When a business is owned by a black person not too many Whites or NON-Blacks come and partronized that business. The civil rights act fought to integrate us Gov't now whe have Black Senators, Reps, and Even a Black President. We faught to get equality Education, Housing and Public Place so Black moved to into white schools neighborhood, and patronized once only white estabilshments. However separate but equal has its own benefit. to do for self and create more opportunity for blacks and their communities creating our own businesses, education, housing (contruction), Medical hospitals, resturaunts, services and food sources. I live in Atlanta and they have a whole shopping plaza for Indian business called PATEL BROTHERS, it has a jewelry store, indian cusine resturaunt, farmer market carry indian brand products for their food and culture, clothing store, and even a international celluar phone business. The White come for the cultural experience to me, but most of their business caterers to there core customers which are of Indian descendant. The didnt go to the White man and ask for a loan the networked, pulled together resources formed and (GROUP) and bought that plaza for their people.

  95. In the heartland of America, there once was a Black Community Paradise. African Americans, Indian and several Jews developed a networking relationship surpassed by none in modern day history, creating more than 600 businesses. Among these were 41 grocery stores, 30 restaurants, 6 privately owned airplanes, 5 hotels, 2 schools, 1 hospital with 15 physicians/surgeons, a bank, a bus system, and 2 movie theaters. The year was 1921… in Greenwood, Tulsa Oklahoma aka Black Wall Street. June 1, 1921.

  96. Ladyflow Solomon says:

    I live in England was born and grown there of Jamaican parentage. But we have this same situation, as we have few black owned businesses, across the board, certainly do need to help keep our monies within our community. .nothing wrong there..we have for many years spent our hard earned cash buying items, which only we as black people use, from people, who do not, they realise, that there are huge amounts of money to be had, and are making millions, so I take my hat off to this couple, in showing the world, that we have spending power, and as such should do what is good to help our own black businesses keeping the circulation of monies, with us. Great job. Lisa. England

  97. Jeff Smith , GTFO of this online publication for black people white boy. And all black people ignore his pale behind and do not waste valuable time responding to dough boy. Thank you.

  98. Jeff there is nothing wrong with supporting black owned businesses what's wrong with that?

  99. I actually have white jewish friends who only support the growth of the white jewish community. What is wrong with us doing the same for our own?

  100. Kisha Callender says:

    Jeff Smith I am so exited about this movement for our people to get more involved in business ownership and black business patronage. This will help to build our communities. Support us by supporting black owned businesses as our people have supported monetary and labor wise to build others businesses and communities besides our own for so many years. It is time we help ourselves so our communities can progress and so we can secure our children's future.

  101. Black wall street is the best example of what is feared if a community of people of African decent come together and build their own businesses create strong communities and institutions. People like Jeff want to ignore the fact that history has not been in favor of successful and thriving businesses owned and operated by people of color. We must do for ourselves what no one else will do for us, and that is to rally around and seek out OUR businesses and begin to empower them just like they did back in Greenwood, OK. It was successfully accomplished then, and it we need to make it happen again. Begin to network and seek out black owned businesses in your area and give them your support. I beleive it's God's will for us to come together as a people to prosper and THRIVE…let us begin!

  102. Ja'von Brown Excellent, Brother.

  103. It's a shame there isn't enough black businesses, but can you share that link where they stated that? Another thing, what do you think is the solution for black folks to get out of the situation we are in?

  104. Exactly! I dont see why this is such big news. Nobody blinks when other ethnicity buy amongst themselves. growing up in Brooklyn new york i saw Indians, Pakistanis, Mexicans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Jewish, Russians, Germans, koreans, chinese, i mean the list is endless and all of them not only crowded together but only buy from one another. Especially the Jewish. They have schools, banks, they buy up entire apartment buildings. Nobody says squat to them. But black people try it and people are getting nervous.

  105. Jerome Cross says:

    Wow Jeff, you think I hate you because I choose to spend my Money with whom I want to spend my money with, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Pathological? See Jeff that's the attitude that you can take as a beneficiary of racism you can decide that someone hates you simply because I don't agree with you. Sounds a lot like "if it ain't white, it ain’t right"

  106. Jerome Cross says:

    Jeff Smith One other thing Jeff, I'd like to work with them Bears, since you seem to be having a hard time staying focused

  107. Jeff Smith you obviously never been to east new york, brownsville, bedstuy, crown heights. flatbush, and flushing in Brooklyn. These are damn near 100% black. I dont see any one complain about equality when the jews do it. The jews in Kingston, brooklyn only operate amongst each other. China town? Only works with other chinese. Little Russia in Brooklyn? Only with each other. Liberty avenue, Brooklyn with all the Indians? They only work and buy from each other. I want to see you pester them about equality and we are in the US. We arent fighting against whites and nobody is sitting around hating on you. Where im from (east new york ,brooklyn) where it is 100% blacks there is a surprising and unsettling number of chinese, korean, indian, domincan and white businesses. If we tried to open a business in a chinese area they would kick us out and throw Molotov cocktails through the window. But they come straight to our community it heavy numbers and suck up money. Then they never give back. They never do fundraisers, back to school give aways, donate, activities for kids, Scholorships, community projects, thanksgiving soup kitchens, christmas give aways,NOTHING. They dont even hire from our community, they would rather get someone of their own ethnicity who has to travel and hour instead of a black person next door. So they squat in our neighborhoods for decades, take millions, then ship the money to their own neighborhoods and do all that i listed above for themselves. We blacks need to get together and support one another because no one is going to do it for us. Im sick of people like you who have never lived a black life and see and understand our struggle telling us what we should do. It annoying and unhelpful judging from the outside.

  108. Jeff Smith says:

    you can call me racist all you want but the fact is, you're the RACIST. you choose to do business with someone because they are BLACK.. not because they provide quality service, or because they have extensive skills, or not even because they provided the lowest quote. Nope. just because they are black! that is not how business is done and if you believe that "white people" and "white jews" think along the same lines as you and conduct business with ONLY other whites WITHIN their community than you are living on a different planet buddy. ive grown up in the most multicultural city in the world. you will never make me believe im at all racist so shove your white guilt up your a** buddy I don't have time for your bs.

  109. Jerome Cross says:

    Jeff are you implying that all white contractors are good and black contractors are bad

  110. Jerome Cross says:

    Jeff Smith are you saying that your world doesn't need changing? Maybe if you got your ass kicked in every way imagined all of you life you'd have a different opinion

  111. Jerome Cross says:

    Jeff Smith you are on here…. duh!

  112. China L Colston says:

    This is a practical, necessary and empowering movement. I've been patronizing black-owned businesses, artists and street vendors for sometime now. I will continue to do so. I haven't got to their committed level yet but I'm striving for it. I appreciate their example. πŸ™‚

  113. Jeff Smith, I guess now YOU represent Black people. I got news for you. Take this as you will. White power is diminishing. People of European heritage are dying out. Soon, you won't have a voice. And I'm speaking from statistics compiled by white census researchers. Even Europe is getting darker. In other words, "hun", the world is going back to the way it started: BLACK!! But don't take my word for it, "hun", check it for yourself!!

  114. Jeff Smith White people are disappearing. And as for white people being in poverty, well that's white people's problem. As I have said, this is us doing us. You do yours. Yes! White people started multiculturalism alright. Enslaved Black women were continuously raped by white massa! Racist hiring practices are still in full effect. But I suspect you already know that as I will give you the benefit of the doubt, unlike what you've shown us. You cannot be that damn stupid and blind. So, fuck off, will you?

  115. Jeff Smith says:

    Debra im contacting your local police department and im charging you with racial discrimination and defacement of character online. let me show exactly how the world works πŸ™‚ watch.

  116. Jeff Smith says:

    you can tell the other 2 people that liked your statement what happens now. cheers!

  117. Jeff Smith says:

    youre an idiot. stop talking about black people as if even a small minority of black people would ever rally behind your self pitying and finger pointing. go to school get a real skill set, learn about FACTUAL history instead of race baiting and making excuses for yourself. you are a sad example for anyone to follow. "people like Jeff" yes the people like myself that will look at you without judgement and put you on the same level as everyone else yet you seem to think I owe you some special consideration for hard times?? what do you say to polish people or jews in your community? oh wait the "SYTEMATIC" (since you all love to use that word on here) genocide of 11 million Polish people and Jews by the Nazis less than 70 years ago but you think you deserve special treatment?? get off your a** patsy.

  118. Once again you miss the point its about supporting the underdog not bashing the white community. For so long we have been stereotyped. And the only success stories are not about blacks with their own businesses, but us as athletes, singers, actors. We are more than just showbiz, entertainers. We too are entrepreneurs, successful business owners, CEO's and its time for us to unite as a community. It has been the suppressors who have created division in our culture for a long time. Hence we were unable to succeed as a race. It just amazes me that once we start to support each other there is a problem. I feel like you are wearing your feelings on your sleeve. Its not a personal issues its just business. Therefore your argument of WHITE HATRED is irrelevant.

  119. Lol @Jeff, I've got skill sets you can't even pronounce, fact of the matter is you are simply afraid of what's about to happen when this movement gets underway and It's really pointless to argue with an Edomite…yup, I just went there…I would normally take this time to offer you a real education about who u REALLY are but u being an Edomite and all, your future ain't very bright anyway son so run along. As for u being referred to as Edomite, look it up and learn your own history, then maybe you'll understand your own GENETIC inferiority, and why there's absolutely NOTHING you can do to stop the momentum when conscious people of African decent come together and do what we are about to do. I've got so much more to say but I must attend to more important matters so I got no more time for you, you're dismissed!

  120. Jay Knucklez says:

    [email protected] people calling Black people racist for spending money with Black businesses, and for having cultural awareness and embracing they're ethnic culture, we are racist now? Gtfho, nobody goes into the asian markets and Spanish stores telling them they are being racist, no one say anything about China towns, Irish pubs, German legions, little Cubas etc etc, around this country but soon as Black people attempt to use group economic like everyone else to improve our conditions as a whole, we get denounced and demonize and criticized for our efforts,….Interesting

  121. Jay Knucklez says:

    Jeff is trying to project his racism on Black folks. Jeff your deceptive reverse psychology tactics aint working

  122. Jay Knucklez says:

    [email protected] people calling Black people racist for spending money with Black businesses, and for having cultural awareness and embracing they're ethnic culture, we are racist now? Gtfho, nobody goes into the asian markets and Spanish stores telling them they are being racist, no one say anything about China towns, Irish pubs, German legions, little Cubas etc etc, around this country but soon as Black people attempt to use group economic like everyone else to improve our conditions as a whole, we get denounced and demonize and criticized for our efforts,….Interesting

  123. You've done a great job in changing and destroying racism, which is, a system of economic deprivation. Thank you for what you're doing to educate all of us on how to build wealth in our communities, which have been devastated by integration because of self hatred.

  124. Jerome Cross says:

    60 million Africans Jeff, and we are still being shot down in the streets, the so called Jews haven't seen hard times …. OH and motherDucker

  125. Shawn Mc Thanks for the links. Based on what I read with the links you provided, they didn't state "it didn't work."Maybe I missed it? But, they did express frustrations with some black businesses, and provided constructive criticism. With all that said, they continue to encourage patronizing black businesses and the importance of increased black entrepreneurship.
    You still didn't answer my question, and that is, what do you think is the solution for black folks to get out of the situation we are in?

  126. Jeff Smith Do you spend your money in black owned enterprises? If not, are you spreading hate and being racist?

  127. Shawn Mc says:

    Collin Johnson yea i was trying to find the interview they did a couple years back where they stated it was hard finding businesses to support, i did find one

  128. Alexander Thomas says:

    Wow, so when black people takes steps to build up the economic viability of the black community they are evil but when the black community languishes in poverty they are judged to be lazy moochers…but don't try to build up black business…but don't be poor lazy moochers…but don't you dare build up your business…but don't…whew…I'm drained…which is it?

  129. The naysayers will ALWAYS be there but we can't listen to them. They are the same people who would be OKAY with seeing us as slaves too!

  130. Ja'von Brown I agree with you Ja'von. We don't need to concern ourselves with the "Jeff's" of the world because they will NEVER get it because they DON'T want to get it!! Period!

  131. Monte Elis says:

    Jeff Smith Why are YOU so concerned?

  132. Monte Elis says:

    Jeff Smith Check yourself, your white privileged and racist views are coming through loud and clear! LMFAOAY

  133. Monte Elis says:

    Money is the only power a corporatocracy like America understands. Therefore, marching and protesting won't work -IE. the police are still killing and abusing us for just being black (the ongoing "lynchings"). It's time for Blacks in America to really embrace the power of boycotting and conscientious consumerism. How we spend our is our only leveler in a country that cares nothing for us. BUY BLACK whenever you can and once again we will have a Black infrastructure. Every other immigrants to this country does this which is why they are way ahead of us. As a race, we don't need handouts from the government, we need to support ourselves by supporting each other just like a large percentage of Africans, Asians and Jews do.

    *Please ignore the racist disruptor called Jeff Smith. He's only here to get you off the subject at hand. I will not engage anymore with anyone like him who hasn't checked their white privilege and doesn't know anything about being Black, Black culture, history or even the subject matter that's being discussed. WE DO NOT NEED THEIR VALIDATION!

    Let Jeff and the other fatuous racists who might come to disrupt our discussions – carry on with their innocuous squawking unadmonished, because periodically it can be quite entertaining to see them rolling around in their own verbal excrement. So laugh at him/them, don't get all in your feelings about his/ their issues.

  134. Jeff Smith Wow this comment shows your true ignorance, and I find it ironic that you call us Nazis when we were the oppressed and you were the oppressor!!! LOL Read a book sometime you might increase your IQ. BTW when you give your OPINION expect for others to give there's back in response. You can't get upset because no one agrees with your theory because your theory is not a FACT it's an OPINION like you stated before. However, you probably aren't equipped to read and comprehend this statement I'm writing so I wish you the best and hope to see you in heaven. πŸ™‚

  135. Jeff Smith you're a racist so you will know.. white people dont even support black business period so shut the F up .. and go kill you're ….

  136. Black consumerism is actually in it its trillions. If black people had the funds to start businesses and helped their community by patronising them we would be helping each other grow and develop. The only people who should see this as a problem or those who would lose. food for thought.

  137. Jay Knucklez everything is OK until a black person does it.

  138. Jeff Smith the whole point is other ethnicity's do it. for self empowerment and awareness, for cultural and economical development. This is not racist. We are like the last ethnic group taking advantage of such a thing. Its what white America did for hundreds of years to build its wealth, up to not so long ago black people couldn't even own a business. Almost all businesses are white owned and the rest by other ethnicity's and a small amount are actually black owned. so if you think about it logically. Black people are spending money to people who don't care about their economical development and have been since the dawn of time. You can't encourage racism and inequality when those things already existed, where have you been living? White Privilege (New meaning) If you don't have to think about it because elements don't affect your life the way it would others, its a privilege. You may not intend to be racist, but when you are discussing a racial issue that affects a group your not in and go against what the majority of ethnic people or in agreement to, it sounds that way. O_o

  139. And they burnt it to the ground.

  140. Chris Martin says:

    buying from the buying from the black community means, economic power, economic power means political power within the black community. Blacks want change, this is how you do it.
    Good for this family.

  141. Bobby Drake says:

    LOL Silly rabbits. Black people CANNOT be racist. Bigoted, could be. Prejudiced, maybe. But racist? IMPOSSIBLE. Racism is a SYSTEM that oppresses a group or groups of people physically, politically, legally & socioeconomically. You need control of the power structure to be racist. What power structure do black people have control over? I sincerely hope there are no Uncle Ruckus' on here championing white privilege.

  142. I think Jeff and anyone else who shares his opinion has taken us off our real goal for this thread…we already know the problems, as does Jeff he is ment to be a distraction, move onto the solutions like the family featured above, no amount of discussion will ever allow the Jeffs of the world to see it from our POV…but we can make him feel it in a place that makes everyone move..their pocket book…so MY PEOPLE network and find YOUR PEOPLE and spend with them,

  143. this is putting your $ where your mouth is and i/we must do what we can to search out black businesses and patronize them and make this a movement toward black empowerment and financial security then and only then will we be taken seriously as a force to be reckoned with <3 this thanks for the post peace and <3

  144. Denise Leaks says:

    They are afraid of what would happen if we became united, we will succeed and they know it!

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