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5 Black Celebrities and the Roles That Typecast Them and Stunted Their Careers

Carlton banks

Alfonso Ribeiro

Actor Alfonso Ribeiro’s character, Carlton Banks, played alongside Will Smith for six years on the television sit-com, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  On the show, Ribeiro played Smith’s cousin and was famous for the “Carlton Dance,” a routine he created to Tom Jones’ song, It’s Not Unusual.

After the series ended in 1996, Ribeiro went on to play in other roles, such as starring as Dr. Max Stanton on the television series, “In The House.”  But he hasn’t seen anything close to the success he had as Carlton Banks.

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2 thoughts on “5 Black Celebrities and the Roles That Typecast Them and Stunted Their Careers

  1. Bwire Vincent says:

    All the shows they excelled in were White produced; I think the Black movie industry is to blame, for this; these actors were still at the peak of their careers, when their shows ended.
    All the Black movie industry had to do, was cast them in any whack movie, to make it a hit, but… they missed out on that, for relying on the White producers, to catapult these actors to everlasting fame.

    P.S. There is no reason why Tyler Perry should play six characters in his Madea movies, when these talented actors languish in oblivion.
    P.S.S. They forgot Sinbad, Martin Lawrence, and Larenz Tate by the way.

  2. Penny Dianna says:

    Jaleel White has grown up to be a handsome and no doubt, still talented young man. Sometimes when an actor is "too good" at playing a particular part, myopic film makers have difficulty seeing him or her in any other type of role. Sad.

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