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9 Richest Neighborhoods in Jamaica, Part 2

ironshoreIronshore, St. James

Head east of the Sangster International Airport along the coast and you will find a stretch of beach, speckled with golf courses, all-inclusive resorts, high-end condos and expensive shopping. Here you will find Ironshore, about 8 kilometers east of Montego Bay, is the epicenter of this little window of luxury.

LagoonsThe Lagoons, St. James

The Lagoons is an enclave of ultra high-end homes and apartments in a peninsular close to the Montego Bay Yacht Club. The neighborhood offers a shared outdoor swimming pool, 24-hour security, plus tennis courts and a fitness center. Quarter-acre lots start at US$500,000 and some of the most expensive homes can be valued as high as $3.25 million. Restaurants and bars and other high-end developments can be found within just 1 kilometer, and Montego Bay City Center is only a 10-minute drive away and 3 kilometers from the airport, making this neighborhood one of the most sought-after in the western end of Montego Bay.

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