14 African Nations Being Forced By France to Pay Taxes for the ‘Benefits’ of Colonialism

west africa 1

Fourteen nations listed below are in agreement to deposit 65 percent of all foreign currency reserves in a shared reserve fund to France. The countries established the Monetary and Economic Union of West Africa. Their currency, the CFA-Franc, is printed under supervision of the French National Bank in Chamaliéres, France.

Christof Lehmann wrote for nsnbc.me in 2012, “France is indebting and enslaving Africans by means of Africa’s own wealth; for example: 12.0000 billion invested at three percent creates 360 billion in interests which France grants as credits to Africa at an interest rate of five to six percent or more. The allegory of ‘Bleeding Africa and Feeding France’ is no exaggeration, not alarmist, and not revolutionary.”

All numbers below according to the World Bank.

west africa congo 3

Congo-Brazzaville/Republic of the Congo/Congo

Approximate foreign currency reserves including gold in 2012: $5.55 billion

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