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83 thoughts on “9 of the Richest Neighborhoods in Jamaica

  1. Richard Kitson Walters says:

    Chancery Hall, Kingston should have made the top nine!

  2. What about golden acres red hills?

  3. Robert Sylvester says:

    there is also havendale, Belgrade heights,belevedere,green acres, and others

  4. Roderic Crawford says:

    Outside of Kingston are: Spring Farm in Montego Bay, Greenwich in the Blue Mountains, Discovery Bay in St. Ann, San San in Portland.

  5. Les Niki says:

    Retreat in St. Thomas!

  6. Don Hall says:

    whole heap a place. Some big, big, expensive houses in Mandeville, Manchester.

  7. Alison Newman says:

    Havendale, really???

  8. Iron shore Montego Bay

  9. Robert Sylvester says:

    yes there are many multimillion dollar homes in havendale…especially close to the foot of Belgrade heights

  10. Robert Sylvester says:

    I know Greenwich…really nice place

  11. I will only put one place on the list. Tower Isle, St Mary Esp the Ocean Ridge Section…………And I rest my case!

  12. Karen Rodney says:

    I think there are a lot more million dollar homes in Manchester than they know, thye probably only went to Mandeville and not the surrounding areas

  13. Karen Rodney says:

    I think this article is referring to the smallest area where you will find the most million dollar homes. As Jamaican, we all know that there are a lot of them all over the island…. but I too am surprised that Ironshore was not mentioned (whether they are vacation homes or not).

  14. Don Perry says:

    HAHAHA. The entire mandeville!

  15. Jermaine Nelson says:

    A me fi tell yuh

  16. The article seem somewhat contrived and based on simple opinions of a few. Additionally it appears that the compilation of value of the real estate in the us million $ range in the neighborhoods chosen is rubbish. There are far more superior real estate in Jamaica that would surpass the top 9 chosen and would be by far richer neighborhoods

  17. And for the record I have 2 aunts that live and own property in
    2 of the selected neighborhood and I would've hoped the variety of the island would've been included and not flooded with the corporate area

  18. Elly Herbine says:

    Tower Isles is St. Mary…easpecially Spring Vallley drive

  19. ILok Jamaica says:

    the article is the 9 richest neighbourhoods…not the neighbourhoods where drugs man man buy land and build an orange monstrosity…you just because Havendale has "million dollar houses" doesn't make it an elite neighbourhood…the list is accurate except for lumping Mandeville in as a neighbourhood…the neighbourhoods listed are elite…you are also paying for the location not just the home….

  20. Rio Nuevo, Tower Isles in St. Mary

  21. Moorelands in Mandeville.

  22. Grace Leoni Legg-Parker Mitchell says:

    ironshore lost its spruce fa sure sorry they've had their run back in the mid centuries lol

  23. Charmaine Johnson says:

    What are they talking about they need to come to Mandeville and see a whole heap a big big EXPENSIVE houses..

  24. Desreine Taylor says:

    St Ann, Cardiff Hall… fantastic! just Google it and you see some astonishing prices for real estate.. my dream place to own on the Rock.

  25. Siance Coll says:

    Lorna Williams Braham well they did say the entire Mandeville…lol

  26. Westgate Hills in Montego Bay would make a mockery of all the areas named on any given day. A joker must have done the selections.

  27. Mandeville shouldn't make it at all! I should know cause I'm an all rounder

  28. Don't think the person who put this up doesn't know spring farm in mobay

  29. We should be very careful how we go boasting about how expensive these houses are, Govt is watching and have been thinking of taxing us on the value of the houses. Let's keep this discussion to our bars or backyard. One Love

  30. Newton Campbell says:

    Why government should watch people u think a every body a jamaica a rong dowa.

  31. havendale???? what…thought that was ghetto

  32. Robert Sylvester says:

    Sharon Anderson u sure u knw where havendale is? it is between meadowbrook mannings hill road and belgrade heights…u also drive through there to go to Smokey Vale

  33. Owen Brown says:

    I guess we could argue that the houses shown here are not the most expensive in jamaica,, and doesn't look the best either.. but maybe its not the value of the house.. its who live in these houses that are shown maily from kingston.

  34. The Golden triangle where Vale Royal is fetches for US $1mil for the properties alone. This area is regarded a more expensive area than norbrook and cherry gardens.

  35. I wonder if some of u people commenting about Mandeville knows that it is not the whole parish but the capital city…. it's not Manchester they said Mandeville. And I agree there is more places on the island that could have made this list…. but obviously this is prejudice

  36. Trevor Dawes says:

    Adrian Frater I was wondering how Westgate Hills got left off of this list. Clearly, the farthest west of Kingston they went was to Mandeville.

  37. You are so right a million times right too!

  38. Fashionsjamaica Moses says:

    Mobay too.

  39. MariahApplebottom Prettydimples Stewart says:

    yup Ironshore is one of the richest community with some nice house.

  40. Mandeville Mandeville beautiful mandeville need I say no more!

  41. The Crown on beverly hills…I remember that vividly.

  42. L'Jai Perry says:

    mandeville technically is a town not a city. Jamaica's cities are Kingston, Montego Bay & Portmore

  43. Some people obviously neeeeed to visit Mandeville, instead of talking crap, some of the houses there are extremely breathtaking and very expensive!! It fits perfectly on this list!! However, I do agree that some other places could be added also.

  44. Alison Newman says:

    Never met anyone to date who would consider moving from Stony Hill/Norbrook/Jacks Hill to Havendale ~ just saying, although I'm sure there are nice homes there. Never considered that "Neighborhood" as one of the richest in Kingston.

  45. Levy DaCosta says:

    It would do the website well to just remove the article cause this was very poorly done.

  46. Cory Crew says:

    Portmore reached city status?

  47. Sharette Oliphant says:

    I agree with Gary Ever Trying Woode. Please -Jamaica is so much more than Kingston. The inclusion of Mandeville on a whole rather than specific communities is ridiculous. I am so sure tha tEVERY parish has many homes such as things. Teh rich live islandwide NOT just kingston and st. andrew

  48. The choices are real very exclusive neighborhood and its surrounding, in Kingston & st Andrew those are the best 9 choices : only Belvedere should make it 10.

  49. Steve Williamson says:

    Plantation heights, Orange grove and Forrest hills in Kingston and Ironshore in Montego bay.BTW Norbrook has some of the richest people like Usain Bolt.

  50. Khaleel McDonald says:

    L'Jai Perry Cory Crew I doubt it. No hospital, not even a landing strip for an airport.

  51. "St. Jago Heights" has got some massive castles too. (Spanish Town)

  52. L'Jai Perry
    You may want to check the facts here.. Mandeville, Manchester as long as 1962 was designated 'city status' owing to its economy which as you know embraced Alcan, Alpart, bauxite mines being the largest % of its GDP!

  53. Owen Allen says:

    Definitely Spring Farm, Rose Hall should on the list. Architecturally many of those houses are tacky.

  54. Renny Penny says:

    pedro in hanover has some amazing house.

  55. Paul Wright says:

    Who cares! Fix the potholes!

  56. Westgate Hills Montego bay

  57. this information is false. spring farm in montego bay has homes valued 3,4 million $us and lagoon in freeport montego bay is also one of the richest neighborhoods, not to mention ironshore with houses valued at 5million us.
    but were not mentioned. most of kingston neighborhoods are close to ghetto and more likely have to drive through it so I don't know about kingston jamaica having so many rich neighborhoods.

  58. spring farm in montego bay is extremely luxurious and rich.

  59. Karen Rodney the problem with mandeville is its not really in or near a city so it won't be as valuable or pricey as homes in kingston or montego bay. its like a luxurious house in atlanta won't be the same price as a luxurious house in los angeles, beverly hills, new york etc.

  60. mandeville is not a city so its a total different price value irrespective of the size house, plus its not everywhere in madeville has big houses.

  61. Robert Sylvester havendale nigga???? stop it seriously, that was back in the late 80s early 90s, now is 2014, havendale is a ghetto now. its just uptown thats all,.

  62. what happen to westgate in mobay, that is heaven's gate.

  63. matalon, facey, hitchcliff etc.

  64. stony hill is quite washed up, seriously, use to live in banana cres. kmt. the person who made this list was hoax to bias the neighborhoods of st james because there is no way someone actually did a research and want to price stony hill over some places in mandeville in 2014 better yet montego bay.

  65. Roger Haisley not even if the 10million put there for me i don't want anything to do with spanish town. that the devil's play ground.

  66. Marc Knight says:

    My God, a lot of u sound dumb as hell it just makes u guys look country! I can't speak for Mandeville, but when a person is going to say they can find places in Jamaica that outclass the top 8 in price location and even worse quality, lol! That's a country ass person who definitely knows nothing about real estate or status living at all. Repeat the top 8 to urself then ask urself what was i thinking. Uptown straight!

  67. Sharon Anderson Not new haven havendale.

  68. MariahApplebottom Prettydimples Stewart fi real, Ironshore was the first place that came to my mind when reading this article. It seem that the person that wrote this article do not know much about Jamaica and real estate.

  69. Mandeville is not a city.

  70. Muniraff Muniraff Mandeville was never designated "City" status despite the booming bauxite economy.

  71. The Havendale of decades ago.

  72. Joan Anthony says:

    My crib is in the hills of manchester

  73. Renee Bowen says:

    If they wanted to put Mandeville in it they should have put an actual community for example English Side.

  74. I think everyone forget places like Tryall and Roundhill an communities.

  75. Westgate Hills cannot even compete, up there is like the ruins of Rome. half the houses are unfinished.

  76. i know…same situation in africa..a few folks with multi million dollar houses while the country falls to pieces smh

  77. Jmaiaca is just like africa and Brazil…a few wealthy homes but pretty much still third world infrastructre..misplaced priorities

  78. Dom King says:

    So what paulus

  79. And yet still, of ALL the countries mentioned on the Internet, you're trolling ones about JAMAICA! Jealous or bitter much?? Guh siddung!!

  80. Herman Jones says:

    …and what is your current deffinition of "a rong' my good man?

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