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24 of the Most Influential Black Muslims in History



Abū al-Misk Kafūr (905–968)

With beginnings as an enslaved Ethiopian, Kafūr rose to become a military commander and eventually sultan of the Ikhshidid dynasty, which included territory encompassing modern-day Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Eritrea, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Cyprus, Iraq, Jordan and the Hejaz.



Abdallah Ibn Yasin

Abdallah Ibn Yasin (d. July 7, 1059) 

Abdallah Ibn Yasin was a jurist, theologian, reformist and founder of the Almoravid movement and dynasty. He played a central role in the Islamization of the Berber tribes of West Africa.



Gold coin of Calif al-Mustansir, Misr,

Al-Mustanṣir bi-llāh (July 5, 1029 – Jan. 10, 1094)

Fatimid Isma’ili Imam-Caliph. He was born to a Sudanese mother and his caliphate lasted for about 60 years, the longest of any caliph in the Islamic world.



mansa musa

Mansa Musa (c. 1280 – c. 1337)

Mansa Musa was emperor of the Malian Empire in West Africa and was famously known for his wealth, patronage of Islamic scholars and magnificent architectural projects. His reign is remembered as one of the most prosperous of any monarch in the history of the world.

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