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34 thoughts on “Is What Dr. Umar Johnson Saying The Reason Why Mainstream Media Creates Negative Images Of Black People?

  1. The propaganda campaign in America is in FULL force.

  2. Tony Butler says:

    I been saying this when the TV is on at work it's on cnn and I say everyday they always talk negative about black people every day since it 3 times more white people work with us they sit there and talk about it every day that ray rice situation on all day every day and I asked the white people well mell Gibson almost killed his wife he didn't go to jail or lose any contract but it's so less coverage on the white people that we forget and I remind them that Ben rothlesburger raped a college student he didn't go to jail either they just look at me funny and I look back at them the same way so they don't talk around me anymore.

  3. Tony Brown says:

    The Carnage is gon` be baddd Ya`ll real bad but necessary because soooooo many of our people are sleep, bamboozled waitin on jesus, watchin` tv, yakkin on the phone, all other forms of delusion.

  4. Of course he's right — he's black, isn't he?

  5. So true. It happens in the movies, TV, blacks in reality shows, I refuse to watch, most show black women sitting around drinking, arguing, every black woman in commercials over weight, don't care about health, eats junk food, I can go on and on. So may of us knew this already, but to hear Dr. Johnson put it in perspective, was brilliant. He is brilliant, and so what blacks need to start doing is critiquing everything, and let these folks know we know what they are doing, and demand that they stop, otherwise we stop watching TV, going to the movies, they do it and we do it in our own black movies, and TV shows, look at those stupid shows and movies Tyler Perry produce, it's as if they have hire him to do their dirty work, essentially they have, most very successful blacks on their screens have been allowed to make the money as long as they do what they don't have to do, it pays well, how come he is more successful than other black producers who have been on the scene longer than Perry,? Because they did not show blacks in such negative behavior, or not nearly as bad. I see so many commercials that shows blacks as dumb, stupid, crazy, commercials targeting blacks to buy their products, we can shut this down. Most of the commercials are products whites don't buy, yet they show us in a negative light, we can put them out of business for disrespecting us, and showing the world these are the stupid blacks look at what they eat, and they are happy to make the commercials, they are broke. Thank you ABS for putting it out there, you are feeding the information to help us, we will see if we will use it for our own good.

  6. Tony Butler Yes that will shut them down every time, you can do it with practically anything they bring up, everything worse than blacks, they call us freeloaders, you can shut them down on that, being the most violent, set asides, give aways, everything. Sorry you have to encounter the racist.

  7. Tony Butler says:

    It's only a few of us who will stand against this stuff the other ones kno it but turn their heads and try to ignore it. Do any body think I am wrong if I tell my kids not to date outside their race especially my daughter I want my family to not b integrated especially not with a white man.

  8. Tony Blair You go your head on so right, One question, why especially your daughter not to date outside their race, why you put it that way? Obviously you have a son, if so why not him as well? Actually my children knows not to bring anyone home who is not black, so that gives you my opinion on interracial mixing. Cannot have the genes broken down, blacks have the most superior genes, when we mix them it breaks them down, but that is not my only reason on interracial mixing.

  9. Tony Butler says:

    Yea my son 2 he knows better iam raising a strong black man and a strong black woman and we have to stay pure. My son's a athlete so all the white girls like him but I let him know they r nothing but trouble and my family is gonna stay pure period

  10. Just remember, no one is going to listen to the "loud minority". What bothers me is everything this guy says is EASILY seen, but not a single "white male" leader is willing to pick up the discussion. The fact that I live in a country wholly devoid of white male leadership that is progressive, lets me know, and has let me know, EXACTLY how I need to live -take care of my own, and keep my head on a swivel.

  11. He's right. Right now Jews are building a concentration camp in Israel because they do not want African Blacks to live among them. And no one is being outraged that they are doing what was once done to them. For fear of losing the "Jewish" nature of Israel they say. Hmm…now what was it that Hitler said about the Jews?

  12. You have Satan and the world vs. God and His people the saints of God . The war continues, the persecution's continues , and we pray in faith as always , my saints , Amen .

  13. Chris Rogers says:

    This brother is a modern day MESSENGER for the black man and woman and CHILD! LISTEN and HEAR the words of the Brother! He is the last!

  14. Mark Randall says:

    very good interview. propaganda and the big lie. most people just would never suspect it, because we don't think like that. its a huge conspiracy going on strong for a long time. especially since they rediscovered egypt and lied about how greece was the birthplace of 'classical civilization' even thought the ancient greeks themselves admitted they learned everything from black egypt. when cecil rhodes left his entire immense HEIRLESS diamond fortune to a guy named rothschild for the specific purpose of creating secret societies to ensure anglo american (UK/US) world domination, they werent including the black part. and they have been running the earth into the ground for over a hundred years with that. and so you have these psychological warfare campaigns, like mindfcking michael jackson to trim his nose and whiten his skin. if you don't think the CIA was involved in that to influence the whole black race, youve got another think coming. but I still love mj, a true genius. they can never stop the power of black people, not with their genocides in africa, or anything. the old guys like rockefeller are almost dead and this is their last gasp. people are getting smarter every day. even with the lack of options available to black youth, volunteering for the military went way down after hip hop. good luck.

  15. Donte Wylie says:

    What Dr. Umar is saying that we are bracing ourselves for the King Alfred Plan. If you don't know what is than by all means LOOK IT UP! OUR LIVES AND THE LIVES OF OUR CHILDREN DEPEND ON IT! We must learn that the US wages war strategically the same way it did against the Native American, it is doing to us! WAKE UP! PAY ATTENTION! AND LEARN TO LOOK, SEE, AND PLAN! DON'T TRUST ANYONE who says "we are for you" because trust me they're not!

  16. Sophia Hamilton-Brown says:

    Why don't you start a small discussion group within you local area and talk to young black people about these things. That is how we can effect change by talking, especially to the young. I recently went to see Dr Umar Johnson and he suggested this. I am starting one. You and all that can should too. We need to stop complaining and start effecting change!

  17. Sophia Hamilton-Brown says:

    Consider moving to Afrika!

  18. Sophia Hamilton-Brown says:

    Why is he the last! One of his main teachings is that we should not look to just one man or woman. We all need to act. Teach our children and communities. We should all stand up an be messengers. There is a lot of work to be done, one man can not do it on his own. Who doesn't have the confidence needs to find some and start spreading the word to all who will listen.

  19. Remember, they talked about the black problem decades ago. They are setting us up for internment aka reservations and it won't be pretty.

  20. Greg K. Jackson says:

    David Johnson correct…if you notice more prison are being built and funded by big corporations and more schools are being closed and less money is being spent on education but more spent on National Defense…National Defense is funding to build weapons for those that are deemed a threat to the country that is why they use propaganda to sell us as a threat to the country. Projects are either state or federal property and that is where it will begin. Projects and prisons=internment aka reservations.

  21. Well look up this interview were Adam carrola asks this official why is it that no one try's to show anything on tv with blacks having a mom and dad that live together and he starts going on s rant about how his mom raised him by herself and he turned out fine.

  22. Leona Murray Marmolejo says:

    The devil is in the details……..

  23. Freddie Cook says:

    Sophia Hamilton-Brown I like your idea. These reality shows and court shows tend to portray Black people at their worst. This assault on Bill Cosby reinforces the idea that even seemingly upright folk have a negative hidden past. They get a twofer. The positive shows go down with the hero who has feet of clay.

  24. Neil Bartley says:

    Then just turn it off and do something positive instead !

  25. I am grateful for this exposure. light is the best disinfectant. they have taken us off radio, off tv except for their propaganda programming like empire, keisha cole family dynamics, and shows that negatively depict us worldwide. we don't hear our music on the radio, matter of fact, they are singing r&b, got us singing hooks for them and just ripped off our whole sound. they cannot be us. they want our culture but not us. Black america better wake up and get serious with our enemies.

  26. Nyah Wynne says:

    Hmm. But the propaganda has been going on non-stop for a long, long time.

    Forgive if I'm overstepping, but I feel like it may be more along the lines of the notion that, so long as you can convince poor white people that they are 'better than' black people they will not feel so bad about their own lot. So long as you can paint black men as criminal and dangerous you can justify militarization of the police. So long as you can paint black women as greedy moochers you can justify gutting social services. So long as you can paint latinos as job stealers, you can blame them for the ever decreasing wages. And in general so long as you can keep the ignorant white working poor at odds with their natural allies, the oppressed people of color, you can keep the working class divided against itself.

    That's just my thoughts though, Idk, my perspective is necessarily limited by my limited experience, given that I'm white myself.

  27. Nyah Wynne says:

    Well, if this is true, or if anything similar is(which seems undeniable), the propaganda is actually aimed at white people. To turn the mind of the white population against Black. To poison us against you. So it really matters if white people are watching. And most are.

  28. Amir Shakir says:

    Nyah Wynne To do evil things.. one must have evil in their heart.. or a lot of fear. For those seeking the truth, it is more and more evident why white people HATED dark skinned people so much. Just look up Jim Crow Laws and read about it.. 100 years of Jim Crow after 300 years of slavery.. Now we have slavery incorporated but white people still own 98% of their stolen land in America. At least they are giving black people land in Brazil for reparations.

  29. Nyah,
    You have good points and they help justify what he is saying as when you eliminate the Black and Brown peoples it will provide opportunities for those same White folks. Plus if you demonize us it makes it so much easier to not feel anything about our pain. White America has seldom felt any remorse for anything they do to that causes harm to other people, especially when it creates opportunities for them. They will steal any wealth and land of the Brown people then claim it was theirs all along, just look at what happen during the Trail of Tears, slavery, Mexican American War, Jim Crow, Japanese interment camps, medical experiments conducted on poor Black folks, as well as people with Mental Health issues and Developmental Disabilities, mass murders of Chinese Americans during the Gold rush years as well as the Chinese Exclusion Act that prevented them from immigrating to the U.S. There are so many other examples of our government committing crimes against a minority group for the so called betterment of this country, but it is really only for the betterment of the wealthy and powerful, they usually get the poor, uneducated, weak White folks to do their job for them by getting them to believe the propaganda!!

  30. El Blaise says:

    First I love Dr. Johnson. Second everytime I hear things like this it amazes me how many people don't realize it. Our entire lives are spent being conditioned, it begins with our parents and guardians, then continues through our educators and employers. Yet because it is not overt and we don't have to see it we africans won't acknowledge the notion of conditioning. In the words of Nneka, "Wake up world! Wake up and stop dreaming!"

  31. move where YOU are MORE Wanted..LOL Where do Nigro's Thrive at??

  32. Lowell Rowry says:

    But make no mistake…attacking us would destroy this whole country. At this moment we are on the verge of economic collapse. Maybe the plan is to use this as a genocidal event. But 25% of our military is African American. America makes up a small percentage of the world. So whoever would be trying to destroy us has no care for the majority white population either.

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