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51 thoughts on “LAPD Shoots, Kills Another Black Man During ‘Investigative Stop’

  1. Unkle Joshh says:



  3. Marie Hamilton Come to England right now that is the only country that is safe. Do you have a skill? a profession? check out the move…the American's in England are very tight. Join a on-line group and try as much to move. America is not for blacks any more…save up a little, skill up but come here…America is no more safe for blacks.

  4. Biafra Memorial Weekend Are you from here?

  5. Marie Hamilton lol! never…I live in London…and I am staying put until my country of Biafra can be freed from nigeria. Ask me anything on moving and I will help you and point you in the right direction

  6. Gary Yasin Gross says:

    How the hell are you "FORCED TO SHOOT" an unarmed man……..they wont be satisfied until they kill all of us.

  7. Patricia Jackson Minor says:

    an unarmed mentally challenged person at that–there is a plan

  8. England, safe… Nowhere on the planet is safe from caucasians.

  9. Mike Lattimore says:

    I guess being black is considered armed and dangerous.

  10. And now here comes the digging up whatever dirt they can find on this kid to show how he 'deserved it'. They're going to run some story on how his mental illness caused him to have 'violent episodes' or some stupid shit like that so they can lie an say he 'went for the officers gun'.

  11. Actual eye witnesses say he confronted the cop and engaged him physically and in the process he tryed to reach for the cops gun resulting in the cop shooting him to save his own life…but you wouldent be interested in the truth right….eye witnesses say even after being shoot he still kept attacking the officer…but I guess it's ok to fight cops these days….they have the most dangerous jobs imaginable….do any of you know how many cops are killed each day by unarmed suspects….oh you don't….I guess the msg you want here is that you can attack a cop if your black ( witch is a fellony) and if that cop try's to defend him self he should be fired, beaten and jailed or even killed…right….imagine the nerve of a cop who fatally shoots sumone trying to take his gun and use it against him….you people here only see color and race and you don't care about pesky things like truth and honesty… it loud and clear black people can disobey the law and attack police officers and when a cop defends himself…the cops a racist and the devil…..hey guys I hear reverend al sharpton and Jessie Jackson are looking for people just like you to encite race and hatred…..apply at……oh and if you bothered to discover the truth you would know one eyewitness was a black ministers wife who said the cop told the truth and the other real actual eye whiteness who sided with the cop was a black alderman walking his dog…..but you wouldent care about reality because it would ruin your chance to be the hypocritical racists that you are….your what's wrong with this country and you give the 99.9 percent of other hardworking African Americans who are not racists a bad bout don't ever call the cops again for anything ever…we will see how long that lasts….very sad!

  12. Sherman Hilliard Sr. Exactly because it's so hard to disprove. If an officer says the victim lunged for his weapon the only way to prove he didn't is with some sort of video corroboration. Since this is 9 times out of 10 not available you have no choice but to 'take the officers word'. That's exactly why EVERY officer always says it.

  13. LMAO it's so funny how white people will justify ANYTHING when it's a black man getting killed. Hey Brian you don't find it just a little bit suspicious that EVERYTIME a cop kills a Black man it's because he 'reached for his gun' or 'lunged at him' lol. Come on Brian you can't be that naive. Or can you be?? We all know a cop wouldn't lie to save his own ass huh??

  14. brian even if all of that were true – the cops had an advantage over the suspect – they outnumbered him and they have weapons. Lets say the suspect went for the gun – obviously he did not get it because he ends up not just getting shot but killed. Once the officer had the upper hand on the suspect, he had a choice of whether to kill or not. why he chose to kill we don't know – do you? one shot will slow anybody down and once again – EVEN if the suspect kept coming – he was wounded. the suspect did not have a weapon so the officer could have backed away and waited for the wounded suspect to fall to his wounds. why is it so hard to not kill?

  15. Jean IsJasmine Don't worry Jean. It's NOT!! As soon as I read Brian Yarbrough bullshit I was checking Google an everything else to find eyewitness accounts an so far NOBODY has given an eyewitness account except the officers (who we both know would NEVER lie to save their own asses) and the family members. I just love the way every time a Black person is killed we suddenly turn into MMA fighters. But hey we both know there is no way in the hell 2 full grown armed adults could POSSIBLY defend themselves against 1 unarmed mental-challenged individual. It's physically impossible Jean don't you know that. Come it's not like the police carry billy-clubs or anything like that that they could have used to subdue him. Of course not Jean they had NO CHOICE but to kill him. He was a mentally challenged man at least a good 250lbs (cough *154* cough) physically superior in strength so the cops of course feared for their lives. So they had no choice but to shoot him in the back 3 times. Even though one of the officers clearly claims Ezel was ON TOP OF HIM when he fired. Damn Jean don't you know ANYTHING about physics. Everyone knows if you fire at someone who is on top of you the bullet travels all the way around an enters through their back. I swear Black people will find any excuse to 'race bait' lmao

  16. Brian, you're just a racist piece of s**t. Whites fight and cuss cops out all the time, and don't get killed.

  17. That's the same s**t they say in all the shootings!

  18. I hear you wayne –

  19. Jay Contreras says:

    Biafra Memorial Weekend With all due respect, the UK is no better than the US. Peas in a pod, if anything.

  20. Jay Contreras says:

    They won't be satisfied at that point either..although they'll all be dead WAY before it comes to that…black people were here in the beginning & will be here in the end.

  21. Jay Contreras says:

    Jean IsJasmine What's never discussed is why if all of these cops are SO scary and trigger happy, why don't they find another line of work? Or get a desk job with the police department? If you can't stand the heat in the kitchen, take your a$$ back into the comforts of the office & deal with the relative 'safety' of mindless paperwork.

  22. Jay Contreras says:

    Wayne Johnson You have completely hit the nail on the head. Modern day cops are nothing but an updated version of 'slave catchers'. I'm sure there is a specific psychological profile that all of these trigger happy cops fit. They don't want anyone who is committed to really 'protect & serve' the public at large. That's not what they are dispatched for. They are, like their slavery era counterparts, dispatched to be the thin blue line between the white property owner/business class,their property & us unruly or cheeky nigras. And even those nigras who are not 'cheeky or unruly' are fair game b/c they could simply be used as 'examples' of what could happen if you are getting any ideas about BECOMING 'unruly or cheeky'. These state sanctioned cop murders are nothing but modern day lynchings. Cops=Klansmen.

  23. Jay Contreras says:

    @Biafra Memorial Weekend–The UK is no safer or better than the US. Birds of a fucced up, racist feather.

  24. Jay Contreras says:

    @Wayne Johnson · Follow · Top Commenter · Owner-Operator at MSV-Productions.
    LMAO it's so funny how white people will justify ANYTHING when it's a black man getting killed. Hey Brian you don't find it just a little bit suspicious that EVERYTIME a cop kills a Black man it's because he 'reached for his gun' or 'lunged at him' lol. Come on Brian you can't be that naive. Or can you be? We all know a cop wouldn't lie to save his own ass huh?
    Reply · Like · 1 · 9 hours ago.

    Cops are nothing but modern day slave catchers. They serve the same purpose for those slave era white property & business owners–they are dispatched to protect THEIR PROPERTY & businesses at all costs. And to be that thin blue line between the state and we cheeky, uppity nigras. And even if you are NOT yet cheeky or uppity, they will make an example of you so that you never get it in your head to BE cheeky & uppity. Modern day cops= a cross between kkk & the white citizen's council of old. There is absolutely NO difference. These cop killings are nothing but state-sanctioned murder, pure & simple.

  25. Jay Contreras says:

    @Biafra Memorial Weekend–@Biafra Memorial Weekend–The UK is no safer or better than the US. Birds of a fucced up, racist feather imo.

  26. Gary Yasin Gross says:

    Police officers are equipped with and trained to use a number of restraint and subdue techniques short of deadly force….with the exception of black males where the only authorized response is to immediately shoot to kill.Now Brian your post suggests to me that you are either naïve, stupid, someone with an agenda,or all of the above.It is interesting to note that with over 400 police murders of civilians in the past year almost none have had an African American officer as the primary shooter….so either Black officers are never attacked by citizens,or Black officers never feel threatened by citizens or Black officers are simply far better equipped psychologically to deal with the complexities of policing a diverse population.I know what I think Brian,what about you?

  27. Gary Yasin Gross Gary your post is awesome but Brian got the hell outta here as soon as he was called on his B.S. so I highly doubt u will be getting any kind of response from him short of some kind of troll response.

  28. Keith Richardson says:

    Brian first needs to learn how to spell before he is taken seriously! It's which not (witch)! These Devils defend one another with lies and inaccuracies all the time!

  29. Doña Mixta says:

    And that's why my ass moved outta that crazy ass country!

  30. The black man is a fuckin coward to allow this BS to continue.

  31. Bill Gray says:

    I did that about twenty years ago; I immigrated to New Zealand where the police don't openly carry guns. They have access to them but they're kept in a lockbox in the trunk. It's rare for a suspect to be shoot here.

  32. Jaz Caruthers says:

    It's difficult concentrating on your justification of this cop's crime, Brian, if you have the inability to intelligently communicate your point without umpteen grammatical errors.

  33. Chinelo Biafra Ogazi yeah but England does not treat the Africans well either, at least in Paris.

  34. Derrick Eley says:

    From Pharoah in the ancient times of Egypt to the present,The plan was to kill the black man and spare the black woman.

  35. Marie Hamilton Canada is starting to look very very good to me

  36. Chinelo Biafra Ogazi um, I believe the whole slavery thing was started by the Brits.

  37. Marie Hamilton no biafra

  38. Latisha Oliver its up 2 u… but we have EU rights…

  39. Will Ewing Sr as i say again it is up 2 u…EU is a lot safer that's all…

  40. Danny De Vito says:


  41. Danny De Vito true….things r changing there…come along

  42. Danny De Vito because he's trying to be helpful and you're obviously a racist troll [email protected]@whole

  43. Will Ewing Sr Really ,tell me about it.

  44. Will Ewing Sr its cool bro…check my page out…i take no mind in trouble makers..but what he said is not offensive…

  45. Marie Hamilton all queries r good no worries

  46. Damn who is your actual eye witness. The video had an eye witness who stated he was shot on the ground. I just happened to have followed up on this story and this kid was shot in the back. Now the forensics lend credence to the gentlemen who states that the young man was shot in the back. Now who is avoiding the truth, sounds like you Sir.

  47. Eric Armelin says:

    So he was walking down the street and they stopped him for no reason

  48. CaribbeanSun Sd Vnderflut says:

    is your Country better?

  49. Black men don't attack cops. Ever! What an eye witness may have seen is a man, confronted by racist cops, realizing how dire the situation is, attempting to defend himself against the inevitable.

    Statistically, how many Black cops have to shoot unarmed people for investigative stops?

    Why the hell does one feel the need to investigate someone casually walking down the street?

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