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9 Reasons Why Black People Are Angry in America

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Historical Mistreatment at the Hands of Whites

Black people have a right to get angry when they are blamed for their current conditions — as if slavery, Jim Crow laws, “black codes” and the historical legacy of mistreatment at the hands of whites have not had long-term, devastating effects on the Black community.  


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61 thoughts on “9 Reasons Why Black People Are Angry in America

  1. What is amazing to me is, whites know what they have done to blacks, and still do to blacks, they deny it when they are confronted with it, and down right liers, or delusional, I say both. What blacks have gone through in this country, and still goes though makes no sense. After they stole the Indians land, there were so many give aways, and help for whites to get started in life, it was unbelievable. Whites coming to America from everywhere in Europe, because they knew about all they could obtain just by having a white face. They were about the business of hustle and bustle like crazy, creating an economy for themselves. Poor blacks just broke out of slavery, and they say to us, get right along and do for yourselves, we had nothing but the rags on our backs. This government need to get straight with us, and pay us what we are owed. Blacks need black economic, to be about the business of self determination, create our own jobs, that from black businesses. It is mind boggling to spend trillions of dollars with other folks, and no black economics in the black community. We got to change that.

  2. Daniel L. Doctor says:

    Even when Blacks did do for themselves whites became jealous and destroy what we built (reference Black Wall Street and Rosewood, FL tragedy)

  3. Simon Si says:

    Black Codes outlawed? So, the Child Support laws, the War on Drug laws, the Domestic Violence laws, and other Municipal Laws ( such as Parking and Traffic regulations statutes, just to name a few) are not examples of Black Codes? I thought the whole idea behind the Black Codes was to implement laws that were expected to have by far a disproportionate negative impact on Blacks.

  4. Kim Bodden says:

    Absolutely! They were jealous in Tulsa, OK that blacks had built a town where the money stayed in the community and went around 26 times before leaving the town. We were educated, had degrees, private schools, churches, airport, hospitals, libraries, lawyers and doctors while they were ignorant and racist and filled with jealousy! THIS SHOULD BE IN ALL AMERICAN HISTORY BOOKS. MAYBE IF IT WERE, BLACK CHILDREN WOULD TAKE DIFFERENT STANCES ON LIFE and the Powers that be, KNOWS IT… that's it is intentionally left out of American History Books!

  5. Kim Bodden says:


  6. Jay Contreras says:

    Kim Bodden And truth be told, not just this countries' economy but the WEST by extension wouldn't have the wealth they have without chattel slavery. There are many companies, both domestic & foreign that made their fortunes off the selling, transporting, insuring, etc of kidnapped black slaves. They don't want us to recall that black slaves were auctioned off on WALL STREET.

  7. Kim Bodden says:


  8. Francesca Harrison says:

    to them it's just another day for a picnic! a Good 'Old boys"picnic!

  9. Crack….heroine…..any damn drug…..they would rather see a Black man standing on line to get served that would to see him standing on line to get a job……I really hate this country…..and the economical crash and burn that will kill most white americans from just pure shock….will be of their own doing…..

  10. Ron O'Neal says:

    Slocum Massacree as well.. a quiet kept massacre that happened right outside Tyler, Tx that DWARFED Rosewood by comparison!

  11. Kim Bodden says:

    Francesca Harrison And that wprd divulged from the hangings of black people! WE AS A RACE SHOULD NEVER USE THAT WORK "PICNIC"! IT IS CONFORMED BY RACIST TO "PICK A NIGGER" watch them hang and the horrible people would cook beside them as a party began to brew. NEVER EVER SHALL ANOTHER PERSON WHO IS AND ARE BLACK USE THAT TERM PICNIC!

  12. Joseph Gadberry says:

    You can't get much more generalized than that. The fact is no blacks or whites are alive now from that era. Stop being the victim and be somebody positive. Not a single white person alive owned slaves. Irrational hate is a major problem in black communities. Go to the root of the problem and fix it and stop blaming others.

  13. Kim Bodden The majority of this country was wilderness when slavery was abolished. As a white steelworker who worked side by side with black steelworkers to do the building you are talking about you are wrong.

  14. Timothy Banks You do not have a clue. Why don't you do the research, you will find out whites own economist will show you how black people held in slavery built this world for Europeans

  15. Nzingha Shabaka Which ones? Keep on believing that. Just who did you take advantage of to be able to retire from the Real Estate business? Anyone who disagrees with you seems to be a deluded racist and that pretty much labels you as a race hating bigot yourself. All the arguments I found on either side of the issue are no better than most conspiracy theory rants which is to say complete bullshit any with any shred of critical thinking can recognize as such. Did you know there are more slaves in Africa right now than there ever were in America?

  16. Timothy Banks Why are you calling me a racist bigot? I did not call you are name. Anyone who thinks Europeans created all that you all have without help, are living in a fantasy delusional world. Every progressive white country participated in the slave trade. The only whites who disagree like yourself obviously take great satisfaction in thinking whites control the world by whites working hard. That did not happened. You sound like the white South Africans, saying SA belongs to them, when you steal something, that does not make it yours, think about those white SA and what you have said, makes no sense, these are lies, and they can be proven.

  17. Nzingha Shabaka So claiming I'm a delusional clueless lair is not an insult? Slavery and conquest have been around for all of recorded history and to try to claim it is only a White European crime is ridiculous. It still exists today in nearly all the so called third world countries. It's not a white vs black issue, humanity is still broken up into little tribal type groups that hate each other. Right now Serbians still hate Croatian and Bosnians, Hutus hate Tutsis, Muslims vs Christians, the list is long and where ever they can get away with it they take prisoners as slaves.
    The trading of children has been reported in modern Nigeria and Benin. In parts of Ghana, a family may be punished for an offense by having to turn over a virgin female to serve as a sex slave within the offended family. In this instance, the woman does not gain the title or status of "wife". In parts of Ghana, Togo, and Benin, shrine slavery persists, despite being illegal in Ghana since 1998. In this system of ritual servitude, sometimes called trokosi (in Ghana) or voodoosi in Togo and Benin, young virgin girls are given as slaves to traditional shrines and are used sexually by the priests in addition to providing free labor for the shrine.

    During the Second Sudanese Civil War people were taken into slavery; estimates of abductions range from 14,000 to 200,000. Abduction of Dinka women and children was common.[9] In Mauritania it is estimated that up to 600,000 men, women and children, or 20% of the population, are currently enslaved, many of them used as bonded labor.[10] Slavery in Mauritania was criminalized in August 2007.[11]

    Evidence emerged in the late 1990s of systematic slavery in cacao plantations in West Africa; see the chocolate and slavery article.[12] My Irish ancestors had to work their way out of indentured servitude status then then had to assimilate into a society that hated them.
    What happened here in America wasn't right in regards to slaves or emancipated blacks but it's a very small part of a bigger problem and Americans have done more about it than any other country. I don't think whites control the world but your stating that black slave labor is the only reason for where the world is today is the delusional view. I still want to know who the white economists you are quoting are. I dod back up my beliefs with research.

  18. Timothy Banks There are several, google it, more will pop up than you probably will read, I really cannot remember their names.

  19. Francesca Harrison says:

    Joseph Gadberry ! you do not know what you talking about! or what's it's like to be black or being a human-being! We are still struggling though financial strange! living in poor run-down urban cities!, they sending their B- and C- teachers still in our neighbor hoods to teach our children! which slipped though our neighbor hoods cracks! ,and end up not learning nothing!, You have a nerve saying ! stop pointing! Well i will stopped pointing! ,if you stopped assuming !

  20. Francesca Harrison says:

    wait a minute!… perhaps i may have misinterpret! you! in a way you are probable right! …but i have a right to be upset! i don't believe in self Pity !myself! but secretly .some are still genocide us in many different ways! through education , living arrangements ,the high cost of food! the cuts of funds and programs! especially educational programs!

  21. Marjorie Lemons says:

    Kim Bodden, I agree, the Cambodians ,Korean, Chinese, have received reparations from coming to America under political asylum and own a significant amount of land here, yet as Black people, we received inbreeding, drugs, unemployment, incarceration,ghettos, and poverty to help build an empire for whites. Racism is a way to hold us down, but we must build our children up and encourage them to obtain the educational knowledge to defeat the negative forces that seem to overcome some of us. Programs that help our youth learn that no matter what others think of us, we can accomplish anything together-TEAMWORK. This country has taken programs such as CETA and JTPA away from our youth because they worked and too many of us became successful so that we could be a force in our communities to make them better. We need to build up our own programs that will achieve that same success. Dreams can become reality for many African-American children. I remember working at Job Corps and helping young people make changes in their lives to become the best and to change negative learned behaviors that have caused failed relationships and economic discord in their lives. Hope is the key, we must keep going.

  22. Yusuf H Ali says:

    With all rspect, you are the problem.

  23. we were suppose to leave this country or at least go on reservations after emancipation. what in the world made Black people think we could live along side people that hate your ras? what made us think these people could ever like you or consider you their equal? our leaders failed us. they did not have adequate insight and acceptance of just who we are dealing with.

  24. Trina Perry says:

    This reality is that redress is warranted and as long as reparations are not a part of the conversation, that's all this is…A conversation.

  25. Guy With-camera I am so with you brother………… There isn't a damn thing we can't do for ourselves and do it better.

  26. Wayne Jordan says:

    Daniel L. Doctor, I've been saying the exact same thing with the exact same references. The thing that we need to realize is we can't do it with racism in our own hearts because that would make us as bad as them and we in turn would fail. Education and success is the most formidable weapon we could possibly have against any oppressor. They are already crashing and burning, let us not go down with them!

  27. Wayne Jordan says:

    Timothy Banks Did you know that the steel mills that made this country great were worked by slaves indentured by the government in 1948? Read the article "slavery by another name". The steel mills around the U.S. but especially in the south was worked by convict labor ie slavery. They would arrest African American men and boys for the horrendous crimes such as talking back, spitting, looking at a white woman, etc. and be charged with a felony which by law would allow them to enslave African Americans indefinetely and off to the mill they went until they were of no further use. This is true and I would challenge you to google it. Did you know that the blue prints for a majority of state buildings in Washington D.C. was burned in a fire and there was a slave that had photographic memory that redrew the plans exact?

  28. Wayne Jordan says:

    Oh… and Timothy Banks, slavery wasn't really abolished until after 1948 and even then……………………………………

  29. The nations had no power to put us into bondage. The Most High allowed the nations to put us into captivity for disobedience to Him but they went too far and will face JUDGMENT AND SLAVERY for the affliction that they have caused to His people and then boasting against the Most High. We need to wake up to our true heritage, repent for our ancestors abandoning the Most High, and also for our sins against the Most High, and keep his Laws given to us in the Holy manuscript.

    Ezekiel 39:23
    And the heathen shall know that the house of Israel (so called Negroes) went into captivity for their iniquity: because they trespassed against me, therefore hid I my face from them, and gave them into the hand of their enemies: so fell they all by the sword.

    “And I Will Execute Vengeance In Anger and Fury Upon The Heathen, Such As They Have Not Heard Micah 5:15.”.

  30. Erma Vance says:


  31. Erma Vance says:

    🙂 I KNOW I'M DREAMING, BUT DREAMS CAN COME TRUE. For all blacks who want to leave the USA, and we all could all go to Africa and take Pres. Obama with us and start us a country in Africa. And with STRONG PRAYERS WE COULD HELP EACH OTHER IN all of AFRICA. And don't let no more foreigners and get rid of bad foreigners out of Africa.

  32. Well aren't you just a sunny person? Hey, I got news for you. There are plenty of "Negros" that have been doing well for years and know exactly how to take care of themselves and their family. If you buy into that BS sterotype all you will get is the BS that you are sprouting. Read up on history and it is all there to see who screwed up the world. Who came to Africa, North and South America and arbitrarily carved it up with no care of who was living their in the first place. By your account you make it sound like Blacks just decided to move to America. Continuing, for a period of 400+ years this country has done it level best to treat Blacks as second class citizens regardless of what laws are on the books. Even when we proclaim our rights we are called every name under the sun however if you bikers (Texas) shooting up people that is not a problem. Or how about white teens tearing up a city after a game oh that just some kids having fun. Again do your research. What you find may not be what you like.

  33. Whites weren't meant to be with Negros, American Indians, Polynesians, Arabs, Aboriginise, Carebs, on anyone else. When there is no one to discriminate against, they make war based on religion. SMH.

  34. You are exactly what this article is talking about. You have been taught this stuff. so you assume it true. But its not. The times we did build successful towns they were looted burned or terrorized. Behead huh. You sound a lot like people you would condemn for that. How was this nation built? You have named all of these different thing you say blacks do. Well is it worse then killing a nation of people for land? is it worse then enslaving and killing another nation becasue of their color? Is it worse then the rape of women and children? Is it worse then the persecution of innocent men just becasue its was easy to point at a black person? All the things you have just condemned all black people to do. Are the same principals this country was built on. The problem is the truth. You have no clue what it is. Because you only believe what you are told.

  35. Jerry Kitchen, people like you make me ashamed to be white. Animals with thumbs? Your a rabid dog without a brain. You should be pts to protect others from your disease. Smh

  36. Chris Dillon says:

    I wish there was a way I could post your comment out of this site to a larger audience. It seems every time I see one of these comments it is scoffed of as some crazy guy just talking. Problem is there are more of you popping up. Of course it is an idiotic comment. I'm not going to talk about your education level but of your ignorance which at this point is riddled with foolish incoherent thoughts put to keyboard. The only somewhat truth in your…statement, is whites and drugs. I mean. as soon as marijuana became legal I see whites already bought FACTORIES to house their grow centers. I mean, for YEARS that was a black thing but now we see truth. I don't think all Caucasian persons are like this but I know there is way more than a few who thinks like this, blame every minority for whatever but in truth this country would stop functioning if it were not for them. Sadly I also realize nothing can make you change your way of thinking. You need a brain that works for that.

  37. idiot. who the hell did the work toi build this country? think. can you do that or is your brain just too small.? the only thing I will agree with you about is separation of the races. I do not want to live amongst you either.

  38. Daniel L. Doctor this man is a troll, he might even be a paid troll. this government and its owned media, are trying to incite war between american citizens. read his words: what sane person would write such nonsense. I take rachal dolezal as a sign of their intentions to steal our identify, everything they do and the benign neglect of Black americans since the days of daniel monihan. tells me so.

  39. it is no coincidence that racialism has resurfaced under obama. that is precisly why he was selected and without proper vetting of this man, Black people voted him into office twice.

  40. stfu idiot. all these murders of Black people are caused by their wallowing in slavery? there is conspiracy against Black people in this country and you are part of the problem, immigrant.

  41. Kim Bodden yes, they are afraid of that and they are especially afraid of african americans who will show our brothers and sisters on the contnent just how savage the white man is, for those who do not already know it.

  42. Kim Bodden tulsa is not the only Black town in america the savage whites destroyed.

  43. John Henry Anderson Jr and they know it.

  44. Some whites will say the "Racism is dead"or they will say that these images date back to the era of slavery, but some photos of lynchings were taken 50 years ago!

  45. James Scott says:

    If all white people were as twisted as you, we would deserve extinction.

  46. There is so much ignorance about people of color and especially the black race even now that I am not even going to dignify some of these comments with my opinion. All I can say is that as long as systems continue to be in place to perpetuate the backward thinking that people of color are sub-human and do not deserve to treated with dignity, as long as many people are too lazy to educate themselves about the human race and continue to believe whatever hateful things they grew up learning at home, none of this will get better.

  47. Farntella Graham What murders are you speaking of? Black people make up 13% of the population yet per capita committ 8X more assault, murder, forcible rape, and armed robbery. In spite of being a minority they make up 54% of the murderers. Hold on… it gets better.

    The majority of black people killed in police custody are killed by black police officers, as it's common for police departments to have black police patrol black neighborhoods.

    Also, to top the list, black people kill white people ten times more often than white people kill black people in the USA.

    This is a complex issue, but pretending the black community, where fathers are missing in action, holds no accountability is just wrong. Single parent households contribute enormously to poverty and the ever increasing rate of black single parent families (now almost 70%) is a huge problem that only black people can solve.

    There are issues you can blame white people for, but at some point there's a level of personal accountability that must come into play.

  48. Well, what do you want? Black people get 200 points on their SAT's for being black. There are a number of benefits exclusively aimed to help the black community. What reparations do you want?

  49. Trina Perry says:

    Jonah Schniepp I don't want anything from you, pal. I'm not even having this "conversation" with a person like you, because you clearly are not interested in a rational dialogue. Go away and leave the adult table until you are ready to behave. Shoo. And, by the way, wash your mind as well as your hands before you come back. Bye.

  50. Daniel L. Doctor Wait, successful black people who are doing well and can take care of themselves? How is that possible? According to this article, white people would never let something like that happen! I guess they fell through the cracks because they valued an education, ignored the ridicule of their black "brothers" for valuing education, speak proper english, didnt have three kids by 20 yrs old with three different women, sell drugs and get multiple felony convictions (making him basically unemployable… hmm maybe that may be reason for the difference in unemployment rates), and TOOK PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ACTIONS AND NOT BLAME WHITE PEOPLE FOR THE THINGS I JUST LISTED! By the way, the slave trade was in full effect long before the european scramble for africa. Why dont people most people understand that the slaves were sold by other africans, not other white people who werent even there! Honestly, nothing will ever change until black people take some personal responsibility and solve their own issues. The evil white government has been throwing money and policies at the black community for over 50 years, yet for some odd reason, (as stated in the article) things seemed to get worse over those 50 years for black americans. I hear this bitching all the time about how white america is so racist and keeps the black man down, yet black people never tell us what to do to improve their situation. All of the reasons in the article are not due to racism or policy. Prison populations, poverty, unemployment, racial perception, etc are because of black people's behavior, not racism. I see reports of murders and robberies every night on the news… guess who did it. The cops did not just pick 5 thugs to arrest (well if you want to look like one and act like one, you must enjoy the lifestyle and attention, so dont complain about racial perception… these guys arent in suits and ties. Finally, I am just trying to be constructive and not a bigot. Think about what you have read and see if you understand what i am saying. If none of these "qualities" i have listed apply to you, I am happy for you. I wish there were more like you and i hope you would encourage others to change the perceptions through behavior. I dont like to see and hear about the ills of society no matter what race they are.

  51. Jess Olives says:

    Trina Perry Jonah has a valid question (allbeit poorly worded), telling him he is not worth conversing with only draws more of a division and pushes us all farther apart.
    Asking for "reparations" is asking for a handout, and just gives idiots more to wave in our faces…
    Truth be told, giving anyone money will solve nothing, Obama gave everyone $2k for tax return in 2010, is anyone better off today because of it? I don't even think I have that TV anymore… In otherwords, give me money and I will buy something flashy, but I will gain nothing in the long term.
    Belittling and degrading someone's comments is petty and anti-progressive. And ,yes, I did wash my hands before sitting at the "adult table".

  52. Jess Olives says:

    No, blacks were not pushed into reservations, but have congregated into the poorest neighborhoods,and successfully built communities in the worst areas to do so. Do they want to be there? Probably not, but it is hard to leave family.

    There are plenty of mixed race communities and a promising rise in mixed race marriages. So to think that we cannot cohabitate is selling both races short. Racism is a lot like a fart, it stinks, nobody wants to be in a room with it, and often the one pointing the finger is the one with the dirty ass.

  53. Jess Olives says:

    Racism is not dead, I wish it was, but reading Farntella Graham's comments will show that is far from the truth.
    Racism is a lot like a fart, it stinks, nobody wants to be in a room with it, and often the one pointing the finger is the one with the dirty ass.

  54. Luke Felson says:

    LOL… they EVER take accountability for where they are in life?

  55. Luke Felson says:

    Doagae Porbeni LOL….why are you so ANGRY???

  56. Luke Felson says:

    Farntella Graham The only conspiracy here, is that you don't want to work for anything. You just want everything handed to you. You value violence and ignorance and shun education and family morality. Your race is dying….face it. In 200 years, there won't be a black person left on the planet.

  57. Luke Felson says:

    Now, if the blacks got together to do what you are talking about…I would GLADLY pay reparations for you all to leave…but you ALL have to leave. 100% of you, not just 99% or 99.7%…..100%! And you would never be allowed back into the US ever again. Agreed?

  58. Luke Felson says:

    It's not ignorance. It's FACTS. You people like to throw the word "stereotype" around, but it's not stereotyping…it's "generalizing", becaue "generally speaking" your race does everything that we think it does.


  60. Problem with us blacks is they hate the light that makes them bright thru vanity.

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