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7 Facts That Shatter the Theories About Who Really Wrote the Bible


moses 10 commandments

Moses Did Not Write the Torah/Pentateuch

Jews and Christians widely believe that Moses wrote the first five books in the Bible. However, beginning with some medieval rabbis, doubts have been raised. Among the details that challenged the notion that Moses was the author are as follows:

  • The Edomite kings listed in Genesis 36 did not live until after Moses was dead.
  • Moses is referred to in the third person in several passages.
  • There are places named that Moses could not have known (he never entered the Promised Land).
  • The Hebrew of the text includes terms that were developed long after Moses’ death.
  • Moses’ death is included in Deuteronomy.
  • Camels are listed in Abraham’s retinue, but camels were domesticated around 1000, long after Abraham (1550 B.C.) and even Moses (1250 B.C.)..
  • In Deuteronomy 34, the writer says, “There never arose another prophet in Israel like Moses.” It didn’t seem to make sense that Moses — or even God, in Moses’ time — would write such words.

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138 thoughts on “7 Facts That Shatter the Theories About Who Really Wrote the Bible

  1. Gherkin Rose says:

    I find it funny that hearsay is being presented as fact. Where is the research and hard proof? I did see that Bart Bart D. Ehrman's viewpoints and opinions were listed but to be completely honest he is really not a credible source on the subject o fthe bible. Apparently, he became an agnostic because he couldnt understand why God allows horrific things to happen to people, which leads me to believe that he doesnt have a basic understanding of Christianity to begin with. I mean, I'm no expert by any means, but the answer to that question is in the very first book of the bible. Furthermore, there is hard evidence to the accuracy of the bible and also secular resources that prove the existance of God. So, I would have to say this article is a flop.

  2. Al Hasan Ali says:

    Of all the religions in the world, the only book which seems to be the word of God is the Quran, since Muhammed did not claim to be the author nor is their different versions of the book. The Quran has been preserved through a book as well as memory for over 1400 years, since the time of Muhammed who claimed to confirm and correct the old books of God that have been changed by men. One of the miracles of the Quran is that if you go to any place in the world, you will find the same book with not even a letter changed.

  3. Darrin Parkin says:

    Bart D. Erhman is not a credible source? Really? One of the worlds foremost Biblical scholars. Someone's off their meds.

  4. Rashid Allen says:

    Exactly, he doesn't realize that god doesn't allow horrific things to happen to people. The Bible actually tells us God creates evil and is the author of the calamities that afflict us, Isaiah 45:7

  5. Gherkin Rose says:

    When did you become a muslim? Where you raised in a muslim family or did you become one later in life and why?

  6. Darrin Parkin says:

    Gherkin Rose you're on a tangent a million miles away. First, you said you're no expert. So how do you think you can tackle Ehrman? Isn't that like me taking on Evander Holyfield, because I put on gloves a couple times when I was 9?

    Are you saying that Ehrman's Biblical expertise cannot be taking seriously because he does not believe the way you do? In other words the only credible source you accept regarding Biblical scholarship is from believers. Uhh, no bias there though right?

  7. Gherkin Rose says:

    Rashid Allen d. I form the light and create darkness, I make peace and create calamity; I, the LORD, do all these things: Simply put, Isaiah knows, Cyrus would know and declare to the whole world, and we should know today, that God is in control. Since this prophecy was given long before God's people went into the captivity Isaiah now announces deliverance from, they could be comforted through the captivity by knowing God is in control.

    i. Isaiah's point is that there are not two gods or forces in heaven, one good and one bad, as in a dualistic "yin and yang" sense. "Cyrus was a Persian, and Persian had a dualistic concept of God and th world. Their good god they called Ahura-mazda and the evil god Angra-mainya. The former had created the light, the second the darkness." (Bultema)

    ii. But God has no opposite. Satan is not and has never been God's opposite. There is one God. He is not the author of evil; evil is never "original," but always a perversion of an existing good. Yet God is the allower of evil, and He uses it to accomplish His eternal purpose of bringing together all things in Jesus (Ephesians 3:8-11 and 1:9-10). If God could further His eternal purpose by allowing His Son to die a wicked, unjust death on a cross, then He knows how to use what He allows for His eternal purpose.

    iii. "Undoubtedly the Lord is no representative of evil as such, but He does make use of evil so that it may bring forth good." (Calvin, cited in Butlema)

    iv. When God does great, miraculous things, it is easy to believe that He is in control. When times are hard and the trials heavy, we need to believe it all the more.–David Guzik

  8. Rashid Allen says:

    Gherkin Rose I disagree that God simply "allows" evil. The Bible says God created evil and causes disasters. Isaiah 45:7

  9. Gherkin Rose says:

    Think of it this way, bad things in life teach us things. God allows evil to happen for good. If the fall never happened in Genesis, which God could have prevented, than we wouldnt know the depth of His love for us. He would have never have to come to Earth and die for us to show us His love for us…..I can also see things in my life that God allowed and how at the time I could not understand why, only to find out later that it needed to happen for me to be blessed later. I wouldnt be with my husband if God did not allow evil to happen. I would have been married to someone else, and miserable at that. But, that is another story for another time.

  10. Gherkin Rose says:

    Darrin Parkin There are secular resources that I do trust, but Mr. Ehrman is not one of them. The fact that he doesnt understand biblical precepts on a toddler level is pretty much why I discredit him. (seriously, they teach about the fall and where evil comes form in Sunday school. I could have my 6 yr old cousin write about this stuff) I said I am not an expert, because I do not have a degree, but I have actually studied apologetics, biblical archeology, and researched scientific proofs of intelligent design for a long time. When I became a Christian, I didnt want to believe with blind faith. So being a Christian to me isnt because I'm an American and like churches, gospel music, and angels….its because with all the proof surrounding me and all my questions answered, I could not deny Jesus for the God that He is. I have studied other religions as well including the wiccan faith, islam, jehovahs witnesses (the watchtower, mormonism, hinduism, etc. The only God that I can find truth in is the one written about in the Bible, without the extra books that jehovahs witnesses, catholics, and mormons believe in.

  11. Marilyn Bankston Oler Bick says:

    Well, we all know that the King James Bible was interpreted & written by Monks in Great Britain centuries ago. It doesn't matter who originally wrote the transcripts used by the Monks or who is credited for what Books in the Bible. What matters is the content. We Christians, in our Faith, know that Jesus, the Son of GOD, is our Lord and Savior. For me, that's all that matters.

  12. Paul Ronna says:

    Moses was an African man as well as Jesus.The promised land was in south of Sudan onwards.

  13. Jim Collings says:

    Gherkin Rose I was told that the bible was the perfect, inerrant word of god. If this is true, then even one serious issue or contradiction would mean that bible is not perfect.

    If then claim that men have corrupted the bible, then why did god lets this happen? Didn't god know what would happen to his word once humans got a hold of it?

    The bible is a bunch of man-made stories, nothing more.

  14. Derek Iz Human says:

    Look at all these idiots that entertain the idea that this fairy tale has any basis in fact. Your own book of lies can't be consistent with itself. F___ing idiots.

  15. Darrin Parkin says:

    Gherkin Rose if you studied those other religions I assume you studied them after you became a Christian? Right?

    Since you have studied them do you believe that Joseph Smith translated his scriptures from golden plates given to him by an angel? And do you believe that the prophet Mohammed flew on a white horse to heaven?

  16. Gherkin Rose says:

    Rashid Allen He doesnt create evil, He removes good….Sodom and Gomorrah is a prime example. The word used for evil in Hebrew is Ra, in the hebrew language it can mean anything from destruction, bad, worse, etc. God is light and the opposite of light equals darkness. In His judgement, God will remove himself, and if God, Who is the very definition of love and good, removes himself….you are left with evil. So in a way….he "creates" evil…..but I dont believe that God himself is evil.

  17. Gherkin Rose says:

    Well, ya know, God has the last say, so we shall see!!

  18. Gherkin Rose says:

    Jim Collings I'm referring to the extra books that are not part of the bible. research it.

  19. Gherkin Rose says:

    Darrin Parkin No, but that has nothing to do with the situation…its not a case of unbelieving, its a case of him not knowing a very basic answer that has to do with Christianity in a whole. I can say muslims believe this that and the other thing. He doesnt understand why we believe that God is not the one who is responsible for evil. He can know the fact without beleving it, just like I can know anothers beliefs and not believe it for myself. He doesnt understand basic Christianity.

  20. Derek Iz Human says:

    That's right. Push credibility to a point beyond conceivability. The God of Gaps. He can 9 nay exist in places we have yet to explain. Luckily, those places are diminishing.

  21. Derek Iz Human says:


  22. Darrin Parkin says:

    Gherkin Rose you can be assured that Bart Ehrman understands basic Christianity.

    But earlier you said that he is not a credible source about Christianity because he does not believe it. Well, you apparently don't believe the Mormon claims nor the Muslim claims, yet that qualifies you to dismiss both as untrue? You can't have it both ways Gherkin.

  23. Everyone who is allowing this for an excuse needs to read Lee Strobels "The Case for Christ."

  24. Gherkin Rose says:

    Darrin Parkin When mormon and muslim beliefs have no ground to stand on, yes I can dismiss them.

  25. Kong Vang says:

    Gherkin Rose In other words spin the actual verses like crazy till it fits your view. If god is good and evil is the absence of god and murder/rape are evil acts, why did god order the genocide, rape and pillage of the Amalekites?

    We haven't even tackled the misogyny, genocide, rape, incest and slavery mentioned in the bible, much directly sanctioned by god. God has killed over 2 million people in the bible, those are numbers from the bible and estimates of how many ppl were on earth during the "great flood".

    So if god is the "good guy" why did he want us to remain ignorant if we had free will? Why did he create hell? Why is he in charge of hell? Why did he kill over 2 million ppl in the bible?

    If Satan is the bad guy why did he show us the path to knowledge? Why hasn't Satan killed anyone in the bible? (that I'm aware of).

  26. These points were well taken but has not really disproved that moses wrote the Torah. There could have been other writers elohistic or Yahwistic writers who edited what he wrote. If we accept that his signature in some how was in those works, then he is the author.

  27. Rooster Nationn says:

    The Quran is completely fallible and nothing but a book full of hate speech.

  28. Darrin Parkin says:

    Gherkin Rose exactly! Now we're getting somewhere. And the same standards ought to be applied to Judeo/Christian belief and to your own personal belief in (Christianity I assume?), that is unless you're hopelessly stuck in confirmation bias and only your religion is true while all others are false. I would encourage you to have a close look at the ground you stand on.

  29. Rashid Allen says:

    Gherkin Rose The Bible says God creates evil. I thought you were defending the Bible, not challenging it. Don't try and change what the Bible says. It's holy. lol

  30. Rashid Allen says:

    I've read that book and it is one of the most biased books I've ever read. The book is very deceptive because it purports itself to be some kind of unbiased study but virtually all the "experts" used are Christians or religious theologians of some type. There is hearsay upon hearsay upon hearsay in that book. This book is only for Christians to reaffirm what they already believe.

  31. To me it sounds like you took a bias approach when you read it

  32. Kong Vang says:

    So I did a bit of research and found that God has killed around 2.5 million people in the bible. Satan killed 10 people but God carries some of the blame since God made a wager with Satan and allowed him to kill those 10 ppl. So we have a guy who killed over 2 million people and let Satan kill 10 which is questionable to attribute to Satan since God sanctioned it.

  33. Kong Vang says:

    So I did a bit of research and found that God has killed around 2.5 million people in the bible. Satan killed 10 people but God carries some of the blame since God made a wager with Satan and allowed him to kill those 10 ppl. So we have a guy who killed over 2 million people and let Satan kill 10 which is questionable to attribute to Satan since God sanctioned it.

  34. Kong Vang says:

    If he presented that case in court God would be found not guilty of existing and he would lose.

  35. Audie Hairgrove says:

    Jasmine, I have read Strobels, along with Josh McDowell, Hal Lindsey, Francis Schaffer, and a host of others. And I have found them to be un-convencing when faced with the real facts of history, scince and archaelogy. The Buy-bull is full of contridictions, scientific and historical errors, and just plain silliness. If the Xian god was real, he could do so much better than the Buy-bull!! Are you aware that the Buy-bull condones slavery? No book that says that it is OK for one human to own another is "holy".

  36. Lynn Blair says:

    I'll never understand how anyone with more than an elementary school education could possibly believe in Christianity (or Islam, Judaism, etc.). Brainwashing from a young age is difficult to undo I suppose. One day humans will evolve past religion. There's simply no need for religion to explain the world around us when science does a much better job of that.

  37. Kwadwo Tutu Otchere says:

    2 Timothy 3:16.
    All Scripture is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight, for disciplining in righteousness,

  38. Kwadwo Tutu Otchere says:

    Revelation 21:5.
    And the One seated on the throne said: “Look! I am making all things new.” Also he says: “Write, for these words are faithful and true.”.

  39. Kwadwo Tutu Otchere says:

    What is the Difference between Writing and Translating.

  40. Kong Vang says:

    "I find it funny that hearsay is being presented as fact."

    What an ironic statement, the entire bible is hearsay.

  41. James Burns says:

    Rashid Allen "THE BIBLE SAID" Do you not see the credibility problem…

  42. Lee Strobel has never met a fallacy he didn't like.

  43. Jeff Howden says:

    Moses and Jesus are likely nothing more than literary figures and quite possibly don't even refer to an actual person that lived at the time.

  44. Dennis John Bowden says:

    This comment is like arguing that Santa came from the South Pole not the North Pole.

  45. Serge LaRondelle says:

    So put another way. We Christians don't worry about what actually happened, we blindly follow in the indoctrination of myths that make us feel the best. Amen

  46. Katrina Avant says:

    The beauty of this is the Creator does not reveal Himself to those who don't believe or accept Him. So it would be impossible for you to get it. It's called free will; to believe or not to believe. We all have a choice.

  47. Lynn Blair says:

    Oh don't even start this free will nonsense. If.your god knew I was going to reject him before I was even born and threw me into the unfortunate state of existence anyway that was not my choice. Either your god gives us free will or your god is all knowing. The two statements cannot be simultaneously true as they are contradictory statements.

  48. Katrina Avant says:

    Lynn Blair One thing I never understood about atheists. Why the hostility? I can accept your disbelieve without conflict, but I have yet to come across some one who doesn't believe that isn't hostile. By the way, have you ever actually read the Bible? One thing is for sure, at the end of the day there is no way I can explain faith in a higher power to you because as I said before He does not reveal Himself to unbelievers. It's just that simple. It is totally impossible for you to understand. So we will have to agree to disagree on this one.

  49. Joe G Mburger says:

    Katrina Avant Free will? Doesn't sound like it. It sounds like free will is only free if you accept what is fed to you. Furthermore, free will should not truly exist in your religion since god knows what you will do regardless of how 'freely' you think the decision. At least that is if you believe god is omniscient. In short, you can do nothing that would 'surprise' god.

  50. Joe G Mburger says:

    Katrina Avant why the hostility towards atheists? We are few, you are legion. We ask for discussion, you view any questioning of your faith as hostile. Are you hostile to Islam? Do you question their beliefs? What's the difference. In the grand scheme of things, we reject ONE more god than you do. Small difference and hardly hostile.

  51. Lynn Blair says:

    Well, if you would stop passing laws against abortion, gay marriage, among other things that have no secular basis I'd have no need to be hostile. Sounds like you all bring it upon yourselves.

    As for having read the Bible, cover to cover multiple times. I'm a former Christian. I am very well versed in what it says.

  52. Katrina Avant says:

    Joe G Mburger You can look at it like this. Say a palm reader/fortune teller tells you what she/he sees in your future, but tells you your actions can change the out come. Same principle. (Btw, I don't buy into either). And as far as religion goes, I don't do religion. Religion is man made. You won't find religion in the Bible. What you will find is a guide on how to live your life. And no, no one can live that perfect righteous life, but that is where salvation comes into play. Religion confuses and distorts true worship. God is spirit and humans were meant to connect with him as such. Man made religion has destroyed true communion with the Creator.

  53. Katrina Avant says:

    Lynn Blair I don't have anything against anything or anyone that you have mentioned. Your assumption amuses me. I am only human which makes me unqualified to look down on anyone. Furthermore, you assume I consider myself a christian, I don't. I am just a mere human who happens to believe in and feel the presence of a higher power. And as far as the Bible goes, when I read it I ask for guidance and understanding or otherwise it will be just another book I have read. And what may I ask, do we bring upon ourselves? Life's struggles? I am the first one to tell you that some of the choices I've made in my life have brought me hardship, but again that was my free choice/will. Had nothing to do with God.

  54. Katrina Avant says:

    Joe G Mburger As far as I know, I wasn't being hostile. I just asked a question. My question to you. If you don't believe there is a high power or a creator, why bother to read the article? No hostility just curious.

  55. Katrina Avant says:

    Lynn Blair One more thing…I don't do man-made religion.

  56. Katrina Avant says:

    Joe G Mburger Oh and Joe, Lynn asked a question and I answered it. I wasn't be hostile.

  57. Daniel E. von Bose says:

    Serge LaRondelle, that is the nature of faith, to blindly follow without question. I follow no one blindly. I like to base decisions on facts if possible.

  58. Daniel E. von Bose says:

    Katrina Avant , how convenient for god. If He (considerable gender satire should be inserted here) doesn't reveal said self to the unbeliever, then how does said being expect to well, gain believers.

  59. Paul Ronna says:

    Jeff Howden and Dennis John. if i had said that Jesus and Moses were white you woud not have been so quick to comment

  60. Steven Bower says:

    Gherkin Rose Scientific proofs of intelligent design??? Where on earth do you imagine you found those?

  61. Gherkin Rose The amount of errors in the New Testament are some of the least worrisome problems Christianity faces. The entire myth is absurd on its face. Here it is: god sacrifices himself to himself to save us from himself. The 400,000+ transcription errors is just one more little straw.

  62. Katrina Avant I love how when and atheist adequately and rationally explains their lack of belief and the contradictory nature of faith, the religionist immediately falls back on "why u so mad, bro?". You should really stop doing that, if you want to be taken at an intellectual level. It's a tactic worthy of an elementary school playground, when the bully picks up your hand and starts hitting you with your own hand , repeatedly asking "why are you hitting yourself?" It shows many things about YOU, not the least of which is your obvious uncertainty with your own faith and fear that you could be wrong. In other words, it you cannot intelligently respond to a reasoned and intelligent criticism of your claim, you would be better off simply walking away from the conversation.

    Please note, like Lynn Blair, I'm not angry either. Simply observant.

  63. Katrina Avant Here's a simple test to undertake to determine whether or not you truly have free will: is there a consequence or reward for your choice?

    Since I believe that most religionists are far and away more moral than the god they worship, here's a simple test of your god's morality: if you asked someone to love you and they said no, would you spend the rest of your life tormenting and punishing them?

    Because here's the thing: there is no free will. Read Sam Harris' book Free Will. Free will is the illusion religionists paint to avoid having to explain why an omniscient god does not intercede when a child is raped. Or when a country starves. Or when a disease breaks out and threatens to eradicate and entire country or continent. Or when people go to war because they cannot agree on which version of god is the correct version of god. When I am told that I can either accept jesus and god or burn in tell for all eternity, I'm not given any more choice that I would be giving you if I put a gun to your head and said "your money or your life".

  64. first things are placed first, i.e the word bible simply means book, nothinhg special about just a book, and this book[BIBLE] was trumped up by europeans with attempts at missleading the world into thinking that other races are inferior to whites and to make clear this that, NO PROPHET had ever received a bible namely king james, ever and MOSES was given torah not bible [bible]. christianity or the word christian has european pagan origin , and it simply means that one being a christians would simply mean he or she is a follower of paganism; hence the word christ meaans an anointed pagan ;the word Church would be foreign to jésus who was a jew and the word Church didn't appear in the bible until the 14 CENTURY or later, and can not be found in the hebrew language or original scripture which tells an entire different story that being, that the religion preached by all prophets was nothing the likes of christianity not even jésus,

  65. well well well, finally a christian has demolished the Trinity , good for you GHERKIN ROSE

  66. since when does the question of , were you raised a muslim or or were you converted to islam , has to do with the facts?

  67. the entire of european christianity is rested upon saint paul's words, should paul's words be subtracted from the bible the european influence of the so called word of god will fade away entirely, which makes christianity a pagan religion.

  68. Rashid Allen says:

    Paul Ronna Who cares what race these guys were? They are borderline fictional characters. Even if they were real and they were white, would that make a difference to you? Would you seek a different religion? Would you stop believing in them? This black vs white thing is so closed minded on both sides. People need to have a more global perspective.

  69. Chris Welch says:

    Any sources outside the bible that back your statement?

  70. Chris Welch says:

    Any sources outside the bible that back your statement?

  71. Chris Welch says:

    "facts" like Marvel Comics proving Spider-man is real?

  72. Chris Welch says:

    Gotta love that copy and paste feature eh? 😉

  73. Chris Welch says:

    That's like threatening an Atheist with hell Gherkin Rose. You pray for us and we'll right Santa for you.

  74. Kwadwo Tutu Otchere says:

    Chris Welch any source outside your countries constitution that provides evidence that it was written by someone?

  75. Chris Welch says:

    Kwadwo Tutu Otchere Aw shucks, you got me! I believe in your god now.

  76. Chris Welch says:

    Kwadwo Tutu Otchere I'm going to have to visit my lyberry and look up the word constitution and see what relevance it has to the buy-bull.

  77. Audie Hairgrove says:

    We have the origiional text of the constitution. All we have of the buy-bull is copies of copies of copies. Hell we do not even know who wrote the origional scriptures.

  78. Audie Hairgrove says:

    Kwadwo, The Buy-bull was written by illiterate goat herders that thought that the earth was flat and that demons caused illness. If the Xian gawd was real, surely he could write a better book than the buy-bull.

  79. Chris Welch says:

    Kwadwo Tutu Otchere You do know that the UK has an uncodified or "unwritten" constitution.

  80. Kwadwo Tutu Otchere says:

    Chris Welch i dont know. but those are human rules. anyone can create anything. even christians are to follow the bible thats God's constitution and yet they create their own rules thinking its part of God's, eg Hell, CHristmas, easter etc

  81. Kwadwo Tutu Otchere says:

    Audie Hairgrove Who writes a WILL? is it the the testator or the Lawyer. If am about to die and i tell you to write a note to my family, does that mean that you wrote it? the bible was inspired by God, he used his active force (Holy Spirit) to inspire those illiterates, goat herdes, so its the same way as the example i have given you..

  82. Chris Welch says:

    Kwadwo Tutu Otchere So this proof that's separate from your bible, where's it at?

  83. Kwadwo Tutu Otchere says:

    Audie Hairgrove Good you have, but can you tell me the original writers, names, profession etc

  84. Chris Welch says:

    Kwadwo – dude you're so far in you can't see the crap your talking. It's too funny!

  85. Kwadwo Tutu Otchere says:

    Chris Welch its never, the bible is also a constitution of 66 books, but a countries constitution is more than that. some have 1000s of pages. God's Kingdom is a real Government, people think its just a seat. Its just like my country and your countries government. Have you ever done something against the constitution of your country before? but us humans we always do not obey God's law but he's merciful and slow to anger.

  86. Chris Welch says:

    No your god if he was real is an evil piece of work. If you'd read your bible you'd be atheist. Tell me how do you feel about slavery? The god of the bible is cool with it. Rape of a virgin woman? Yep he's okay with that too, as long as you pay the father. But fall in love with a member of the same sex, then that's a sin. Even though animals practice homosexuality and they were apparently created. (
    Face it, the collection of books you call the bible were written by men in medieval times to control the population. Religion is nothing but a tool of control for those too weak to fight against it. If you did some real research you'd soon want nothing to do with any of it.

  87. Kwadwo Tutu Otchere says:

    Chris Welch What i feel about slavery is different from what black people in the USA and the diaspora believe or know. theirs is edited slavery stories, we sold some of our people, because your forefathers(white, colonial masters) came as missionaries to preach the bible but they had never read the bible. they didn't read. if they read the bible they wouldn't trade in humans. they would love one another. we were practicing African tradition. we knew that God existed before they brought the bible here, but we reached God true stones, wooden carved idols. lied to us and they continue to lie about the bible. that is why there are a lot of lies in the translation of the bible. if you go to African American churches or black churches, they all practice the same form of "Church" with the link with the African traditional religion, which merged with doctrinal religion.add me to Facebook . i will brief you a lot about slavery.

  88. Kwadwo Tutu Otchere says:

    Chris Welch i know am funny, people tell me. but all the same have fun

  89. Finite man infinite God his word my understanding to that's right .

  90. Andres Reaction Peña says:

    Religion is pointless… Just have faith in a higher power, in god, the sun! The bible contradicts itself too much.

  91. Andres Reaction Peña says:

    Religion is pointless… Just have faith in a higher power, in god, the sun! The bible contradicts itself too much.

  92. Carol Gebert says:

    Surely, the most perfect book inspired by god is Isaac Newton's 'Principa Mathematica.' Perfect, accurate and revealing the workings of the universe.

  93. Carol Gebert says:

    I would like to know if there were any written myths associated with Serapis. Mark was based in Alexandria, and the Serapium had an annex for Jews, and Serapis is a proto-jesus. Therefore, any mythology would have been transferred. Maybe that is what Q and Thomas are: Serapis documents.

  94. Daniel E. von Bose, so you lack faith?

  95. @marisa totten,,,, is there a guideline for good and is there one for evil?

  96. Race: The Elephant in the Room Will Kill You.
    Get it now on

  97. Have faith is the sun? Why? It`s not like the sun will stop shining if we don`t believe in it. Gods however need believers in order to survive, no believers and they disappear like mist in the morning sun.

  98. Gherkin Rose So you don`t see the obvious copy/paste work from other religions in christianity? Horus, Mithras etc, Jesus is just a rewriting of older gods.

  99. Ally Raymond says:

    Faith is the death of reason and common sense. Of course I cannot believe Santa Claus exists anymore that an almighty character on the stage of man's imagination. Proof is in the court of those who 'believe', not those who do not imagine or fall for bronze age nonsense.

    I was completely immersed in 'belief' and could sell it, even if it was an invisible product. Now, as an atheist, I still am immersed in love, peace, common sense and compassion for mankind…proving I don't need the fairy-tales, supernatural characters and deities in my life to enjoy life in it's beauty and awe. Keep your poisonous books and programming, I don't need nor desire any of it's mirage.

    Created sick, and commanded to be well? Keep your rubbish.

  100. So we should take up the tradition of stoning again? Killing unruly children?

  101. Paul Ronna Fictional is fictional, skincolor hardly matters.

  102. Kenny Norris says:

    It is not right for no one to fuss with each other about the Word's of God or his plan for all of us..Every of us has a God given right to believe in God their own

  103. Katrina Avant , I read to become educated.

  104. Anthon Christopher That question makes very little sense. The bible is no manual on how to be a good person, as anyone who's read it cover to cover (I have) is well aware. Against his own commandment not to kill, god kills repeatedly, on a global scale. Believers simply dismiss this as divine. The book condones rape and slavery, as well. And as I'm certain you are well aware, there is no manual on how to be morally vacuous, though if there were it might be authored by Abraham, a man willing to kill his own son for a voice in his head. Today, we recognize that as psychosis.

    To address your not-very-well-hidden insinuation that atheists lack morals, I would suggest you look at the prison population. If 70%+ of this country's population self identifies as Christian, what does that suggest about our globally renowned superior incarceration rates? Finally, morality is an evolutionary trait which has helped our species to be as successful as we are. Yet we are not the only primate which possesses the trait, we share it with our fellow primates as well as dolphins, elephants, and even canids, just to name a few. You may find Franz De Waal's book Te Bonobo and the Atheist illumination on the subject.

  105. This is one of the dumbest articles I have ever wasted my time to read

  106. The Guys benefitting the most from attacking the bible are not of this world so continue to fight for the army of the dead.when satan comes calling I hope you will be ready, because you will have to pay for the work you are you pay with your soul for working for satan he pays you back with darkness lol.rock on.

  107. James Lee says:

    The BIGGEST FALLACY – was the idea that the BIBLE is somehow synonymous with God. As a result, many people worship the Bible. It is understandable because the Bible is tangible and God is not in our daily sensory experience. We have made the Bible an idol and we have NO PROOF that it is the pure word of God. That doesn't matter because as Humans- most of us are anxious about our survival, anxious about avoiding pain, and anxious about death. Those three things make us vulnerable to religion, holy books and even the God concept. If we could JUST ADMIT THIS – I believe that we could begin a more honest spiritual journey for humanity. We have to acknowledge who we are as HUMANS FIRST! The Bible attempts to capture people by putting the mistake so their ancestors (so-called Adam and Eve) into their consciousness to make them doubt themselves and their fellow human beings. It then proposes a solution to a problem that it demands to be true. Human beings are rapidly changing and we have a golden opportunity to reevaluate all that we have been taught -including the Christian Gospel -and our COSMOLOGY.

  108. Kevin Shittu says:

    after reading all comments I'm being left speechless with awoken conciousness. I have no comment so I'll be back guys… 1Love

  109. David Sedden says:

    Also a big contradiction exists in the way Christians read the Old Testament and the way Jews read it. Jews don't believe in hell or the devil. The talking snake in the Garden of Eden was a talking snake. Lucifer was only in the book of Job, and he was no devil, he was the embodiment of internal conflict. That's why he was with God when they tested Job.

  110. Pretty sure what the intent was by the way it was spun. The thing is though that most Christians already know that the Bible was written over a span of 1500 years, by 40 authors and confirmed by both historians and archaeologists. Even more than that, we actually have originals in Aramaic, Greek and Hebrew to compare translations against. Like the Dead Sea Scrolls which contain the Old Testament, and we even have historians like Tacitus and Josephus who confirm it. The problem with articles like these is that the authors put themselves as "modern" thinkers while at the same time holding on to ancient arguments, assuming that people who believe the bible can't or won't evolve with new information. Might as well write an article "7 Facts That Shatter the Theory The Earth Is Flat" like it's somehow relevant to what people think today. Out of time, out of place, ignorant of culture in general.

  111. Gherkin Rose dayum… you tore a whole into BOTH of their asses. and their mad because the intellect you carry is too immense for them to challenge! AHA!

  112. In what world are my ancestors black!!?! Historical revisionism among the black community is HYSTERICAL. Lol morons

  113. A message to all who commented look up the samarian tablets which came a 1700 sum years before the Tora which is the first 5 books books of Moses look up the Crystal skulls ,the emerald tablets which was found in the great pyramid,the planet nibiru, the annunaki,the US Nubian people decent from we was the first and the the last look you people of the book all is one and come from one everything comes from one

  114. I-Will Reign says:

    lol….ahh..hmmm..rascism still exist I guess.

  115. Al Smith says:

    Well said. I'm have been, and now am, right there with you.

  116. Al Smith says:

    Odd Jørgensen Good call. I really love the Horus example (plagiarism). That was the straw that broke the camels back for me. Any reasonable person can't read that story and not walk away scratching their head knowing something is askew with the Jesus story.

  117. Anji Hale says:

    All who follow this BS & believe it are the REAL IDIOTS! If you have any common sense at all you would know that the BIBLE is a translation of the original scriptures & the authors are UNKNOWN. They are stories passed from generation to generation & we all know HOW the tellings of stories go. & if you look at the first pages it simply says~"translated & revised " in all accounts of the text. Which means during the time that it was being put to print MUCH of it was left out, a lot of things were added, & some that could not be interpreted was MISS-interpreted, & the era it was interpreted, printed & given to the people was ruled by pregidous socio-paths who wanted to control the people & the manner of how they thought as well as what they were to believe.

  118. Frank Welsh says:

    Well a few issues here even though I agree The Bible has been tampered with and that religious preference is not something you are going to Hell for (after all Hades, Tartarus, and Gehenna came from Rome not Israel). Firstly You haven't mentioned the fact the first "Bible" was put together by The Roman empire (who were well known for slaughtering Christians) around 170 A.D.
    You also haven't mentioned that the lot of it has been translated from four languages or the parts missing because there are no manuscripts holding the complete text (Macabees 3&4 are too damaged to get a full translation as well as other books). A final thing you haven't mentioned is the difference in number of books between Protestant Bibles and Catholic Bibles. I have other "bones to pick" but I will leave it at this. If you aim to discredit something your analysis has to be complete.

  119. I am not alarmed or tested in my faith by these many similar accounts of Biblical history showing up all over the Earth. If the timing is accurate, that they claim these accounts happened circa 2200 BC, then it fits beautifully into the Biblical account, because the one account these authors always overlook is the Tower of Babel. If that account is true and the timing given by recorded history seems to support that, then one of the first things you would expect people to do after the incident left them in new locations with new languages, would be to write down all they can remember about their history in the new language before they forgot. This certainly would explain much and that is probably why it is always conveniently overlooked. The somewhat new language study of Edenics would seem to support my statement.

  120. Who wrote this huh satan?

  121. I like this article very provocative, and it definitely raises eyebrows, whoa mine did way high. However the title is poor, I would've name it Ehrmich book make some extraordinary claims. Aside from his book there were only a few sources making claims.

    Is funny no one in here whether religious or not did any search to see if the article above had any validity. Instead both camps follow their emotions and continue their attack on each other.

    Let me give you heads up people, divide it we fall, together we succeed. If an enemy wishes to conquer us they will do it with real ease, have you all ever heard Divide and Conquer.

    I am not a Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Buddist, atheist, conservative, liberal, abortionist, pro-life or any group. I am not into the bashing camp or each others throat camp. But I will say I am in the wake the fuck up camp.

  122. Ruth Ware says:

    Derek Glassey This is where all the confusion started, the religious leaders confused and misconstrued John 1:1 where it says that "In [The] Beginning The Word was, And The Word Was With "God", And The Word Was Was A "god."

    So The Bible Says That "In the beginning the "Word" Whom refers to Jesus as "The Word" Meaning that Jesus was a Messenger.

    Then it says "The Word Was With God" Now how could Jesus whom is mention as a "god" be with himself? Sound a bit confusing doesn't it? If You pay attention more closely to how the passages in the scripture refers to Jesus as a "god" and how he was with "God."

    Notice how the passage refers to another God, notice when it refers to the other God, it uses a capital "G".

    Then it says "and the Word was a god." Notice when it refers to Jesus it uses a small cap "g."

    So Even Though The Bible Considers Jesus As A "god" He Is Not The Almighty God, Whom Is The Creator Of Heavens & The Earth And Everything In Them, Including Us Humans.

  123. What happen to Armegeddon at the beginning of the millennium?

  124. If there are 24 hours in a day and jesus rose from the dead after Good friday that coming Sunday in the a.m., how many hours is that?

  125. It's called historical criticism…. If you didn't study theology you wouldn't know all of these counter claims… But for every one of these points there is ample evidence and explanation the says the contrary or makes no big deal of said theories…

  126. I agree, The Torah and the books of the Prophets will always be attacked. People fail including the author of article to understand that the interpreters of Hebrew were flawed and the mere fact that there are more books out there that supports the bible shows that The Most High does have the final say. Not other book or writings have been attacked like the Torah. We Hebrew must be still and know that The Most High have the final say. Others insulting Him will not change his Set Apart words. Let the haters hate and the believers of the Torah keep believing!

  127. Heru was a MYTH according to another Priest named Arius, not to believed as the truth! Emperor Constatine

  128. To believe in god, one dosent have to call it faith, deities or even religion itsself… ask yourself one question. Even tho you may or may not believe in god, does that remove him from your life? The answer to this is no.. he exists whether or not you believe. When you wake up and take your 1st breath of air… he is there.. when you feel the warmth of the sun.. he is there. When a baby is born and he takes he's 1st breath, god is there…scientists don't even realize how much proof they have Givin us. Do you realize that our genome structure is unique to anything in the entire galaxy. That even one molecule were to change we would be an entirely new species???.. it's a fact that science is the belief of proof.. with something so mathematically complexed and specifically designed there is no other alternative to the notion that WE WERE BUILT. Who built us.. this is the entity that we humans call god.. amen

  129. Ally Raymond says:

    Luis D Rosario conversely, he doesn't exist, whether or not you 'believe' in him.
    His existence is dependent on our sole species imagination…and even then, he's merely an idea dreamed up of men.

  130. What is the one thing atheist and believers have in common? ans, neither can prove their stance. agnostic anyone?

  131. No. There are actually no corroborating works outside of religious text. There is nothing that supports claims of divinity outside of the dismissal religious writings.

  132. Ashely Foy says:

    Pure colonialism. Fluff. The lies of a Jesus. Instead of being naive, research the history of Christianity & it's Jesus. Do your Kemetic research. My hope is for my people to open their eye & that they will return to their Alkebulanian spiritual roots. Kemet; original name of Egypt. Alkebulan; original name of Africa.

  133. Anonymous says:

    Just because it’s the same all over the world doesn’t mean it’s true the Quran came after but it almost mimics the Bible completely except for the fact that it talks about to lay in wait until you become the majority then you fight whoever doesn’t believe in what you do a lot of people say that Muslims are peaceful but why does it say to strike against anybody who doesn’t believe in what you do

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