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206 thoughts on “40 Black Celebrities You May Not Have Known Were of Jamaican Descent

  1. Dee Nadz Tine says:

    Interesting, some of my favourites

  2. Asha Miller says:

    very interesting JAMAICA

  3. Indira Arie says:

    Tyson's father is from Panama

  4. Adrian McLean says:

    Al Roker, Lester Devon White

  5. Justin Edmead says:

    Very interesting article! Just one inaccuracy regarding Louis Farrakhan: His Father was Jamaican and his Mother was from St. Kitts & Nevis as per Wikipedia – it's stated that both of his parents were Jamaican.

  6. Bridgette foster hylton was born in jamaica

  7. Ariana DOyen says:

    Legendary Last Poets Icon and one of the fathers of rap and spoken word, Gil-Scott Heron (The Revolution Will Not be Televised etc) father was Jamaican.

  8. Ariana DOyen says:

    Garvey, Farrakhan, Marley, Tosh, Belafonte, Mutabaruka, Gil Scott Heron, the list goes on…of Black men who speak truth to power and let the chips fall where they may…fearless.

  9. Dule Hill should be on this list

  10. Annekay Forbes says:

    Pete Wentz from fall out boy

  11. Elrica D'Oyen-Gebert says:

    Don't know half of these people? What about people like Malcolm Gladwell…and, oh, my son's mother is Jamaican

  12. Alexander Sinclair says:

    Shame that Country is full of thugs and homophobic.

  13. Kadejrah Riggins says:

    Some of them are lying.

  14. Kadejrah Riggins says:

    Bobby schmurda is from Fl

  15. U talking about the U.S.

  16. Tony Duncan says:

    US congress woman Yvette Clarke, her Mother (Una Clarke) is Jamaican

  17. Meghan Goods says:

    You would know what our country is full of!

  18. Alexander Sinclair says:

    Meghan Goods My parents are Jamaican my whole family are Jamaican, I think I would have a slight notion as to how the state of affairs are in Jamaica. Men think it is their god given right to father 10 children yet do not want to financially support them, however they are under the false idea that fathering 10 children is what makes them a man. Then there is a problem that they hate gay people yet have a rampant gay underground. Jamaica could be a shining example in the Caribbean , yet they stifle their growth to be belligerent and backwards all in the name of Christianity.

  19. Alexander Sinclair says:

    Starkey Banton NO JAMAICA.

  20. Marie Gayle says:

    Sanya Richards, Raheem Sterling, and the list goes on…

  21. Very interesting and surprising didn't know alot of them were descended from my homeland..nice article.

  22. Batty man is wrong you here to as battyman your body will be going back in a body bag

  23. Althea Malabre says:

    SHETTT UPPP! & take a seat!!! who don't like the fact that we detest the act of homosexuality among many other corruptions guh 2 hell! #who don't like it bite it!! -__-

  24. Nkeshie Needs Summer says:

    Are you or your family homophobes and thugs? I don't think they are, this horrible generalization. I could say the same about the US, with all the murders, gang activity and crimes against homosexuales…Every country has it's bad apples, but trust me good people are the majority in Jamaica…If you do not have anything good to say, then don't say anything.

  25. Desiree Love says:

    Taye Diggs, Al Roker, Roxie Roker (Al's cousin)….

  26. Nkeshie Needs Summer says:

    I meant *this is a horrible generalization

  27. Steel Cage says:

    Tyson Beckford is half Panamanian and Olivia is half Cuban.

  28. Alexander Sinclair says:

    Nkeshie Needs Summer Problem is this horrible generalisation exists to the point that Jamaica has nothing to offer anymore.

  29. Sarnya Hylton says:

    and your point?? they are everywhere, not only found in JA

  30. Deece Hans says:

    yea, they missed Dulé Hill – big up Dule Hill –

  31. Andre Palmer says:

    Shmurda is from Jamaica lived in Florida with his father for a while, then moved to bklyn 90z

  32. Ne Yo Queen says:

    Samardo Samuels was also let off the list. he is Jamaican and does basketball camps in Jamaica all the time.

  33. I had known of a few of them but a lot of them I didn't know y'all didn't Jane Halle berry there her mom is Jamaican

  34. Lovelely Lovelett says:

    Wow me too

  35. Nkeshie Needs Summer says:

    Jamaica has a lot to offer, that statement is erroneous…

  36. Alexander Sinclair says:

    Althea Malabre You comment exhibits your enlightening mind set.

  37. Alexander Sinclair says:

    Sophia Perkins May I suggest you take an English writing course, maybe then will your scribblings become coherent.

  38. Alexander Sinclair says:

    Nkeshie Needs Summer For example?

  39. Alexander Sinclair says:

    Sarnya Hylton You are correct.

  40. Kristen Ritz says:

    Sean kingston did not go to high school in ocho rios please do more research before posting yes his people are from JA but he is from south fla he went to plantation higj..

  41. He did go to Ocho rios High school! That is where he went when he was sent to Jamaica for a time. Do your research!!

  42. Kristen Ritz says:

    If yu say so.. I had class with him.. his mama dem went and did they time he stayed here

  43. Kristen Ritz says:

    If yu say so.. I had class with him.. his mama dem went and did they time he stayed here

  44. Kristen Ritz says:

    If yu say so.. I had class with him.. his mama dem went and did they time he stayed here

  45. Kristen Ritz Not saying you did'nt have class with him…..just bringing you up to date.

  46. Kristen Ritz says:

    Either way it goes ue didnt move there when he was six.. there facts are wrong.. hes been there b4 yes.. but like I said article is wrong..

  47. Travis Brady says:

    They for got Joey bad ass

  48. Travis Brady says:

    They for got Joey bad ass

  49. Love this little piece of knowledge

  50. Love this little piece of knowledge

  51. Momo-Mystik Wooly says:

    LESTER HOLT is from Mandeville, Jamaica!

  52. Lucy John Solomon says:

    Dule Hill is from Trinidad.

  53. Roberto Jr Shank says:

    Wow didn't know that!

  54. Roberto Jr Shank says:

    Wow didn't know that!

  55. Francois Cox says:

    Colin Powel is from Barbados parents not jamaican. SORRY!

  56. Lahavah Hila says:

    Look up any bio. Jamaican.

  57. Jay Sal says:

    Colin Powell is from Jamaican Parents, NOT Bajan. please get your facts right before you post

  58. This was interesting, now I knew some of them Sheryl Lee, Chris, Heavy D, Chubb and Biggie but alot of others I was surprised like Kerry and Al Roker surprised me. But correct me if I'm wrong…I thought Tyson said he was half Asian? never heard him mention Ja…obvious he's of some African decent but clarify please.

  59. Jay Sal says:

    nope, he is from Jamaican parentage

  60. Jay Sal says:

    Busta Ryhmes was born in Jamaica.

  61. I could be wrong but I thought Tyson's mom was Chinese and Afro-Jamaican and his father is Afro-Panamanian.

  62. Jay Sal says:

    Tyson Beckford is Jamaican not 1/2 Panamanian, please get your facts together

  63. That sounds about accurate, I knew it was something like that.

  64. Jenny Thom says:

    Trini he said on Wendy's show

  65. Jay Sal says:

    Jenny Thom : Hill was born in East Brunswick, New Jersey, to parents Jennifer and Bertram Hill (both are from Jamaica).[2][3] He studied ballet from an early age, and performed in the musical The Tap Dance Kid as Savion Glover's understudy on Broadway, then played the part on the show's national tour.[4] Hill graduated in 1993 from Sayreville War Memorial High School, in Sayreville, New Jersey,[5] and studied business finance at Seton Hall University and acting at William Esper Studio.[6] While at Seton Hall,[5] he accepted a role on Jim Henson's CityKids.

  66. First of all everyone with root from the West Indies are not automatically Jamaican Farrakhan parents is from Barbados, so is Colin Powell, David Paterson Father is Grenada

  67. Fluffy Karen says:

    the black actress from Pirates of the Caribbean also has Jamaican heritage.

  68. Fluffy Karen says:

    the black actress from Pirates of the Caribbean also has Jamaican heritage.

  69. Collin Powell and Farrakhan are most definitely Jamaicans!

  70. Steel Cage says:

    Jay Sal Ok Take it easy! I never said he was not Jamaican. He even said himself his mother is Chinese Jamaican and his father is Panamanian in a interview. I know someone that knows him and if you Google it you would see for yourself..

  71. Khadz Fray says:

    Pete Wentz from rock group Fall Out Boy, him mom's Jamaican too, I was surprised to know that 🙂

  72. Why are they listing people born in Kingston Jaimaca? That is not the title of the article!

  73. Sorry made an error. I meant Jaimaca Queens New York. My bad. I can tell I need sleep. Lol.

  74. wrong! St Elizabeth, Ja

  75. Francois Cox says:

    Jay Sal thats ok one person already said that it woulda been nice to just see the comment and move on seeing the correction is above but thanks for the repeat.

  76. Dahlia Minott says:

    Shaggy is also from Jamaica.

  77. Francois Cox says:

    Lahavah Hila thanks i made mistake with someone else

  78. Dahlia Minott says:

    Lennox Lewis parents are Jamaicans and the late Trevor Burbick was a Jamaican.

  79. Neatha Rose says:

    You forgot Sidney Poitier.

  80. Omario Jones says:

    Thanks to this article..90% of those celebs now know they are Jamaican 🙂

  81. Bushwick Bill of Ghetto Boys, straight outta St. Mary.

  82. Sherrell Johnson says:

    All the people listed said it themselves. If your parents were born in Jamaica and migrated to Barbados, you are still a Jamaican. Tyson Beckford said it himself 'I'm Jamaican'. We also have a lot of Chinese, Japanese, Korean mixed individuals in Jamaica. A lot of my friends and family are mixed with Chinese, but they look black.

  83. Ariana DOyen says:

    @Neatha Hill…Sidney Poitier was a neighbor of my grandparents in Mount Vernon NY. A great Caribbean actor, but not Jamaican, he is Haitian. @Elrica D'Oyen Gebert, the reason you likely have not heard of many of them is they are Americans of Jamaican ancestry, that the title of the article.

  84. Steve Shelton says:

    Naomi Harris

  85. Check their biography and it will tell you, their parents are Jagans. FYI Jamaicans.

  86. Steve Shelton says:

    I'm old enough to remember the days (not so long ago) when Americans wouldn't believe I was born & raised Yard. They'd automatically assume I was Latino (a few swore I was Samoan).

    If you weren't dark skin with Dreads and Ganja you "couldn't be" Jamaican.

    These days folks are grasping to any Jamaican heritage they can find no matter how remote eh?


  87. Elrica D'Oyen-Gebert says:

    No Ariana, I know all the ones who are not rappers…not very much into that, and still amazed that people achieve celebrity status from that, but so be it. I know pretty much all the rest.

  88. Elrica D'Oyen-Gebert says:

    No Ariana, I know the majority of the ones who are not rappers…not very much into that style of music, and still amazed that people achieve celebrity status from it, but so be it. I know pretty much all the rest, except the wrestler…by the way, I don't think Grace Jones (whom I've partied with – once!) or Naomi Campbell are Americans (her behaviour seems to leave much to be desired, not much of a credit to Jamaica, but famous nonetheless)

  89. out of so many people Steve. They obviously not been to St Elizabeth or Mandeville lol or even German town

  90. maybe but he was raised in yard and nuff chinese in Jamaica

  91. The list could be endless if we included the English born Jamaicans like Raheem Sterling, John Barnes, Daniel Sturridge and the 25% of most English footballers lol

  92. Sorry, but Colin Powell is definately Jamaican – check it out – he is part of my extended family.

  93. Jamaica to the World … Do that Jamaica may under God fulfill her … To the whole human race " Who can finish this quote from our Jamaica national pledge ? Reminds us of our calling – divine ?! Of particular mission on the planet. May we rise to our high calling rejecting the options for the low and evil ones which call as mightily.

  94. Tracey-Anne Clarke says:


  95. Jan Viana says:

    Neatha Rose Sorry he is from the Bahamas At Sunrise

  96. The first Black man to become the .S. secretary of state parent is Jamaican.

  97. That is Colin Powell

  98. That is Colin Powell

  99. Rapper biggy small whose mother is a jamaican sent him back J.A in St. MARY with his grandmother .

  100. Funny that 3 of the FOUNDERS of Hip hop are JAMAICAN or OF JAMAICAN decent, (and from the BRONX… BX stand up!!)… YET The "Hip Hop Nation" always tries to "diss the program"… JAMAICANS GAVE THEM A VOICE, A PLACE IN SOCIETY.!! Something that has become SO POWERFUL, AND SO LUCRATIVE WORLDWIDE… (I don't identify with SOME of it, because of its negative impact on society, however, the same could be said about the "Kartel" genre of dancehall music.) So next time "one yankee bwoy" a try diss di program, juss square up yu shoulder an mek him know seh A WE GI UNUH MOUTH FI CHAT.!!

  101. April Brown says:

    Me too.

  102. Yes am related to Colin Powell !!!! My grate grandfather is Solomon Powell fr st Elizabeth ja

  103. Busta rhymes is of Trinidadian descent, Al Rokers dad is from the Bahamas

  104. I thought I knew all the Jamaicans…learned about a few new ones.

  105. Roy Cutter Lawrence says:

    you are ignorant. I feel sorry for you

  106. Allison Alecia says:

    Tyson has always mentioned his Jamaican heritage AlWAYS..

  107. Allison Alecia says:

    I am not sure of the rest but Colin Powell I know for a fact his parents are jamaican

  108. Allison Alecia says:

    No Busta Rhymes is of Jamaican decent ' sorry

  109. Bee Bless says:

    He needs to return his rude @$$

  110. I remember wynn Americans and ppl of all decent didn't like our reggae music. Wynn neighbors complained about my "jungle music" being too loud. Wynn if you had dreads they come up to us asking to "score some weed". Every time I hear that made up word and music "Reggae-ton" I want to slap somebody!!

  111. Byron Doman says:

    Best little country on the planet, but we need to send all the politicians go mars….

  112. i

  113. Ina Wisdom says:

    That's just what my Daddy used to say, that we were part Chinese. Lol. Trelawny and St.Anne parish is the most I know

  114. Very interesting……. I love jamaica, born and raise. Nah sell out.

  115. Lester's grandmother in from Manchester. He and his mother were born in the states

  116. Louis Parkins Mandeville is the capital of Manchester and I just know he has roots there….. he came here to explore his roots after Tessanne Chin won the Voice last year.

  117. Jason Lewis says:

    MERLENE OTTEY! a born Jamaican!!!!! dispute dat…lol

  118. Roxie Roker (Lenny Kravitz's mama) was born in FL. her mom is from GA.and her dad is Bahamian.

  119. Pete Wentz's grandmother is Jamaican

  120. Neatha Rose he is from Cat island in the Bahamas!

  121. @Ariana DOyen he's from the Bahamas not Haiti

  122. Farrakhan parents were Jamaican & Kittitian! Colin Powell is Jamaican @Colin Paterson

  123. I hear that. To this day I still get a kick out of people trying to figure out what I am.

  124. Is there a Trinidad & Tobago version of this listing?

  125. we are all over the place

  126. Greg Robinson Sterling and Barnes are actually Jamaican born, but you're right to note that there's a ton of Jamaican influence in English football. Young, Townsend, Ox, Walcott and many others are also Jamaicans. 5 of the 20 players in England's most recent squad were Jamaican. That type of Jamaican ratio (one quarter) is pretty typical for England squads at all age levels, and remarkable considering the fact that English Jamaicans make up only around 1-2% of the English population.

  127. Francois Cox says:

    Roy Cutter Lawrence i feel sorry for you i made my correction and your immature mind still made your grubby little fingers type such a childish message what you need to do is look before you leep i was corrected accepted it so just take a hike WTF are you 12

  128. Francois Cox says:

    Joy Brown Tomlinson no need to because i already made my correction or yalkl blind i know yall are proud but seriously this is just plain ignorance now

  129. Francois Cox says:

    Gloria Jean Ridings Marzouca no need to love if you can just look above you can see i acknowledged that i made a mistake so can everyone jsut get over it now or do i have to go out on a full out war

  130. Francois Cox says:


  131. Chilli Davis a former Baseball player is Jamaican who grew up in LA. I am from the San Francisco Bay Area, I have roots in Jamaica, Grenada and people from Trinidad and Guyana.

  132. Yes Madge Sinclair is from Jamaica, may she RIP!!

  133. That's right Tyson Beckford said that in his bio.

  134. Ok guys I got it snd I said I never heard meaning just me im not speaking for no one else wasnt meant to offend anyone geez not that serious

  135. Busta Rhymes is from New York of Jamaican Heritage.

  136. A-Plus from the rap group Souls Of Mischief father is Jamaican.

  137. one time for the yaad massive #zacarsong #remember #2chron7.

  138. Niloc Hines says:

    Jamaica is so bless

  139. Lyndon Allen says:

    You are so wrong, Colin Powell parents are from Jamaica.

  140. Lyndon Allen says:

    Wrong, Colin Powell`s father is from Laws Street, Kingston, Jamaica.

  141. Lyndon Allen says:

    My mistake I meant Farakan. but Colin Powell`s parents are from Jamaica.

  142. Ayotal Brown says:

    Jamaica is the best place ever we only need money to live here

  143. Lyndon Allen says:

    The article is about people of Jamaican roots

  144. Lyndon Allen says:

    I like the article, big up Jamaica. So proud to be a Jamaican.

  145. Epic says:

    Canibus what? cray

  146. Joseph Joyce says:

    Gil Scott-Heron`s father was Jamaican.

  147. It says on here that his father is Jamaican not both parents.

  148. Wonderful – looks like they fixed it

  149. Joan Morgan says:

    Madge also taught at Central Branch Primary School. A very good Netball teacher.

  150. Al Lyon says:

    Patrick Ewing, I did;nt strole all the way down but I hope the great New York Nicks were mentioned,,

  151. Pete Wentz' Mom is also Jamaican.

  152. Yup he's Jamaican alright. Straight out of St. Elizabeth

  153. Francois Cox says:

    Kerene Thomas i mixed him up with a man called Eric Holder thats all i've gone pass this long time

  154. Karee Onfroy says:

    Pete Wentz …. Of Fall out Boy, the alternative band…. His mother is Jamaican

  155. Karee Onfroy says:

    It only says his father…. You should read a bit more carefully

  156. you watch football?

  157. UK singer FKA Twigs her father is Jamaican.

  158. SORRY Mr Cox Colin Powell parents is from ST. ELISABETH TOP HILL JAMAICA.

  159. FKA Twigs the UK singer should be here. Model Tyson Beckford as well had a Jamaican Grandmother

  160. Joy L. Grant says:

    We are a fabulous people!

  161. Sooooo…., if you're born in Jamaica you are no longer considered black? I don't understand the title of this article. Africa birthed us all. The ignorance will never end, smh!

  162. Jesica Ennis of England has Jamaica roots

  163. Bobby Schmurda was born in Florida. His dad is Jamaican.

  164. Heard Roker spoke on air of his Bahamian but not not of Jamaican so that might be subject to clarification.

  165. Before God and all mankind, i pledge the love and loyalty of my heart, the wisdom and courage of my mind, the strength and vigor of my body,in the service of my fellow citizens, i promise to stand up for justice, brother wood, and peace, to work diligently and creatively to think generously honestly so that Jamaica may under God, increase in beauty fellowship and prosperity, and play her part in the advancing the welfare of the whole human race.

  166. i heard it on R J R hot line Farrakhan dad is Jamaican and his mom is from another Caribbean country that's why he is taking the million man march this time around

  167. Jamaicans are just unique don't matter what some folks say, we have been a power of strength in building the united states of America, England, grand cayman just a few and when they think they have gotten enough of our labor they try to kick us out .

  168. Also his mother's father is cousin to Colin Powell.

  169. Francois Cox…Unfortunately you are extremely incorrect. BOTH his parent were born in Jamaica. Your facts are wrong. Colin even did a documentary of his foreparents homeland not that long ago and it was in JAMAICA!!!!!!!!!!!! Go to You Tube and listen to his bio also.

  170. no my dear he is colin powell is jamaican NOT BAJAN

  171. Glen Warren says:

    Add athletics. I have seen Olympic finals with at least 6 Jamaicans – some competing for other countries.

  172. Anna Kaye says:

    How about the late, great Notorious B.I.G. Everyone knows his mom (Miss Wallace) is Jamaican and he used to spend plenty of holidays on the island.

  173. What I don't get is why anyone wouldn't think there from a Jamaican back growned

  174. Colin Powell is from Jamaican parents, not Bajan.

  175. Bunny Hiza says:

    How about Sonya Richards? the runner her mom and dad are from Jamaica.

  176. just want to add.
    Joel Augustus Rogers to this list. Unuh Check out his most famous book from superman to men.. A nuh just recently J'cans a mek contribution to merican society.

  177. Are all these findings factual? Slick Rick is Panamanian.

  178. How come no one mention…@Sean Kingston….he is Jamaican.

  179. You may have accidently passed him by but Tyson Beckford is on there.

  180. Bishop Noel Jones (brother of Grace Jones) is also Jamaican.

  181. A su wi BROAAAAD and the list goes on. Big up yuself YAAAAAAD.

  182. Denise Brown says:

    sorry Francois Cox you get that one wrong.

  183. Desreine Taylor Tyson Beckford mother and father are from Jamaica and he was born and raised there till age 7.

  184. LOL! I think as more people (including and especially black americans) travel to Jamaica they will see and understand the diversity of the country. When you arrive at Sangster you will see and hear Jamaicans of all different ethic backgrounds. Heck – I live in Washington, D.C. and my Honda mechanic is Chinese Jamaican! I've been in love with Jamaica since as long as I can remember. I first went there in the 1980's and it was everything I hoped it would be. Yes, there are bad parts but the U.S. has bad parts as well – what country doesn't. I also started reading about Jamaican history and culture. I had always loved Marcus Garvey so how could I not go to the place of his birth (I actually went to his house/office/museum in Kingston – I highly recommend it). And I read a lot of Jamaican and West Indian novels as a way to immerse myself in the culture. People keep mentioning the Chinese culture in Jamaica – please check out a book called Pao by a Chinese-Jamaican named Kerry Young. She also wrote another Jamaican novel called Gloria. Jamaica is a gem – now if they could only get the politics right – would could be a real diamond.

  185. So many more – too numerous to mention. Example: Kamla Harris, Susan Rice, Malcolm Gladwell


  187. Interesting and informative list…..just wish some ppl would read before commenting…..(proud multiracial Jamaican)

  188. Lowana the right spelling should be "brotherhood" big up Jamaica

  189. No he is from the Bahamas.

  190. Wayne Powell says:

    what about JayZ, alicia keys, 50cent. i thought this article would inlude them. they also have jamican parents.

  191. stop wid the foolishness. why you even bringing up color when the title of this is "jamaican descent?" is about cultural pride, not about race…..why u so jealous of a place where so many great things occured? Marcus Garvey inspired the AF to rebel. MLK visited many times to feel free without fear of assination…you are probably wearing dreads inspired by our Rastafarians, reggae inspired your rap…..our motto is "out of many, one people" so stop trying to do the divide and conquer thing with color….we embrace all colors and cultures in Jamaica……and no, we are not all black…..we are all Jamaicans…..

  192. Born to Jamaican parents in South Wimbledon, London, on January 14, 1965, Ricky Walters was blinded by broken glass as an infant and took to wearing an eyepatch from an early age. He emigrated with his family to the Bronx in the late '70s and attended the La Guardia High School of Music & Art,

  193. He is on the list…

  194. Nele Nel says:

    Greg Robinson Darren Bent ,the footballer is Jamaican,

  195. Lorna Cole says:

    Great to see this but bthere are many more. Thought I'd see more poets. What babout scientist?

  196. Karen Goodall thats how Americans are, they always want to include race then stir a big problem out of it

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