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8 thoughts on “10 R&B Divas Who Died Too Soon

  1. Jay Contreras says:

    Out of all of these talented Sistahs, Phyllis is the one that is most heartbreaking to me b/c she chose to give up and check out. Will never be able to understand her pain & what pushed her to that point but I hope she is in peace now.

  2. 'ro Maina says:

    Uh…you forgot Sylvia Striplin…

  3. daaaaamn…i didn't realize tammi terrelle was so damn young. <smh>

  4. Billie Holiday was not an R&B Diva. She was known as a jazz vocalist…or Jazz Diva.

  5. Dorothy Dandridge was not an R&B singer. She was an actress.

  6. Shawnez Iwillnotbemoved Mckenzie says:

    Totally forgot Teena Marie! Come on now, she deserve that honor and she is without a doubt a R&B Diva!

  7. yes she died too soon she lives on.

  8. yes she died too soon she lives on.

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