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8 Facts Debunking Poverty Myths and Racial Stereotypes


Myth: African-Americans are the biggest food stamp recipients.

Fact: Blacks are not the primary recipients of food stamps: 35.7 percent of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, recipients and 43 percent of those on Medicaid — two of the largest public benefit programs — are white.


food stamp president

Myth: President Obama is the “Food Stamp President.”

Fact: President Barack Obama is not a “food stamp president.” According to recent figures, more food stamp recipients were actually added under former President George W. Bush than under President Obama. Under President Bush, the number of recipients rose by nearly 14.7 million.

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12 thoughts on “8 Facts Debunking Poverty Myths and Racial Stereotypes

  1. Jay Contreras says:

    This topic always cracks me up. Projection pure & simple. After having received the BIGGEST biggest in modern history..that FREE BLACK LABOR OF 250+ years called slavery PLUS the additional 100 years of legalized JIM CROW (where black people were denied equal access to public institutions were curiously were NOT given any discounted TAX RATES that we paid that contributed to those same public institutions) whites love to portray US as the free loaders and as always looking for a handout. How conveniently we forget. lol..SOME of us anyway.

  2. Facts men NOTHNG to those who hold on their stereotypes, for they would cause them to question heir false realities.

  3. Jay Contreras says:

    TRAVIS MACK–the resident PAID TROLL–whites pontificating about black 'crime stats' is like Jeffrey Dahmer or John Wayne Gacy sermonizing to the local pick pocket about moral values. It's laughable. Most crime committed by blacks can be traced to the ills of poverty, systemic discrimination & dis-enfranchisement. Whites are the global murder champion, hands down. How many black nations have started world wars? How many black people have dropped nuclear bombs on civilian populations, not once BUT twice? How many black nations have invaded innumerous sovereign nations & overthrown or murdered their elected leaders in the past 200 years or so; either directly or via proxy wars? Leaving MILLIONS dead & maimed? How many black people run the CIA which is KNOWN to be the largest drug & illegal arms dealer in the world? Yet, WE are disproportionately imprisoned for non-violent drug offenses? How many black people work at the Ft. Detrick lab who create bio-germ warfare diseases like AIDS, Ebola, Sars & all of these other mysterious hybrid diseases that curiously never SEEM to affect whites in any significant numbers? How many black people are spraying chemtrails & poisoning the atmosphere/air & own companies that are killing untold millions by poisoning municipal water supplies, the food, the soil? How many black people are forever raping Mother Earth, all in a craven, unending pursuit of $ & profit? So at the end of the day, the collective criminal pursuits of blacks worldwide PALE in comparison to those of whites. You are not REALLY interested in comparing body counts & numbers. lol..

  4. Jay Contreras says:

    TRAVIS MACK SAID: Blacks are quite seriously overrepresented most of the time and this is why this article, this site, and your comment, are all bullshit…

  5. Dude why are you following me around FB? You some kind of stalker? Why are you even on Atlantic Black Starr, it is obvious you hate black people and are some sort of bigot.

  6. Jay Contreras says:

    Stephen Bellinger It's a paid troll.

  7. Thanks Jay Contreras.

  8. Rico Law says:

    what does being literate or illiterate have to do with basing judgments on the facts, myths, opinions, propaganda and practices of a racist society? Whites commit 58.7% of violent crime period. True, Blacks commit almost 50% of homicides with 98% of their victims being other blacks. Whites commit 65% of rapes and 58% of weapons violations, yet more blacks are in jail than whites! There's literacy for you dickhead. FOH. This is a disproportionate amount of people of color on the wrong side of the wall when people of color don't commit the most crimes on average or in scale of numbers as well as the myths about social services such as welfare. Get your head out of the toilet and get a grip on reality because you obviously don't get it! Also, when have whites been systematically discriminated against and had laws enacted to prohibit them from succeeding in this country?

  9. Eric Wright says:

    Travis Mack Your commentary lacks intellectual and historical merit. Blacks are over-represented in large concentrations of poverty due to white supremacy endemic in all social institutions. Historically whites have benefited from mortgage and business loans also known as redlining. This is a fact, and since you lack the intellectual capacity to critically analyze historical truths I'll dumb it down for you. Your ancestors were giving loans to build and buy homes and my ancestors were denied such due to white supremacist banking practices. This meant that wealth distribution currently represented in 2014 is rooted in these unscrupulous and egregious practices. This is a 20th century phenomenon, and you surely don't want to go back further and look at the institution of Slavery in comparison to the homesteading granted to WHITE immigrants. So for you to look at a figure or statistic of today and attempt to draw some utterly ridiculous conclusion without factoring in the context of centuries worth of white privilege is about as low brow any analysis can get. For you to refer to this article or the subsequent comments as Bullshit shows how deeply rooted white supremacy is in people like yourself. To be confident in your bullshit assertions that lack any foundations is indicative of why the cycle of black oppression keeps going… And please don't even get me started on so-called black criminality and its marriage to white supremacy. You definitely will loose that argument. Do us all a favor and kill yourself!!!!

  10. Terrance Amen says:

    We can correct these problem and more, by giving back part of the money you're already spending. So there's no out of pocket cost. The solution is Black Unity, the plan is It's time for a new strategy.

  11. Using black people to make political points while YOUR people are in the majority of those who are impoverished and receiving government benefits is downright stupid and WILLFULLY ignorant!

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