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55 thoughts on “You Will Not Believe How These Young Black Men Were Forced to Defend Themselves Against Renegade Officers

  1. Alan Carter says:

    And the beat goes on.

  2. Jay Tee says:

    Two Punk Racist Cops Who Shouldn't Be Cops.

  3. Joan Coulter says:

    My God. The young men are soooo lucky those thug cops did not shoot them. Thug cop bullies. Bullying young Black men when they have absolutely no reason to do so. Higher authorities need to put a stop to this kind of attack, but they are part of it too.

  4. Esigie Aguele says:

    Stupid lazy coward cops looking to harass innocent people.

  5. Esigie Aguele says:

    What are the names of the officers involved?

  6. Punk cops don't even know how to fight.

  7. Arzia Harris says:

    without guns they know they are screwed -on a level playing field they would become obsolete over night they have to pay-we require half this country and 2/3 its wealth we need ten trillion from all major corporations and 5 million from all individuals if they dont have it they can work it off because we are nice

  8. Norma Davis says:

    You see he put his hands on his weapon after that whipping. They are bored, and looking for trouble. Terrible. The KKK wheres the blue uniform, and run the government. IsIS, and all the other countries aren't scared of the KKK. Blacks have been in America before all Europeans, even before the slave ships, so why won't they go home if they want their world back? Ck your history before you comment.

  9. Puffshe Puf says:

    Those two punk ass racist cops probably got picked on in school so they picked a badge and a gun.

  10. Brian Smith says:

    Its a good thing it was two of them. If it was just one instead of two, the two cops would have ganged up on the one and the outcome would have been different.

  11. Brian Smith says:

    That's because they are accustom to calling for back up……they can't take on someone one on one, who really insist on defending themselves.

  12. Esigie Aguele says:

    Brian Smith they are also accustomed to shooting people… these cops are cowards hiding behind a badge and gun.

  13. Joan Coulter says:

    Brian Smith You are absolutely right. White boys never look for a FAIR fight. Even thug gun-carrying cops are afraid of facing more than one Black man at a time.

  14. VDJ eli says:

    Good for them, I'm in shocked and very relieved they did not end up getting shot. Kudos for knowing your rights! Sadly cops here in Ch1 C1ty would have shot up the car, they wouldn't have even made it in the place to defend themselves.

  15. Shon Johnson says:

    Joan Coulter Racist much? "White boys never look for a FAIR fight." Wow, just Wow….

  16. These two are extremely lucky they didn't end up shot.

  17. Why would someone post a video that happened a few years ago now today ?

  18. Rob Roy says:

    These police were absolutely in the wrong. The gentlemen did not have to show ID without probable cause. However, sadly the rules are not fair and it is very dangerous to hit a police officer. This is likely the only case where someone got away with it. I understand the human nature for self-preservation and defense but without those cameras the cops could have killed those guys and likely gotten away with it. I agree that police need to calm down and be more respectful. They have to remember that we all weren't born yesterday and no one wants to be considered a criminal and just like police get upset by false accusations, any time the make someone show their ID the police are saying that they think the citizen is a criminal. If police get upset about people "playing the race card" because the implication is that the police are racist then the police should follow the golden rule and see the other person's perspective.

  19. weather its their right or not, why not just show them your ID. I don't get why people refuse to. It can resolve so much if you just cooperate with officers.

  20. For what… just because they ask… maybe they have showed their Id 800 times before that for no apparent reason and decided today was the day they were going to stand up for their rights… just cause your an officer doesn't mean you can run up on people without probable cause… we live in the United states… not in Nazionale Germany. ..

  21. Dude I never said it was about race… and for every one incident like the one you referenced there are countless incidents like the one above… if they had did something wrong the cops should have hit the lights on them and approached them by the book… these dumb fucked approached them inside the business and asked if he said something to him sideways… which since when in this country can you not express something to any… that's your 1st amendment right… bottom line cops can't just run up on you without stating why they are trying to detain you or ask you questions… if there was an issue then when he ask him what they did wrong the officer would have told him… notice that he didn't?! He just proceeded to try to harass him…

  22. He hadn't detained them yet he was asking for the license, he would of detained them eventually because they refused the show id. According to the “stop-and-identify” statutes police are allowed to request ID if they have proper suspicion, The cops might of waited to go inside so they would blocked off the exit so they couldn't run, or so that the cameras could pick up their faces. like I said many possibilities. And although you have that little amendment which allows you to have freedom of speech, it doesn't mean you can use it always, it still has limitations. Lessoned is, just cooperate with law enforcement and things go by quicker and with less violence acts.

  23. If The PolICe sToP/DeTAIN AND frIsk You: The police can only stop you if they have a “reasonable suspicion” that you have committed, are committing, or are about to commit a crime. Once you have been stopped, you no longer have the right to walk away. At this point, police will probably ask for your ID. Unless you are in a vehicle, you don’t have to show the police ID. Not carrying or not having an ID is not a crime in New York, and the police should not take you to the precinct against your will to verify your identity if you don’t show or have ID unless they have probable cause (more evidence than “reasonable suspicion”) that you committed a crime. however, as a practical matter, presenting ID may help you avoid an unlawful arrest. You may ask why you’re being stopped, but the police are not required to tell you. Remember: Police officers can be unpredictable and can quickly escalate a situation, particularly if they feel unsafe, disrespected, or that they don’t have control of the situation. Therefore, it’s best to remain calm, cool and collected. If you make sudden movements, act in a way that is perceived as angry or aggressive, run or physically resist, you might get beaten or even shot. You don’t have to empty your pockets or purse unless an officer has probable cause. You have the right to remain silent! If you feel you must respond, only answer basic questions (name and address). You do not have to voluntarily tell the police whether you have marijuana or anything else in your pockets, purse, bag or car. Anything you say, can & will be used against you and may give the police a reason to arrest you. Remember, the police are allowed to say anything to you as part of their investigation, including statements that are not true. Undercover officers are not required to disclose that they are police until they are placing you under arrest

    That their is the law Brody. They can't ask you for id outside of your car without reasonable suspicion. He ask the cop why he wanted his id… the officer didn't give him a reason… thus no id was produced… you must have missed the part where he said he was a CRIMINAL JUSTICE MAJOR WITHOUT ANY WARRANTS OR PRIORS HUH… all you heard was criminal…

  24. You must have missed the part where he said he was a CRIMINAL JUSTICE MAJOR WITHOUT ANY WARRANTS OR PRIORS HUH.

  25. Right… with reasonable suspicion which they are suppose to tell you… otherwise they can run up on anyone and detain them… the guy asked him outright what the charge was… the officer never gave him one… thus no id… you can't really be that stupid can you… smh… done with this convo… can't help stupid….

  26. Leslie Settles says:

    Typical… Two Type A, anal retentive bullies hiding behind badges. These guys were regularly picked on in school and picked policing as a way to wield power over others.

  27. Paul Agbaku says:

    Pigs will be pigs. If that's what a law enforcement officer is, what do Americans call criminals?

  28. Debra Whitaker says:

    My God

  29. Joan Coulter says:

    Shon Johnson No "innuendo." Just straight-up observation statement. It's true. White boys NEVER look for a fair fight. They are ALWAYS mobbed up. Race card? White people made the DECK and want to call it something else. They did profile those young men, and the only reason they didn't shoot them was because there were witnesses in the place. But, they STILL LIED as usual and this racist government backed them us as usual.

  30. Joan Coulter says:

    Matthew Reynolds – I betcha no cop ever asked you for your ID simply for driving to and walking into an eatery.

  31. Shon Johnson says:

    Joan Coulter I have never heard of a fair fight, but In my observations growing up with black folk I observed the opposite. I never saw a black person fight a white one on one. As a matter of fact I had to learn to fight whole gangs and families being the only white in my whole area and school. Good and bad folks are everywhere, but I noticed the police were a different breed. They hated equally across the board, black, white, yellow, brown everybody was fair game for their abuses of power.
    That was what this whole thread was about wasn't it, until you changed it with your racist comment.
    As for the "race card" it was a phrase coined in the OJ trials about a corrupt White cop named Mark Furman, made by the defense team to show his racism. So unless your talking about something other than your racism, like I was, then I think you've misinterpreted the meaning or changed it. The government doesn't back up lies because of racism, it backs up lies because of its corruption. It supports the cops assaulting people, all people, because they protect the interest of MONEY not people. Don't get it twisted, you have to be able to separate to maintain proper perspective. But then I think I may have just struck on something, your unable to maintain any type of perspective. In fact you might not be able to see at all. The picture CLEARLY depicts a PIG in a police uniform. The caption with it says "You break the law you go to jail, I break the law I get a paid vacation" They enjoy abusing all people, not just blacks, and maybe it does give them erections, I don't know. I do know that despite there being a great deal of racism on the part of whites, there is an equal amount by blacks, they just don't see it or admit it. But by your comments its clear to see yours. God Bless You Joan, I hope you get over yours before it consumes you. Because it always does.

  32. Darren Stevens says:

    Very well said!

  33. Darren Stevens says:

    Matthew Reynolds the statute you cited says in a "public place" a restaurant is a private property. Isn't it?

  34. Joan Coulter No I don't make it a habit to say things to cops when I walk by them.

  35. Darren Stevens Not sure how it works, its privately owned but its open to the public, So i would assume its a public place.

  36. Jackie Davis says:

    No they should not have shown them anything. You can say anything about what they should have done. When you walk out your house and drive you are not followed by cops for no reason 4 of your boys can ride n a car wiyhout being pulled over harrassed and killed. We are gonna fight for our rights and thats that u give up your rights you idiot

  37. Jackie Davis If I was followed by a cop daily and got pulled over I wouldn't fight, I would show my Id, knowing I haven't done anything wrong. I don't know what you think your truly fighting for by not showing it. It doesn't make me any less human trying to make things flow easier and have less stress in life. You say you fight for rights, but whats the point? Will it make you happy knowing your right? Say they showed them their ID, Then the cops run their names, then they say alright your good to go. Then everyone would of been able to have gotten food and everyone would of been on their merry way. If you read any of my comments above I go on to say I don't and no one here knows what the cops motive was, weather they followed them or if that one of your boys said something rude as they walked in. Rights are just man made rules to keep order in this world, know when to fight and when not to.

  38. I never knew speaking, or disagreeing with someone… police or not… was a criminal offense!

  39. Lucky to be alive. Blacks would be so much safer in segregation.

  40. Alex Katker says:

    Joan Coulter you are no better than these ignorant cops with your silly "white boys dont fight fair" nonsense. IGNORANCE IS IGNORANCE. dont make it worse with such vacuous statements

  41. Joan Coulter says:

    Shon Johnson Innuendo? No innuendo. I said it straight up. Race card? That's what white people always say when they have nothing else to say that makes sense. Race card? White people made the DECK! No disrespect, just facts.

  42. Joan Coulter says:

    Shon Johnson That's right, you're the one with the donkey head.

  43. James Leconte says:

    These cops wanted to fight. That's why they didn't bring any guns and didn't use any pepper spray or a baton…c'mon people it's obvious

  44. Rob you should be a lawyer , very well stated.

  45. You mean blessed sir.

  46. Samuel Hill Jr. says:

    It's that WHITE SUPERIORITY COMPLEX that kicks in when they have a Badge on that makes them want to exert that, ( do as I tell you attitude.) as you have noticed, they do not try that when they have no Backup

  47. Samuel Hill Jr. says:

    Because it's still happening, that's why!

  48. Farntella Graham says:

    and the cops got away with this? y'all stay in the streets. don't let up. these cops are out of control in this country and the people are going to have to check them.

  49. Mark Calland says:

    Shon Johnson, I agree with a lot if what you said and with what Joan said, but to say blacks practice racism equally to whites I don't agree, not even close

  50. Chris Williams says:

    Chris Springston these young men know their shit… that pisssed the cops off

  51. I hope the youngsters don't make that a habit, but you can see why the pigs shoot so quickly. they can't fight!

  52. and there seems to be another agenda… hhmmmmm

  53. Brian Smith says:

    Joan Coulter , a lot of people are like that not just white people or police officers.

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