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4 thoughts on “10 Beauty Struggles Only Black Girls Understand

  1. Maxie Bradley says:

    non of this applies to me. if I had to spend a work day getting my hair done, i'd find a new salon. I can find make up for my skin tone just fine. as for the hair, I wash it and let it air dry and head out the door. unless its winter, I stay in and let it air dry.

  2. Lucky Miss Maxie, has the money to go some where that actually cares about her.

  3. I have done the big chop, but before I did, I struggled with my hair, my self esteem, and my sanity. I used to look for make up in my shade but decides that a clean face with no embellishment was just fine. I don't itch any more and simple natural products that don't have to be translated into lay language have advanced my beauty more than anything I ever used in the past. I advocate for pure essential oils even though they can be VERY HARD to find. I also advocate old fashioned beauty techniques that grandma applied with ingredients from her own garden or kitchen. That color crap that is sold in stores will kill you.

  4. Miss Maxie, let me apologize for my first post. It was tacky and ignorant.

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