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10 Fascinating Facts About George Washington and Slavery

Carlota Leading the Slaves in Matanzas, Cuba, 1843,, Lili Bernard

Carlota Leading Slave Rebellion in Matanzas, Cuba, 1843, Lili Bernard

  • George Washington first came into possession of enslaved Africans at the early age of 11.
  • Washington and his wife Martha together owned about 200 enslaved Africans at the beginning of the Revolution.
  • Washington had no tolerance for enslaved African uprisings against slavery. In 1791 as president, he authorized emergency financial and military relief to French slave owners in Haiti to suppress Haitian revolution.

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144 thoughts on “10 Fascinating Facts About George Washington and Slavery

  1. Jay Contreras says:

    I also read that Washington's mythical wooden teeth were really dentures made from forcibly pulled teeth of his slaves. These people were & are barbaric.

  2. Dennis Spurling says:


  3. Celia Nobles says:

    Foundling Fathers, I hope they're rotting in HELL !

  4. Darryl White says:

    Judgment Day is not going to be very enjoyable for them.

  5. In Wake County and other NC areas it was common for an uncooperative female slave to be hung upside.down.over a fire and smoked.into submission. The picture shown is accurate. This info was passed to me by my paternal grandmother when I was in grade school.

  6. Bryce Jordan says:

    Where are the sources for these facts? Not saying it isn't true but how do we know these are not made up? And yes 200 years later we have evolved and a civilization and realized that slavery is a terrible thing. But you can't hate our founding fathers for doing what they did 200 years ago when it was a common role in their society. It's like today you eat McDonald's and KFC but in 200 years they way they make those foods will become barbaric and outlawed and the future people will look back at us hoping we are rotting in hell so kind of ignorant to say that the founding fathers that gave you the freedom you enjoy today that they should be rotting in hell when this website sites no sources I could go post an article about MLK Jr or someone of that nature

  7. Jųšť Röýăłę says:

    what an ass

  8. Todd Baker says:

    I wonder how many people actually realize that it was black Africans that sold the slaves to the Portuguese. Never hear anything about the Africans that sold their own people to slavery. Turn around its always the white guys fault….

  9. Many people have heard and are very aware of the fact that Black Africans sold slaves to Europeans that came to Africa. However, this isn't how slavery got started, as many historians want people to believe. There was a demand for African Slaves, because it's easier to find and capture an African Runaway slave (unless you were a mulatto, who could pass for white), than it would be to capture an indentured servant, who were white. So, I'm going to flip the script and put it out there, that no one talks about how Europeans and early colonialists in the Americas, enslaved their own people, who were of a lower economic status, until they realized the aforementioned fact about enslaving Africans.

  10. So we must excuse all of the rest…right ? It was the fault of all those "white guys" who owned, RAPED, and killed millions of Africans. Enslaved others for 400 plus years, then engaged in all the hatred after @ segragation , KKK, Jim crow, share-cropping, and all the rest of your evil history.

  11. I wonder when white ppl are going to stop spreading rumors and lies…where are the logs? oh, I forgot, since it wasn't illegal to have slaves, but illegal to ship them in, most of yall didn't keep logs on the slaves, in fear of being prosecuted. I hear it all the time, and so do u, that's why u brought it up, or did u discover this misinformation? and how do historical facts say we are blaming you for anything? oh, I forgot, that's your conscience speaking outloud. foh, why are you trolling blackstar?

  12. No founding "Father" gave me my freedom. Yes, you are right…you can always create another LIE.

  13. what you mean is, "where are the white ppl confirming this" not that you care, it happens all the time to us and way more thn anyone else, so unless you really care about misinformation, stop the lies white ppl push all day everyday…unless all you care about is stopping black ppl….

  14. Tanisha Diann Cole Well written…Thank you

  15. its a shame when you see people today making excuses for people being evil and barbaric. There is no excuse for anyone to treat another human being like the Africans were treated. The ones that helped the their people get sold to slavery believe me had no idea of what the Africans was going to endure by being enslaved by the Portugese. That's so ignorant to say they was just doing it cause everyone did it, they just had evil hearts and George Washington was one of them!

  16. Todd Baker it's not mentioned because slavery among Africans was not based on race and their treatment was not brutal and slaves could marry into the tribe of their captures. This was because most of the slavery was a result of tribal wars. White Man's Burden and Manifest destiny are the conceptual context of white privilege and superiority. Howard Zinn's A Peoples History does a great job of explaining our nation and it's global perspective.

  17. Emmett Xaa says:

    And we have African Americans who still call them father ,what a morbid bunch some of us still are. Who would see a father as a murderer,rapist,killer and kidnapper?
    We have a responsibility to teach our children the truth about American history before its too late!!!

  18. Eber Papyrus says:

    Bryce Jordan is ignorant.

  19. Emmett Xaa says:

    Bryce I don't have to wish they burn in hell because i know they are in hell. White people are taught that is was manifest destiny to hold slaves as property but due to it already being practiced in the world. But you fail to realize that it was not chattel slavery like here in the west. The slave did not lose their identity or their language, like our families did here in the America's so the next time you ask a dumb question on a Black form get yourself better suited to do so. Instead of letting your ignorant white pride give you ideas that are wrong.

  20. @ Todd maybe if you ignorant, lazy mutha f#ckas never went to Africa in the first place and plowed your own fields, and picked your own cotton you wouldn't be talking stupid!!! Now STFU!

  21. James Thomas says:

    Jared Abdullah Garrison first of all I never did anything to yall or your ancestors. So next time yall attack a man for the color of his skin you can be sure that it is yall doing it to another person because of the color of his skin. RACIST! And that would be yall not me. So don't call me a racist because of what happened back then when your brothers in Africa murdered your families and sold your ancestors into slavery. Your Arab brothers still enslave African's today. In fact I would argue that Blacks are some of the most racist people on the planet. I know that is a tough thing to accept but sadly it is pretty obvious.

  22. Joe Killian says:

    Slaves were indeed property and in many if not most instances a significant portion of the owners wealth was tied up in slaves. It would not be beneficial to most therefore to lose their "property" and have creditors call their loans for instance and foreclose on their property or send the debtor to prison for the debts. The ploy the British used to free American owned slaves was specifically targeted to the rebellion. Tories were exempt from this and their slaves remained their property. In fact British (and French) Caribbean territories kept slavery well intact until about 1820.

  23. there's a fact that historians will never tell you. blacks were lured into selling their own kins. most of the cases, they did it after drinking the liquor given by the whites. and that's how they (whites) happened to snatch the pieces of land they wanted to, make the african kings sign treaties that they only knew what they were about. i'm sorry that historians are not objective in their researches but happily there's GOD to clear it all and say who did what in doomsday

  24. Joe Killian says:

    It's a shame you say such things. If they had not founded this country it is highly likely that slavery would have lasted even longer than it did. Slavery preceded the founding of this nation by almost 200 years. Our Founding fathers were born into this system the same as the slaves were. This is not excuse, it's a simple fact. Let me ask you; were you born into less fortunate circumstances than you have today? Is that your fault? Is that your parents fault? Who is to Blame??? Can you single out a particular person or reason for any misfortune you have ever experienced and is it ENTIRELY their responsibility?

  25. Joe Killian says:

    It's a shame you say such things. If they had not founded this country it is highly likely that slavery would have lasted even longer than it did. Slavery preceded the founding of this nation by almost 200 years. Our Founding fathers were born into this system the same as the slaves were. This is not excuse, it's a simple fact. Let me ask you; were you born into less fortunate circumstances than you have today? Is that your fault? Is that your parents fault? Who is to Blame??? Can you single out a particular person or reason for any misfortune you have ever experienced and is it ENTIRELY their responsibility?

  26. Joe Killian says:

    Tanisha Diann Cole Very true and slavery of Indo-Europeans etc… was spoils of war in ancient times all the way up to the 16th century. Arabs, Africans and yes Europeans ALL have histories of enslavement… all throughout history.

  27. Cap Stanley says:

    Why judge past events on current standards, and cast them to hell….why not discuss the wonderful change of the majority view of the wrongs that were done and the progress made….i could easily used this same flawed logic and say all blacks from Africa whose families sold blacks from Africa should rot in hell…what a flawed and hatefull outlook. One must look at the situation in world at that time, whst was happening in the social/ecomomic arena in that part of the world and in what would become the US and consider what the norms were. Study it as history, how it affected the world, how it changed or did not change things, and how it led to the world we know now. After you consider all of this, make an educated satement…..

  28. While I respect your opinion Mr. Killian ..I have to disagree with you on your comment which is not factual [ ] " If they had not founded this country it is highly likely that slavery would have lasted even longer than it did " []…..The Abolitionists movement started in England and NOT the USA …All the various Acts abolishing the slave trade and slavery did not start in the USA, perhaps its better to say had it not been for England; slavery and the slave trade would have gone on much longer …Could you speak the USA reluctance especially states in the South to give up owning slaves ? What was the North South war about ?..Can you speak to this Sir.? Caucasian people have brutally mistreated other races and this is a fact and some are former Presidents of the USA….but God bless America…..I am not unforgiving

  29. Again not true.. but you are entitled to your opinion. I think the race oppressors of black people made two fundamental mistakes.. 1) They mistook black people for ignorant fools and incapable of intelligence; 2) They allowed us to become educated and then they discovered that black people were just as intelligent or more intelligent…. Cheers

  30. Joe Killian says:

    Maureen P Holder I will not engage you further because you're a racist and nothing I say will matter. It seems to me that non "Caucasians" are doing more than their share of brutalizing each other. But of course I am sure with your mentality that is the fault of Caucasian's also.

  31. Bryce Jordan says:

    you all think just because I'm white means I am for slavery? Wow typical. I was raised not to see color. And @marvin sanders your right they didn't give you the freedoms you enjoy today at all that was the us military and Jared garrison I don't need white people to confirm this it could be white black brown yellow green I don't care but an actual credited foundation to credit this I wouldn't care if it came from.brown university I just wanted some backing to this story ever you obviously don't understand the word of ignorant so point proven there and Emmett did you not read what I said in my original comment? I don't support them and what they did but 200 years ago that's how they were raised the whole argument of nature vs nurture which I hope you know what that is and don't have to Google it how you are brought up is going to effect who you are and what you do with your life most of the time but not in all cases and sorry I forgot me being white I don't have the right to comment on a black forum… I thought only white people were the racist ones but you are proving my point that it doesn't just come from uneducated white trash people it comes from both sides

  32. The end of whiteness is coming much sooner than than you think and is a prerequisite for the humans to become humane again.

  33. Joe Killian says:

    More intelligent based on race? I don't waste my time with devout racists.

  34. Here I am trying to have a mature conversation with you and all you are doing is calling me a devout racists for stating facts and opinions….if you want we could discuss race on race violence in the black community Sir

  35. Robert Q. Riley says:

    From this perspective in the 21st Century, it's easy to see the conflict between the words of the Constitution and what it meant to the founders in actual practice. We are our culture. We are not people who have been overlaid with a culture. We "are" our culture. And these "men" were white Europeans, the only legitimate and civilized "race" in the world. Those are the eyes through which they saw the world.

    Abraham Lincoln did not consider blacks as equal to whites. Women were inferior members of society. When they wrote about "free men" in the constitution, they really meant "men", not women. That's why it took an amendment in order for women to have the right to vote. Women simply had no place in a man's world of business and politics.

    We havet o forgive them for seeing the world through the only eyes that had.

  36. Joe Killian says:

    Maureen P Holder you're also a prejudiced gender bigot. Anything else you wish to tell me? LOL

  37. Yes please ….I wish to tell you that you a stranger to the truth ….I thought you said you weren't going to bother with me …. Sir you have my sympathies, you poor white man child….There is help for you.. please get some soon…Cheers

  38. oh, you hope to see it fro a white school and not a hbcu right? if yere "raised not to see color" you were raised to not see when white ppl mistreat black ppl at every turn they can…you were raised blind…but then u said you don't care what color ppl are then named colors of people that don exist…logical right? you casted doubt, ith no proof but your own inkling…thats "racist", in this setting r…ur white, do u think u get to come to a black site and cast doubt about racism, and then try to flip the script? bro, go eat a snickers

  39. flawed cause that's a myth…where is the proof saying we ALL sold slaves to yall…so yall didn't steal not a one huh?

  40. you are so out of tough with reality…u think u can say "I could say…" and I wont believe that's what u think? when black ppl ack black ppl, guess what…99.9% of the times, it aint about skin color…that's yall bro…and please stop pushing the stereotype that we sold ourselves to yall…where is the proof? where are the logs? oh, cause importing slavery was a crime, though having them wasn't one…so play like we sold them ll to you (like you didn't steal not a one) and still be eld guilty for importing us here…cant run from being responsible for something bro

  41. everytime u state a fact that white ppl don't like, they call u racist…but they love using statistics that make black ppl look are a hypocrite joe

  42. Joe Killian says:

    I wasn't "Trolling" Blackstar in my case. I was commenting on my friends article in the Huffington Post and the comments are going on this page. That said, I had no idea how ingrained, belligerent and hateful black people are openly here on this site. The irony is there are people on here that are black supremacists, think they are morally superior simply based on the history of slavery and skin color. It's mentally deluded to spout "Your evil history" etc.. to a person because they have caucasian skin or any other type of skin color. I happen to agree with Dr. King. It's all about character.

  43. Bryce Jordan says:

    Jared you are very misinformed brown is a dominate black university with tons of prestige I'm sorry that the color of my skin prevents me from having an opinion on this site. You are making it sound as if I am for racism that I'm ok with slavery or mistreatment and for whites mistreating blacks every chance they get? Yes there are white groups out there that do horrible things to other human beings but what about the groups or gangs and beat down on white people like what a month ago a place called springfield Missouri group of 6 black men beat down a white couple not just the man but the woman too so it's not all white people are bad just like not all black people are bad. Now if I was black and came on this site asking for sources of this info no one would have said a thing but because I'm white I always like to know where info is coming from on any subject or matter because we all know Internet is full of lies and propaganda like I said I just want to know where I could look this up in a credited book that was published because I could go online and post 10 facts you didn't know about who ever and put some pictures on there and I'm sure people would be like wow I didn't know that I hope they burn in hell…

  44. Bryce Jordan says:

    I know I'm going to get yelled at for this but I do agree with what you say but slave owners did not only use Africans for slave work they also enslaved Irish settlers to work for them and we're used for harsher more dangerous work because Irish men and women were cheaper it's a horrible thing what men did 200 years ago but I'm just happy and we can all be happy we are evolving to become a better race… some days I still have my doubts but then sometimes I see people of all races and genders do something outside the norm to make this world a better place to live

  45. but you were the first to call a black racist dude..stop playing victim

  46. I didn't say black dominated, I said hbcu…look it up and hang on every word…historically black…oh, u don't see color,but u notice ur white all of a sudden? cerry pick away, but I can recall more racist acts from white ppl, so miss me with the this just in news bro. u spoke outturn, we always check oown race…that's where all this "black on black" bs comes from..we don't mess with yall till yall messedith us..if yall didn't kill one of us, no one would have touched that couple, and u know it, please…and pleas shut the up, u sound butt hurt

  47. Joe Killian says:

    Jared Abdullah Garrison I am not playing your game loser.

  48. please go find some business, cause last time I checked, I wasn't talking to u in the first place, but yur white privilege told you and other whites, to come here and voice your opinion about facts you don't like…go reach it yourselve, and keep your well known bs opinions to yourself.., yall push everything u feel on others…hypocrites

  49. did they throw iri mn rom ships, did they murder them in similar fashion to blacks? were they raped and kept from praying to God, "their God"? were tey shipped here and kept from reading and writing drom knowing where they are from..i cld go on and on, so stop comparing hills to mountains

  50. Bryce Jordan says:

    You're right those gangs never attack with out cause like here in Vegas where a white man was stabbed to death as part of an initiation into a gang I am admitted we all do wrong these but for you to be saying that you are perfect and have nothing wrong with society is a sign of your ignorance

  51. I never said that…nor did I insinuate it. that's your ignorance and arrogance peeking through. and miss me with the gang bs…there are more white gangs, more white gang violence and murders done by whites than blacks in America.. or are yu "ignorant" to those facts also? or do I have to present a bibliography with every statement? foh

  52. Bryce Jordan says:

    Jared your problem is you need to learn to read I understand it may be hard for you but read and understand more than one sentence out of a paragraph you see one sentence and that's all you go on. So for your futures sake I hope you learn and understand more than just a fragment of a paragraph I agreed with what the man had to say but you see one thing that doesn't go your way so you freak out typical. So calm down I'm going to go make a different profile with no real photos on it and you wouldn't argue with me. You're only hearing what you want to hear and what you can blow out of proportion.

  53. Bryce Jordan says:

    Of course it's a myth Jared doesn't agree with anything that might be the truth or make him look bad so all the historians that have researched that are wrong and poll white so it's a myth

  54. I cant read and comprehend now? no that just butt hurt…ur problem is u think ur smarter than everyone and no one can shed light on your white existence…can u answer any question? no..u follow it up with yet more ridicule..typical white logic…your race is not evolving, its stealing from other races that are evolving..and u know it, ur just practicing you defendant skills..stop…u and I know no one but the native americans can hold a candle to what black ppl have gone through with white ppl…

  55. "all" historians that researched this did not come to this conclusions…the white ones did, the black ones know very what happened…u just choose to believe whatever blames blacks..which is so illogical, but hey, u don't care, u just want to attention

  56. Bryce Jordan says:

    I have admitted that the white race has made several mistakes several times you have yet to admit or say that your race has made any mistakes or are you that perfect and please tell me what have you gone through as an African American I would like to know? Educate me. Do you ever try to see points of view through another man's eyes or just your own

  57. Bryce Jordan says:

    Then you must be my twin because you blame anything that has to do with whites you're saying I'm the racist but you are not? Let the one without sin throw the first stone

  58. dude, say that in the mirror…I don't need to admit anything because u cant see most of what is "fact" is a lie"…u don't care about my life u are just going to flip it on me anyway, so go somewhere and tell white ppl how wrong they are instead of playing victim in a black area..hypocrite

  59. Bryce Jordan says:

    You don't know me you can't say I don't care about your life what's wrong with this world is we are quick to judge more so then understand that's the problem with ALL races did you hear me Jared all races you're quick to judge me as I'm quick to judge you especially by calling me dude I have not once called you a name or get angry and say what some people would say when they are upset I respect your opinions and views but you need to respect mine we are in a debate I can't change your views any more then you could change mine I'm just saying what I have to say as you are too I'm trying to learn and you should too or are you that ignorant that you know everything about everyone in history

  60. bro please go find something to do, u are clearly just a mast at flipping the script..white mans number one weapon, deception…I cant say u don't care, but u can say m ignorant and cant read and tell me what prm I have? hypocrisy , so please stfu

  61. Mr. Killian you are obviously a fool! You are the racist, perhaps unaware, but certainly a benefactor of this racist world order that permeates this society that we live in. This country was founded by hypocrites and the same hypocrisy is still in practice today and white people are still benefiting from the system that was put in place by their racist forefathers

  62. The entitlement vantage point, has a blind spot!

  63. Adra Coco says:

    Pure lie. The Africans were taken against their will by those cruel people. Do your research. Honestly how do you explain that they have killed the native Americans, they were cruel and greedy they will purchase slaves when they have the military hedge and wanted to have free labor?

  64. Adra Coco says:

    A lie a la weapon of mass destruction in Iraq. They didn't sell, White people kidnapped them, took them against their will. Do your research, read the perfect negociant of Jacques Savary, or the pApers of Thomas Clarkson and you will see how they plotted to steal the Africans….

  65. dude, get off it, u guys got rich off of free forced labor, prevented us from knowledge of anything but what u presented (lies), and implanted negative things in our dna to keep us from wanting to read and write. and yes, everything u want to complain about black ppl, there is a white man at the end of the tunnel..rap, white men owned the record companies, wont "ban" it though…black on black violence? cause by poverty the white man caused by destroying our communities with drugs (crack and cocaine and heroin) alcohol (yall made), and guns (yall created)..I could go on and on, but it would make u look more misinformed

  66. Gary Tucker says:

    Wow, Ms. Holder brings up a basic historical fact and all you have to respond with is that she is a racist? That, sir, is why nothing else you say will matter.

  67. Joe Killian says:

    George W Brown Jr specifically how am I a fool? You realize just saying it means little to nothing without an explanation. And if the nations founders were racist 250 years ago then what does that make you today? I am not a racial bigot I assure you that your skin color or anyone else's make no difference to me. I take issue with people that say things like "Typical white male", or that I am a racist because I "benefited form a racist system" etc… In fact I see it quite the opposite in many ways growing up in an Affirmative Action America and the democrats policies favoring black and minorities over whites for government jobs at every level, college admissions, testing etc… Yet I am not holding grudge or accusing black men and women for these injustices.

  68. Todd Baker says:

    In no way am I saying what white slave owners was Ok I hope they are burning in hell too, seeing as the mother of my son is African American/native American. Not to mention some of my battle buddies whom I would literally take a bullet for are black. I was just posing a question for discussion that is all. Got it the website is called Somebody shared the article that peaked my interest is all. However I do get annoyed when all white people are grouped as the same people that did these horrible things.

  69. Joe Killian says:

    Jared Abdullah Garrison you're so ignorant that it is sad:

  70. Joe Killian please shut up, u are holding up a pea calling it a pumpkin…

  71. Bryce Jordan says:

    What do you mean you guys? I didn't get rich off that I've never been rich I am former army and now I bartend

  72. play ignorant to what u know im referring to…

  73. and black ppl have been tired of that for the longest from whites grouping us all unless u can speak out on them doing it, everytime u notice it….its racist if u only say that to black ppl

  74. ur stupid af..starve to death? by who white ppl? and black ppl are to blame how? and how does that compare to the hundreds of millions of black lives lost at the hands of whites? cecil Rhodes, and slave owners dumping blacks off ships in the oceans..fed live to dogs and pigs. raped and torchered…just stfu, u are comparing a common cold to ebola. just stop. Wikipedia was not made by professors and is not a credible source of anything by novice historians. please, tell me what else dr seuss said

  75. Nathaniel Burwell says:

    Jared Abdullah Garrison Dont argue with these demons, let them stew in their ignorance, their world and way of doing their evil is all coming to an end. The planet can no longer handle their wickedness. We just have to turn from the behaviors that we have adopted from them and handle our business.

  76. sorry cant do that..passive behavior is what got us to this point, and if I have to look like a fool and be the only one who will stand up to them then so be it. I can sleep better at night

  77. Bryce Jordan says:

    Please read that it's not wiki but it is a credited book by 2 authors

  78. Gary Tucker says:

    Robert Q. Riley Mr. Riley, you definitely have a valid point, and I appreciate and admire the straight forward, yet eloquent way you presented your opinion. And I would like to respond with a little 21 century wisdom courtesy of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle film from 1990; "Forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza." I hope you see the meaning within the statement. I would like to also post this article I found that comes from what could be considered a very pro American Historical e-zine/magazine, which does beg the question, can we (primarily people of color) see that indeed this man was still human and may have tried to reconcile for the things he have done?

  79. dude, irish men didn't go through what black did..research any credible source…we know all ppl had their bumps, but black folk and native americans had it the worst and for u to come here and plqay like Irishmen had it worst shows u lack wisdom

  80. Bryce Jordan says:

    I never said they had it worse did I ever say they I'm just saying whites were enslaved too so stop crying

  81. I know that stop stating the obvious, i said who has it the worst, so stop being a hypocrite..u played it like they had it worst talking bout they had more dangerous jobs and were sold cheaper and all that bs..there is a reason u compared the white slaves to the black ones and it wasn't stating a fact..i think ur just mad I saw through it so easily..either way u want to look at it, shut up already

  82. and you are forgetting to add the whites who signed up to be slaves…blacks didnt have that option, state that…u are being passive and im calling u out on it, stop crying that I said something, hypocrite

  83. Bruce Jordan there was also a Pacific Slave trade involving Chinese men taken abroad. However, the main difference is we as blacks have not assimilated, even when some of us desired to do so our mere presence was rejected. For instance, during integration was the largest growth in private schools especially in the south. So no other slavery can compare to African slavery for its longevity and legalized discrimination that continues to impact black people daily. However, we have all gotten off track the point of the article is to inform people that our founding fathers were not the Champions of liberty that history presents them to be.

  84. Bryce Jordan please see comment addressed to Bruce Pacific Slave Trade.

  85. Bryce Jordan to make this brief the African is still under attack —-from those past times new methods and strategies are in place and they are just as destructive as any in the pass, maybe more so—are we still under the Willie Lynch era?

  86. Derrick Holmes says:

    Go back to Europe and eat diseased rotting meat.

  87. Tom Sharp says:

    It was our founders who made a country that outlawed slavery. And that has provided for the descendants of slavery to this day regardless of their ability to be gainfully employed.

  88. Man, your looking for a fight… 🙂

  89. Tom Sharp says:

    I get sick listening to these wealthy people bitch about the people who provided that wealth to them

  90. This president sent an enslaved Afrikan Male to Barbados to be exchanged for an Hogshead of Rum and other Liquors

  91. Eric Zuniga says:

    I would have to argue that the whipping post just might be a little more oppressive than not being allowed into a private country club…

  92. Celia Nobles says:

    What history book/resource are you reading??

  93. Celia Nobles says:

    Yeah you wish 😀

  94. Tom Sharp says:

    One of the first laws was that slavery be abolished after 20 years. You people don't understand that slavery, while not good, was a way of life for people of the world back then. Blacks owned slaves… Whites were slaves. There was a huge issue with how do we deal with ex-slaves?

  95. Celia Nobles says:

    Robert Q. Riley We'll never,never forgive or forget what this country did to us!
    N E V E R !

  96. Celia Nobles says:

    Past "events?" These events lasted for 400years ! Longer than the Holoclost!

  97. Celia Nobles says:

    Tom Sharp Really ? When were whites slaves? Name your source!

  98. black ppl were here before slavery, so go back to the caucus mountains and eat shit

  99. Celia Nobles says:

    Slavery was the worst thing that ever happen to us and this country! Stop honoring these horrid,evil,rapists,murderers,dispicable so call human beings!

  100. Cap Stanley says:

    Love the idea that you all keeps getting thrown out there like anyone holding a phone, laptop, pad or sotting at a desk hsd anything to do wiyh the isdue, and then i somply ask, what are " you all" doing about modrrn dsy slavery, have "you all" did a thing about a single African enslavedbthis year…..?

  101. Tom Sharp says:

    It's scary how little history is taught. I blame the school district

  102. Tom Sharp says:

    It's scary how little history is taught. I blame the school district

  103. Quincy Webb says:

    Celia Nobles same here

  104. Jay Contreras says:

    @Byrce Jordan –Don't you think black people talk to each other like anybody else? Like…people actually took pictures & sent why don't you think black people would have at the very least spoken or whispered about these kinds of things? And it's not like it beyond the 'pale'–pun intended..based on DOCUMENTED cases like the lynching of Mary Turner & Emmett Till..none of this is a stretch. It's totally plausible & believable.

  105. Jay Contreras says:

    Bryce Jordan Indentured servitude had a projected expiration date, chattel slavery DID NOT. What is SO hard to understand about that? Initially indentured servants were used–both black & white, til there was too many mulattoes over-running the country & those in control decided it would be more efficient to just make black people & their progeny perpetual slaves.

  106. Jay Contreras says:

    Jared Abdullah Garrison I totally agree. Don't let their LIES stand. There may be black people lurking who don't know the truth & have been programmed to believe the lies. Challenge that shit-story they try to pass off as the un-disputed truth. And most of them are PAID trolls anyway. They don't care. Just here b/c their masters are paying them to be here.

  107. Jay Contreras says:

    Bryce Jordan And troll black sites for PAY, huh? You forgot to add that. lol..

  108. Jay Contreras says:

    Jared Abdullah Garrison When are they going to stop? When they are dead and gone. That's when. Their whole identity is intricately bound to lies & mythologies. What they are taught to believe about themselves requires detachment from or willful ignorance of the truth. They are like the villain in one of their most popular fairytales–needing that talking mirror to ONLY tell them what they want to see about themselves; never the true reflection staring back. WE are the ones who can shatter that delusional image b/c OUR legit viewpoint of history shows what they cannot accept about themselves. That's why they have to do damage control on sites like this. B/c when you think about it, what does it matter? If the lies they have told for centuries WERE true–truth doesn't need defending, it defends itself. Why come here to derail conversation? And this doesn't happen on just THIS site. I'm sure if you've visited pretty much any black site, paid trolls run rampant. It's obviously part of an organized agenda. Amazing what they spend our money on.

  109. Jay Contreras says:

    So this is where the FBI recruits you trolls? Skinhead meetings, Neo-nazi & KKK rallies? Figures.

  110. Jay Contreras says:

    Paid trolls. It was also a country that FIRST claimed they were seeking freedom from tyranny BY gaining it via the trifecta of THEFT, GENOCIDE & SLAVERY of others. The delusional irony. How you get it is usually how you lose it & THAT is what whites are always afraid of. As someone else mentioned, you are already living in hell. What is it to gain the world (on the surface anyway)..but to have to constantly be afraid that your karma will catch up to you and someone will do the SAME to you? But newsflash: the elevator already LONG ago went to the top floor & has been descending for awhile now…get ready, the ride down is going to be a doozy.

  111. Tom Sharp Were the Irish's progeny destined to be slaves into perpetuity like black slaves? NO. The fact is black slaves could handle the SUN & whites have that lil recessive gene going that makes working out in the fields in the hot, glaring sun a little problematic. But it still comes down to genetics. And opportunistism. And a system that is parasitic to it's core. Imperialism, capitalism, global apartheid have made their fortunes on the BACKS of black people & people of color. Conversely, most people of color who have wealth–have it b/c they SIT ATOP a wealth of natural resources. It's simply the have nots taking from those they feel 'unfairly & unjustly' are sitting atop that which they covet.

  112. Jared Abdullah Garrison Or frequent something that seems to be the 'new rage' for them–animal brothels. And they REALLY believe that superior bullshat? lol..even developmentally challenged people steer clear of activities like scat eating & bestiality & they create industries around the themes. Depraved much?

  113. Uno Garrison says:

    no u don't u blame black people

  114. Ben Perkins says:

    You can't really speak about being held back from education while making your argument in that putrid and vile manner. I hope your English teacher is out of work. Additionally, slavery was in existence well be fore the white man was buying them from tribal leaders in Africa. Slavery has always been brutal, it's a shameful truth. People want to exclaim about a black Jesus because of the region he's from, well I'm pretty sure if you're going to go with that line of thinking you need to consider the birth of slavery was also from that area, so it was not invented by whites. Another thing black people invented that the white man stole I suppose….

  115. Ben Perkins says:

    Jared Abdullah Garrison I find it quite humorous that you are going to get upset about a white man coming on a "blackstar" website, then get upset for being "all grouped together" You can't even see through your own ignorance and racism.

  116. Cap Stanley says:

    I see you can not have a discussion about this subject, that is unless you agree with all the views of the people who are obviously correct…why we will never solve the problem….

  117. Some people have a problem with truth, especially when it doesn't match their own views.

  118. Cap Stanley says:

    Truly a racist are we Jay, you know nothing about me, and have assumed your own prejudices to be truths….

  119. If it quacks like a duck…although you would have us believe you are a swan..I call em as I see them. You people come out of the woodwork on black sites like this..always in the same capacity..funny how we don't do the same–you don't see us posted up on sites like storm front posting circular arguments (not that this is an equivalent site, but I've read some of your cohorts refer to it as such. lol)…but wait, we don't have the shit-story you do, so I guess there's no need to, huh? Always trying to re-write what has been documented for posterity. What your sense of entitlement doesn't allow you to understand is that YOU don't get to tell us what to believe & how to perceive what has been done historically & what continues to be done under global apartheid. That is and always will be our narrative to share. I don't care whether you believe it or like it. It's not up for discussion. This is why I have nothing but contempt for these racist trolls…because you are so arrogant and sociopathic that not only do you believe the lies of your people, which is understandable BUT you actually have the gall to get offended b/c WE have the audacity to choose our own truths (BASED ON SHARED HISTORY & PERSONAL EXPERIENCE) over your lies. That takes more than a little psychosis.

  120. Tom Sharp You mean whites complaining about blacks who provided the FREE black labor for over 250 years; that FREE labor that allowed the US to lead the industrial revolution? Is that what you are sick of? Projection & deflection. Sociopathy.

  121. Uno Garrison says:

    they were killed if they read or wrote anything…everything we experience is imprinted in our dna..slavery was in existence, but your ppl just lie about how u didn't chose black ppl to be the number one slaves..white slaves were of little use, so little was expected from them. nor did white receive treatment like blacks did..and when did blacks enslave whites? u guys go to BC to prove u all went through slavery, that's so irrelevant, u guys did it last and still do it passively and aggressively..and u guys enslaved urselves btw, we haven't touched ur ppl since way before Caesar and napoleon came with the bs, so miss us once agaiin

  122. Uno Garrison says:

    who said im upset? typical white response, claim the black person is getting hostile since u can supply more facts..wuss move..i don't care ur here, I care ur here and all u can do is antagonize and criticize, by getting so off topic..u cant handle the truth so u rather no one speak..and I was defending a white person say they don't like to be grouped , so u are once again out the loop, try reading threads instead of picking someone to respond to, maybe u missed the response..dude, ur clearly white cause white ppl HAVE to call blacks racist now a days, just to have something to say back
    …and ive proven im quite intelligent..white ppl have no respect for truth when it comes out of a black persons mouth, that's why yall burned down the libraries in Timbuktu …but im ignorant, smh..ur clearly the ignorant one..what do blacks have to discriminate and control ur ppl from advancing? that's racism, idiot..ur the ignorant racist..u call being fed up with racism "racism"? what a moronic douche

  123. Uno Garrison says:

    cant stop wont stop..thats what they want, and im not one to give them what they want

  124. Celia Nobles says:

    @Byrce you are in a state of De Nile WTFU!

  125. Celia Nobles says:

    Bryce Jordan OMG ! You are an IDIOT !!

  126. Celia Nobles says:

    Cap Stanley Don't drink and type! Are you wearing your seat belt ?

  127. Celia Nobles says:

    James Thomas Didn't do nuthin' ? Yet you reaped the benefits and enjoyed the privileges of being white in America. Lucky YOU !

  128. Celia Nobles says:

    Robert Q. Riley Never will we forget or forgive them !

  129. Darin Ryan says:

    I think we should be very very grateful we live in a country where we can have this argument/ discussion where as in most countries none of us would be able to say anything without fear of detainment or worse.

  130. George Washington was one dirty sack of jew dog trash. Rot in hell with G.W. Bush, & Obamastein. Watch as these devils spread the Ebola virus into the hood. JUST WATCH!

  131. I was brought up 2 older parents! This site has given me more facts about my history. They don't teach this in schools

  132. Earl Sawyer says:

    Everyone here = idiocracy

  133. They fail to mention that George Washington during his Presidency allowed a Brothel on Government Grounds, during the building construction. He allowed Betsy Donahue, to be the prostitute, and James Hogan the architect was her biggest supporter. I wonder why most racist people in America say President Obama is the worst President did they not look at George Washington's History? Good Grief, he was the Country's first pimp in the Presidency! Peace and Love.

  134. Robert Brown says:

    Stanley, the slave problem is alive and well, just wearing the blue and wearing suits etc every day, right here in USA.

  135. Thanks for the morning laugh.

  136. You realise that of the 10 million slaves taken from Africa, less than 400,000 ever went to North America? The vast majority went to Brazil and the Caribbean. And it wasn't evil white people snatching helpless Africans with a net, most slaves were sold by the kings of more powerful tribes, who profited greatly from slavery and enriched the kingdoms of Dahomey and Benin. Black on black slavery in Africa existed long before Europeans went there. So instead of hating blindly what you don't understand, why not appreciate the positive steps your country and kinsmen are making towards equality?

  137. Adam Ross Fisher

  138. African slavery was not "chattel slavery" like it was here. Africans did not deny Africans enslaved by other Africans their language, culture and religion to the extent it was in America. Slavery in the west was inhumane beyond anything that existed before or since. Comparing African enslavement of other Africans to European enslavement of Africans in the west is comparing apples to grapes, no comparison.

  139. Taede Mathis says:

    Adam Ross Fisher LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! LIE!!! and propoganda. Please stop repeating their lie or at least tell us which king, oh you can't, it's a LIE!!! The next time someone says this, ask them what king and of course they wont be able to look you in the eye.

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