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Poll: Most White Residents in St. Louis County Say Wilson Was Justified in Killing Brown

protests-favor-darren-wilson2How dramatic is the racial divide in America?

At least in St. Louis County, Missouri, the divide is severe enough for a substantial majority of white people to read and watch weeks of detailed coverage of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shooting unarmed Black teen Michael Brown multiple times, apparently even after Brown’s hands were raised in surrender, and concluding that Wilson was justified in his actions.

A full 62 percent of white respondents in a Remington Research Group poll said the shooting of Brown was justified, while 38 percent of whites said the shooting wasn’t justified. In contrast, only 35 percent of African-Americans said the shooting was justified, while 65 percent said it was not.

The Remington poll of 604 St. Louis County residents revealed in stark detail the racial schism that exists in the county on issues concerning law enforcement, race and Michael Brown.

Was Brown targeted by law enforcement because of his race? In response to that question, just 23 percent of white respondents said Yes, while 77 percent said No. For African-Americans, 64 percent said Brown was indeed targeted because of his race, and 36 percent said he wasn’t.

The poll results are a dramatic reminder of how differently questions of race are seen through the eyes of whites and African-Americans — making it close to impossible to have meaningful cross-racial discussions about race and racism in America. When Blacks allege racism, whites are quick to say “no.” When whites claim a lack of racial malice, Blacks raise a skeptical eyebrow.

The question with the biggest racial divide was one that asked whether Wilson should be arrested and charged with a crime for killing Brown. A staggering 72 percent of white respondents said No, with just 28 percent saying Yes. In an almost complete reversal, 71 percent of Black respondents said Yes, while just 29 percent said No. The two communities couldn’t have been more different on that key question.

Those numbers certainly bode well for Wilson, whose fate is currently being adjudicated by a St. Louis County grand jury that consists of nine whites and three Blacks. If all nine white members vote No on indicting Wilson and the three Blacks vote Yes, the grand jury rules dictate that Wilson would have enough votes to walk free.

Asked whether St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch will be able to fairly and impartially prosecute a case against the police officer who shot and killed Brown, 71 percent of whites said Yes, while 60 percent of Blacks said No.

Despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary, despite weeks of detailed reports of how much Blacks historically have been targeted by police in Ferguson and St. Louis County, still a substantial majority of whites, 61 percent, don’t believe African-Americans are targeted by law enforcement because of their race. The media coverage hasn’t managed to dent their confidence in the police. Perhaps Remington should have asked them which outlets they rely on for their news — if most had answered Fox News, their responses would make total sense.

In contrast, 70 percent of African-Americans believe they are targeted because of race.

Speaking of the media, respondents were asked whether the media have made the situation in Ferguson better or worse. While 81 percent of white respondents said “worse” (12 percent said the media made things better, while 7 percent said the media made no difference), 50 percent of Blacks said “worse” (while 37 percent said better and 13 percent said no difference).

In perhaps the worst news in the poll for Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, there was harmonious agreement between the races on the question of the job he is doing. Asked how they viewed Nixon’s handling of the situation in Ferguson, 62 percent of whites and 70 percent of Blacks said “unfavorable” (while 38 percent of whites and 30 percent of Blacks said “favorable”).

 Agreement, at last.


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19 thoughts on “Poll: Most White Residents in St. Louis County Say Wilson Was Justified in Killing Brown

  1. Sure they see nothing wrong with shooting down a black man in cold blood. This same group says there is no racism in America, it is just as bad as anywhere in the world. If your desire is to kill black people, this will be their response. just cold blooded racist killers. They will bring their children to see a black lynch, yes we see their children with them supporting the cop killer.

  2. The woman with the sign that says we don't support a race, we support the truth. When it comes to racism this women would not know the truth if her life depends on it, and trying to get others not her group, but other people who are looking at them,

  3. Celia K Dale says:

    Based on What? Eye Witness statements? The ONLY thing they have to base that conclusion on is how they feel about cops killing unarmed blacks.

  4. Who knows what other proof is needed to bring Darren Wilson in.

  5. Jay Contreras says:

    They instinctively support the SYSTEM & pig Wilson is that thin divide between them and US. He represents the 1st line of defense of white supremacy & most will defend that to OUR death.

  6. Karen Nichols says:

    I…I can't !!! SMGDH

  7. Kwame Christian says:

    A poll of 604 is hardly an accurate measure of all white people and their opinions about the case. With that being said, fuck every single one of those crackers who said it was a justified killing, EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.!!!

  8. "When Blacks cry racism…" This phrase should not be used when discussing Racism. Black people allege, suspect, report, claim, assert, contend, charge that Racism was being practiced. Children and babies cry. This sort of phrasing suggests that black people are whining or behaving in a childish manner. Thanks for the report Mr. Chiles. Keep up the great work.

  9. Kwame Christian says:

    Travis the toll!!! Go get a job dude

  10. Kwame Christian says:

    I'm sorry, i meant to call you troll!

  11. Ness English says:

    Kill yourself troll

  12. Keon Smith says:

    When you overstand this white supremacist system it is easy to see why its OK for "white" MEN to MURDER YOUNG BLACK MALES…this is NOTHING NEW this been goin on 400 years back and counting. By the year 2070 the so called "white" race would be less than 2% of the population simply because people with MELANIN has the genetic power to ELIMANTE the white regressive pigmentation AKA "white skin" (which is not really their color just a code to oppose black)…so the system BEEN designed to attack people with Melanin GLOBALLY… The evidence is endless…you have been PROGRAM to have a false superior complex Travis…

  13. Keon Smith If he would study a little Afurakan history, and his own he will be shocked to learn what they have done in the world. I believe his comprhension will not allow him to believe or precieve what the Africans have done in this world. I wonder if he knows how long we have been on the planet, that along will blow him away. We were here first, nobody created anything first but us, common sense will tell you this. Dr. Clarke, "All history is a current event".

  14. Kwame Christian says:

    Travis go back to the caves where you came from because no one wants to here your BS troll!

  15. Ness English Now you know he is anxious to call us the good old name that starts with N, he has lost it, he has called us every name but that, he need to go on and get it out.

  16. Kwame Christian says:

    Either Travis Mack is an agent or he is an idiot!! Either way nobody can be this dumb and lame. Do not engage discourse with this fool/troll folks!!

  17. Keon Smith says:

    Nzingha Shabaka yes this guy is CLEAR IGNORANT…I run into countless guys like this daily. It just show and proves their INFERIOR complex…

  18. Keon Smith says:

    Travis Mack First of All The so called "white race" came from the AFRICAN MAN and even the most sensible European scientist already confirmed this FACT…the simple fact you deny that shows your INFERIOR complex. Anyone who knows their SUPERIOR to someone else wouldn't go around bulling someone UNLESS deep down inside they know their really INFERIOR to that person. And when you overstand this (simple minded one) you overstand why lynchings took place, and castrations ( I mean really? cuttin another man's penis of… I mean common) and the constant oppression is evidence of that behavior. And did you know who instigated the fighting between the Africans in Rwanda? Go ahead an take a guess. My grandfather is 91 an never used sunscreen in his life an lives in the Caribbean. What happens if your PALE skin stays in the sun to long? you fry like bacon LITTERALLY. Nothing about that is NATURAL…FIRE BUN WHITE SUPREMACY!

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