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12 thoughts on “John Legend Brilliantly Articulates Why Blacks Are Treated Differently in America

  1. travis mack your so undead

  2. Nurrie A. Muhammad says:

    Can you articulate that comment,"Because they tend to ACT differently"

  3. U No Cuz says:

    Shhhhhh cave man

  4. Erma Johnson says:

    We need to work it out! together we stand divided we fall, other country are watching America,and if we do not come together! We are prey. that's real talk!

  5. Whites have a higher abortion rate that is not publicize do to private doctor and clinic. They set aside to that information to hide their participation in this sad situation. Those guns are supplied by the same government and police force that is suppose to protect us. We as black men don't own planes and are not gun distributors and owners of these weapons. How do they get them in our neighborhoods. They are put there just like liquor stores to destroy God's first created man.

  6. Farntella Graham says:

    we been down this road already. the racism was quiet in the years following the assassination of jfk. it was during that time they were fundamentally changing america: they were busy dismantling all the gains made by the american people. they were looting our treasury and redirecting the money to build a foreign nation, they dismantled one of the finest public education systems in the world, they systematically overturned the financial regulations that enabled america to have a strong middle class, the focus was not on war like it is today. the focus was on tearing down everything this country stood for including the shredding of the consitution itself. so, we are back to square one including the oppression of Black people in this country., this country has come full circle.

  7. Rodney Jefferson says:

    Racism is here to stay. Look at all of the Prisons being built in America. This is certainly economic synergy for white America…… specifically the Criminal Justice System….

  8. P. Murray says:

    Michelle Alexander is a modern day revolutionary. I'm glad she is being touted positively.

  9. As unfortunate as that is, it is still no excuse for tax paid employees Black or White that swore a oath to PROTECT AND SERVE, to kill UNARMED BLACK MEN THE WAY THEY HAVE AND AT THE RATE IT IS HAPPENING, and be protected from the same crime that would quickly have me thrown under the jail with I'm sure a very speedy trial. The two are not the same. Oh, by the way, There is no excuse for Black on Black crime or any crime committed on any innocent person anywhere. Just to many excuses made for POLICE. I always say, "Until it happens to you, it's easy to lay blame elsewhere."

  10. Calvin Young says:

    Ask yourself, how did these weapons get in our communities, where they there in the sixty's and seventy's. What has and is the new divide and conquer plan for blacks and brown people in america today. You must go deeper than the surface.

  11. Through the Grape~Vine: “I know this!" You know this!! We all know this all too well!!!

    How do we all work together more effectively to move this "Nation to the Goal of a More Perfect Union???"

    After all, it still holds true: "The true Administration of Justice is the Firmest Pillar of (any…) Good Government!!!"

    Let us not grow weary of the work that looms before us for we’re not functioning alone!! & I hear Christ Jesus saying, “I work and my Father works even until now!!!…”

    Meanwhile, let us all press on & advance in Radiant~Light while maintaining Faith in Living~Spirit!!!

    Elohim ~ God ~ Love Is In all! & through all!! All the time!!! «Ψ∞Ψ»

    <> <>

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