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11 thoughts on “If You Ever Wondered Why Africa Is So Economically Divided Watch This

  1. Fear of Pan- Africanism is detrimental to all Africans. Incorporating capitalism into Africa only enriches those leaders who lack a Pan-African vision to; as the man states coalescence the people. The single biggest threat to Africans and Blacks is division, which is a consequence of colonialism.

  2. Love this woman in the video. She is right and exact

  3. Theresia Tange says:

    did you read the bottom of the bulletin. "Fear of Pan-Africanism: The Propoganda War Against A United Africa" you see this is why sometimes i give white people the side eye.

  4. Devon Currie says:

    Just as how our forefathers fought against slavery and segregation, shed their blood sweat and tears and gave their lives for our freedom today, so too Africans at home and abroad must fight for a united Africa and reclaim our rightful place on mother earth. Many will do anything to stop this from happening, but united we can overcome and we can do it. Ase

  5. Francois "Baby Doc," Duvalier of Haiti is gone at 63, now that is so sad.

  6. Red Dipper says:

    There is NO SUCH THING as…..Capitalism.

  7. Aluta continua –Samora Machelle ……….the struggle continues

  8. Tomi Brown says:

    This has been problem for them all along. They know when we unite is over for them. Why they fighting mad because their people are lazy the only way to make themselves look good is to put us down. They rely on black people to work in the Sun, heavy duty work for them for their people to survive. It's good we separate let's see who need whom?

  9. Tomi Brown says:

    Oh my goodness, 63 is not old at all for a black man, I smell a fowl play. He's one of them anyway so, Haiti is back to square one again

  10. Gaddafi was a recent visionary

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