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10 Blatantly Racist Remarks by American and European Politicians

Anne-Sophie Leclere

Anne-Sophie Leclere (France)

In August 2013, French politician Anne-Sophie Leclere published an image on her Facebook page showing a baby monkey, with a caption underneath reading “At 18 months”, alongside Justice Minister Christiane Taubira – who is black – with the caption “Now.”

When confronted about the image, Leclere defended publishing it, repeatedly insisting Taubira was “une sauvage”, which can translate as “wild animal” or “savage.”

“Honestly, she’s a wild animal, coming on TV with that devil’s smile,” said Leclere. “I’d prefer to see her swinging from a tree than in government,” she added, denying that she or the photo was racist, and claiming “I have friends who are Black.”
Paul ryanPaul Ryan (United States)

House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, claimed in a radio interview back in March that poverty is caused by men in “our inner cities.”

Citing the work of Charles Murray — a conservative who argues Blacks are genetically less intelligent than whites — to prove his point, Ryan said. “We have got this tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning to value the culture of work, so there is a real culture problem here that has to be dealt with.”

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6 thoughts on “10 Blatantly Racist Remarks by American and European Politicians

  1. Most of those are pretty funny

  2. I agree with Rick Santorum's statement on page 3. Go out and make your earnings.

  3. Santorum's statement was probably the most nonsense. Stop giving them other people's money. Stop everything Santorum, you are living in a world of denial, let me remind you this is black people's money you stole, that is why we are asking for it back, in the form of reparations. Just totally don't get it. These white racist calling blacks names, obviously have a problem with the way they look. Sure they do, they risk killing themselves going in the sun to tan, why? Now when most are convinced we are superior people, they really are going to loose it, we were beaten down, and our progress destroyed on the planet by a people who came, they stole our stuff, killed as many that they wanted, with their weapons of mass destruction, The say they hold the position in the world because of their intelligence, not. It was their weapons of mass destruction they used to colonize, kill, and take other people's stuff. They go around with their heads in the air, as if some of us don't know where they came from. In the words of our beloved Dr. Amos Wilson, "Give the money back".

  4. Piere Cromer says:

    So its okay for white ppl not to? Wow

  5. Nothing wrong with taking money from the government, especially when you really do need some form of assistance. The idea is to not rely on it heavily. I'm not sure if taking money from big brother is a form of reparation, but I am a believer in doing for yourself.

  6. Caroline Ama Ennin says:

    It's sad that these grown human beings feel the need insult people of other races. It really just exposes their lack of self worth. Happy confident people don't feel the need to put anyone down because of something as superficial as skin colour.

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