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St. Louis Prosecutor Has All Evidence He Needs to Indict Officer Wilson for Brown Killing

Prosecutor Bob McCulloch

Prosecutor Bob McCulloch

If St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch is really interested in indicting police officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of unarmed teen Michael Brown, it appears the prosecutor now has all the evidence he needs.

The grand jury has heard the testimony of two white construction workers who witnessed the shooting, but there is also video footage that powerfully backs up their account of Wilson shooting Brown while his hands were up in surrender. Combined with the eyewitness accounts of Ferguson residents who live on the street where the shooting occurred in the middle of the afternoon, there seems to be a clear account of what Wilson did and what Brown did in response.

Since experts say a prosecutor holds a huge amount of sway over a grand jury and can usually get an indictment if he wants one, the main question now is whether McCulloch—whose own father was a police officer slain in the line of duty when McCulloch was 12 years old—really wants one. Does he want to endanger his relationship with the police officers on whom he relies heavily to arrest suspects, conduct investigations, and gather evidence for the cases he must prosecute?

While there has been significant attention paid to the lack of racial diversity in smaller police forces like Ferguson’s—a New York Times study found that there are at least 400 towns across America where a predominantly white police force is patrolling an overwhelmingly Black town—there also is a severe lack of diversity among prosecutors’ offices. A study conducted in California found that while 60 percent of defendants were nonwhite, 80 percent of prosecutors and judges were white.

The numbers likely aren’t much different outside of California.

So when the decisions are made about whether to indict Black men on criminal charges or what charges to seek—or whether to indict a white cop for killing a Black man—there are usually very few African Americans in the room.

A video acquired by CNN captured the reactions of the two white construction workers right after Wilson shot the teen.

“He had his f**n hands up,” one of the men says in the video, while raising his hands to demonstrate.

In an interview with CNN, the white construction worker said he heard one gunshot, then another shot about 30 seconds later.

“The cop didn’t say get on the ground. He just kept shooting,” the witness said.

The witness said he saw Brown’s “brains come out of his head,” again stating, “his hands were up.”

The other contractor told CNN he saw Brown running away from a police car.

Brown “put his hands up,” the construction worker said, and “the officer was chasing him.”

According to the witness, he saw Wilson fire a shot at Brown while his back was turned.

Benjamin Crump, the lawyer for Brown’s family, told the Guardian the video was “of paramount significance.”

“Not because they were not residents of Ferguson, and not because the construction workers were caucasian, but because it is a contemporaneous recording of their immediate actions of what they had just witnessed,” Crump said. “It’s the best evidence you can have other than a video of the actual shooting itself.”

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123 thoughts on “St. Louis Prosecutor Has All Evidence He Needs to Indict Officer Wilson for Brown Killing

  1. Lyndon Allen says:

    I hope he gets the death penalty or serve at least 30 years in prison, that is cold blooded murder he committed.

  2. Art James says:

    still on administrative paid leave.where is this man

  3. Emanuel Lewis says:

    Where is the long page of comments negating the real actions of real people who saw this happen and felt it was unjust?

  4. He should be in custody, but of course killing a Black male, does not dictate such action. Before Darren Wilson is arrested for murder the Black male victim has to prove that his execution is worthy of such action. Michael Brown's crime, guilty of being Black in America.

  5. John Newsham says:

    The video of the two construction workers showed that the one doing all the talking and gesturing with his hands certainly appeared to be black. The clearly white worker was standing still, not saying a thing and seemed like he wanted to be some place else. Why can't YOU people get over this black / white thing.

  6. Brad Kortbawi says:

    That cop murdered that teenage boy! Hands down…

  7. Kevin Blood says:

    They just want him to spend his last Christmas with his family as a free man. That's just my opinion.

  8. Simon Vic says:

    Blah blah blah..

  9. Doc Claw says:

    "White people don't fucking LIE to support their gd'd tribe. BLACK people do that."

    Someone hasn't been paying attention to this case. Or to the history of America in general.

  10. Jubal James says:

    Same reason u can't apparently

  11. Tasha Taylor says:

    They will make an example of this officer. Hope it's the death penalty.

  12. Why cant u people lol thats funny

  13. White people lie a ll the time especially when they say Im not a racist but yet make dumb comments like you @ssh**es do

  14. Sama Bang says:

    I still don't trust the prosecutor

  15. Dionne Sims says:


  16. When ever some white person come on with ignorant like this Travis Mack guy, we should just let him express himself, because that's all he's doing. It's not that he don't understand nor see it the way you see it, he just don't give a dam. So, let stop entertaining these kind of people and just share your opinion and respect him sharing his. Like I said, he just take this opportunity to let other, especially people's of color know what he think about them, and always remember, this is how his folks raised him, so there is no changing his way of thinking.

  17. Doc Claw says:

    Here's a hint. The ones who can't get over this thing are "YOU" people, mainly racists. You're the ones gunning people down, blaming people for being poor, blaming people for having dysfunction, while creating all the dysfunction. Well, actually, let me give you credit. It's not you. you're just a devotee to the pseudo-religion that is. You're still a major part of the problem.

  18. Catrina Nicole says:

    Race is an issue no matter what anyone says. If Mike Brown could have been Asian, Mexican….etc, I still have a problem with an unarmed man being killed when he is saying he gives up and his arms are in the air. If you are not a minority, you could never understand our struggles, so I personally won't waste my breath debating with you about it.

  19. Sama Bang says:

    Travis you're nothing but white trash looking for one second attention…….. If u can just ZIPPPP your @$$……. That would be just fine

  20. Kgothatso Kubembu says:

    Travis Mack "You people?" What else matters apart from the fact that a police officer shot and killed an unarmed black guy in cold blood? You are what's wrong with the world, and the reason why a real revolution is coming

  21. Exactly
    Cuz he knows damn well if he witnessed a murder and the whole world said we don't care what u said it's just hearsay. We all know his tune would change really quickly

  22. Kgothatso Kubembu says:

    Fuck this trash

  23. Doc Claw says:

    Travis Mack Here you go, lying to protect your "tribe". Please, log off the computer and go back to enjoying your child pornography before the police come knocking on your door.

  24. Ur right white cops never lie to protect their own. *eye roll* and u have to evolve in order to deevolve

  25. Stop responding to this wierdo with no life…He is obviously a troll…He probably gets paid to rile ppl up. Anyone with common sense knows there is a clear racial divide. If he doesn't get that arguing with him is not gonna do anything except make his day.

  26. Jay Bub says:

    Nobody gives a fuck already

  27. Tralaina Scott-Jackson says:

    To all the people who responded to Travis Mack he is just trying to get you all mad. Dont give his words any consideration.

  28. Thanks for that response. I'm out in public and laughed out loud. Just letting you know I'm stealing it.

  29. Personally i think this is just horrible and i hope this cop killer pays for every bit of his actions


  31. Tara IslandGirl Gordon says:

    People don't respond to @Travis Mack he is a troll. Only here to upset and cause pain. It's obvious he knows better he just wants to get people upset. Don't give him what he wants.

  32. Emanuel Lewis says:

    Travis is funny. He is displaying his ignorance for all to see. Continue, let us all see your buffoonery.

    Travis, even if he committed a crime, it was not punishable by death. Even if he was running, the sentence is not death. The officer was not in danger. That is the basis of the issue. watch that video, and explain to me why that man is not dead. He waived a loaded gun at POLICE, CHILDREN, and other bystanders for more than an hour and is still alive. Police took extra good care to ensure he is still alive. Your argument is baseless and filled with opinion, jargon, and no facts.

  33. Catrina Nicole says:

    You sir are hilarious. You make it real clear that you are racist…"You people". Have to laugh at that….Your opinion is clearly based on a racist perception of reality. My opinion is different from yours clearly and unfortunately for thou because I am a free black….I am free to speak it. So how about you do society a favor…put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger. Good day sir!

  34. Dewarren Dorney Harris Jr. says:

    Travis Mack
    are you drunk or high? you just made zero sense. you cant speak on something you have zero knowledge about " black history" dumb bitch. karma is a bitch your thoughts count as much as your actions. die slow seriously go chug a cup full of glass and water. say it with confidence next time too. its about the future not the past stupid ass. move on and grow up your stuck in judd clearly

  35. Dewarren Dorney Harris Jr. says:

    yes he is a piece of shit, but i wanted to kill him with smarts. never hold your thoughts for anyone you never know it could change their lives.

  36. Emanuel Lewis says:

    Travis Mack interesting to see you have no compassion for human beings.

  37. Mike Brown says:

    Don't you just hate it when MORONS misspell the word they are trying to call someone else????

  38. Dewarren Dorney Harris Jr. says:

    Travis Mack white people do lie and cheat. bush ceased al gore out of a presidency. #fact

  39. Guilty for being black in America?? There is video of this BLACK suspect pushing a defenseless clerk around and then he attacks a police officer in his own car and goes for is gun!!! The black community will riot no matter the outcome. That is just the way they roll!!! DISGUSTING!! GOD BLESS OFFICER WILSON!!

  40. Just think Black America, This kid would still be alive if he had not ROBBED a mini mart. When someone robs a store you don't walk down the street thinking your a bad ass, which is what Michael Brown was doing. He was asked to get out of the street and instead chose to attack the officer. He was a yun g kid testing authority and he lost!!! Regardless of the outcome, GOD BLESS OFFICER WILSON!!!


  42. Don Williams says:

    George D. Miklos No, that is the way white people roll….how quickly you forget the history of the white man, we riot when we are fed up, white people riot when they hometeam wins the championship. Also, darren wilson was not even aware of the incident at the store….WTF news station are y'all getting your info from….read a fucking book. There are no witnesses saying he attempted to grab the officers gun, no fingerprints on the gun. The only person who said that was the officer, and we know they are the pillars of truth, huh? Smh, dummies.

  43. Thomas Walter Barnes says:

    I am a cop and at no point was the first shot justified. The law states you can not shot a person in the back, unless he presents a threat to the life of another. This officer used bad judgement and so did his department in not taking action. Yes he did murder brown in cold blood. The facts are plain as day. 1 Brown was unarmed and running away. 2 brown surrendered. 3 six shots from his torso to the top of browns head this was an execution not a police action. And if you condone this action you must agree with the actions of the executioner for ISIS they basically did the same thing to the journalist. Just because… You don't have to agree, but you have to view the facts. Judge not by the color of the skin or your personal fears but the Merritt of the case. Treat the cop as a citizen we are not above the law brown had no weapon and did not pose a threat to anyone he was surrendering to the officer that shot him.

  44. Sama Bang says:

    George D Mik …. God punished you and officer Wilson PINK @SS……. At the end of the day you'll be begging the black people to care for your @SS…….. CHECK becos of your past SIN you committed……… When you'll suffering tomorrow on a sick bed just remember when you was clapping, dancing, rejoice for officer Wilson killing a unarmed teen…….. Some people you kill their blood follow you everywhere……. One example is ZIMMERMAN ………. Now he have shackle monitor him everywhere ……… He's acting like a damn crazy fool…….. That's one of the punishment of KARMA……… George if you have kids whether good or bad you don't won't to loose your child like that…….. SEE officer Wilson is not yet charge but at the same time he's on hiding with his family………. George tell officer Wilson he should've think twice………. George Are you a killer? I don't know……… But why are you so happy about white officer killing a black teen……… George think bcos this LIFE we have is not in the grocery shop for sale …….. The EVIL that men lives with them now…….. It doesn't live after you anymore …….. George go to bed tonight and ask your PILLOW to give you some good advice about life
    Thank you

  45. How the hell does Travis Mack know what happened in this case? Was he the cop? No. The victim? Obviously not because he is spewing his drivel in front of all of us. A witness? No. So how can he pass judgment or say that the cops are not lying in this case. You have no idea my friend, nobody does! Except for those few people I stated, no one knows what actually happened. You base your opinions on stereotypes and biases, which is blatantly obvious. Until the case is closed we have no idea what happened that day. Are we not innocent until proven guilty in this country. Let the system handle it, then you can form an opinion based on truth, or however much truth we can actually get.

  46. Paul Bialek says:

    We'll since all you lawyers on here know what's really going on it should keep to myself. But the autopsy report stated that all bullet wounds were found on the front of the body a little confused how you A) not being there can say he was running away B) explain to me if he was running away how is it that all bullet wounds were found in the front of his body C) if it's so easy how come they had to appoint a special grand jury to come back with a true bill or not

  47. Dae Giovanni says:

    well, like you said, he's on vacation!

  48. Kelvin Johnson says:

    If your going to try and throw facts,the cop did'nt know about the store he was coming off another call.And this is coming from what the cops reported proir,so it's a very good try to say he was after him for a robbery.I'll even take jaywalking in the middle of the street,but not even hitting the cop.From the distance he fired on this guy there was on threat,other then in his head.As far as a revolution not really sure what all that is about,other then somebody ranting online. And using caps..really do not make a point,even less so when your ranting.

  49. Kelvin Johnson says:

    What kills me is people like you who have to keep it a race thing.It's about a cop shooting an unarmed man.Not just a black man,not because he was a white your homework.Don't jump on here with only blacks do this or that and the tribe shit,ranting like a fool.And why does it have to be black and white…and whites don't lie really?You trying to hard for attention,hold that till your at work and have the talk with somebody of color…

  50. Don Williams says:

    Travis Mack No one even called the police about what happened in the store…And if black people rioted when they wanted free stuff, there would be a lot more rioting….Look up the number of riots in the last 25 years…it happens more often by white people. You obviously have no idea wtf you are talking about. Just stop it dude.

  51. Will Reeves says:

    Travis Mack You need to shut the f*ck up.

  52. Sama Bang I don't recall saying I was happy about anything!!!!!!! Sad situation. You have a black suspect who DID rob a store and was walking down the street like a bad ass and he was ASKED to move out of the street. The suspect chose to attack the officer and he payed the price. I am not happy about anything. GOD BLESS OFFICER WILSON!!!

  53. Kelvin Johnson says:

    Only one problem with all that the store did'nt call the cops,which if there was a crime most stores do.And if he had robbed the store why give the cop a reason to stop you,and by the report giving to news crews Wilson knew nothing about the store.And all the injuries that this cop was said to have to his eye are yet to be proven.Nobody is going to attack an known armed person,even more so if they have fired on you and your not armed.Testing authority stopped with the use of deadly force and shots being fired,and the outcome was a death of one person.

  54. Byron Keith Williams says:

    Travis, I've heard you insult blacks, call them apes and you people like we have a plague. I actually feel sorry for you because you don't get it and I won't ware my breath trying to explain it. Racist insult and attack an entire race because that's what they do and that goes for all races.

  55. Don Williams says:

    Travis Mack Give me 5 instances in the last 25 years where black people have rioted….I'll wait, and wtf does population size have to do with the # of riots. U sir, are retarded.

  56. Kimberly Dillard Starks says:

    George D. Miklos Where did you get your info? Because the man in the store said Brown DID NOT ROB him! In fact, when you look at the entire tape and not the edited version the police released you see Brown PAY for the cigars. The store owner himself said Brown did not rob him and the pushing you saw on the video was for something else. The store owner also NEVER called in a robbery!! There is no 911 call from him or his store. So get your shit straight before you comment.

  57. Travis Mack you really are a disgrace to fellow white people. You only keep commenting because your a troll who has no life. Try getting some pussy every once in a while, or dick if that's what you prefer. I am not sucking up, I am not a fucking bigot piece of shit like you. What the hell do you mean by traitor? Traitor against my own race? I like to think of it as having a brain and using it to think rationally. This guy is a chicken shit who hides behind a computer. Grow up son.

  58. Kimberly Dillard Starks says:

    George D. Miklos He didn't rob the store! The store owner HIMSELF said Brown did not rob him. And the tape clearly shows Brown paying for the cigars. There is no 911 tape or call that was placed from that store. So try again.

  59. Kimberly Dillard Starks HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You would be correct about the store owner not calling the police. Customers in the store called police and he did not pay for those cigars!!! Stop justifying this kid's actions. He may not have deserved to die, but he put himself in the situation and that is that!!!!

  60. Don Williams says:

    Kimberly Dillard Starks Obviously facts mean nothing to bigots.

  61. Don Williams HAHAAHAHAHAAAAA!!! I resent being called a bigot by a racist!!!

  62. Kimberly Dillard Starks says:

    Travis Mack Whites are raised to be non-racist?? LMAO!! Check your history. Whites have an inherent nature for killing and for being evil. This country was founded on racism and hate by the white man. Since the beginning of time the white man has brought death and destruction everywhere he goes. When he first came to Amerikkka he was killing people with his diseased breath! Again, read your history. You people kill, torture, molest children, have sex with animals, etc. Again, read your history. You people riot for stupid shit like winning or losing a sporting event, you shoot up colleges and malls for no reason, you bomb schools and sporting events and molest children. Blacks kill by shooting someone. Whites kill by stabbing 1000 times, cutting of body parts, eating body parts and then sit up and play video games while the dead bodies lie on the floor. I bet you have dead bodies in your basement right now!

  63. Don Williams says:

    George D. Miklos Even if he did steal from the store (something that still hasnt been confirmed by the ACTUAL cashier) ya boy darren wilson knew nothing of the incident. And since when does stealing warrant death? He may not have deserved to die=, but he put himself in that situation is the dumbest shit I've ever heard, this a police officer for Gods sake. SMH.

  64. Kimberly Dillard Starks says:

    Travis Mack What is a moran? LMAO!!!

  65. Chip Watkins says:

    Travis mack well om here in St Louis you sir don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

  66. Don Williams says:

    Travis Mack white people have committed atrocities on every continent that they have been on, yet u have the nerve to pass judgement? Look at the history of the white man and ask yourself should you REALLY be trusted? Im no racist, but I know caucasions have raped, pillaged, murdered, DESTROYED for century upon century. Im done conversing with you Sly Stallone, u sound more and more idiotic by the post.

  67. Byron Keith Williams says:

    I based what I said on comments you made earlier kn this thread. Hey I could be wrong, just like you could be wrong when you say MB was a thug and a criminal who caused his own death. The one thing I do know about this case is that the witnesses and that's all of them, their stories are similar. That's my opinion and if it's proven that I'm wrong, I'm good with that because it would mean that DW was justified in his actions. Personally I think he shot MB in cold blood, but it's just the opinion of an angry black man according to you.

  68. Catrina Nicole says:

    I can totally agree to disagree, but my tolerance is low for ignorance. Hence ….put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger. You sir are a racist, and their is really no place in the world for "people like you".

  69. Don Williams says:

    Travis Mack Hey, whatever helps u sleep at night, homie. Your lack of true history astounds me, Im done.

  70. Catrina Nicole says:

    And the clown still speaks……lol

  71. Dewarren Dorney Harris Jr. says:

    Travis Mack

    thank god others views don't affect me, but i do speak my mind filter free. your a racist and you should be a shamed of it. the people who rioted were white, black, and lations look at pictures fool. also i think them bringing in the samn army is exactly what starts a riot. they have the rite to protest just like the kkk does regularly in small towns in mississippi. shoot the kid in the leg 6 times fine, but two to the head 4 to the body with no gun or anything that could hurt hi. also he was running away according the recent findings, after shot turned to thow his hands up but never had the chance to. not all people blame white people thsts total crap. tv only advertises negative shit its up for the views to take account to it. is 2014 if your going to be racist go all out and join the kkk don't be a internet prick about it. he should be in custody for reasonable suspicious try and debate that. dick head

  72. Dewarren Dorney Harris Jr. says:

    he was shot in the back once, and turned to surrender you fucking retard. thats how

  73. Travis Mack says:

    LOL, Don…nothing I said was false.

    Are you gonna claim a black man invented the transistor now? Do you even know what a fuckin transistor is?

    Fuckin Floyd Mayweather just stiffed a waitress in LV on a $25,000 check- NO TIP. Why the fuck do you people think NOBODY wants to serve you? Even BLACKS don't want to serve blacks because they know they gonna get stiffed! EVERY server knows this.

    Same as cabbies- black men cain't get a cab bc they don't fkin pay. That's if they don't rob or murder you. In a city, almost 100% of these types of crimes are black men, so you don't pick one up, your risk drops to zero. And you won't have to worry about getting stiffed on the fare or having a mfer bounce and pay ZERO TIP just like Floyd or Desean Jackson. Whites tip, Asians tip, Hispanics tip, erryone tips except you. WTF, get with the program.

    I know, all y'all got issues with me here; it's because I'm a got damn PROUD white man who has had enough of y'all bullshit and this you beez wayciss con game you have goin. Fuck that. When y'all grow up and stop attacking cops and robbing stores and thugging it up, then you'll be treated like EQUAL members of society. Someday maybe that shit will happen but that day ain't today.

    Until then feel free to blast at me from the LUXURY of the world the WHITE MAN created for you. You feel that AC keepin your black ass cool? We invented that too. You exist in OUR world, one WE created. It'd be nice if instead of complaining, you thanked one of us once in awhile. All this talk of wayciss…it could be worse, dog, think about it- you could live in Africa. LOL

  74. Travis Mack says:

    Two or three independent autopsies DID NOT SHOW that he was shot in the back even once. They showed ALL bullet wounds coming from the front.

    I mean, bitch if I have to correct you on BASIC matters of fact, wtf point is it in even talkin to you? Just STFU and listen to what I say.

    You are IGNORANT. (by this I mean that you don't know shit)

  75. Dewarren Dorney Harris Jr. says:

    Travis Mack

    smfh i cant post a link proving my point , I'm just going to let you ride the wave. he will be going to jail and you will be crying like a little bitvh in your moms basement

  76. Travis Mack says:

    Um…sorry, bzzt. NO findings at any point have shown he was running away. One of the eyewitnesses DID admit he bumrushed the cop. This was the guy talking when he DIDN'T know he was being recorded.

    When you don't have a command of BASIC facts, D-grade warren downlow harris Jr, how the eff do you expect to be taken seriously? What you believe is WRONG; it's ERRONEOUS.

    This was no protest in Ferguson- it was a riot and looting. The army came MANY DAYS AFTER the riots started. Not before. The KKK? WHO? All fuckin what, 12 of them? When is the last fuckin time there was a KKK protest? How many stores they loot?

    C'mon dog, clue me in here!

    I don't care if you call me a wayciss…it's actually quite fuckin pathetic. This is the ONLY power you blacks have, that word, it's like the reverse of nigger, you use it on any white person you don't like or who disagrees with you.

    Wilson would be in custody if the EVIDENCE supported it. It doesn't. It's why Zimmerman wasn't taken into custody EITHER. The EVIDENCE didn't support it!

    We white people are partial to facts and evidence; I understand y'all much prefer tribalism. No self-respecting white person would protest/riot/support a fuckin thug who robbed a store, put his hands on a clerk's throat (felony) then attacked a cop. We jail people who do that, not get T shirts printed for them as our heroes.

    Fess up, dog, you still rockin that OJ Simpson gear? A frickin murderer and you people danced and jumped with glee when he was wrongfully acquitted. All white claiming the justice system is somehow set up to fuck you. Probably like how FICO scores are and "subprime loans" and everything else.

  77. Travis Mack says:

    I'll take that as a concession, D-grade

    I'll give you props for havin some balls to admit you were wrong…respect, G

  78. Chris Copeland says:

    Travis Mack The store owners attorney made it clear that they people in the store never reported a theft because no theft was ever committed. They only thing that video shows is an argument with the clear and Brown shoving the clerk. It doesn't prove he stole anything at all.

  79. Chris Copeland says:

    Travis Mack Not 1 witness account says Brown attacked the cop. You cannot believe officer Wilson because he failed to call it in and he also failed to file a report case closed.

  80. Chris Copeland says:

    Travis Mack Yeah and the crazy white kids that shoot up public schools are mentally ill not criminals lol gtfoh.

  81. Andrew James says:

    Travis Mack ok sooo lets forget about all the racial history in America right? Lets forget that black people were bought over here as slaves and have not … once ever in the nations history been put on the same equal footing as their white counterparts. Not just blacks but most other minorities . Now, how do you expect this group of people, who have always been looked at as inferior, given the worst places to live, given the lowest paying jobs , given less access to education, to act. Understand this my. great white hope. There are SEVERAL problems within the black community, however you know nothing of ACTUAL black culture if all you base your judgments on are the stereotypical images and stories you hear about . Now with mike brown. are you seriously trying to tell me white people don't steal from convenience stores and delis? that is solely… a BLACK thing? -___- So lets say he did take the cigars. You think a cop would have stopped a white boy and the same result would have happened? Because if you know black culture.. … black parents teach their kids to assault officers of the law, who are armed… are are virtually the overseers of a new slave population. Right?? And if your answer to that is yes, then i must not actually be black because i have never once assaulted a police officer before in my life. Furthermore, for arguments sake, if one is treated like an animal their whole life, they live in a society that tells them they are sub par and not as good as the next, and they are CONSTANTLY faced with instances of racial discrimination which has been reported to happen in that area, would you not be fearful for your safety once presented with a situation where an officer approaches you hand on his weapon? Fight or flight is a HUMAN thing. not a black thing, or a Spanish thing. When people fear for their well being they attempt to preserve it. So the next question is, why is it that black people fear for their well being around officers who are supposed to protect and serve? Or do cops only work for white people. You are defending a blatantly flawed and un-just system.
    Secondly. ANY officer of the law who cannot take down an unarmed teenager without the use of excessive force should not be an officer of the law. The gun is not the go to weapon on an unnamed assailant. Why have a baton, why have a taser, why be trained if in every situation i just grab the 9 milometer and shoot whatever is in front of me. This is NOT the response white suspects receive in simple everyday stops and run ins with the cops. That is just common knowledge. Racism and prejudice exist and justifying it the way you do is offensive and idiotic. Funny thing though, everyone looks at Hitler as a villian because of his ideologies and tactics, but what makes people like you so different?
    This case has become too involved in the media now to find the actual truth of what went on. It is a terrible sad thing that this child was killed, it is also terrible we live in a society that every-time a police officer fires their weapon they can become a pariah and put their careers at stake. The system is flawed and PEOPLE are stupid regardless of race and gender. Educate yourself and stop with the hate , even for a troll… your not funny and sound pathetic.

  82. Travis Mack says:

    he failed to call WHAT in? He had just shot the kid; it done been called in dog.

    Failed to file a report? WTF? Where do you get this shit from? The witnesses have already been exposed as total liars. Of course, like you, they have gone tribal and got dey loot on.

  83. Chris Copeland says:

    Have you ever been harassed by a police officer and had their fucking guns in your face. Have you ever been treated like a criminal without ever fucking committing 1 single crime. Until you turn black and experience this then you'll understand that cops do kill blacks in cold blood and the only difference between the past and present is that social media is exposing the bullshit.

  84. Chris Copeland says:

    Travis Mack That's a lie we don't fight them all the time. We fight them when they make up bullshit reasons to lock us up when they harass us. The point you fail to realize is that not every black man or woman is a damn criminal, How would you feel if somebody walks up to you and tries to illegally search you or throws you around like a rag doll.

  85. Chris Copeland says:

    Travis Mack No they haven't been exposed as liar by the Ferguson police department have been exposed to liars i believe you watch too much fox lol sad for you buddy.

  86. Chip Watkins says:

    I wish I could slap some sense in your stupid ass you're whats wrong with america. Why does black on black bother you? What do you think is the reason for blk on blk crime? I really want here this.

  87. Chris Copeland says:

    Travis Mack Actually we do think alot of things are unjust you're just assuming we don't. For example the poor white kid killed by cops not to long after mike brown was killed is also sad case yet it got no media attention. It's not much a black and white issue it's a police state vs people issue and until we actually realize that the trend of rights being violated and cops using excessive force without a real cause we'd better as a nation. We letting armed thugs and sociopaths run this country.

  88. Travis Mack says:

    Funny you should mention other minorities, Andrew- I'm glad you did.

    Asians outearn whites. They have better educational and socioeconomic outcomes than whites. At one point, Chinese were subject to all the segregation and Jim crow as blacks; they were considered colored too. They lived in some of the highest poverty areas in California and suffered from numerous diseases. Yet there were only 3 chinamen in prison in the entire fucking STATE.

    Nobody GIVES black people places to live, dude. Nobody GIVES anyone anywhere to live. You are supposed to WORK and buy your place to live for YOURSELF.

    This is the fundamental problem with blacks- as a group you simply are incapable of figuring out how a society works. You think everything gets GIVEN to everyone from some magic fountain of money. It doesn't work that way, dude.

    Blacks have been afforded the same educations as everyone else; they just choose to fail. In fact many states are recognizing now that blacks simply lack the capacity to perform on the same level as whites or Asians and they are adjusting the passing scores under NCLB to account for physical reality. Blacks simply do not have the same academic acumen as Asians do. Both are minorities, but genetics matter.

    Sure, white people shoplift. White people commit EVERY type of crime! They just do not do it as frequently as blacks do.

    Nobody tells blacks they are gd'd animals- you people are CONSTANTLY told how awesome you are. Blacks test HIGHEST among ANY group for self-esteem, bruh! You can look this shit up. You even believe the Egyptians were black now, you have a whole manufactured history full of black inventors and scientists. Blacks have their egos fluffed up nonstop by our society to try to make you feel better about yourselves.

    There is no more racial discrimination to speak of in the USA, EXCEPT practiced by blacks on non-blacks who are unlucky to wander into their neighborhoods at night or who get caught up in a pack attack Knockout King game.

    Blacks RECEIVE affirmative action and all kinds of other preferences; white men don't.

    You act like Mike Brown was a child; he wasn't. Mfer was 6'2 and 300 lbs. He was over 18. He was a full on ADULT. And he was put down for the same kind of thug bullshit that you blacks LIONIZE all the time. You sing about it, glorify it, celebrate it. Nobody else does that.

    Like I said before, stop acting like savages and you will be treated as such. Become productive members of a society, you will be treated as such. how do I know this? Because, mfer, INDIANS are here in droves, they are DARKER COLORED than you, but they work, pay taxes, don't rob/steal/kill/rape like you do, and they are ACCEPTED as neighbors and friends despite being BROWN. Asians, too. Even Hispanics don't have the stigma your race does.

    You can't seem to GET that segregation was BECAUSE of black behavior, not the cause of it. Blacks were known and written about as violent BEFORE emancipation- nobody wanted to live around them then and nobody does now. Look at the cities you create- Detroit? Bodymore? Killadelphia? Camden? Bricktown? STL? Coakland? WTF, man…everywhere you go there are lots of blacks it's a got damn warzone. Everyone else is tired of it and would prefer to keep you at a distance.

    That's just how the real is.

  89. Travis Mack says:

    your ho is swoled up with my jizz…how my dick taste, bitch?

  90. Travis Mack says:

    Chris, people IN the store called the robbery in…everyone knows that

  91. Chris Copeland says:

    Travis Mack You're so angry why you failed to see the comparison to the 2 subjects with media coverage. They say the kids that commit mass killings are somehow automatically mentally ill. Yet any black kid that dies is automatically a criminal or a thug which is untrue. Oh i'm not close minded i know exactly what happens to white kids or teens in general it worse when i was a teen 10 yrs ago lol. The problem with this case is the media made it a racial issue and baited both sides to no end. The blacks in ferguson aren't ghetto blacks it's a predominately ghetto town. The problem is excessive police tactics and yes it's an ugly fact but the police in black communities will profile anyone and dare you to question them. Most people think the hey you fit the description off a suspect is a myth but no it's very true. So we learn as black kids first hand that even if you're going the neighbors house or the mailbox or to put the trash on the curve have you identification. And it has never been a popular trend for anyone black to attack police officers we leave that the mentally unstable and drug addicts. Take a poll and ask how many blacks will attack an officer see how many no's you get.

  92. Travis Mack says:

    Blacks are simply quite aggressive and violent and have poor impulse control. They commit crime mostly on blacks because that's who's around them predominantly. If you put them next to whites, they will pick whites more frequently.

    WtF is the matter with you that you think nobody should CARE about black on black crime? STOP THE TRIBAL BULLSHIT.

  93. Chip Watkins says:

    Clueless just like I thought. I'm done

  94. Travis Mack says:

    You're stupid is what you are.

    What's YOUR excuse for black on black crime…lemme guess…white people cause it? ROTFL

  95. Chip Watkins says:

    Move on clown

  96. Travis Mack says:

    dude, I didn't say ANYTHING about ANY white kids who shot up any schools. JFC, can you keep this shit straight or else don't comment? I never brought them up. They are IRRELEVANT.

    I KNOW the media is stoking this, just like they stoked Zimmerman/Trayvawn. That's what they do. However, you don't see white people on talkin the level of shit that black people do on THIS site.

    They fabricate all manner of insane shit over here.

    My advice to you is this: if you want to not be associated with crime then clean up your own neigbhorhoods instead of your no snitch crap. Stop celebrating criminals and the thug life. Or else you will be RIGHTLY associated with such.

    Blacks get profiled because the statistics JUSTIFY that. That is all profiling IS. You people against profiling are fools- do you know they profile MEN? MEN get stopped FAR MORE than women? WTF…why???? Because MEN commit crimes MUCH more frequently than women do!

    And NOBODY seems to be stupid enough to have an issue with this. But when blacks are brought into the picture, oh we all must pretend that they don't commit crimes far more frequently than whites or Asians…and that REFUSAL to be HONEST is what causes all this BS and rage.

  97. Travis Mack says:

    Whatever, Chimp watkins

  98. Chip Watkins says:

    Good chimp mack! Be glad you're not around me you would never say th at to my face enjoy your computer slurs don't mean shit to me. One other thing if we evolved from apes, why are apes still here?

  99. Travis Mack "I LOVE this place; I can insult the hell out of anyone and nobody does shit about it…I wonder if the webmasters have noticed their hitcount spiking since I arrived. lol"
    Thanks for informing us of your motivation for posting. Brothers and sisters please ignore this narcissistic depraved idiot; his sole intention is to get under our skin nothing else. We are all aware he was lied to through popular American history, as we all were. His ignorance is not his fault, however, his arrogance and his attitude of superiority is; which is precisely why he does not deserve our attention. He is utterly hopeless. He bought a friend – George Maklos – ignore him too, they are not worth the time or thoughts.

  100. Veronica L Dean says:

    Yet YOU have the same "afrocentric" AFRICAN blood running through your veins as does everyone else….after all AFRICA is where humanity all started…..DNA don't lie!

  101. Paul Bialek says:

    Hey I'm not looking for a social media bullshit but I've seen the reports and let's face it the news says what they think but the investigation shows facts. Were anyone posting on this there I can assume that most people were not and just taking in what the news reported . I'm sorry but I've been in plenty of use of force situations where I would of been authorIzed to end a life but I haven't because I used my head. If the officer felt he was fighting for his life then absolutly I am in his court. If he shot him in the back then he might be wrong but at the same time you weren't there and there are inconsistencies with the one witness who said he was there. I'm not rallying for either side if he was wrong then he was, but I do think it is unfair to the residence of ferguson as well as store owners that he had to make a split second decision on weather your gonna take a beating and wait for someone to save ya or not. You have to realize as police we are not trained to wait for back up or specialized unit we have to deal with whatever situation pops up now deal with it and hope there is a specialized unit that is willing to take the case over.

  102. Paul Bialek says:

    Dewarren that is fine that you feel that way but do you have any certifiable proof that is what happened? I work In the area I was there in ferguson besides social media do you actually have documents that say different? There are so many people saying they know the truth yet they weren't there to witness the fact. I don't care either way if the officer was wrong then he was. So far thought proper documents show differently. Why are you getting so upset it's just perpetuating the cycle. Look at it from a legal point of view you say he shot him in the back many believe that yet you were not there so how can you say that. Unless you got proof the court of law cannot act. Here is the deal us here we know the biased people will riot no matter what the outcome is. Are you gonna be there? Hell no. We know this we also know that people are taking advantage of the situation. Did you know that rev al sharpton and his cronies told the family that they will be the first vehicle behind the body? Bet you didn't politics came first in this situation because of an outcry which wasn't justified to the family or brown.

  103. Chris Copeland
    Armed thugs and sociopaths have always run this country. Only difference is when they are Black they are labeled criminals, and locked up for thirty years. Do not sympathize with the enemy he is tactical.

  104. Kelvin Johnson says:

    So your on here ranting again,making no point other then blacks this blacks that.Black on black crime is no higher then white on white,although whites tend to do mass shootings..schools,malls,department stores.If you have a point make it and stop ranting your wasting what lil education you have,and if you really need attention wait til your at work for this race baiting.

  105. Chris Copeland says:

    Marcia Judkins I don't sympathize with the beasts of the caves never have and never will. It's a pity that some people stil live in a bubble and have no clue about the world around them. We can speak of statistics all day but everyone knows those statistics have always been bias. The entire justice system has always been bias in a land built upon bias and ran by bias people. But hey i'm the crazy black dude. Speaking of thug and criminal behavior we learned from the world's best didn't we. It's amazing that somebody who can't speak on living in a black community has so much false knowledge about the community. I invite you to come to my community and we'll count the drug dealers and gangbangers and so called crackheads alright. We'll also count how many ppl are shot and how much black crime you'll see. and when you see none of that and yet witness what the police actually so then shut your ignorant ass up and go learn something. This enemies tactics are as false as the indoctrination of that fake religion they forced on us and their barbaric form of society. The only people to commit atrocities globally and countless acts of genocide the nerve.

  106. Travis Mack who are you people? I think you sir would be the you (racist)people.

  107. Travis Mack oh so you think you can speak on black issues because some weak ass college buddies gave ou some fictitious ass bullshit name? GTFO

  108. Travis Mack and you MF's do the same thing. Speak with some damn intelligence and stop generalizing because it makes you look stupid. Oh damn , you are already that sir.

  109. Dale Daper says:

    Word to the wise. Stop responding to that ignorant person on this thread. He's grand standing because he has an audience. Don't fall for the mediocre bullshit that he's spewing out.

  110. Dewarren Dorney Harris Jr. says:

    Travis Mack

    never wrong, and b*tch I'm not your g. I'm you successor

  111. Nobody is mad at anything you have said Travis. Have a tantrum in the corner and yell the N word some more. Nobody of color here is impacted by it whatsoever. Please tell us more. I'll sip my coffee and read further.


  113. Rhonda Lundy says:

    Travis Mack i went to your fb page and let your African American friends know your true feelings.

  114. Dale Daper says:

    Dewarren Dorney Harris Jr. Right LMAO You are hilarious dude. He's a punk that would never say it to your face.

  115. Paul Bialek

    check out the last article i posted

  116. Travis, you say the average black is violent right? Then explain to me why most serial killers are white? Please enlighten the average black on this issue.

  117. Travis Mack says:

    According to the St Louis Post-Dispatch,. "A construction worker at the nearby apartment complex, who spoke to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on condition of anonymity, said that he saw Brown running away with Wilson 10 to 15 feet behind. About 90 feet away from the car, Wilson fired a shot at Brown, whose back was turned. Brown stumbled, stopped, put his hands up and said "OK, OK, OK, OK, OK." The worker believed Brown had been wounded. With his hands up, Brown began walking toward the officer, at which point Wilson began firing at Brown and backing away. After the third shot, Brown’s hands started going down, and he moved about 25 feet toward Wilson, who kept backing away and firing. The worker was unable to discern if Brown's movement towards the officer was "a stumble to the ground" or "OK, I'm going to get you, you're already shooting me." "

    Subsequent autopsies have verified (they did THREE of them) that Brown was NOT shot from behind at ANY point. Wilson was chasing a guy who had just punched him in the head and gone for his gun, causing its discharge inside the car, and he fired at him from behind. THEN, Brown turned and went toward the officer, who was backing away. He was shot 6 times ALL in the front. It DOES NOT MATTER what the fk Brown was doing with his hands if he continued to advance toward the officer while disobeying an order to stop. If you advance on cops with guns drawn, it does not matter if you have a white flag you're waving and you announce your surrender- if you are REALLY surrendering, you must cease movement, obey, get down on the ground face down with your hands above your head. It's that simple.

    Indicating surrender with your hands does not constitute surrender. Both the police and military deal with adversaries who fake surrenders and then try to attack by surprise; it is a well-known tactic. Nobody can say whether Brown intended to surrender or repeat his attack. According to the eyewitness, while under fire Brown continued to advance 25 feet…does this fuckin SOUND like surrender to you??

    What we CAN say is that a thug who had just robbed a minimart by force was shot dead in the middle of the street. Good riddance. Not a tragedy at all. Just a future repeat felon taken out of the system and saving white taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  118. The reality of the situation is that everyone has an opinion about what happened and the truth is that 2 people know what really happened and unfortunately 1 of them is dead. To all of my intelligent brothers and sisters…don't allow your emotions to get the best of you by arguing with a fool…those looking on won't be able to distinguish the difference between you and them. Some people truly don't get it because what has happened in the past and is still happening in the here and now and chances are will continue to happen in the future will NEVER be their experience. When I hear someone say things like "you people" or "I have black friends" or basically any language of justification to keep speaking in the negative manner the are engaged in…I have a pretty clear picture of who they are unfortunately for them they probably don't know who they are they probably think they are ok. The first line of defense for someone who is uninformed or full of opinion rather than actual facts is to be offended. Studying the history and origin of this country is disconcerting and depressing to know the history of violence, elimination and behavior towards minorities in this country. Right from the beginning when the land was stolen from the rightful owners, down to the enslavement of human beings for profitable gain of one ethnicity over another. The list of misdeeds is long and unimaginable. It will never be necessary for me to insult or attack other people because I have no other line of defense. I will never have to duck or dodge questions that I don't want to answer because if I don't have an answer I will just state so.

  119. Kamji Ansley says:

    So we should be happy that we have video of 2 white construction workers account of the Mike Brown shooting, because the 50 plus Black witness word means nothing.

  120. Randy Burt says:

    Well I say wait for the evidence to be entered, wait for the DOJ to do there job and go from there. I will say this the riots and violence going on in the street does not help. If anything it puts people off, about the character of the people at these protest. I can and will support anyone's right to get justice but there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. Breaking windows in the local shops, steeling from the local shops, fights and whatever else went on gives the wrong opinion. It takes away from your cause and makes people think its more about the looting.


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