Black Twitter Takes on Vogue, Cultural Appropriation

black twitterRemember that time Marie Claire applauded Kendall Jenner for rocking “new epic” cornrows and Twitter had a meltdown? Well, it appears Vogue just kicked off take two.

The fashion and lifestyle magazine published an article Wednesday titled “We’re Officially in the Era of Big Booty” in an attempt to give a history lesson on the progression of cultural regard for derrieres in anticipation for the release of a new Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea song.

The majority of criticism lies in the article’s failure to look back further than the 1990s or acknowledge the specific relationship between popular opinion, butts and the female black body — but people have a lot of bones to pick with Vogue’s booty argument.

Naturally, Black Twitter responded the best way it knows how — with the creation of a hilarious, biting hashtag: #VogueArticles. In two days, over 4,500 tweets have swarmed the Internet with fake article names shaming cultural appropriation.

vogue 1“How Paula Dean created soul food. #voguearticles “@ellewhyin

“Dreadlocks: Apparently Not Just For White Hippies and Backpackers Anymore #voguearticles” @seelolago

“Bill Clinton On What It Was Like Dealing With Racism As The First Black President. #voguearticles” @ProfessorBLove

“How Macklemore Made Rap Cool Again: Rise of the Socially Conscious Rapper #voguearticles” @deathintwosteps

“Collard Greens Are The New Kale #voguearticles” @runawayapricot


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