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As Grand Jury Decides Officer Wilson’s Fate, Judge Stalls Attempts to Assassinate Brown’s Character

michael-brown-2Michael Brown’s body may be gone, but a serious effort is afoot in St. Louis County to assassinate his character — just as a Missouri grand jury is deciding whether to charge police officer Darren Wilson in his killing last month.

Judge Ellen Levy Siwak, a St. Louis County Circuit Court judge, had to deny two separate petitions Tuesday by media outlets trying to get their hands on Brown’s juvenile criminal records. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch and are both seeking the records, even though a juvenile court official said last week that Brown had no serious felony convictions as a juvenile.

But that hasn’t deterred the media outlets.

This has become a familiar chapter in the journey to justice for unarmed black men and women who are killed by police or vigilantes. It happened to Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Renisha McBride, Eric Garner and many others who were choked to death or gunned down for no justifiable reason.

St. Louis County police officials made their first foray into character assassination when they released images shortly after his death allegedly showing Brown assaulting a store clerk while stealing a box of cigarillos. Though it has been well established that Wilson had no knowledge of any allegations that Brown had committed a crime when he encountered the teen walking down a Ferguson street, the police were clearly trying to let the public know that Brown was a bad guy.

The release of the images reportedly angered Attorney General Eric Holder and Justice Department officials, who knew they would inflame already smoldering tensions in Ferguson.

In Siwak’s courtroom, Joe Martineau, attorney for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, argued that there is a public interest in Brown’s background. editor-in-chief Charles Johnson has said the public deserved to know whether a record existed for Brown.

Johnson said he is considering appealing the judge’s decision.

Journalistic standards certainly do not dictate that the public “deserves” any information about Brown’s background if that information has nothing to do with the case at hand. Of course it is expected that any publication is going to try to dig up whatever it can about the major actors in an explosive case such as this one. But we are well aware of what will happen if any negative information about Brown is made public — it will give members of the grand jury (nine of whom are white and three are Black) pause in their deliberations about whether to charge Wilson with a crime.

These were the same calculations made by the jury when deliberating the fate of George Zimmerman for killing Trayvon Martin: If the teen really did present a danger, perhaps Zimmerman was justified in killing him.

Now, it appears the same story is being repeated.

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89 thoughts on “As Grand Jury Decides Officer Wilson’s Fate, Judge Stalls Attempts to Assassinate Brown’s Character

  1. I thought everyone wanted transparency. I guess they only want transparency when they can spin it to make Wilson look bad.

  2. Transparency doesn't have shit to do with this at all. And what does his juvenile record have to do with him being gunned down. It's just another case to throw dirt on someone to make their client look not so dirty. And if that a the case everyones record should be made viewable to the public. I bet some "reputable" people would be that at all!

  3. His juvie record shows his character, but you just want to judge this case based on the color of his skin, and Wilson's skin. You KNOW Wilson is guilty, don't you? You can tell, because he's white!

  4. James Sbi Jackson says:

    Charlie Willock Well they never asked for the background of that white guy that shot up the movie theater, or that white boy that killed those four people, or the other one that shot up that school (Sandy Hook) or the one who shot Gabby Gifford a few years back. So please stop making this about race Charlie.

  5. James Sbi Jackson Actually, they did. And who made this about race? Am I the one who did that? My bad!

  6. who cares about color he was unarmed!!!!! and he deserves justice

  7. Only the people who were there know the truth!! But you know his innocent because the brown was a bit black guy and is a "thug" from his pictures that came out. You make it about race. The funny thing is that white people are making this about race and the bigger issue. Cops are killing people and getting away with it.

  8. Hilere is the picture you and me both point a gun at the cops. Who do u thunk gets taxed maybe pepper sprayed and who gets shot 8 times and gets their character dragged through the mud ….

  9. No serious juvie felony convictions for Brown? I suppose he only had frivolous felony convictions. No class A or class B convictions, but look at what class C and D could include: Class C felonies can include involuntary manslaughter in the first degree (can be a Class B or Class C felony), statutory rape in the second degree, possession of a controlled substance, and theft.
    Class D felonies are crimes such as fraud, resisting arrest, and passing a bad check. What an good boy he must have been! The best and the brightest of his generation (Ghetto Division)!

  10. Whiskey Man says:

    Officer Wilson reacted to mike brown the same as any Officer would have under the same circumstance . How dare some young Hoodlum, Gangbanger go off a person of Authority. When brown stole those cigars from that store owner the store owner should have defended himself. Most people believe that brown was nothing more than a Punk Thug. The Lawsuit will show that the rev al sharpcoon will line his pockets and mommie amd daddy will get a new Crib, Cadlac, and fine Treads

  11. Brian Pincus says:

    Browns past has nothing to do with this case. Just like Wilson being fired from a previous job due to his department being deemed out of touch and racist towards the citizens they were supposed to be protecting. (which is true by the way). Disgusting is the amount of people that want to demonize an American teenager, when the facts of this case show all he was doing at the time of the incident was jaywalking. Keep to the facts about the case.

  12. He got all the justice he could handle. Good riddance!

  13. Whiskey Man says:

    He got JUSTICE. I guess that bases on his size and big and fat. he just got used to puhing people around and intimidated everybody.Just look at the store owner that brown stole from.. Officer Wilson was not going to be intimidated nor he should.

  14. Let's see what happens. You go first.

  15. His juvie record shows his character WoW thats news to me i guess thats why the state closes the file and lock it away news flash its not even useful to the states attorney it was not useful to the college he was set to attend it was not useful to u until he was shot by that THUG while unarmed so u need something to make it alright Charlie Willock is a lost cause,WE NO its no way he would be biased here no way

  16. Charlie Willock His juvie record shows his character WoW thats news to me i guess thats why the state closes the file and lock it away news flash its not even useful to the states attorney it was not useful to the college he was set to attend it was not useful to u until he was shot by that THUG while unarmed so u need something to make it alright Charlie Willock is a lost cause,WE NO its no way he would be biased here no way

  17. Exactly. Point proven. Your argument is dead in the water.

  18. And that's remark at the end shows your true color! It also shows how much you actually know about things. That's says everything anyone needs to know about your character! But it's almost funny how a misguided black or Hispanic teen gets labeled a thug for anything that they do that's not pleasing in the eye's of the public or "white America" but yet when a white teen does it they are labeled a misguided teen

  19. Alonzo Taylor Blacks can do no wrong.

  20. Point proven yet again!!! As a typical person does you pick and chose what u want to believe and base your theory on. along with cut and paste your statements. That's what people do when they don't want to listen to reason or logical things.

  21. Alonzo Taylor I cut and pasted the facts. The Brown family lawyer's weasel words only fool the fools.

  22. Naim Smith says:

    They say race don't matter. It ALWAYS matters.

  23. James Sbi Jackson says:

    Charlie Willock No one ever said black people can do no wrong. But why is that when a white man committs a mass shooting people like you Charlie never want to attack them for those mass killing or call them thugs. But when an unarmed black teen is shot you want to think he did something wrong or is a thug.

  24. James Sbi Jackson Why do you assume I never call them thugs? I'm always happy when someone like McVeigh gets what's coming to him.

  25. James Sbi Jackson White thug Joseph Harvey assaulted and threatened black cop Joseph Walker and his family, and got shot and killed for his trouble, a death I applauded.

  26. You are just like Barack Obama! Everything you say is a lie!

  27. Alonzo Taylor there is a huge possibility that it was racial well definately idiots like Charlie Willock are racist and dumb. But this case the biggest problem is the injustice. Not only from the officer but the protesters as well. The officer had no reason to use any force higher than what is presented yet he went straight to a gun so he should be in jail for sure. Thats the law regardless of wether Brown was a thug or not. Also another huge injustice is how the public can go from protesting a horrific event to destroying peoples property and businesses in ferguson. this isn't good for anyone.

  28. Obediah Solo Jackson Unarmed is not the same as helpless, or unaggressive, especially for a 6' 4" 292 pound man reaching for a cop's gun. And I doubt Brown will be attending college now.

  29. Bob Honiker says:

    Is anyone here concerned about the little sales clerk Mikey jerked around?

  30. Bob Honiker says:

    Scott McCarty What are they supposed to do, call in a 300 pound cop?

  31. Scott McCarty The crowds were never protesting against a horrific event, they were protesting against the investigation, and trying to hinder it by harassing the police.

  32. John Garry says:

    "…even though a juvenile court official said last week that Brown had no serious felony convictions as a juvenile." – This would imply that he had convictions for some sort of felonies, just not one the juvenile court official considers "serious". Is there any such thing as a "non-serious felony"? Wouldn't crimes that are less serious be midsdemeanors or violations? If Officer Wilson had a criminal record, or disciplinary record, would that also be "irrelevant"

  33. Charlie Willock now i understand what u are doing this is for your entertainment i was thinking u were doing this out of the belief that his juvie record shows his character which we all know is closed and sealed in every state not just his every juvie just so u know that was as STUPID as anything i have heard and defending it is the only thing that would have been worse so enjoy your day and make sure u keep doing what u doing we need people like u to wake our people up to the real world your your narrow and unjust views are just what we need

  34. Jenny Green says:

    no, it doesn't "imply" that at all. it only implies one thing: that he didn't have any felony convictions of a certain caliber. that's all it implies.

  35. Jenny Green says:

    not the sharpest tool in the shed eh? a young man who managed to graduate high school at age 18 couldn't possibly have convictions for anything particularly daunting if he was still allowed to stay enrolled in public school and continue attending. duh. teenagers that are convicted of robbery or manslaughter or whathaveyou are not strolling around the halls of the local public high school. they are in special school, locked up.

  36. John Garry says:

    Jenny Green – One would think that if Brown had no felony convictions the official would not have qualified his statement with "serious". At any rate the whole world has seen the video of the "gentle giant" committing a "serious", violent felony minutes before his death m

  37. No need to look at the background of evil guys shooting up a theater….the guy was clearly guilty. In the present case – the area of discussion is whether or not Michael Brown has a HISTORY of possible beligerant acts – or not. If his record is stellar – let it out. If his record has proof that he was guilty of repeated overdue books from the library – let it out! If he has had prior violent acts – let it out! (And in the same manner – all past actions of the police officer should be exposed for all to decide whether or not he has been prone to act fast without thinking, or he has a stellar record. What is wrong with letting ALL the facts be known??

  38. Jenny Green Good points, all. Only persons of the highest moral caliber are permitted to graduate from high school, especially one as highly regarded as Normandy, about which, "…Normandy High was considered the most dangerous school in the city, with abysmal test scores, underperforming teachers, .. the district lost its state accreditation last year. Students could elect to transfer to other districts… parents in those districts [worried about] “crime and chaos” that Normandy students might bring."

  39. James Sbi Jackson says:

    Michael Vineyard What facts…. how does him having a record or not having a record gives a cop the right to shoot someone. They are sworn to protect and serve. If the cop is so innocent then why haven't the cops released the dash cam video?

  40. Bob Honiker No but police are trained how to subdue people of all sizes. unless this was a ufc fighter or Floyd mayweather they shouldn't use any level of force higher than what is given. Also they have tasers and batons for these instances.

  41. Travis Six says:

    There's an extermination campaign going on in the world against black people, and before u exterminate a people u must kill the images of those people in the eyes of the public. Wake up black people!!!!

  42. This isn't based on his character or color Charlie. This is based on an officer shooting an unarmed man. One shot to the unarmed man was already too far but to repeatedly shoot him until he died is inhumane. And now that I talk about it more color does come in to play and not for a race card, for a fact. More unarmed black men and teens are shot than any other and it goes without consequences. I'd make this nationwide too, to protect my people and family.

  43. Zaak Gilchrist At close quarters, a strong man can be deadly, and Brown was close enough to punch Wilson and reach for his gun. I'm not saying that's what he did, but all known reliable evidence suggests it, and the prosecution would have the burden to prove otherwise.

  44. A serious felony is one that happens to me. A non-serious felony is one that happens to Jenny Green, what do I care?

  45. John Garry says:

    Alonzo Taylor No, people get labeled "thugs" according to their actions, not their skin color. We judge by the content of one's character, YOU judge by the color of their skin. If a white thug gets killed by a cop I say "Good riddance!" BTW, if you rough up a store clerk in a robbery and then minutes later attack a cop and try to take his gun from him….you MIGHT be thug.

  46. John Garry says:

    ANYONE pointing a gun a cop is likely to be shot, as they should be. Michael Brown had no "character" to be "dragged through the mud". He lived in the mud "smoking dope and 'f—ing hoes" according to his gangster rap lyrics, violently robbing convenience stores and attacking cops. He was a lowlife and practically nobody from Ferguson gave a crap about him being killed. Of the first 168 rioters/looters/protesters arrested only 7 were from Ferguson.

  47. He wasn't black, so no.

  48. Our tax dollars pay for those guns. We give cops guns for a reason.

  49. James Sbi Jackson says:

    John Garry The store clerk said he was never robbed. You should check into that.

  50. James Sbi Jackson He had to say that after the mob burned down the other quickie mart because they thought it was his. The man is scared shitless, and you should be proud of your brothers for scaring him so much he's afraid to tell the truth.

  51. James Sbi Jackson says:

    Charlie Willock He told the truth as he knew it. If it was anything other than what he said that is on him.

  52. John Garry says:

    James Sbi Jackson A white man (or any man or woman) who commits a mass shooting is way beyond "thug" on the evil scale. Are you telling me that white people typically DEFEND white mass killers? I have never seen this happen.

  53. James Sbi Jackson says:

    John Garry Oh, I have. Have you watched Fox News? And they most certainly don't condemn them like they do black folk. If that was the case black people wouldn't be mad because we would know that equal justice would be served all around.

  54. Disgusting is you. Wilson was a rookie cop in the department that was disbanded, and there was no allegation of wrongdoing on hi part. I hope you get assaulted and beaten by "jaywalkers", and don't bother calling the cops when you do.

  55. John Garry says:

    Zaak Gilchrist The "unarmed" man had already assaulted the cop and tried to take his gun and he was charging at the officer attempting to do it again. If the cop was not willing to shoot him, he would very soon have armed himself with the officer's gun. Crimes stats show that black teens and men commit violent crimes at about 10 times the rate of whites. It would follow that they would find themselves in situations where they would get shot by cops more often.

  56. James Sbi Jackson says:

    John Garry And yet who conducts those studies… If that is true then I would be out committing a crime right now. Thankfully I was raised right. But to people like you that doesn't matter.

  57. James Sbi Jackson says:

    John Garry And yet who conducts those studies… If that is true then I would be out committing a crime right now. Thankfully I was raised right. But to people like you that doesn't matter.

  58. John Garry says:

    James Sbi Jackson Are you kidding me? Mass killers get called worse names than "thug". e.g., "Monster, Devil, etc." and rightfully so. That said, all the attention they get, though negative attention, may help spawn other mass killers who want the same level of "celebrity". Coion Noir did a great video pointing this out. I think making "martyrs" out of thugs like Brown and Martin who are killed while committing violent crimes might have a similar effect.

  59. James Sbi Jackson Studies show that you are currently in the act of committing a crime.

  60. James Sbi Jackson says:

    John Garry Yet it doesn't because they all have one thing in common compared to those white men who do mass killings… THEY ARE UNARMED and ARE MINDING THEIR OWN BUSINESS when they are approached!!!!

  61. John Garry says:

    James Sbi Jackson The FBI crimes statistics are the main source. And no, while they show that blacks commit violent crimes at a far higher rate than whites, they also show that that vast majority of black do NOT commit crimes and are law abiding citizens. What baffles me is why you would want to identify with the minority of thugs in the black community, rather than with the law abiding majority of blacks.

  62. Jenny Green says:

    John Garry you mean shoplifting. you'll need a solid $2K worth of goodies to hit the 3rd degree felony robbery mark in PA. and actual physical injury. and brandish an actual weapon. and the store owner didn't even call the police..

  63. James Sbi Jackson says:

    Charlie Willock And how is that? Sitting a home conversing with several people.

  64. James Sbi Jackson says:

    John Garry I don't identify with anyone. I stated that he was unarmed and shouldn't have been killed. And if you noticed that those white guys who did those mass killings came out alive when confronted by police. Some even killed themselves.

  65. James Sbi Jackson says:

    Jenny Green They don't get it.

  66. John Garry says:

    James Sbi Jackson Are you kidding me? IMHO, we know way too much about Lanza, Loughner Holmes, etc. While I understand people are fascinated (and repulsed) by them and it is in a sense newsworthy, I believe that the attention is exactly what these demonic losers wanted, and giving it to them encourages others to commit similar vile acts.

    Do you actually watch the news or just make assumptions about the coverage? What you have posted about news reporting is the exact opposite of what is actually aired.

  67. James Sbi Jackson says:

    John Garry Well those guys weren't killed when they encountered the police. So i cannot be wrong about that. Even the guy that shot gabby giffords is still alive and is said to have a mental problem… Armed they were. So no.

  68. James Sbi Jackson Conspiracy.

  69. James Sbi Jackson says:

    Charlie Willock Even George Zimmerman says travyon martin was walking while he was following him then he ran… So if he wasn't minding his own business then give me your video proof that he wasn't.

  70. John Garry says:

    James Sbi Jackson Neither Martin nor Brown were "minding their own business". Brown had just robbed and store and was walking in the middle of the street. Martin (like Brown) was high on drugs and confronted Zimmerman (as indicated by testimony from prosecution witness and Martin friend, Rachel Jeantel). He then proceeded to beat Zimmerman, breaking his nose, and pounded his head repeatedly on the concrete. According to Zimmerman's unrefuted claim, Martin also threatened to take his gun from him and kill him with it.

    Truly innocent black kids, actually "minding their own business" are murdered all too often, but is is almost always by black gang members. Where is the outrage over that?

  71. James Sbi Jackson says:

    Charlie Willock But you cannot deny they are still alive. That is the point I am making. Guilty is guilty.. But if white guys can shoot up a school and live.. why shouldn't an unarmed teen… Only saying what the news is reporting.

  72. James Sbi Jackson Trayboy doubled back. Even George Zimmerman says TM came up to him from behind after he finished the NEN call. The burden of proof is on the prosecution, not the defense. Not guilty, and good riddance to Trayturd!

  73. James Sbi Jackson says:

    Charlie Willock Did Trayvon Martin get to tell his side. Because George Zimmerman has gotten into a lot of trouble since his trial. So I don't believe him. They say Casey Anthony killed her daughter…. but at least when she went into hiding she stayed there and out of trouble.

  74. James Sbi Jackson Cops are supposed to arrest people for crimes, not execute them, but they are allowed to defend themselves, just like anyone else, and if that means shooting to kill, so be it. Why were John Allen Muhammed and Lee Boyd Malvo arrested, and not shot and killed by the cops? They were black, armed, and had killed at least 16 people.

  75. James Sbi Jackson says:

    Charlie Willock He was caught.

  76. John Garry says:

    James Sbi Jackson Lanza killed himself. Loughner was subdued by bystanders and arrested. If he had drawn on police, he'd be dead. Holmes was arrested without resistance outside the theater by his car. I only wish he had given the officers reason to shoot him. I can tell you that if that had happened no person I know would consider him a "victim of police brutality" but instead would be glad he was killed.

  77. John Garry says:

    Jenny Green Obviously somebody called the police and the robbery can be seen on the video. Here is the police report.

  78. Jenny Green You obviously don't understand the difference between shoplifting and robbery. No dollar amount of goodies stolen can turn shoplifting, a property crime, into robbery, a violent felony with or without injury.

  79. Bob Honiker says:

    Charlie Willock We should take up a collection to buy him a 12 gauge shotgun!

  80. James Sbi Jackson You have the morals of a savage.

  81. John Garry says:

    James Sbi Jackson The only "trouble" Zimmerman has had is a couple of speeding tickets and 2 false allegations that were later either disproved and/or recanted and therefore dismissed. You ought to really read up on Trayon Martin. He was a very, troubled young man, involved in crime and drugs and getting worse and worse. It seems like he was a good kid until he was separated from his stepmother (who was in reality the only real mother he had) by divorce. The "grieving mother" Sabina Fulton is such a fraud. She only raised him for a few years of his life and had kicked him out of the house. That is why he was in Sanford at his father's GF's house.

  82. John Garry If Holmes had resisted, the cops could have shot and killed him. I'd be fine with that.

  83. Jerome Green says:

    This is why we say these crackers are not from God,I wish these comments were said face to face p.s. fuck you devils

  84. John Newsham says:

    Scott McCarty, if the officer went straight to his gun, how do you explain the SUSPECTS finger prints on the gun, gun belt and holster. Oh wait I forgot, the black community thinks all evidence by the police is fabricated.

  85. John Newsham says:

    You are a tough guy in a crowd, or in front of cameras. Go take a swing at one of those cops, and watch how fats you get your ass handed to you.

  86. Jacob Hight says:

    if Mr. Brown did in fact rob the convenience store, and it sounds pretty open and shut that the did, to say that he did is not character assassination.

    BUT, since the cop didn't know Mr. Brown had just robbed someone, it's irrelevant. They can hope people see brown as "a bad guy" – because let's face it, in our society if someone is "bad" we socially abandon them (why the people support brown want to push an agenda that he is a squeaky clean innocent teen).

    The truth is, it doesn't matter if Brown was a good guy or a bad guy. The truth is the officer that stopped him abused his authority, and it killed someone. Brown being good doesn't make it worse. Brown being bad doesn't make it more innocent. Who Brown was has nothing to do with who the cop is.

  87. Scott McCarty you can kiss black people's asses all day long, they'll still leave your ass bleeding to death in the street. As a white man you're a 'cracka' no matter what you do so you might as well start dealing with reality.

  88. John Garry Unfortunately there are a lot more thugs with brown skin color per capita because genes influence behavior. Even though most of modern science tries to cover this up, the evidence is there if you look for it. A recent book called 'A Troublesome Inheritance' covers it.

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