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‘Blackout Monday’: Kansas City Residents Limit Shopping to Black Businesses Only

African-Americans support Black business for Blackout Monday The “Blackout Monday” movement is picking up steam in Kansas City as more and more of the city’s residents are opting to only shop at Black-owned businesses on Monday as a response to the civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri.

It has been a month since 18-year-old Michael Brown was fatally shot multiple times by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

For weeks, protests and rallies have continued in Ferguson and in other major cities across the U.S., including New York City and Atlanta.

Now, residents of Kansas City want to make a change by putting their money back into their own communities.

The “Blackout Monday” movement, organized by the National Black United Front, has African-Americans shopping at Black-owned businesses because only then will those companies be able to reach out and employ more Black people in the community.

In Kansas City, Black residents have been flocking to Leon’s, one of the only Black-owned grocery stores in the area.

“The importance is we have spending power, which means we have the power to make change,” Taty Richards, a member of the Buy Black Empowerment Initiative, told Fox 4 in Kansas City. “In order to get the change made, you have to be heard. We’re going to pull our money out and hold it and put it in our businesses in our community.”

Organizers of the Buy Black Empowerment Initiative, the same initiative that sparked “Blackout Monday,” say the African-American community has more than $1 trillion in spending power across the country.

Black community spending power

Black businesses in Ferguson, Missouri, have been suffering due to unrest.
Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images

“I feel that if we start empowering each other that we all can grow,” Leon August of Leon’s Thriftway told  Fox 4. “It will bring more jobs to the community, to the neighborhood. People who can’t drive all the way to the bigger supermarkets.”

He went on to say that the movement can really help “mom and pop” stores and make the African-American community “stronger.”

In order to help with the movement, the Black United Front has launched a Buy Black KC app for both Android and iPhones.

The app will help its users identify which business in the area are Black-owned so they can know where to focus their spending.

According to  Fox 4, organizers hope to grow the efforts of the blackout to include Fridays and holidays.


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14 thoughts on “‘Blackout Monday’: Kansas City Residents Limit Shopping to Black Businesses Only

  1. James Sbi Jackson says:

    We need to do this across the country.

  2. This is a good thing. It sends a strong message, to the users and haters of black people. Sometimes when I am riding down the streets, looking at all the businesses, not one black business. This does not make sense. We see a black open a business it is absolutely necessaty that we support the business. If you want a business open a business, do your thing, and help each other. Let us get rid of the hate and jealousy, be happy to see a black business, and offer what ever help you may have. If blacks only knew how bad I would like to see black businesses everywhere. Every business for everything we buy. That is a lot of black business, and brings along power, we can afford to put lawmakers in place to help us, to get bigger and bigger, this is what other groups do, we can do the same thing. We can do this.

  3. This should've happened years ago!
    Better late than never, I suppose!

  4. Bwire Vincent says:

    About time somebody did something!

  5. Eebz Lokey says:

    yes i love it we need to keep it going !!!

  6. I wonder if a national app can be developed for locations of black brick and motars as well as Black online businesses.

  7. Travis Mack Have you heard of the meth epidemic? Last response from me, you are spewing nonsense trying to get attention.

  8. Travis Mack lol What are you doing here? Get a life a sweetheart.

  9. For our people who want to continue this discussion without being harassed by the likes of Travis Mack feel free to join me in Divine Rootworks closed group for building solutions and resources for people of African descent. lol He is insecure.

  10. James Sbi Jackson says:

    Travis Mack Please, ya'll beg for our money that is why ya'll advertise to us. So go somewhere and just watch you bank account get low.

  11. The fact Travis Mack and his ilk are feeling this threatened is a sign we are doing the right thing. Feel free to join me in a closed group to discuss further Divine Rootworks

  12. Feel free to join me in a closed group Divine Craftworks so we discuss other solution building and resource development for our people – without the harassment.

  13. James Sbi Jackson says:

    Amanda Williams Okay.

  14. It's cool everybody. I sent a link to every Black person on his Facebook page with a link to this article, and told them to look at Travis Mack's comments.

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