Fast-Food Workers Take to Streets Again to Protest for Higher Wages


Fast-food workers from Los Angeles to New York City were striking again for better pay.

More than 100 fast-food workers converged on a McDonald’s in Exposition Park before dawn Thursday to protest for better wages.

The protesters held up signs and chanted slogans like “get up, get down, fast-food workers run this town” near a scrum of media trucks outside the empty McDonald’s.

In New York City, a crowd of about 300 converged outside a McDonald’s near Times Square at the height of rush hour, briefly blocking West 42nd Street. Police arrested about two dozen of the protesters.

Many fast-food chains and independent restaurants have said that $15 hourly pay would lead to big price increases on their menus or make it impossible to eke out a profit. Some have accused the Service Employees International Union of pushing these protests as a publicity stunt.

Organizers had said protests would be occurring at other fast-food restaurants in Los Angeles throughout Thursday, part of a nationwide day of walk-outs and rallies for better pay for workers.

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