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31 thoughts on “Will Black People Be ‘Wiped Out’ if They Don’t Take Heed to These Economic Solutions by Dr. Claud Anderson?

  1. Sundiata Keita says:

    its really too late for economic empowerment. one, cause the conscious people that know what they have needed to do for 100 years still want to only talk about it. secondly, cause 80 BRIC countries decided to get rid of the petro dollar last month.
    black people aint gone wake up until the church members are being shot down and put in FEMA camps right alongside Beyonce and the pimps.
    i want yall to try to be independent, but yall wanna talk about it everyday, instead of walk it errday

  2. Sundiata Keita I hope it is not too late. But you nailed it, about us talking, isn't that the truth, we want to talk, and sing and pray, more than any people on the planet. Can't we see all the foreigners in the black neighborhood, making billions of dollars, and these racist hate black people. This is insane.

  3. This man knows what he is talking about. Let us not just listen let's do it. You say we have a problem, we don't patronize black business,es we have this hate for one another, but not all of us. Blacks have been acting this way every since we were held in slavery, that is where it started, whites taught blacks to hate one another. Having said that, how is it Marcus Garvey got us together, and look what they did, so why can't we do this again? We should have kept it up, even after they destroyed Garvey, they should have been more determined, after what the toms and the government did to Garvey. We are talking trillions of dollars people, we give to others, who hates us. This is insane.

  4. La'Sha Felicia says:

    Not only that black people start any type of business and they want to over charge…prime example Ms. Jesse. Now she's died for bankruptcy. Also, if we can get the loan amount and good interest rate I think a lot of us will start our own empire. Wait, if we don't over charge.

  5. Sundiata Keita says:

    Nzingha Shabaka true sistah true. you hit the nail on the head as always

  6. Sundiata Keita says:

    La'Sha Felicia i been scared to say that about overcharging. i spoke on it in a video but black people dont get it. they charge twice as much and then demand you go to black businesses. thats bs and thievery.
    dont know who ms jesse is tho?

  7. La'Sha Felicia says:

    She sale natural hair products…while I walk in Target or Sally's and can buy other products that does my hair better for cheap and the products are great!

  8. Curt Notree says:

    I walked into a Beauty Supply store on the South side of Chicago and saw Racks n racks of weaves and extensions along with black hair care products, guess who was standing behind the counter as owner? …….. I don't even have to identify. Now that we have a trade agreement with African nations we have to embark on goodwill with our African brothers and sisters and buy these products for our own communities. I believe we need to consolidate our resources backed by a Civic Organization that can leverage our dollar with specific business's we can exclusively support at a wholesale rate…. I can go on with the ideas.

  9. Farntella Graham says:

    why doesn't he have a show on BET like suzie orman?

  10. Keyanna Celina says:

    it's not about getting the monopoly on capitalism, it's about eliminating capitalism. A white supremacist patriarchal ruling class still exists and exploits all oppressed nationalities. Let the petty bourgeois have their companies and unite for the struggle ahead

  11. Absolutely brother.

  12. Sundiata Keita says:

    whom has a trade agreement with African nations? This has to start on a grassroots level, no govt intervention. We have to go to the source, make a deal, they ship it back and we sell the product.

  13. Sundiata Keita says:

    are you a feminist maam? i mean no harm, just asking

  14. Roxanne Watson says:

    Perhaps ppl should understand why black ppl have to over charge. Claude Anderson is on the radio, has books, videos, organizations, etc. he's out there has been for decades. We weren't listening and we don't support. If you haven't checked him out perhaps you should. I don't think its too late at all for us, we can't sit back and wait for the older generation to do it for us. We have to become the change we want to see. Each and every one of us. If anybody is ready contact me on FB.

  15. James Mcnitt says:

    Sundiata Keita no, they are clearly a marxist though

  16. Will black people be wiped out if we don't take heed to what Claude is advocating? Looking at some of these comments, I would have to say yes. We have the typical deflecting bull shit black feminist marxist rhetoric, mixed in with defeatist comments. Sad.

  17. We cannot allow our race to be wiped out, these immigrants will replace blacks in the work force. The time is now to open up businesses and gain control of the wealth!

  18. BET is owned by a white company, you really think they would put this powerful man on there?

  19. Farntella Graham says:

    Tony Ellington No brother, just wishful thinking out loud,

  20. Sineta George says:

    It's not that we 'overcharge' not me anyway, we can't compete with Wal mart because they ship in container on boats whereas we ship in boxes in the air. It's more expensive. For example, if you buy something in the store you don't have a separate price for shipping, it's included in the price. If you buy something from me and I told you how much is shipping, no one would buy anything. There's a disconnect because most people don't understand basic business principles. So I include the shipping price in everything I sell and then, we may be a dollar or two more than Wal mart but if people REALLY want to support, they can. Also, our items are made by black people by hand, not Asians in a chemical factory. Labor costs are higher as well.

  21. Sineta George says:

    Another problem with black 'business' is we have too many people calling themselves businesses that are consultants, motivational speakers, preachers, and other forms of talking without actually manufacturing a product. People pay to hear other folks talk but don't want to pay an extra dollar or two to actually BUY A PRODUCT from a black owned business! It doesn't make any sense!

  22. Sineta George says:

    Yes I think they would but perhaps he has never proposed to have a show on BET. They are always looking for content. You have to create a show and be able to sell advertising… then the people have to support it. Look what happened to Arsenio when he went to spoken word and Farrakhan jokes again. He was pulled off the air and where was the outcry? *crickets* but when 'The Game' was going to get cancelled everyone lost their minds. It's a damn shame and a disgrace. People talk A LOT but do nothing.

  23. Sineta George Where is the price list, and any suggested retail? My daughter may be interestied, I hope so.

  24. Curt Notree says:

    Sineta George that's outstanding to hear! Are you in Senegal? I am advertising your business on my timeline. I know a few that may be of interest with your products and services, myself included.

  25. Curt Notree I like that brother.

  26. Farntella Graham says:

    Sineta George we need a plan that is not that hard to organize. this brother lays the whole thing out for us. community organization is what we need. grass roots. we did it for the civil rights movement.

  27. It all starts within our own community. The sooner we all can come together and work together collectively the better.

  28. Black people are doing what claud anderson proposes. View park, Baldwin hills, and surrounding areas in L.A. are proof of that. Remember any city in America with a large black middle, upper middle, and affluent class contains a large concentration of successful black owned businesses. That is a fact cause it ain't happening no other way. Cause those businesses create jobs, pay living wages, increase tax base, improve infrastructure, and upkeep quality of life. And also too successful businesses gave local governments extra money to hire teachers, cops, fireman, transportation workers, postal workers, security guards, city and county employees for parks, plumbing, construction, and more. And guess what: taxes from local businesses large and small make all of this happen. And that's what creates and maintains a middle-class. The opposite makes a community poorer and poorer. Tax dollars generated by local businesses create jobs. And anywhere a large black middle-class exists, successful black businesses are right there in the midst of it. Cause otherwise it ain't happening. Period.

  29. He makes a great comment. But in the black community we are quicker to accept what the other race says before we accept our own people. Our wealth will continue to decline unless we open our eyes to different ways we can grow our community. We need more black financiers as well as more black leaders because of the lack of these people we are struggling as the ones currently in power whether black or another race only has their agenda at hand

  30. This is all about doing what has never been done before. We have all been taught to hate each other and to mistrust each other. That is not an easy order to change. Especially when the support system is not there. Any effort is better than no effort.

  31. Gary Elliott says:

    Why would Asians let us buy land in Asia?
    Why do you think Brazil wants an influx of American blacks?

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