‘Dating Naked’ Season 1, Episode 8

vh1-dating-nakedDating Naked season 1, episode 8 airs tonight on VH1.

Mike and Moenay show up in paradise looking for a romantic match. A radio host from Philadelphia and a woman from Los Angeles bare all in their quest to find a love connection.

These days we’re supposed to be more “connected” than ever, but it’s actually harder than ever to truly connect. Online dates, blind dates and the latest in ridiculous dating apps all make it hard to see people for who they really are. A new social experiment provides daters with a radical dating experience where before they bare their souls they bare everything else first. Each week on a primitive island resort, far from the masks of modern society, daters will go on exotic dates and be naked every step of the way. We will follow along as two primitive daters each go on a total of three naked dates, including their first date with each other. At the end of this experience, they’ll choose which of their naked dates they would like to continue dating back home. Clothing will, of course, be optional. Naked daters will bare their soul and a whole lot more in this groundbreaking dating experiment.

Dating Naked season 1, episode 8 airs Sept. 4 at 9 p.m. EDT on VH1. Video here.

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