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9 thoughts on “Watch What Dr. Amos Wilson Says is the Only Way Black People Can Attain Power to Institute Change

  1. Christian Counts says:

    An absolutely beautiful clip and the illustrations he uses about homosexuality is something we need to pay attention 2. I almost lost faith in this website thank you for posting

  2. The first step is to learn to deal in LOVE and TRUTH – and never putting skin color above either.
    1.) call out a liar – call a liar a liar –
    3.) EXPOSE those who are a part of the problem – REMOVE them from their position – even the ones with your same skin color …..
    4.) EXPOSE those who are actually PROVIDING PROVEN SOLUTIONS, PUTTING THEM INTO ACTION with DOCUMENTATIONS, MODELS and VIDEO OF THE PROOF – and allow them to be in the positions of POWER to speak for THE Majority.

  3. Get Real with yourself first!

  4. Christian Counts says:

    it's amazing that someone can listen to him and know anything about him and sit there and talk about don't pay attention to color silly rabbit Trix are for kids

  5. Amos as usual is on point. Its about black power and not running away from our blackness and white supremacy via abstractions such as "love, truth", and being in denial of white supremacy. Gays don't run from who they are, as they say, "I'm queer and here to stay" as result, they get shit done for themselves. That's the point black folks.

  6. Oh my. I got to get every last one of his CDs, no ifs or ands about it. He was another one of our great masters. You got to love him, I sure do, miss him very much.

  7. You almost lost faith in this site, how come? They are some of the best, what else do you wish to be informed about. We need to stop the criticizing of our black businesses, if you have a problem let them know, you help to build, not tear down out black businesses.

  8. Dr. Amos was exceptionally great and wise!

  9. One of the last True Prophets.

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