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180 thoughts on “What This Professor Says About Black History is Exactly Why Some Europeans Don’t Want It to be Accurately Portrayed

  1. I am glad to see us talking about the need for Afurakan history in schools, for black students. What the professor talked about is not our history, it is a terrible event that took place against black people that set us back horrrible, our history did not start with slavery. Black children and black people need to be taught their history that gives us memories that we can respect and use to command the respect of others. Teaching about slavery initially should not be the beginnig of our history lessons, slavery will the the evil that will show what happened to us and why we were cut off from continuing to develope later on as we learn our histroy. Our children need to be taught the oldest university in the world is in Africa, built by Afurakans, and for Afurakans, our children need to be taught the history of science and technology in Afuraka which has unfold since the dawn of time. Our children and people need to know Afurakans were the first to create medicine, Afurakans performed the first C-Section on women, metal, math, astrology, agriculture, and soooo much more. We had already done all this long before slavery, so why teach slavery first, we want them to be eager, and excited to learn about their histroy. When they learn this history, they will never allow themselves to feel bad because someone held their ancestors as slaves, and cut off black people's progress, that was caused by evil people.

  2. Feedermatrix says:

    The challenge is incorporate a fully inclusive American History.

  3. Tovia Scott says:

    If they go back to far in history they would have to tell/explain who first people to exist was…and they don't want to do that.

  4. Feedermatrix says:

    The challenge is to incorporate a truly inclusive American History. History has paradigms which are expressed is the Nation big enough to look at it all?

  5. Jay Contreras says:

    She hit the nail on the's not so much about telling the truth about OUR history but also telling the truth on the role that whites have historically had in creating that history & distorting it & outright LYING about it. They don't want to see the true reflection of themselves staring back at them. They want us to essentially be that mirror, mirror portrayed in many a fairy tale that tells them what they want to hear, not what they NEED to hear. What we ALL need to hear: the historical truth.

  6. Maurice E. Wright says:

    what is the african burial ground she's referring to, i'd like to look it up?

  7. Cynthia Ford says:

    About African Burial Ground National Monument
    Per National Parksof New York Harbor website, featuring Dr. Degruy: "One of the most significant archaeological finds in U.S. History, the African Burial Ground is a 17th- and 18th-century cemetery that was rediscovered in 1991 when construction began on a federal office building in lower Manhattan. In 1993, the site was preserved as a National Historic Landmark by the Secretary of the Interior and was later designated as a National Monument by Presidential Proclamation on Feb. 27, 2006. The National Monument is part of an original 7-acre site containing the remains of approximately 15,000 people, making it the largest and oldest African cemetery excavated in North America."

  8. John Johnson says:

    This woman (and this article) is a perfect example of why Black Studies may not be taken as seriously as it could. She lives in a delusional world where white people spend all their free time conspiring against minorities. Where is this great cry by Europeans (do they mean whites or people of European decent?) to block out this info? She create a straw dog so she can knock it down. I have news for you; most of the blacks taken from African were grabbed and sold by black Africans and there were even African-Americans in the US who owned black slaves. Is THAT an example of the history that SHE does doesn't want told?

  9. Maurice E. Wright I worked at the ABG as a historian and public educator ….everything the Dr. said about the burial grounds is true!

  10. Lee Watson says:

    I believe that African and African American history are extremely important subjects that need to be taught in school. Part of my major in undergrad was African and African American studies. I enjoyed those classes and learned much that made me proud and certainly enriched. However, most people attend college not only for an education, but also to market and establish themselves and their careers. At the time I had this romantic notion that learning about my history would be extremely beneficial to my self-concept and what I did not realize was that I already had a very strong and developed sense of self. At this point in my career, if I had a do-over, I would have focused more on things that were more useful towards career development. That being said, I recognize the importance of our young people learning and appreciating their history and support efforts to increase the presence of Africana studies in higher education.

  11. Douglas Barnwell says:

    White people is not going to put black history in schools, it will show the real them. If we want our children to learn about black history, have them sit down with the elders and let the elders share the truth. There are much information on the Internet. It's there they figure we won't go looking for it, and they are right, some of us won't go looking for that information.

  12. White people is not going to put black history in schools, it will show the real them. If we want our children to learn about black history, have them sit down with the elders and let the elders share the truth. There are much information on the Internet. It's there they figure we won't go looking for it, and they are right, some of us won't go looking for that information.

  13. Abena Greene says:

    Well good luck! Because it would be a cold day in H.E. DOUBLE HOCKEY STICK, before they would tell the truth and nothing but the truth, too this young uneducated children of today. Look at what we are going through now, education wouldn't do any better for them too know wisdom,isn't going to solve anything.they would do every and anything to prevent that. It's up to the parents.

  14. Dr. Joy Degruy is brilliant. Her book, Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome should be required reading.

  15. Sundiata Keita says:

    please look up "post traumatic slave disorder" on youtube

  16. Keith Pride says:

    "Only a fool would allow his enemy to educate his children." Malcolm X. So why would whites want you to know that their history is absent of civilization until our civilizations were written off as their own? who is stupid enough to think that somehow his-story books will be rewritten and that white educators will deny their own children the privilege they now enjoy as the dominant class? this is a purely a question of power, and as Dr. King so eloquently put it "privileged groups seldom give up their privilege voluntarily." I think everyone can read between the lines here.

  17. Douglas Barnwell We need Afurakan history in the curriculum. the elders do not know enough, we have more history than any other people on the planet. You say they will not allow it. Not so fast, I just found this out, they will be changing the curriculum in one regard, and that is all those so called founding fathers, it will be taught who they really were, most of them. Some held black people as slaves as they wrote the constitution, twelve US president held blacks as slaves, eight of them while in office. So we are beginning to see them tell the truth about these criminals our children had to glorify in schools. Not my kids, they always were told who they were.

  18. Stuart Jackson says:

    Nzingha Shabaka Check out the videos I posted, they speak to why they are not in a hurry to promote any history that does not show them in a glorious ultra Christian loving light.

  19. Stuart Jackson I will check out your videos. We need to stop saying they will never allow black history in the curriculum. It is absolutely a necessity. When they do we will begin to see a change in black people's attitudes, and behaviors, when we learn who we are, our children, and people will start to have great self esteems, when they see themselves in lessons being taught and when they learn we were on the planet first, hundreds of thousands of years, before any other group, and see all the accomplishment the Afurakans made, they will be able to say, without a doubt, all history is a current event, they all learned from us.

  20. Stuart Jackson says:

    Nzingha Shabaka Some thing must be taught at home, in a family structure, because, as example a Slave Master will never willing tell the Slave what He or She needs to be totally free.

  21. Stuart Jackson Seems like you are going off on the deep end. Why would you or any black person, say we need to teach black history at home? First of all many of us do, but when it is required, then all the children learn, how many blacks knows enough history to teach it, even though they really don't have to know because there is the internet, but most don' t even know we have history except slavery. We need AfurakanCentered Schools, or put in the curriculum. I will not debate you any further on this subject, because I will only have one thing to say, we are long overdue for our history to be put in the curriculum.

  22. Sundiata Keita Yes, I have read it. It is very deep. Good information to share.

  23. Stuart Jackson says:

    Nzingha Shabaka Would you expect a Jewish instructor to teach the History of Palestine to Palestinians? American History doesn't even teach Native American History, they get Pochahantis, and Pilgrims. Have White Folks ever taught us like the professor is talking? There are things you don't rely on an oppressor to teach your children, they never will, it is not to their advantage to have African people free of White Colonial think.

  24. Stuart Jackson says:

    Nzingha Shabaka Tell me what you think after watching the video.

  25. Stuart Jackson Palestians, that is a different scenero. We are citizens of US, we pay taxes, and so we do have a say in the matter, the only reason we do have any black history at all, because blacks have never demanded or required or requested it. Not only that most do not know we have a history except slavery, and most don't want to know because they believe what they have been taught, that we do not have a history, we never made any contribution to civilization. Bottline, if blacks had been taught our history, we would not see all the problems of black people, half of our children drop out of schools filling the streets with young people who have nothing to do but get into trouble, helping to fill the prison population, there are so many problems associated with our children not being taugh their history of feel inclusive in the learning proces, therefore, they hate school, no self esteem. My desire is more attainable than what you suggest, you know blacks are not going to teach their children black history, many do even help them with homework. I think I told you I would look at a video, I doubt seriously if I will look at all you have shared, especially if they don't pertain to what I am talking about, in fact I have nothing else to say on the matter. I am beating a dead horse, at least you do agree we need to be taught our black history, especially the children.

  26. Stuart Jackson I just clicked this one on about the Afurakan Holocaust, I already know about Shark Island, and the millions of Afurakans the Germans murdered, just for the hell of it, or Eugenics, down right cold blooded killers.

  27. Douglas Barnwell says:

    Nzingha Shabaka, they are going to give just enough to pacifier us. The information you shared about the four fathers of country is already a known fact. The history I am talking about is the civilizations we had before they show up. How mother nature and African people knew of us other well and the list goes on. If they did that, that would show truly an powerful people we are. I was once asked by a free Mason what is the world best kept secret and why? I discussed with a very wise brother. He shared the answer this way, the world best kept secret is the reality of God, and the reason why so they can control His creation. Do you think they will want to give that up?

  28. Luci Ryan says:

    You missed the entire point.

  29. Kyra Gaunt says:

    Great update!!

  30. Mattie Deed says:

    Well stated Lee! I have a profound sense of self worth! I grew up on the segregated South during the 50's. Being the youngest of 11 children has taught me to be self-directed; just open the door and I will get it my self. Our history if the core fabric of our beings and we must teach it to our generations. Many of our schools are not teaching about us. It took me migrating from the racism of the South to the hidden racism of the North to really learn about my ancestors because the books in my home and my school was not about us! I entered undergraduate school and took African American Studies, although my major was Human Resource Management! I was captivated by my ancestral history! I am in agreement that we should began teaching our children at home, however, the schools should have a curriculum designed to educate our children about their history. I am proud of my heritage and stand firm that we are somebody!

  31. Keith Pride says:

    Luci Ryan How so woman? If the subject is why eurapeans don’t want black history accurately portrayed it’s you who fails to read between the lines. what is the entire point pray tell?

  32. Douglas Barnwell Yes it is a known fact about the criminal founding fathers, but it is not in th ecurriculum,they committed all these crimes. Are you comprehening what I said? You can hold down the religious stuff, not into it.

  33. Aaron Judah Israel says:

    10 Which perished at Endor: they became as dung for the earth. Psalms 83:10 (KJV)
    12 Who said, Let us take to ourselves the houses of God in possession. Psalms 83:12 (KJV)



  34. Hondo WarlionofthePeople says:

    Why is the tags for this video of this very strong and intelligent Sister in small letters for her name and not proper name form, while "Black History" and "European History" are both in proper noun form?

    Is this some kind of subliminal disrespect to Dr. Degruy?

  35. Danny Easterling says:

    More liberal bs funded by tax dollars.

  36. Bro I agree with u partially…Most of the elders today don't know anything outside of Christianity, Islam. Hustling, Drinking, Smoking, and trynna survive like everyone else..the one who are doing well are giving churches all their money and worshipping white Jesus..I be bringing a lot of them to light…We don't have elsers how We did back then in abundance anymore…It's Us who have to become the Elders….

  37. Michael Anthony says:

    Very true. There are only a few places where whites acthally do. One of them was at a community college back in my home State. I also remember a Black teacher at the high school that I'd attended back during the 1980s, where she'd taught black history. She was teaching the class I think somewhere during the late 60s. I wished at the time that I'd taken that class. It was one of the few places in the country where a public school taught it. Sadly, Mrs Philips passed on. But she also passed on knowledge to black, white, brown and yellow students. My knowledge of black history began during the late 80s early 90s when the hip hop scene was started to share that knowledge on the mic.

  38. Liz Hayes says:

    I remember listening to this segment of Like It is. We all need to listen again to what this professor is saying so brilliantly and factually spoken.

  39. Liz Hayes says:

    I remember listening to this segment of Like It is. We all need to listen again to what this professor is saying so brilliantly and factually spoken.

  40. This is exactly why Black children need separate schools. Our history goes beyond slavery. Our children deserve better than this. They deserve schools with curriculum's that teach actual factual world history. This mess we have been taught is inaccurate and it is a damn shame we continue to allow this to happen to our children! Shame on all of us for being part of this cruel deception for so long! When will we collectively as a people put a stop to all this nonsense? My God what will it take?

  41. If they told the truth everyone's history would change. The so-called Jews also.

  42. Victor Lawrence says:

    I've told my children that the winners get to write the books, but that doesn't make the books true.

  43. Keith Pride The point is for you to stop your ignorance, biases and bigotry on continuing generations!

  44. Keith, we all have the ability to correct History, with our own kids, the neighborhood, individuals each day, strangers, social media, clubs, etc. Gossip gets around quickly. The same process works here, too.

  45. Nzingha Shabaka My kids got home teaching, too. We often supplemented their teachers with materials to be included in the History lessons because we told them they were not going to leave our children out of their History, nor give the white students the impression that the History was the same. We were not always liked for interfering, but we were respected!

  46. It will take action on our part and not just a compliant forum. Whites are used to our whining and seldom listen. We are the Captains of our own destinies, not whites as we have allowed them to be! That is OUR fault!

  47. Keith Pride says:

    Jacqueline Dickens Because you’re obviously old enough to be my grandmother I’ll be gentle with you. So you blame me for the state and conditions of Black America? What is your wise solution to the myriad of racial dilemmas facing OUR PEOPLE?? At your age, having lived through the Civil Rights movement and seeing the sacrifices that were made, I can’t believe that you think the struggle is over! That blows my mind. Perhaps in part you felt sorry for luci ryan’s lack of an intelligent response, or perhaps you’re one of the “don’t rock the boat” negroes Dr. Vernon Johns often referred to before Dr. King took over Dexter Baptist. The ignorance, bias and bigotry that you feel is all my fault is the result of CENTURIES OF SLAVERY AND OPPRESSION, and NUMEROUS RECENT RANDOM COLD BLOODED MURDERS OF OUR YOUTH. LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED!! Trust me grandma, the “continuing generations” have a lot more to worry about than my opinions! If things continue at this rate, THERE WON’T BE ANY CONTINUING GENERATIONS. But you are entitled to your opinion, just as I’m entitled to mine. You have clearly been integrated and assimilated into the american nightmare, but in your waning years you fail to understand that a system cannot fail those it was never designed to protect. If you haven’t suffered any racism yet just keep on living…..You should face some of the millions of black mothers and fathers who have lost children in Amerikkka and ask them how they feel about it. And shame on you for attempting to deny the truth; that our true history, heritage, language, resources and land were stolen from us.

  48. Keith Pride says:

    Jacqueline Dickens Fair enough. Proceed as you wish, as will I.

  49. Anonymous says:

    i don't think it matters one way or another w.r.t. the accuracy (and truthfulness) of history in this regard- most whites aren't going to acknowledge it anyway, and even if they do, they will fail to understand the significance of that history in the context of modern day "African Americans" (black folks living in the 21st century, in the U.S.) and how that history affects their lives on a daily basis. something absolutely awful will have to happen to whites before they'll be able (and willing) to understand the issues that blacks face and come to the realization that they are a significant driving force behind those issues.

  50. Roquefort Merlot says:

    Why can't this education be for us and taught by us in Saturday schools or even church, the mosque etc I don't feel any need to be taught black history by others particularly when it will carry a very (that was then this is now) subtle vibe of what we are about. I agree with what others have said about our history not starting from the first days of the slave trade, but what I want is more young black children who love the colour of their skin, and the colour of the other black folks around them, I,m not going to ask for the world just this, and also an understanding that some of our reactions to one another are based on the negative typing that we have and continue to have thrust upon us, and even played to by us for money. End that and we move forward and take our rightful place in not just America but globally.

  51. Well negros (Morgan Freedman white liberals, tell us Black History is American history.. Really?

  52. Jacqueline Dickens Ms, Dickens, yes you are absolutely correct, it is our fault, again shame on us.
    I do not believe integration was thoroughly thought out. Do not -misunderstand me the Civil Rights movement has been and continues to be productive. However, assimilation does not equal acceptance, neither does it equal equality. Equality is God given at birth. We have lost our unity as a people, which represents our collective voice because of the march for equality and integration.
    Teaching our own children in schools specifically for them, supported and funded by our own people is paramount if we ever want to see a liberated Black race. We need grassroots movements in support of teaching our own. We have to have Black institutions of learning at every stage of life, where the curriculum is historical truth not national myths.

  53. マケイン ネイサン says:

    We need to teach unity to the children of tomorrow not reasons of aggression towards different races. Our kids need to be the ones who change the future for a true United States and united Americans. Only then can we be a great nation.

  54. Just found a book by Dr. Joy DeGruy. Will be buying. Also there is another book/manuscript which can be downloaded @ Opening is related to their religious beliefs, I am not a Muslim but other than that from the chapters I scanned through the manuscript is revelatory. Happy reading all! God I love the internet.

  55. Eunice White says:

    "Only a fool would allow his enemy to educate his children." Wow that is deep and the reason why we as a people find ourselves in the position that we are in today. Still trying to find a rebel song when it's been in us from the beginning of time. We need a revolution meaning allow the voices of our ancestors to instruct us back to whence we came, a place of royalty. I think once our people of today will embrace the voices, the rich history of our past, that we will begin to see a shift in the African American experience. We need to sit at the feet of our elders and allow them to educate us first.

  56. Eunice White says:

    Also, I'm not up in arms about major institutions of learning not teaching a curriculum about us. WE should make sure that that's done anyway from home. That's just like me leaving the church or any denomination of my choice the sole responsibility to teach my kids about the faith that we should live by. No preacher/sunday school teacher will have that primary responsibility. Every form of education starts at home. Bottom line. I know of other ethnic groups, from across the waters, who feed their families with the knowledge of their history first, and all other world history as secondary. This might explain how they are becoming more dominant in the Americas than we are and we've been here the longest. ijs

  57. I can sort of understand the sentiment here, but don't know if there is a really good way to implement it. I am Irish, but I didn't learn anything about Irish history in school, either. Schools teach U.S. history. If they had a class that taught the history of each of our countries, that could get burdensome. Maybe they should offer a world history course that is taught based on the cultural makeup of the students in that particular class? IDK

  58. I see alot of "us" vs "them" here. THAT is the biggest problem in this country. I have never met you, and yet I feel you consider me as your enemy. I, personally, have done nothing bad to you. Biggest problem we have had over the years, is the people who seek to keep us divided as a people. There are MANY of us that get along just fine. Sure, we have bad people of all colors & races in this country. Our children would get along just fine if people didn't teach them to hate. Hate is taught.

  59. Keith Pride says:

    Eunice White You tapped into my point, namely that oftentimes white school board members determine the curriculums. But of course education begins at home. The problem with black americans is that even when we are aware of ancestral knowledge we don't pass it down to our children out of ignorance or shame or the desire to fit into the (white) amerikkkan mainstream. Yes it does appear that latin american cultures are thriving through a combination of ethnic pride as well as political clout, most of those benefits being derived from the sacrifices of black americans for civil rights. You have a beautiful spirit that I wish our people shared. Unfortunately I must open your eyes to the ugly truth. When I attended the Millions More Movement it hit me. It finally dawned on me that the psychological legacy of slavery, through commonly known processes such as “Willie Lynch syndrome,” have divided our people through religion, education, class, ideology and skin complexion to the extent that WE HAVE NEVER HAD TRUE UNITY without our collective “crabs in a barrel” psychosis getting the best of us and somebody selling us out. Worse still, our true leaders are immediately targeted and assassinated and most of our young black men are either rounded up and fed into the prison industrial complex and shot down like rabid dogs. Amurdikkka is sinking faster than the Titanic, all the politrickians are lying to you, and the New World Disorder is in full swing. My advice to you is to keep your passport handy, several if possible, and establish game plans before martial law is implemented. Peace blessings my sista.

  60. Keith Pride says:

    Patrick Payton You’re right, because all americans are racists, because we’re ASSIGNED “race” from birth, and because we talk about it all day every day, even though it’s A MYTH. But blacks didn’t begin that process or establish the systems and institutions that perpetrate it. The first thing you need to understand is that the citizens of the divided states of amnesia have NEVER been united. The next thing you need to understand is that until the racial classification system/social hierachy is permanently eradicated and we are all identified SOLELY BY NATIONALITY there will never be any peace between ethnic factions. You sir are not my enemy. I always give people the benefit of the doubt and treat them according to the respect that they give me. You are simply becoming familiar with black nationalist/separatist ideology which is unfamiliar to you, but a necessary educational step for you if “racial” reconciliation and spiritual growth is important to you. On the other hand the demon spirit of racial pride, in this case “white (aryan) supremacy” is without question my enemy, and like all of my heroes before me, I would gladly sacrifice my life in exchange for it’s elimination, justice and peace. But everybody doesn’t want peace, children around the world are still being taught hate, and “white privilege” continues to allow "whites" to maintain power and oppress peoples of color through their political and social systems and white police officers often get away with cold blooded murder. There are other paradigms of racism of course, but my primary concern at the moment is amurdikkka, since I know more about its true origins than most.

  61. Keith Pride says:

    Eunice White You tapped into my point, namely that oftentimes white school board members determine the curriculums. But of course education begins at home. The problem with black americans is that even when we are aware of ancestral knowledge we don't pass it down to our children out of ignorance or shame or the desire to fit into the (white) amerikkkan mainstream. Yes it does appear that latin american cultures are thriving through a combination of ethnic pride as well as political clout, most of those benefits being derived from the sacrifices of black americans for civil rights. You have a beautiful spirit that I wish our people shared. Unfortunately I must open your eyes to the ugly truth. When I attended the Millions More Movement it hit me. It finally dawned on me that the psychological legacy of slavery, through commonly known processes such as “Willie Lynch syndrome,” have divided our people through religion, education, class, ideology and skin complexion to the extent that WE HAVE NEVER HAD TRUE UNITY without our collective “crabs in a barrel” psychosis getting the best of us and somebody selling us out. Worse still, our true leaders are immediately targeted and assassinated and most of our young black men are either rounded up and fed into the prison industrial complex or shot down like rabid dogs. Amurdikkka is sinking faster than the Titanic, all the politrickians are lying to you, and the New World Disorder is in full swing. My advice to you is to keep your passport handy, several if possible, and establish game plans before martial law is implemented. Peace blessings my sista.

  62. Antoinette Tynes says:

    I love this. Does she speak more about this on Youtube?

  63. Dorothy Goldsmith says:

    this is our next push! for change!

  64. Why not just teach Black History outside of school? Not seeing why this is such a big issue. I've never put too much stock in school anyway, especially public. A lot of those teachers don't even care really.

  65. Stuart Jackson i never knew that thanks for posting

  66. not saying its not important, but if it is taught, all the facts need to be included. Blacks sold Blacks. Blacks owned blacks. Their should just importantly be a jew history month, or any other race that got mistreated.

  67. why are you speaking a white man's language then, boy? put up or shut up and take yourself back to Africa if you so real! otherwise, notice that so much shit that you love is due to white people. or you could really shed the white man by moving to your roots and learning the native tongue and building your utopic black civiliation…check out liberia while your there- its BLACK HISTORY

  68. Victor Lawrence says:

    The purpose of History is not to educate, but to validate the culture of the story tellers. Integrating US History to include the slave and Native Americans' stories would nullify all the mythology. It will NEVER happen. Look at what the election of an AA president has done to people. The psychic damage would be magnified a hundred-fold were the truth to be told about the founding of this nation, and how people had to be dehumanized in order to get to where we are today. Just consider AA History another thing you are responsible for teaching your AA children, like the birds and the bees, moral values, and how to keep from being killed by rogue cops.

  69. Luci Ryan What is the point, if i may ask?

  70. You missed the entire point,?? As Luci earlier indicated? Smh?? As the street expression goes, duh???? Smh?

  71. That is not a pastor

  72. Clement Akuo says:

    African history doesn't start with Slavery. We had empires and kingdoms that were well governed before slavery. To have a better understanding of the history of Africa before slavery, African-Americans need to read books written by Africans especially African literature. Much of Africa was destroyed during slavery and colonization making it difficult for even Africans themselves to have a better understanding of their sociocultural, economic and political background because books weren't written during that period. And much of what was written was done from the perspectives of the slave masters.

  73. Geoffrey Akwaji says:

    Absolutely Clement Akuo That`s why cultural Africa was deliberately mischaracterized as barbarians to make slavery a minor issue. Added to the fact that they wrote books that carried only their stories, they also had the bible which was surgically tailored to buttress their argument. Africa, the cradle of modern civilization was then left alone at nobody`s mercy.

  74. Elisha Brown says:

    where is this burial ground?

  75. Marcia Judkins You are correct. All my children went to Howard U. for undergrad degrees and aced all exams at Top Ten white U.s for their grad degrees. They saw first hand the deep differences between the nurturing learning environments of the black culture and the cut-throat white competitiveness of the white culture. They learned to handle themselves quite effectively in both cultures, though of course, they prefer their own. We seek to pass this along to the next generations. By the way, I was there when we marched for DESEGREGATION, not integration! White men had been integrating us since they threw us on the first slave ship. You get my drift!

  76. These are truths for many groups. The Native American gets treated as though they never existed, beyond a passing statement, yet they and the first blacks that came here were responsible for these whites survival. Our bad!!

  77. Clement Akuo says:

    Geoffrey Akwaji, I hope you read my recent write up The Need For A New Prophet, if you didn't go to my timeline. The Bible and Quran contributed to African demise in ways we can hardly imagine. If you say that today, people turn to snob you, some claiming you are being sacrilegious.

  78. Geoffrey Akwaji says:

    Cultural Africa was deliberately characterized as barbarians to make slavery a minor issue. Added to the fact that slave masters wrote books that carried only their stories, they also had the bible which was surgically tailored to buttress their argument. Africa, the cradle of modern civilization was then left alone at nobody`s mercy. In modern times there is a consistent pattern in rejecting inclusion of slavery and it`s impact in both Africa and the Americas in school curriculum . This seems to be another way of saying slavery has got no right to be explained especially the USA. I absolutely agree because accepting this to happen will be synonymous to rewriting the world history. We have not succeeded in aligning similar issues in the right context in the United States even with the advent of an African American President. African American President alone is just not sufficient to turn things around; instead change in perception is key which have shown no signs of coming through this far. So long as perception of the other does not start tilting towards a positive direction, there is nothing to that would suggest change has started to occur even with the election of the first black President. Apparently, it is a systemic and not sectoral issue, which therefore will need systemic policy change; a rare occurrence in this political organization.

  79. Geoffrey Akwaji says:

    Clement Akuo Will do .

  80. For over 30 years there was a forceful effort headed by leagues of AA and Arfican scholars to infuse African history into school curriculums and for just as long there has been a overwhelming push to thwart that effort by some of the largest and most powerful american big business groups… Companies that make goods and products purchased by blacks everyday…

  81. Liz Bell says:

    I have always thought black history month was a joke.

  82. James Wright says:

    Luci Ryan What are you saying? Who missed the whole point?

  83. James Wright says:

    Jacqueline Dickens you and Luci are confusing the point. Let the lead commentator say "you missed the whole point". Who are these lead commentators? What qualifies them to be a "lead commentator? Nzingha Shabaks is self educated not educated by those that mean her harm. My people that feel like you are just part of the confusion in my race. Education has been and always will be the greatest tool in the propaganda book. Because you have the white seal of approval, don't think you know what our race need. You only know what they need you to believe. If you knew the lies you've been told or information you've been denied you wouldn't be narcissistic nor complacent. Further education is required
    Of What continuing generations are you speaking? Certainly not Black future generations. You see knowledge is not hate, it is truth. Absence of truth in the history we study is evil. The omission of events is the absence of truth therefore American and world history is not true until you hear all parts. This is the great lie. Make the slave feel they do not deserve a higher station in life. Make the "negro" feel it is their fault so there is less acknowledgment of the basis of this deceit. Create another class of "negro" to chastise those that do not adhere to the standards set by the dominant Race. Ignore their input when it's different to what you know as 'ignorant'. Encourage your race to be transformed to the [status quo] and when they can't because they're poor, unemployed, underserved medically, led astray spiritually and led by those like you eternally, criticize them severely. You must become the tool always present in our group of leaders. The leader that asks for peace rather than truth (as many "negro leaders" demanded of MLK).
    Actually you are the ones that the oppressor trout out as an example and yet the oppressor uses their very average man as the ideal person. you know that Working "middle class all American family". You have noticed they are 99.99% of the time White.
    We are characterized as the exception not the rule.
    I get the point!

  84. That right the Europeans should be expose big time as well as the Arabs and every or anybody who continues to profit from our pain and suffering the professor is telling the Truth because we were the original Rulers and everything was peaceful but there were others from other parts of the World who were jealous of us after helping them decide to turn against us just to rule themselves and us because they did not know God all of a sudden we are friends or Children of God through Jesus the Christ all everybody knows about us is slavery but this not the Truth we are bigger than slavery and bigger than criminals gangs drugs and violence we were never violent amongst ourselves women beaters or abortions the negative garbage that is going on in today's World however we had small Tribals wars not the like of our Europeans colleagues who influenced all in the World on up to today

  85. No they didn't! Let's teach about how moors(black) enslaved whites, the first slaves were white!

  86. Blackconscious Page Cant tell if your being racist? your page says we need our own schools? No you do not need your own schools, that would only separate the country more. Just a glance at your page, makes me believe you have radical absurd thoughts.

  87. Nathan Christopher Martinez Unapologetically black, we need segregation! Integration killed black business, we need our own separate land in Amerikkka.

  88. Blackconscious Page No i absolutely think that. But do you want a future where there is a black America and White america? Living separately? Thats not a solution. I agree things should change, but your solution would only cause more hatred and would eventually lead to war and violence. I know many self empowered black men and women.

  89. Anonymous says:

    Hahahaha finally at least some version of truth…… As a guy being of scottish descent I KNOW they completely skipped over my history and made it look like a favor was being given to my people, Gangs of New York has been the only wide spread story that comes close to the truth.

    I wish she would have mentioned how Lincoln actually gave the option to African leaders of the time for colonization so that they could have there own country. And how come since the civil rights movement blacks in this country have been on a downward spiral in: crime, education, and financially. Irony at its best!!!

    For the Indians' Trail of Tears… definitely not the whole truth…
    "Worcester vs. Georgia, 1832 and Cherokee Nation vs. Georgia, 1831 are considered the two most influential legal decisions in Indian law. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled for Georgia in the 1831 case, but in Worcester vs. Georgia, the court affirmed Cherokee sovereignty. President Andrew Jackson arrogantly defied the decision of the court and ordered the removal, an act that established the U.S. government’s precedent for the future removal of many Native Americans from their ancestral homelands. "

    Oh for the all the Mexicans who celebrate Caesar Chavez day…..
    Check how you feel on immigration because he was dead set against illegal immigration due to the fact that it took away from the rights of the farm workers who were there legally and trying to unionize. Fun fact/question: why does Mexico have military guard work so hard on their Southern border but not the northern??

    I love history and reading about but I find that our textbooks in this country do not even remotely show what they should because:
    1) they have to teach it to kids, so it cant be graphic or piss off parents
    2) it usually follows the political correctness of the time
    3) there is too dam much too cover!
    – Ex: Did you know that Mormons made a sovereign state and the national guard aka army was called in to take by the president of the time to make them surrender to kill them

    Utah War

    All of this though isn't what is really sad…. Whats really sad is that from every where I read and people I talk to (college professors and the elderly who lived it), minorities keep them selves down by becoming reliant on government and not assimilating with the culture of the majority. The education system in country sucks, go to a private if you can afford it and you might learn something (funny how when a school is treated as a privilege parents get involved and keep their kids in line)!! Risk the public school education and you might be able to read and write by the time you graduate.

  90. Abioye Nwosu says:

    Nathan Christopher Martinez No, blacks should have a land of their own to live on, where they control everything! Do I want future black generations, still being murdered and lynched when they're unarmed and still being oppressed by the system of white supremacy, I don't want my kids living in that! I will make sure my kids inherit wealth and live off unearned income, and have the ability to compete at birth!

  91. Blackconscious Page There has been some fucked up things happening in the past. But you think black people are the only ones mad about it? Your wrong. he solution is to fix the fucked up government and the fucked up police state. And live off unearned income? As in you want your kinds to get free money from the government? Be lazy and live off of other people work?

  92. Stuart Jackson says:

    Octavia Booker I didn't either, but I'm on a constant search to know all I can.

  93. EducateUp: Negro.phobia is covered by the people, slave and free with guns!
    THE AFRICAN AMERICAN SOLDIER from Crispus Attucks to Colin Powell
    lt. Col. (Ret.) Michael Lee Lanning Citadel Press

  94. She is my favorite PROFESSOR Blessing to her and what she during for our people and the Generation to come. PTSS (POST TRAUMATIC SLAVE SYNDROME) is REAL.

  95. Nzingha Shabaka says:

    Keith Pride Insulting the elders is not positive. If you have information to help her, and us we are anxious to hear, but to insult, it makes your message hard to digust. If you are lucky you will be an elder one day.

  96. Keith Pride Ooooh, I hear a bit of misogyny here, MAN. It was entirely unnecessary for you to address Lisa as "woman". The tone you took with her was disrespectful and merely serves to blunt your argument.

  97. Keith Pride Ooooh, I hear a bit of misogyny here, MAN. It was entirely unnecessary for you to address Lisa as "woman". The tone you took with her was disrespectful and merely serves to blunt your argument.

  98. Ryan Nowack says:

    The same could be said of any race, trying to have a class specializing I. One race and not having one for any other just supports segregation and the idea that African Americans deserve it more then any other race

  99. I absolutely agree, that parents should take education into their own hands and opt out of the state run, state sanctioned public "education" system. I, myself teach at a private school, a Montessori school, which is an Italian system of Education developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, the first woman doctor in Italy in the late 1800's. She was a genius and taught "education for Peace" and it is based upon "Follow the child" as each child comes into this world endowed with the time/pace/gifts of it's own unfoldment as the bud contains the flower. Montessori education does NOT train children to be corporate drones, preparing them to accept the dominant system. Montessori teaches children HOW to learn……and to employ those methods to whatever subjects they desire to turn their minds to. Naturally basic academics are presented: math, language, science. However, Montessori teachers make many of their own materials for "extensions" and they could be tailored and SHOULD be tailored for the child or children in the environment. So, in the case of nomenclature for example, rather than the dominant white culture being pictured, in your case, African American children would be pictured. Eventually you would want to include some representations of white and Asian and Latino children, but not at first and not always.

    There are many African American students enrolled in Montessori trainging to become teachers. They could be recruited perhaps.

    My vision is that eventually, children of all ethnicities can be taught together. I deplore how things are now and understand your sentiments of wanting to extricate your children from the dominant, white, corporate system of education.

    Best of luck to you….to all of us who share the same vision for peace on Earth and cooperation and respect between all people.

  100. Marcia Judkins If you like Dr. Joy DeGruy, you might want to tune in to KPFA radio via the internet, for a program entitled "Hard Knock Radio" with Davey D. The program airs M-F at 4 p.m. Pacific time. He hosts Dr. DeGruy often and that is how I first heard her and her books and videos. She is awesome. KPFA is based in Berkeley, CA and Davey D hosts many interesting people primarily from within the African American culture. I have been tuning in for over 15 years, having made a concerted effort, all of my life to study and learn from other cultures in an attempt fo throw off the dominant corporate culture brainwashing. Dr. Joy is one of the gems I have uncovered in my search.

  101. Smith Kent says:


  102. So if I talk about black people I'm racist but her talking about white people isn't? This is an excuse to be lazy. There was black people during slavery who bought their freedom and became successful. Others that escaped to become successful. There's no valid excuse for not being successful in this country. Every other racial group delt with oppression when they got here and lived in slums but managed to pull themselves out. You don't see anymore Jewish slums do you? Is it because people were never racist to Jews or because they ignored it and worked hard?

  103. How about who killed MLK or how did the well known architects of the murder of Malcolm get away without a wrinkle. Why don't you teach what zones where excess populations are concentrated in are traditionally used for.

  104. What you call for has been taught in some colleges since the seventies.

  105. Blackconscious Page We already have segregation for low income communities it allows these zones to be the center of black market activities and social control experiments.These zones have been the birth canal for the coming police state. Divide and concur politics is a very old social control strategy. Just look at what happened to the multi ethnic states in the middle east after we liberated them.

  106. Abioye Nwosu says:

    Nathan Christopher Martinez Sir, when I said unearned income, I meant my kids inheriting business properties.

  107. Abioye Nwosu says:

    Christopher Kirkwood Stop talking in circles, we need black economic empowerment.

  108. Tony Ellington Just look at the effects of segregation and tribalism in post colonial Africa. It has not worked out too well unless you are in the extractive resources business or maybe the arms trade. Racism is a lie even when you flip the script. The solution to slavery is not to become the slave master and enslave others. Corporations do not have race

  109. Tony Ellington Just look at the effects of segregation and tribalism in post colonial Africa. It has not worked out too well unless you are in the extractive resources business or maybe the arms trade. Racism is a lie even when you flip the script. The solution to slavery is not to become the slave master and enslave others. Corporations do not have race

  110. Abioye Nwosu says:

    Christopher Kirkwood What are you talking about? Again stop talking in circles, blacks need to own and control! That's not enslaving or being a slave master, I just love my own people before any other race! #BLACKOUTMONDAY

  111. Stephen Page says:

    Black history is taught in schools. Maybe they didn't teach that much about American slavery, except in the whole month of February, but they didn't teach much about any recent American history. A few hundred years ago slavery was normal in most countries. It happened all around the world. Africans sold Africans for slavery. With 4500 yrs of history I find it strange that everyone on this feed would be so worried about a couple centuries in America. I learned about African history in school. But it was about Africa. Like I learned about South America, Europe, Asia, and even Australia. This feed is stupid. Quit complaining like Africans were the only slaves in history. You people are ignorant. But not like "YOU PEOPLE" cause that's ignorant too

  112. Stephen Page says:

    Why are people referring to us as whites in like a hateful way. We are all people. You can call me by name, and leave me out of stereotype

  113. Joan Brown says:

    Interesting perspective!…

  114. She is right. If you unearth black history, you would learn about hidden truths. The school in which I am employed, took advatage of Black History Month. They did presentations on many of the inventions that black people created but caucasions claimed. They gave black history to a month to devalue the history for the rest of the months. This is why SOME white people feel so superior over blacks; black contributions are buried so they see no value in our existence. It's sad that so much history is taught in exception to TRUE HISTORY.

  115. Tony Ellington ya ya thats all good and great, but your just ridiculous about your plans to get there are primitive

  116. Tony Ellington Look at Israel or Apartheid South Africa, racism has a corrosive effect on culture. Tribalism and xenophobia have been utilized by Global capitol to completely balkanize opposition in a myriad of examples all over the world. Even if many of us still don't understand we are all in this thing together along with all the plants and animals. It is not rocket science hate= poison If you don't believe it examine how it feels in your own body.

  117. is a platform that can be used to expand our education!

  118. We had a history long before Africa was so called. And I'm a little wary of "the white man does not want us to know". We have been educated long enough to deal with our own by reading, researching and teaching our own, especially the children – beginning in the home with more accurate information. So info was hidden from us back then, well we now know and understand better, so to hell with the white man. We give him too much power over us, and part of the reason being that our own many times refuse to accept coming from their own.

  119. Clement Akuo Africans wrote the original Bible. The Europeans re-wrote it for their own bid for power over others, even their own.

  120. What help do I have? You don't know my story. Their are plenty of poor white people living in this country. Where's their leg up? Where's their supremacy?

  121. You're talking in generalizations and about people who died hundreds of years ago. I asked what privilege I had. This is what hold back black people in this country. Black people will never advance until they take responsibility for doing so. Oh and saying I'm making a fool of myself isn't adding to your argument. That's what people do when they have no argument. Maybe your the one with learning to do.

  122. Also saying the likes of you is extremely racist. To check imagine if I said that about black people. But let me guess it's ok for black people to act like savages because they enslaved themselves and sold the losers to Middle Easteners who sold them to white people. Really it's just the man holding you back that's why we have a black president and black billionaires. Because it's impossible for black people to succeed. But hey I don't have to point this out, go to any ghetto in America and you'll see the success of blaming your failures on other people.

  123. So if it's impossible for blacks to succeed then how do you explain successful black people? If it's not impossible why not take responsibility that your not trying hard enough? You hypothesis falls apart when dealing with rich black people and poor white people. And the first line of your first comment read "Michael as a member of the white supremacy you make yourself look stupid saying what you said…" That's name calling and the flagship of the uninformed. But let me guess you're within your rights to do this because someone who looked like me hurt someone who looked like you. I believe this victim mentality is what really keeps black people down. This deterministic view causes them to give more value to today's pleasure than tomorrow's. Do some research into the racial iq gap and you'll see that this anti school anti future view destroys black communities while white people simply work to support their families. Too busy to oppress anyone.

  124. James Wright says:

    Such a convincing argument that loses all said by quoting KJV. "the one who take away and add to the bible". The argument is just further proof that we need access to the word which is located in the vatican under lock and key, rightfully so and only the so-called Jews and Catholics are allowed to study the original scriptures.
    Meanwhile don't quote the KJV. It has been proven to be doctored so many times that real scholars use very selective parts verified by other historical accounts. You would be surprised to see so many writing so far apart, distance and languages by common men as well as historians that verify each other. The fact that there was no mention of the great slaughters committed by Israel in the name of God in your account says something.

  125. Trudy Kretschmer I am very familiar with the Montessori schools and methods. My oldest grandson started there at a very early age because he was reading at the ripe old age of three. You may not be aware of this, but this Italian method is from African culture. In fact, the Italian culture as a whole is Afrocentric. One of two, the other, Greek, drawing its value systems and world views from the African Continent. The skin may be white, but the underlining culture is black.

  126. What is taught in school about slavery? Nothing! You're taught that there was the Civil War that was fought because the North didn't want slavery and the South did.. No the North didn't want slavery, but they didn't want equality either. The North was pissed that the South was making much more money than them and wanted to stop the South in their tracks. Why is the conception and belief in slavery different than what happened to Jews in the Holocaust many years later? It was the same concept. Different race, but the end result was still the same. Jews were relegated to slavery in the death camps.. Some lived, some didn't. Just like on the plantation and on the way over on the boat packed so tight, the slaves could barely breath. Why are our lives, suffering and despicable treatment looked upon as not important in history by Caucasians? That rational never made sense to me, even as a child. And it makes even less sense to me now, as a mature adult.. All children that are educated in the United States of America should be schooled and advised that their country practiced slavery for many, many years. Let the children decide what they think about it. But at least give them a clear and concise description of what occurred. Probably won't happen, since the school boards in every state are largely Caucasian and are not particularly sympathetic towards "new ideas, such as teaching American children about slavery". I grew up in a time of discrimination, but not where I lived. I lived in a place where you weren't called a nigger. I lived in a place where people didn't have much money, but they had a lot of respect and honor. I lived in a place that was a glorious place to live and I am forever grateful.

  127. LA Jones says:

    Why would we want them adding it to the curriculum when we know they're deceptive? We have to know it for ourselves, teach it to our children (and our previous generation! ) and instill the pride. A young sister that knows she's a queen by birthright will now allow herself to be objectified. A young brother who knows he's a king by birthright will not allow himself to become enslaved. It is not the responsibility of the school district or government to teach our children their history. Marinate on Malcolm X's statement. He was prophetic!

  128. Issa Cissé says:

    Check out Cheikh Anta Diop's findings… Egypt is the craddle of civilisation

  129. Told You the U.S. HOUSE of Representatives( AGENTS of Fraud [Queen] ELizabeth II and of the Vatican/ Holy SEE, MASQUERADING as AMERICANS) is LISTENING TO OUR WEEKLY ADDRESS THEY KNOW THEY ARE COMMITTING TREASON WITH THE FEDERAL RESERVE; AN AUDIT FINALLY AFTER !00 YEARS!!! Wow….. Published on Sep 14, 2014

    Abdur Kull Shaayaat Bi Wah Saamus Shil Temt-ta

    Begin All Things By First Using The All

    These are Weekly Question and Answers with :Maku:Nanya-Shaabu:Eil(R)(c)TM[ Pronounced Ale as in "ginger Ale"]Of the :At-sik-hata :Nation of :Yamassee-Moors(R)(c)TM discussing current events with Current Solutions — :At-sik-hata :Nation of :Yamassee-Moors(R)(c)TM is Internationally Recognized by: The United Nations as an Indigenous Peoples Organization. :At-sik-hata :Nation of :Yamassee-Moors(R)(c)TM are also Stakeholders of the United States and Canada, Lien Holders Claimants and Creditors of: the Vatican / Holy See; Elizabeth II aka Elizabeth Mary Windsor Mountbatten BattenBurg and all their Agents, Heirs, Assigns and Principles; The STATE OF GEORGIA and the White House. our Official website is:… .
    Facts are Facts, Truth is Truth and Now is the ONLY time you have.

    :Chief:Nanya-Shaabu:Eil:(R)(c)TM can be reached DIRECTLY at: 587-712-0639 or at [email protected]

    Raahuaat wa Hotep Ila Antuten

    Greetings and Peace to You All

  130. I feel that all history Good or Bad should be taught to our children. How can we change the way we are if we do not have the whole picture….So lets get the truth out into our schools and let everyone learn. I know that history is being rewritten to be more pc…thats wrong let our children learn what this and other countries have truly gone through….

  131. Everyone on the continent were not Kings and Queens. There were also doctors, lawyers, chemists, smiths of all kinds (gold-silver-iron-war weapons & work instruments), nurses, artists, warriors (male & female), teachers, prophets, weavers of cloth, farmers and elders who had knowledge and understood the wisdom of the Gods to guide us, including how to deal with criminal and immoral activities.

  132. LA Jones says:

    Jacquelyn Vincent Garrett I realize that. Kings/Queens were only referenced for the sake of brevity thus I appreciate your complementary response.

  133. Why when we in the Nation of Islam have taught this missing history and truth of oppression from slavery until today we are looked upon as trouble makers or haters? Will we only accept truth if it doesn't offend white folk? Our problem is our fear and sick love for the enemy of our people that we love because they give us nothing. Just think about that. Damn we have been made real sick in our "inferiority complex".

  134. Morgan Lefay says:

    I am sure many would be more than happy to go back to separate schools. I for one am glad I live today, and not back when people insisted we could never live together.

    But when I see so many in the black community fanning the flames of racism, I just wish more would have taken the opportunity to go to Liberia. Talk so much about Africa, what are you doing about the poverty, slavery, and health issues of Africans right now? The Africans I call my friends want no part of black Americans calling themselves African. I remember my former girlfriend from Ghana would get downright angry when I called Black Americans "African Americans" as she would rattle off the many differences.

    Since those that were freed hundreds of years ago, thanks to the blood of 300,000 white men fighting in the northern army were offered passage back to Africa, and they obviously declined choosing to instead stay in America, that makes you AMERICAN.

    Let's either live together as Americans and foster a better understanding and acceptance, or then go back and live where you feel you really belong.

  135. Chris Bowen says:

    "We must learn to live together as brothers or perish as fools"

  136. Gerald Vick says:

    Do you need help with airfare back to Africa? Maybe your SAVIOR Obama will help you!

  137. Most of us are in denial and basically we are failing our children because they are not equipted to move forward in life and re-gain true prosperity. The present day educational system is extremely detrimental so we have to become responsible as parents and come to realization that we have been mis-educated, arm ourselves with the proper knowledge of ourselves and begin the process of home schooling our own children or debrief them when they come home with our history and the civilizations that existed long before these so-called europeans and their history.

  138. Black history is AMERICAN history. It should be part of the regular history curriculum. We've been here since the beginning of this country.

  139. Tony Wilson says:

    A better idea would be for blacks to own their own publishing and textbook companies to teach their own children and to get contracts within the U.S. Department of Education in order to inform US people as to what OUR history is rather than simply relying on the "kindness" of others to tell OUR story.

  140. Pappys Seck says:

    Salaam …thank you Mr President whining all our leaders stand up and say it like it it is …..Africa loves you Colonel Khadafy ….

  141. Joe Brilly says:

    And where are the public schools in America teaching the reality of Asian history and Jewish history (other than the Holocaust)? There are none. The point is these people don't depend on public schools to teach their children who they are. But black folks are supposed to be non entities and non existent in history except to absorb the light that was transmitted by European thieves and conquerors. So of course public schools don't teach black kids their behinds from a hole in the ground. That is black folks job. And as long as you depend on them to do so, you will only be disappointed. But since most adults don't know these things you cannot expect them to teach it to the children either.

    Now you know that modern science has acknowledged that all humans originated in Africa 200,000 years ago or more. So common sense tells you there is a lot more 'black history' than what happened since slavery. A whole lot.

  142. Ron Don says:

    I think that instead of us coming together to discuss this on a Facebook post that we should really get into contact with each other. And get others the over stand the situation at hand to do the same. .. than we can all work together as a unit to come up with solutions

  143. The Dr. is correct. When you pull back the cover's of our true her/history, you find out the pale man behaved(s) devilishly, Black's civilized the pale's; and they don't want lil' Timmy and Suzie to find out that they were last on the scene, and not first. Powerful insight and brilliant woman.


  145. In fact, as pessimistic as it sounds, there is no readiness at all on the side of the White US Power Elite (predominantly WASP) and wider circles as well, to go into real History. That´s why the word holds true: nothing is like it is presented to us! So, sorry US, here´s the mirror: List of my Articles on the USA!
    Andreas Schlüter
    Berlin, Germany

  146. As a recipient of a Bachelors degree in Africana Studies, from San Francisco State University, without my Higher education, I would not have been re-educated on the truth of my Ancestors Roles in the building of the Americas. Black History is essential to American History and should be implemented in the US educational public school system. How do we insist that Black History be made apart of US educational curriculum?

  147. How do you present an article and not give citations? Who is this professor, what colleges is she an instructor?

  148. She is telling the truth. THEY don't want the dark truth known which will shed a light on their evilness!

  149. John Fleming says:

    Talking about it is good, but we've talked about this personally I'm all talked out, so either we do something about it, or continue to just talk about it.. People of color have influence, and the ability to do it for themselves, I don't actually understand turning to left or right to talk about it, as tax payers collate the issue then take them to the bank. Nevertheless as the truth is needed in our schools, and the media there should be black writers inline as well, I've taught my children the best that I could about true history, but the subliminal messages on the television, or what is forced on them in the public school system is repetitiously perpetuates a "god complex in other people" and will always cause conflict. "Jim Crow" used the same tactics to ensure that this country hold down darker races, and is stronger than whatever a parent says teaches their kids, its devilish.

  150. Brett Losey says:

    Boo hoo hoo, black people were once slaves. News flash! So were the ancestors of the majority of people alive today. Do you know anyone that was ever a slave? I don't, and I never have. At least in the US, slavery ended a long time ago. Heck, the people that were alive during separate but equal times are dying out. The ones I see keeping racism alive appear to be the black population. The only times my kids hear about racism is when they see black people complaining about it on TV. We all get it, that there are a select few in some areas that are racist; but the majority of police are not racist. When a black person is killed by a cop, it is likely not about race. White people are killed all the time by police too.

  151. Dr. Joy keeping it one hundred as always

  152. Very brilliant woman.

  153. For some reason the video does not qye when click the link on fb. This happens often. Please fix this issue.

  154. Brenda Nero says:

    In order to be a slaver owner, something in your very soul must disconnect. As a result, slavery and its greedy aftermath destroyed the humanity of much of white America. In an effort to protect their children from Truth (GOD), white America continues the oppression of people who are rich-in-color. As the abuse of alcohol, drugs, and sex coupled with lies and fantasy fail to assuage the chronic pain called white guilt, Truth will continU to rise.

  155. Morgan Lefay says:

    What keeps Africa down today? They have some of the richest oil fields and minerals left on the face of the earth…. so…… what keeps them from leaving the slavery of today (over 10 million slaves on the continent right now) behind? What keeps them killing each other to the tune of hundreds of thousands? Can't blame it on the white man now, but I am sure some will try.

  156. Oh BS. African American studies, Black History whatever you call it is studied at every major institution in America. Some of the national leading Professors, White or Black are teaching in African American studies Depts. Example, Louis Gates, Kwame Appiah at Harvard. So enough of the BS here. What is the bigger question not covered is whether or not African American or black studies has the courage to re-claim segments of Western History. For example, we are fairly certain that the knowledge of the Greeks is really African knowledge, stolen legacy if you will. The real work is to recast Western European history as black history. This is what Cheik Anta Diop and St. Clair Drake were attempting to do in their life times.

  157. Marie Firmin says:

    Entrepreneurship Training: Culture, Community and Literacy Infuse a program of trading and leveraging to develop capital for school tuition, business income, homeownership and incorporate our history in side. You must do both at the same time! Marie Firmin

  158. Michael May says:

    about time……let it all out!

  159. Keith Peters says:

    The African burial grounds are in Manhattan NY

  160. We are soon to discover the absolute truth about the so-called black experience and history. The hidden knowledge and divine truths about our stolen and lost identity will be revealed with infallible proofs and evidences when Christ is recreated and manifested in His chosen and consecrated people. More importantly, we will all discover that the real battle is a spiritual one, and not social, political or economical in nature. The battle is not simply between so-called 'black' people or so-called 'white' people. It's against the spiritual wickedness and principalities in high places, the agents of the devil the enemy of our souls. These are spiritual forces of darkness that uses anyone, even your mother, father, sister and brother who have not received Christ to deceive, destroy and kill you are in Christ. We will discover God's wisdom and divine plan of salvation through Christ Jesus [the Messiah] for His chosen but exiled people. His love, grace and mercies has been at work in the background throughout all our troubled history. Many so-called wise, intellectuals, scholars, philosophers and debaters will hold their heads in utter shame when the true knowledge of Christ is revealed. The rich, powerful and influential in the world will be in dismay at their presumptions, pride, ignorance and arrogance when God brings to nothing all that mortal man glory, boast and proudly rejoice in other than the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior.

  161. Jackie Burns says:

    So true. Even Black kids are. Ignorant on the 22 million kidnapped Africans , the diaspora and Malcolm X .

  162. Mary Ettison says:

    Marcia Judkins clapping….. well said

  163. As I listened to this woman take us to school, I think back to when I was a child growing up. They didn't teach us black history in public school and the only person they did refer to was Martin Luther King. Malcolm X almost never came up and was almost never discussed in school. The reason why I know my history (or at least a good portion of it) is because I was home schooled. My mother only home schooled me for math but she did do one thing that developed me further, she made read instead of watching TV although I hated what was on during the early 90's (save for Different World & some kids shows and a few other things). Instead of watching trash TV or whatever, I read the Malcolm X biography because I wanted to. Home school your kids if you can and watch their progress and potential grow beyond your wildest dreams. Nothing can replace love, discipline, hard work and support when it comes to the children. Black history is no different.

  164. Mike Tawney says:

    Keith Pride : I see your name no where in the by line, or on the title page, or anywhere as a credit to this article. Why do you feel obligated to respond to so many comments in here, that I feel as though you were present at the slave encampments or plantations or anywhere there was oppression or injustice during those eras? Are you a history teacher or a professor of Black history? Are you indeed an expert on the subject recognizable to all. Or just a loud voice, hurting and wanting to pass judgment on who ever crosses your path and doesn't cower to your viewpoints? Well read and educated on any subject is admirerable (sry for misspelling) but being a know it all is not.

  165. Gloria Smith says:

    Keith has a right to his opinion just like you and me. Why do you feel the need to attack anyone for their opinion? I've read many opinions here on this thread and I agree with many and some I don't. I have learned a lot from Keith because he added something to the discussion. I'm old enough to have lived through times of oppression and injustices and to see your sarcasm about these situations is puzzling.

  166. That was great to hear..if we get more blacks to wake up things would shift..people be thinking cause you have a degree you so smart and you've made it. But all you did is learn the way of the white man. We have to many coons who think we in a post racial society, Whites love us an so on..but that's only because most don't know true history

  167. The African burial grounds were found in nyc. I think downtown near the federal building if im not mistaken. I believe it was found during an excavation to build something else.

  168. Man just go to that "things" fb page. You'll see what he's all about. He is not here to talk on the subject at hand. He is here to distract from the subject at hand. These things like it has to be ignored so we can have a real discussion.

  169. Nathan Christopher Martinez YES! Just because people are seperated doesn't mean they have to hate each other. That's that European "team mentallity". You said something about black people owning slaves. Just like the sister in the video said when we uncover our history we also uncover yours. Don't you think it was terrible that the only way a "freed" black person could be reunited with their family was to go buy them from the person that claimed to own them? Then to have people today like YOU to say they owned slaves. These people bought as many people out of bondage as they could. See your knowledge of these things is a result of European white supremisist education systems that taught you that white people were innocent in the slave trade and it was black people who sold and bought black people. Zeyna and others explained the selling part, now you know about the buying part, but I'm sure you won't accept it because it doesn't fit with what you was taught in school.

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