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13 thoughts on “2 Comedians Offer Hilarious Reasons Why the 2nd Amendment is For Whites Only

  1. As long as the so-called Black American find comedy like this funny, they will never be serious about anything that matters.

  2. William Barton I agree. And so many other things we laugh about, not funny. Like those blacks at the radio station thinking it was funny that Mayweather can't read good. Not funny, when blacks over all are not good readers, which is one of the main reason, we are not an informed people, about things that effect us, at home and abroad.

  3. Alex Dowels says:

    This is satire and less comedy, and less for black ppl. it is to get other ppl to think and see the irony of what it means to be black in America. this is not the equivalence of making fun of Floyd Mayweather. there was no propose behind that comedy, like pointing out the sad state of American Athletes and basic literacy. The point of this clip is that it isn't funny, its sad.

  4. Matt Chasteen says:

    Nzingha Shabaka can't read well*………And you're over using the hell out of those commas

  5. Matt Chasteen Thank for the the grammar, spell check and all the other nit picking s… is that what you do, do you have anything to cotribute to black people's issue? No, and no. Oh, and we are not taught very well in Eurocentric schools either, you know that don't you? No you don't. Now shut the hell up, unless you have something to say about the destructive system of racism by whites. No reply needed.

  6. Matt Chasteen says:

    Nzingha Shabaka Oh I absolutely agree that racism is a real issue in the US and elsewhere. I just thought it was pretty funny that you were talking about illiteracy while you can't structure a simple sentence correctly…

  7. Matt Chasteen No Spell Checker, and Grammer Checker, I said people should not go around laughing at someone who cannot read good, (oh hell I meant read well). Let me nip this in the bud for you, you cannot go around criticizing blacks if we do not speak or write the english language as well as the people whose language it is. Blacks have never been taught properly in any Eurocentric school, because the schools are set up to teach whites only, it discourges all other children to learn, because all other children are not inclusive in the curriculum, or lessons. You will never agree, in a million years this is true. Here are some things whites cannot do, talk about racism, blacks being educated, or stealing, or getting something for free, whites got that all to themselves. Last comment from me.

  8. Matt Chasteen says:

    Nzingha Shabaka I'm on your side man. I played basketball in middle highschool and college. I was usually one of if not the only white boy on the team. I took black guys to and from practice, games, etc. I've been w them when the police harass them and I was harassed bc I was with them. That's not to say I completely understand what blacks go through. My bad for nitpicking the grammar! I know my posts aren't always completely accurate so I was an ass to do that. The problem as I see it is that police officers and departments in general see the majority of crimes as being committed by blacks. This is a ridiculous notion, ofcourse. Whites commit the same crimes as blacks. We all do the same drugs. What's different is that blacks are watched MUCH more closely and interacted with more aggressively. Until the police stop viewing their data through a skewed lens, nothing will change…

  9. Bwire Vincent says:

    He is saying exactly what Black parents are trying to teach their kids to act in public. Whatever happened to equal rights and justice?

  10. Sundiata Keita says:

    i know somebody that has a gun that looks just like that. he's black. pew pew pew

  11. Sundiata Keita says:

    when youre in a war, sometimes you have to joke about it. i been to war three times and trust me you have to have sick humor to stay "sane."
    but dont trust me, ask somebody else thats been on the battlefield

  12. Wallace Muhammad says:

    Nzingha Shabaka …….." Not funny, when blacks over all are not good readers"……..are you EFFING kidding me?!?! In school I read 2-3 grade levels above my class, I was a DAMN GOOD SPELLER and I memorized words like children do nursery rhymes so EXCUSE the HELL OUT OF ME if I disagree with your statement.

  13. Wallace Muhammad You can try to defend if you want, but the truth is the light. Blacks for the most part are not good readers not all but most, but hey that is not our fault, living under white supremacy, they made sure that didn't happend by excluding us from the curriculum, that is no secret, where have you been. I can say I read fairly well but most of us cannot read, if you do not know that, why?

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