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102 thoughts on “EFF Leader Explains to Parliament Why It Should Destroy the History of Its Colonizers

  1. Sundiata Keita says:

    i seen this dude go off in a thirty minute video at the Parliament. i dont know who he's the type of black man i want to be associated with.

  2. Sbusiso Mntambo says:

    For the first time in history of South African Democracy a truth is being told unapologetic in.

  3. as a south African I believe he is a necessary problem, really shacking things up in parliament, forcing government to answer questions that we've stopped asking … just that his methods are not the best and he is no saint

  4. As a South African I have a question for you from one black man to another. How did or do you feel about the reconciliation court held in the early 90's? I was too young or ignorant about South Africa and African history to have anything to say then. However now over 40 I'm quiet versed with understanding of history of Africa and its relationship with western civilization/white men I'm more than capable of responding to it. Personally I believe it was one of the biggest jokes and slap in the face to black people in history. Black people in South Africa apologizing for killing their invaders and enemies just makes me sick! Western civilization declared war on Africa and African people in the 1400's and its has not stopped to today. However its us black people in mass who seems to not to know where at war. Its the religions of our enemies Christianity that has us today at their will. There's no forgiveness with out justice and more importantly you do everything within your power to make things right. The letting any white in South Africa keep one piece of land was the biggest joke and mistake.

  5. From as early as I can remember, my father explained to me that the concept of a rainbow nation will never work because 1 – we were never "untaught" the mentality imprinted on us during Apartheid. 2 – we were robbed and forced to shake hand plus, live in the same house with the very same people who were killing us without a conscience and forgive them while we watch them parade around in front of us with all the benefits gained and finally we keep learning to perfect their languages/religious values/standards etc and neglect our own so that we can live and work for them in a system that they design. Forgiveness is possible but is it fair. Hope I made sense

  6. Julius Malema….. he can be quite rowdy sometimes…… check him out on you tube a lot of young people are divided about him some agree on his style of politicking others are against well if you have time do a background search on him Juju (his nickname) is something else on the political landscape of south Africa….. he recently formed his own political party called E.F.F after he was expelled from the ruling party A.N.C

  7. Leeroi Domo Warner Thank you for your honesty! Its gives me another perspective of a black person on white supremacy. I'll put your words in my notes I might write a book one day. The problem of forgiveness when it comes to us black people we follow the ideal of forgiveness of our enemies.

  8. SA should be doing the very same thing they are doing in Zimbabwe. Whites still run everything, black people should rule their own land. Not invaders, colonizers, enslavers, and murderers. It makes no sense.

  9. Bwire Vincent says:

    Arron Frazier Mandela and Martin Luther king were sellouts.

  10. Bwire Vincent says:

    Leeroi Domo Warner I believe I have been censored; what I said stands still – Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Reverend Al Sharpton, jesse jackson Martin Luther King etc, never represent(ed) the Black man's interests.

  11. literally just refreshed and saw my comments are no longer here. Bwire Vincent I agree we cling to the ideology of God's love and vengeance but in all honest we see more damage caused by humans in the name of God than we actually see from God. We were tricked into believing what we understand about our existence was incorrect and that we are inferior then told that only their version of God is correct and we must aspire to learn from their teachings but must never question them… but with regards to the Men listed I don't think it was in the best interest of the people for our leaders to push us to fight, risk our lives to be free, then tell us we are "free" and equal yet we can still feel the limitations placed on us while only a select few feel liberated. The fight shouldn't have stopped until we were all emancipated

  12. Bwire Vincent says:

    Leeroi Domo Warner If it wasn't for the youth, Ferguson protests would never have happened. Old Blacks are still in marching mode.

  13. Bayindo Zibula Menso says:

    Truth speaker, watch your back brother, Nzambe protect you.

  14. Bwire Vincent We have to put things in context about Mandela and MLK being sellouts. First with Mandela up to his imprisonment Mandela was hard core against the white South African government. However all those yrs in prison and age Mandela became more conservative into the culture you follow or accept. Its fact that the white government was poisoning and trying to program his minds in those over 27 yrs in prison. Khalid Muhammad said it right about the releasing of Mandela from prison and president. He was released with the purpose of having the economic sanctions eliminated and the maintaining of the land and resources in whites hands in South Africa which is where I have the biggest issue with Mandela. Yes Mandela did sell out black South Africans with letting the descendants of invaders keep the land and resources. MLK was different. I have to give him high respect for putting his life on the line for black people in which he was killed for his beliefs. That example is something we black men must return too. We must be willing to die for our women children family elderly and people. That is what I admire about Mandela pre prison life and MLK. However MLK political stance was totally wrong for black people. He wanted us to integrate with our enemies specifically economically. This ideology destroyed black self determination and black businesses. In America in those time back to the end of slavery black people had to do for ourselves. We had our own businesses and our money exchanged hands among ourselves at least 12 times. MLK wanted us to stop being self reliant and depend on whites for just about everything. The ideal of eating at a lunch counter with people who hated us while their taking all our money was mistake and joke. You don't consume your way to wealth power and control. Black people in America where on the verge of becoming a economic power in the world which would mean it would have spread to Africa and the rest of the diaspora. I truly believe if not for integration black people would have had our own car companies computer companies and etc. However MLK is his last days realized he was making a mistake hence his statement about leading his people into a burning building in regards to integration. MLK stance started to change the last few yrs of his life. His speeches started to sound different. One if not his last of his speeches was on the Vietnam War and America role is killing murdering and causing destruction against other people of color. Less than a yr after that speech he was assassinated. MLK was changing his stance but it was to late. As you say he sold us out with integration and alot of the political stances he want to black people to take. The thing about Mandela and MLK during their sell out out periods in their lives there is clear theme about them. Whites where pulling the strings with both of them. This must stop with us black men.

  15. Bwire Vincent says:

    Arron Frazier It pains me that no Black priest wished to take part in conducting malcolm X's funeral. There's a reason why they don't want us to acknowledge our defiant/radical fallen brothers.

  16. Bwire Vincent It has to be said but we as black men are afraid cowards in the face of white men.

  17. Zelda Hancke says:

    Arron Frazier Oh great! So from here on I suggest that all black people in Europe, America and everywhere else except Africa be driven out and killed. In fact, send them to concentration camps and burn them!

  18. Zelda Hancke says:

    Uhmm – did you not know that for the past 20 years we have had a black government in power? How do whites then run everything?

    Do whites own their own businesses? Yes and no… If you want governement tenders you MUST GIVE AWAY SHARES TO A BLACK PERSON! To be BEE compliant….

    Which amounts to extortion! If you don't want to take on a black 'partner' – surely it is your democratic right to still own your business!!!

  19. Zelda Hancke They still control all the wealth, when you control the wealth, blacks running the government is a symbol, that does not generate anything for the people. That is why whites got to hand over the stolen land.

  20. Get to know him, and his goals for black SA.

  21. Zelda Hancke Any black who speaks for black SA you will have the same opinion. You fail to realize you are a member of a system of white supremacy that has been ruling SA for hundreds of years. Actually your opinion is totally irrelevant, you have no say in what is good for black people, only blacks make that decission. You are really out of place. Blacks have allowed whites to run things and now you fail to step aside .

  22. Zelda Hancke says:

    Nzingha Shabaka Oh really. What do you know about South Africa anyway? There is no black SA. There is only ONE SA. And no, whites have not ruled SA for years. In fact only for 42 years. We have not been a cohesive country for a great many years. We have no desire whatsoever in deciding what is good for black people; they are really welcome to do that all on their own. But you are the one who is out of place. Who are you to tell me what to do in my own country? I am a citizen of this country – and THAT is none of your business. But you are just another black racist person… that's all.

  23. Zelda Hancke says:

    For the first time black SA is showing their true racist colours.

  24. Zelda Hancke says:

    Nzingha Shabaka What stolen land? Who controls all the wealth? Obviously you have NO IDEA how the black politicians have been stealing the taxpayers' money and how they have accepted bribes. Just recently Baleka Mbete demanded a R50million payment to grant an American company more mining rights in South Africa.

    So do you think I stole my home I live in? How come are we then paying off loans to the banks if we stole the land? Who owned the vast open land in all of South Africa hundreds of years ago when Europeans first landed here? Nobody, that's who. So if it (or some of the land) didn't belong to anybody, how was it stolen?

  25. Zelda Hancke says:

    So according to you, black people should now start butchering people and enforce large scale extortion, just like they did in Zimbabwe?

  26. Zelda Hancke says:

    So according to you, black people should now start butchering people and enforce large scale extortion, just like they did in Zimbabwe?

  27. Zelda Hancke says:

    People like you blame all your inadequacies and inabilities on people whom you are jealous of. People you envy. You are like countless of my countrymen, greedy. So you also think the solution to bring about equality is to steal from those who have.
    It won't work. Easy come, easy go. You and them will still have nothing to show after a year or two. THAT has been proven over and over in the last 20 years of South African democracy.
    Even our youth are saying that education for black people was better during apartheid. Now nobody has anything; due to beliefs like the ones you are spewing forth.
    Raw sewage flows in our city streets; some place in our cities and suburbs you can't live because of the stench of raw human waste… Hospitals don't have medicines and are falling apart.
    That is the ugly truth of what has happened here. Millions, no billions are stolen and the ordinary citizens are left with nothing. That is the beauty of the indigenous (South) African people….
    Our president himself, has built himself a palace worth over R200million with taxpayers money.
    But fortunately for us, here in SA, not all black people here have the same mindset as you and Julius Malema!

  28. Zelda Hancke You are in denial. Just because I may not reside in my home does not give anyone the right to come in and occupy it. You are in denial, and talking nonsense. Last response.

  29. Zelda Hancke You are a member of the white supremacy/racism system, you do not qualify to call anyone a racist.

  30. Zelda Hancke says:

    Nzingha Shabaka You say black people should rule their own land. But then you say running the government is a symbol, it doesn't do anything for the black people. Huh? Come again? You don't make sense….
    The reason why the government is not doing anything for the black people or anybody else, is because they are incompetent – the product nepotism and racial discrimination against whites – and they steal the tax payers' money for own personal gain. Our newspapers are FULL of it on a daily basis. (And don't tell me it's white mans propaganda – the black people are just as mad about it!)

  31. Zelda Hancke says:

    Nzingha Shabaka There is no black SA. We are a blend of many types and ethnic origins. We like it that way.

  32. Zelda Hancke According to me, I said no such thing, I do not need you putting words in my mouth, racist woman. That is what you invaders, murderers, colonizers, are afraid the Afurakans will butcher whites like whites did to the Afurakan. Now isn't that right. Take a break. The more you respond, it only shows the dept of your racist views. Go back from whence you came and allow the Afurakans, to work this shit out, you all have created.

  33. Zelda Hancke says:

    Nzingha Shabaka You are the racist, not me

  34. Zelda Hancke says:

    Nzingha Shabaka You have no idea who I am a member of or what system I come form. Even less are you lord over deciding whom I may call a racist or not. Don't try to oppress me.

  35. Zelda Hancke You know you are not making sense. You know all of Africa belongs to African people not one black had to be actually on the land, when whites invaded and colonized. There were blacks in SA when whites got there. If there were no blacks, where did all these people come from?

  36. Zelda Hancke Last time, as a member of the white race you are automatically a member of the white supremacy system. You know that Europeans came out of Europe and colonized the world, now you going to say, but not SA, a black rich country, the whites just walked in, set up, and the rest is history. Even you don't believe that. You should do what a third of white South Africans have done, and that is get out, make it easy on everybody.

  37. Zelda Hancke I just came back to this article had not seen these post of yours, every comment makes no sense. There is no black SA, where did you get that from?

  38. Zelda Hancke You language tells it all. You said, "We have no desire in deciding what is good for black people, they are really welcome to do that on their own". That tells me someone else has been in control. They are welcome, why would you use that language, have they not been welcome in their own country? No they have not, you are in denial, and under some kind of illusion.

  39. Sbusiso Mntambo says:

    Zelda, how dare you call Malema a racist. Did we (Africans) invade Europe, did we rape, kill, enslaved and colonize Europe? Blacks are now challenging your authority and questioning your existence in the continent and you calling them racist, clearly you retarded.

  40. I like Julius and President Mugabe.

  41. Zelda Hancke I know what is happening in SA, and not only that but Africa is my home. Oh how I love her so, all colonizers need to get out, go.

  42. Sbusiso Mntambo says:

    Speak for your self, not all of us like it that way.

  43. Sbusiso Mntambo says:

    Zelda, stop claiming SA as your country- you are an offspring's of the racist invaders, rapist, colonizer, slave master and murders. You are European and the sooner you embrace that the better. You will never be African let that sink in you head.

  44. Zelda Hancke says:

    Nzingha Shabaka You really like your own rhetoric, don't you – speaking of things you have no knowledge of. Nitpicking at words. You are under such illusions and delusions and are absolutely clueless of what goes on in my country. You belong to the whiners and 'the world owes me a living that's why I won't do a thing for myself'' lazy bloodsuckers who do all the evil you can and still turn around; claiming to be the vitim

  45. Zelda Hancke says:

    Nzingha Shabaka You really like your own rhetoric, don't you – speaking of things you have no knowledge of. Nitpicking at words. You are under such illusions and delusions and are absolutely clueless of what goes on in my country. You belong to the whiners and 'the world owes me a living that's why I won't do a thing for myself'' lazy bloodsuckers who do all the evil you can and still turn around; claiming to be the vitim

  46. Zelda Hancke says:

    Nzingha Shabaka Blacks landed in South Africa about 700 years before the white man did. Before it was inhabited by the Khoi-San – for 100,000 years.
    The very same Khoi-San descendants are now being marginalised by the ANC government. They are not black enough as some of them have inter-married /had children with white people. One of the very first white settlers here, Jan van Riebeeck, took a Khoi-San woman for a wife.
    Julius Malema used to be an ANC member, but was kicked out of the party. But he stands with his black brothers against everyone who isn't true black – including the mixed race of Khoi-San descent. During recent elections it was a sore point for the 'coloureds' – who are not included in Black Economic Empowerment BEE incentives. BEE, by the way; is nothing other than reserving jobs for black people – reverse discrimination.
    It is the black government in this country who is racist – everything they do is based on race. And tribalism.
    And again. Africa does not belong to black people. Africa doesn't belong to anybody. Just like the rest of the world doesn't belong to anybody.
    If any person walking this earth, created the continents; then I would agree they have a right to call it their own…

  47. Zelda Hancke says:

    Sbusiso Mntambo Yes of course they did. The Moors invaded and raped and plundered Europe. Of course Malema is a racist. Do you even know what the word 'racist' means?

  48. Zelda Hancke says:

    Nzingha Shabaka Shows you how much of a racist you are. You classify me as a supremacist purely based on the colour of my skin. What would you do if I start attributing certain characteristics to you based on your skin colour?
    A racist like you has no right to tell me to get out of my country. And by the way where do you suggest I go? Huh?
    By the way; this country will go to pieces if the white people leave. This country (with the black people in charge) is so corrupt, so dysfunctional, so broken down – that nothing works anymore. If you can get anything out of a government official, you will do so only by paying a bribe (even foreigners must pay up..)
    The army has decided to get rid of it's lazy black soldiers who are so fat and useless; that they have launched a campaign where they are looking for white soldiers almost exclusively.
    Doesn't it make you think, that while the SA government has had 20 years and all the country's revenues – PLUS all of the wealth and shares companies were forced to give away to the ANC when they came into power – why have they not been able to improve the situation for themselves? White South Africans have only governed this country (as a whole) for 46 years – and it's only been 32 years since the British pulled out here…. We've built an amazing infrastructure in 32 years, of which there is little left. Even the black youth complain that the education is worse than it was under the previous government.
    The country is a shambles. In 20 years they've managed (the black ANC government) to render public services useless.

  49. Zelda Hancke says:

    Arron Frazier It seems a bit of history you were never taught, was that on the side of black people, they were never sitting ducks who were overpowered. They were often instigators.
    Yet, the modern black generation loves to play victim, exonerating their ancestors from any wrongdoing – as if they were as pure as the driven snow. No. Not true. Just on these pages a woman suggested SA black must murder, rape and mutilate white South Africans, just like it was done in Zimbabwe. I find most of you commenting on these pages to be racist, people who sow racial hatred and division.

  50. Zelda Hancke You just don't get it. You keep bragging about what whites did. Stop for a second and ask yourself would whites have been so successful in someone else country through invasion and colonialism had they did not been able to benefit from all the resources, and slave labor. This is all Europeans control countries are able to be so progressive. Then you think the Africans can come in over night and with a magic wand, everything is going to go smoothly, there are so many problems that need to be resolved. That is all whites like yourself do, go around bragging about what Europeans can do better, the only thing Europeans can do better is take other people's land call it their own, and reap the benefits of their resources, and enslave people, then create a system that protect what they have stolen. You keep coming back, trying to lecture me, there is nothing you can say to prove I am not telling the truth. You are trying to lie and fool people. Those days are over for you whites, we are going to do what the hell we want, it is our land all of Africa. If you wish to respond, go for it, I have nothing else to say, I believe I have told you everything you need to know. There is more, but I feel I am beating a dead horse. One last question, who wants to live in among a group who wish to kill you, like the former president of SA had planned to do, I believe the doctor who was in charge with coming up with the poison to kill African people and sterilize African women may be waiting to go to trial, I need to check the status on him.

  51. A racist nonsense statement telling African people they are welcome to do something in their own country. Your statement speaks volume. It is like coming into my resident take over, then telling me "Your are welcome". Does that make any sense? That is why I call it nonsense.

  52. Bwire Vincent says:

    Zelda Hancke Would you like to talk about Black South Africans' living conditions under apartheid, now that you are bringing up the instigation issue?

  53. Zelda Hancke says:

    Nzingha Shabaka I don't brag about what whites did. I just simply state facts of what is going on today. The problem with ignoramuses like you is that you generalise, make ambiguous statements, making blacks the good guys and ole whitey the bad guy. You live under the illusion that you are victims of a system – where in history, black people were actually the sore losers. What happened in Africa was by no means unique. Europeans were not the only conquerors – somewhere else on this site, people brag about the conquests of the (black) Moors – who were in fact dark skinned people of a more Arab descent. The Mongols also invaded territories. Blacks in Africa invaded each other's territories. So it's by no means unique to any race. It's just the way people are.

  54. Zelda Hancke says:

    Nzingha Shabaka Shows you how you absolutely know nothing about South Africa. The doctor you refer to, has been spending time in prison for his war crimes – which in fact South Africa was a country in a state of CIVIL WAR. The ANC had declared war on the government and there was a guerrilla movement active in the apartheid years. Many civilians lost their lives as a result of ANC bombing of civilian targets – both black and white. While the old government was directing their activities against ANC activists; ANC guerrillas targeted civilians – regardless of race, beliefs and that included CHILDREN. They burnt out their fellow blacks in a ritual called necklacing – where an informant would be doused with petrol, whilst having a tyre around his body. So why don't you start screaming about the unfairness of brutally murdering your own race just because they don't share your beliefs?

  55. Zelda Hancke says:

    Nzingha Shabaka With regards to your comments about who would want to live amongst people who want to kill you – for a moment I thought you were referring to the current regime. We have a president who sings songs about killing white people at official government meetings and ANC party rallies. Malema also advocates the killing of whites. AND INDEED – WE ARE BEING BRUTALLY MURDERED. Yet we refuse to leave, as this is our homeland.

  56. Zelda Hancke says:

    Nzingha Shabaka AS you proudly state that you are self-educated – let me educate you on RACISM:
    I take from Merriam-Webster dictionary – a RACIST is:
    1. A belief that RACE is the primary DETERMINANT of human traits and capacities (you called me a white supremacist purely because I have a white skin) AND;

    2. That RACIAL differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular RACE (you and your friends on these pages believe black people can do no wrong and are the innocent victims, that you are 'pure' souls whose righteousness knows no end)

    3. RACIAL prejudice and discrimination (like you telling me I must leave my home because my skin is white – my family moved here over 300 years ago because they were being persecuted by the Catholic church)


  57. Zelda Hancke says:

    Bwire Vincent You know, people like you automatically assume I condone apartheid. I never did and I don't do now. My problem is that the current ANC government – which happens to be predominantly black – are advocating the same atrocities as was prevalent in the apartheid regime. The press here also calls this government a regime. They have the same oppressive, discriminatory types of laws – so what makes them any better than the previous government? The advocate hatred and racism. Yet they believe that they are justified and what they are doing is perfectly okay. What they are creating is the same system whereby maybe 50 years from now, there will be another Truth and Reconciliation Commission to also punish those who committed atrocities under the post apartheid government; the ANC Regime. Believe me – they have much opposition from other blacks here in South Africa. What makes me angry is when people on these pages tell me I should leave my home and country of my birth because my skin is white – therefore I don't belong here

  58. Zelda Hancke says:

    Nzingha Shabaka And by the way, you have no end to your offensiveness, I won't leave South Africa, my home. Idiots like you should know that I stayed because this is the only home I know. Because I love my home I, along with my few million fellow white countrymen have dedicated our lives to upliftment of the disadvantaged and to try and make our country strong, united and a place where all South Africans can prosper…..
    But then we ran into a brick wall called BLACK GREED AND RACISM in the form of our current ANC government. The majority of the population complains and hold violent protests gainst them – but when voting time comes, their inherent racist prejudices keep them from voting for a party that might take the country to prosperity – based on white fear… Why, I don't know…. Ignorance knows no boundaries, so does their hatred.

    So really, it is their own hatred and fear that imprisons them. That is why they will not make a success of this country even if all the whites are killed like you wish – as was done in Zimababwe

  59. Bwire Vincent says:

    He has a point. Going by history, excessive amounts of money must have been spent, to prevent him from winning the presidency, by any means necessary. Had he won, we would either be witnessing a mass exodus of the racist pigs from S.A, to another unsuspecting African peace loving nation (they're not ready to go back home), or, he would be eliminated, physically, or politically, like brother Mugabe.

    Lucky for him, and for us ('cause we need more people like him in our ranks), that he did not win the presidency. The racist imperialists powers that control the global economy would surely have had him six feet under, in less than a blink of an eye. To them, that's the only way that democracy would have been served.

    Did I mention that CNN, BBC, Reuters and all their major propaganda tools, would be there to report everything, 'professionally', on how murderous and savage, Africans can be? P.S. White humans, always stay behind, and are welcomed with open arms, by the Africans; It's the racist pigs, who work day and night to destabilize Black man unity, that always have reason to worry.

  60. Zelda, my people in south Africa are angry, you would to if you experienced their pain. They have the right to feel that way.

  61. Zelda Hancke says:

    Antonio Martin I don't know who 'your people' are. Just because they have dark skin, doesn't make them your people. I am more their people than you. As a South African, I have much more in common with black/African people here than you do.
    We are ALL experiencing PAIN today in the form of the oppressive black ANC thieving, incompetent government. People are MUCH MORE ANGRY TODAY than they ever were – the sentiment here often is that the apartheid days were better (to a certain extent). Today EVERYBODY is HUNGRY; because of our incompetent government.
    While your African Americans (on these pages) still fight evil whitey and blame whitey for all their woes – the African in South Africa has an altogether new foe and adversary it is fighting. Americans really have no idea what is at stake here, what the issues are, who the enemy is today.

  62. Zelda Hancke says:

    Antonio Martin I don't know who 'your people' are. Just because they have dark skin, doesn't make them your people. I am more their people than you. As a South African, I have much more in common with black/African people here than you do.
    We are ALL experiencing PAIN today in the form of the oppressive black ANC thieving, incompetent government. People are MUCH MORE ANGRY TODAY than they ever were – the sentiment here often is that the apartheid days were better (to a certain extent). Today EVERYBODY is HUNGRY; because of our incompetent government.
    While your African Americans (on these pages) still fight evil whitey and blame whitey for all their woes – the African in South Africa has an altogether new foe and adversary it is fighting. Americans really have no idea what is at stake here, what the issues are, who the enemy is today.

  63. Zelda Hancke says:

    Antonio Martin And as far as 'pain and black suffering' goes. Put a sock in it. 120 years ago British forces occupied South Africa and declared war on the white inhabitants here, because gold was discovered in Johannesburg.
    My ancestors were the victims of the FIRST GENOCIDE of modern times – the term GENOCIDE was first coined for what happened to my ancestors here. While the men tried to fight off the British, women and children were captured, sent to concentration camps where they were starved. Sometimes they were fed food with ground glass in it, that would perforate their stomach walls – this led to a slow death. Farms were burnt down to the ground and eventually the resistance soldiers were captured and held captive in POW camps on the island of St Helena.
    My own great grandmother was a young girl, who was chased and herded on foot like cattle along with other women and children – to the concentration camp. British soldiers threw acid in her face and she lost an eye.
    On our side, we also had the black farmhands, the able men joined the white farmer rebellion and fought the British. The black women, children and elderly men were held in separate concentration camps.
    Well, that was one faction of black Africans that joined the SA white farmers in resisting the British – the REST OF THE BLACK SOUTH AFRICANS saw the British as heroes and welcomed them here on South African soil. They thought the British would come and rid the country of the white farmers…. Only the British treated them with the same brutality (in the end) as they did us…
    So, had the black South Africans joined us in fighting British occupation 120 years ago – the outcome would have been very different, perhaps.
    As a people, we were crushed at the start of the 20th century. But we haven't spent our time blaming others for our predicament; reveling in WHITE SUFFERING – NO! We set about coming back stronger than ever. We prevailed, We overcame. Then some of us decided to go too far. Apartheid was born.
    Apartheid is just about back in South Africa today – just in reverse. History has an odd way of repeating itself.

  64. Zelda Hancke says:

    Sbusiso Mntambo You are such an idiot and a racist. Just because my skin is white, you attribute all kinds of characteristics to me. As if I lived years ago. I am not responsible for what anybody else with a pale skin might have done. God had a purpose for bringing my family to Africa. He planted me here. Now LET THAT SINK INTO YOUR HEAD, Sbu!

  65. Zelda Hancke says:

    Nzingha Shabaka South Africa is not your residence. It is mine.

  66. Zelda Hancke says:

    Nzingha Shabaka You are such a joke. Telling me I am occupying your 'home'. Strange that you have made a home somewhere else, not in Africa. While I actually have Africa as my home. My family has been here 300 years.

  67. Zelda Hancke says:

    Uhm, well yes… Strange though, that the people that are fighting him, the current black government, fall over their own feet to befriend Mugabe themselves…
    Black man's biggest enemy in South Africa today is his fellow black man. The racist pigs today, in South Africa, are travelling 'round in black skins. So the serpernt devours itself….

  68. Zelda Hancke You have that right, Europeans did come into Afurakan land and fight each other over our country.

  69. Zelda Hancke All of Afuraka belong to black people. You cannot take that away from us. No mater where I reside, Europe, America, anywhere in the diaspora, Afuraka is my home, no particular country either. You can ask a first grade, "Where do black people live or their home"? They will say Afuraka.

  70. Zelda Hancke All of Afuraka belong to black people. You cannot take that away from us. No mater where I reside, Europe, America, anywhere in the diaspora, Afuraka is my home, no particular country either. You can ask a first grade, "Where do black people live or their home"? They will say Afuraka.

  71. Bwire Vincent says:

    Zelda Hancke Mugabe is the best friend, Africa will ever have.

  72. blacks are scared of history because in history we learn that it was actually the black that instigated violence. it is the black that forced apartheid because he proved to everyone that he can still not be trusted. from the day the whites got here they tried to trade with the blacks. sadly the blacks sold us land and then stole it back by murdering the whites. read up on the 'battle of blood river'. that all started because of blacks murdering whites. indecently, the battle of blood river was fought by black and white against a group of murderous blacks. but we only hear of how the blacks were slaughtered. never about the white slaughter or the fact that black and white worked together. same as in the early '90s when the AWB and Inkatha worked together to fight farm murders. if you look at history you will see that it was mainly the anc that were against whites. the other black groups worked with us because they did not want the future that the anc have created. the anc with their communist partners are destroying south africa and creating hatred. if whites are so hated then why does the black government not assist them in leaving the country? I am sure most want to leave. so negotiate with the west to take in the whites. as simple as that. but no… it is more fun to torture and abuse the whites.

  73. Nzingha Shabaka if blacks where so independent then why do they come crying to whites for food and money. blacks need whites. with out whites africa will destroy itself. that is a fact. every country that got a black president has failed. even the USA have realised what a huge mistake they made in getting a black president. blacks must prove that they can stand alone by not begging from whites!!!

  74. mugabe and malema work for white business people. if you had any education or common sense you will see who benefits the most when one of those 2 idiots opens their mouth. it is all about the stock market. malema opens his mouth and the stock market looses value. then the big business bosses of mugabe and maklema buy stocks at the cheaper price. they instruct them to shut their mouths and suddenly the stocks go up in value. then they sell at the high price.
    mugabe and malema are slaves to the white mans money and you are to much of a racist to even see it. hahaha…

  75. Bwire Vincent says:

    Bradley Phillips You are funny.

  76. Bwire Vincent says:

    Bradley Phillips You are funny.

  77. Nzingha Shabaka if all of AfrIca belong to black people, what are you doing to do about the Egyptians and non-black countries in the north? If the whites leave, they should first destroy the infrastructure they created and leave a blank slate where blacks can then build what they want.

  78. Zelda Hancke says:

    Nzingha Shabaka No, it wasn't your country. IT WASN'T EVEN A COUNTRY UNTIL THE WHITE MAN CAME HERE AND DREW THE LINES. Prior to that there were pockets of different tribes who used to FIGHT EACH OTHER over the land. The only true inhabitants of this area, were the KhoiSan – who are told today that they are NOT BLACK ENOUGH by the current government of imposters from further north.
    So what on earth, according to you, entitles a race to a particular piece of land? The fact that they were born there? Or that their ancestors were born there? How far must you go back to qualify? And who says we want to accept the rules you want to lay down? Why do we HAVE to accept your point of view? It's only your stinking opinion, anyway! Many, many years ago there used to be ONE SUPER-CONTINENT. So in some way, we all stem from Pangea, don't we? AND THAT'S ABOUT AS FAR BACK AS ANYONE CAN GO!
    Really, your 'Self-Education' is very telling… and very limited.

  79. Zelda Hancke says:

    Bradley, I just love feeding these guys their own medicine. I have been informed that this is a black supremacy site. Apparently their ideals are based on the conjurings and concoctions of some misguided souls; who are rewriting history; creating a false world and one made entirely in imagination – of a world where the black man features as the hero in every story. Even have a black Jesus, I believe. The world was discovered and conquered by blacks, who created all the universities in the Western world. So I just enjoy making them mad. They are really just a bunch of racists. I have it on good word of a dark-skinned American man…. of distant African descent.

  80. Zelda Hancke Okay educated one. When the planet was one land mass, whites, Europeans were no where to be found, Europeans compared to blacks, Europeans recently showed up on the planet, why I do not know, they more you try to defend whites colonizing the world, in your case SA, you make yourself look to be a fake in SA. Just leave it alone, you cannot get blood out of a turnip.

  81. Zelda Hancke says:

    Bwire Vincent Somebody who is truly not a racist, doesn't want anybody to promote the agenda of a specific race, like you would like it done. That makes you a true RACIST. ML King & Mandela stood against racial supremacy – an ideal which Mandela declared he would die for during his trial, his beliefs against black or white supremacy made him take a stand and refuse his freedom several times.

  82. Zelda Hancke Excuse me I might have not gotten the version of history you received and accept as truth based on reality. How is it that black people in Africa are instigators in their home land that they've been living on for over 50000ys when outside invaders come into their homelands killing them murdering deceiving and laying claiming to their homeland. Your rational and thought of what instigator happens to be based on a opposite world.

  83. Zelda Hancke says:

    Nzingha Shabaka Firstly, there is a huge difference between a country and a continent, a matter I was trying to illustrate to you. And again, your opinion of me and my capabilities are just that – your self-educated opinion.
    So you know way back there were no 'Europeans' to be found. Yes of course not. There was no land mass in Pangea call Europe – hence no Europeans.
    I guess what you are trying to say in your self-educated way, is that there were no white people. The world was inhabited by blacks, I guess, because white people just appeared out of thin air. Or maybe the first white people were really aliens from another planet. Maybe Uranus, just the same place as where all the rubbish you talk comes from.
    You know only black people inhabited the world, I suppose because of all the photographs you have and the documentary films you have from way back when… say a million or so years ago. Mmmm. Sorry I doubted you.
    If you weren't so self-educated, maybe you would have realized I was letting you on. When there was only Pangea, homo sapiens sapiens didn't exist either. I just wanted to see what rubbish you would conjure up.

  84. Bwire Vincent says:

    Zelda Hancke There's thousands of Black people who stood against white supremacy; why just Mandela and ML King?

  85. Bwire Vincent says:

    Really. I suppose, you've never heard of the scramble, and partition of Africa. Hey, what about the way you people treat Blacks in your countries?

    Use a little brain, man.

  86. Bwire Vincent says:

    Zelda Hancke How many trillions of euros, does your race spend every day, to promote white supremacy?

  87. Zelda Hancke says:

    Bwire Vincent There's a difference between fact and make-believe. Also, I live in South Africa; where for the past 20 years I have been discriminated against by a predominantly black government. This same government was in the news this week because they are threatening to cut off grants to (black) land owners if they refuse to sign a deal to sell off land and mining rights to a foreign company – in a state brokered deal. (Read Mail & Guardian on – the paper was huge in anti-apartheid protest; none are so unbiased than them)
    So yes, in my country all the common citizens are being treated badly by the black ANC government who only enrich themselves and their cadres. The very Julius Malema in this video is being gagged by the black ANC government for standing up against the thieving president.
    Amazingly the black population keep voting for the ANC because they are too scared a white person may end up being president, then they take to the streets to protest against the corrupt government and are shot dead by black police at point blank range. Google Andries Tatane and Marikana where 34 striking miners were shot by black police; on request initiated by the man who is now our vice president; black also, of course.

  88. Zelda Hancke says:

    Bwire Vincent ###
    I can tell you plenty how white people are being treated by blacks, too. Being murdered, no butchered is the word. Strung up by the feet and gutted. Google images of farm murders in South Africa, if you dare.
    It just amazes me how the biggest criers of RACISM! are really the worst racists. Everything is based against race. You people (on these pages) don't see people, you only see skin colour. Everything is always a race issue to you.
    I dare you to qualify and quantify your statement with regards to millions of euros spent promoting white supremacy. Give me fact, examples of where it promotes SUPREMACY pe sé. Substantiate. Don't just accuse. Last time I looked, the white race would rather die than be called racist or be caught to promote supremacy.

  89. Zelda Hancke says:

    Bwire Vincent Why don't you tell the hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans that run away from their country in fear, that Mugabe is the best friend Africa would have? South Africa is full of them.

  90. Bwire Vincent says:

    Zelda Hancke And South Africa hates them, even more. What were they thinking sympathizing with the enemy?

    Choices have consequences.

  91. Bwire Vincent says:

    Zelda Hancke If you feel like you are being discriminated against in S. Africa, why don't you go back to your caves in Europe?

    African land can only be leased, NOT OWNED, by non-Africans. Buy land in Africa, at your own risk, as your puppets are dying off, or being replaced by patriots. Your friend, Blaise Compaore just got what was coming to him.

    It's not fair for Africa to have squatters, while outsiders own large tracts of land, yet Africans are not allowed to own land in you countries.

  92. Bwire Vincent says:

    Zelda Hancke '…I dare you to qualify and quantify your statement with regards to millions of euros spent promoting white supremacy. Give me fact, examples of where it promotes SUPREMACY …'

    Hollywood, Media (BBC Africa, Reuters, BET e.t.c.), Cosmetics, Christianity, Finance (Bretton Woods institutions), Influencing African politics (appointing puppets, to help undermine the African), Control of African resources, divide and rule, instigating wars across Africa, to weaken the noble race, Language, Underdevelopment projects …

  93. Susan Murphy says:

    White people/terrorists/killers, go the fuck home! Nobody needs you in Africa! AFRICA FOR BLACK AFRICANS!

  94. Susan Murphy says:

    White people/terrorists/killers, go the fuck home! Nobody needs you in Africa! AFRICA FOR BLACK AFRICANS!

  95. Susan Murphy says:

    Zelda Hancke Go back to your own country somewhere in europe and be happily white!

  96. Susan Murphy says:

    Zelda Hancke Go back to your own country somewhere in europe and be happily white!

  97. Susan Murphy says:

    Bradley Phillips, instead of worrying about Africa and hating on Africans, go back to europe. That is where you lying, thieving, terrorists come from. Get off all the stolen land and be happy in white land.

  98. Susan Murphy says:

    Zelda Hancke unplant yourself and go back to europe. That is your real home.

  99. Susan Murphy says:

    Bradley Phillips you don't know what your talking about. Just go back to europe and be happily white.

  100. Susan Murphy says:

    Sbusiso Mntambo , you are right on point. Zelda and her brother in crime Bradley can go back to europe, or better yet, they can go to another stolen place like "israel". There's a bunch of european imposters there posing as jews, so they should feel quite comfortable.

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