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15 thoughts on “Watch Poet-Activist Destroy ‘Black-on-Black Crime’ Misconceptions in Under 2 Minutes

  1. Evangelist Marvin Little says:

    It's the truth.

  2. Shawn Mc says:

    what does that have to do with gang bangers killing kids?

    we dont talk about white on white crime because we being 16% of the population and commit 50% of all crime in astonishing and need to be addressed

  3. Nass Bonoir says:

    Blacks commit 50% of all crime? Are you talking about non-violent crime? What the brother is talking about are VIOLENT CRIMES. White on white crime is more than blacks when it comes to VIOLENT CRIMES.

    This is what the brother is talking about, the MUS-REPRESENTATION of THE FACTS.

  4. Here is a FBI report of Crime in the USA in 2012 If the data is correct white americans commit crimes at a ratio of 2-to-1 or more than black people. At issue for us black folks is our convictions, incarceration, and sentencing length options to incarceration. In America two guys commit the same crime both get arrested and giving the similarities in their rap sheet one would expect similar sentences. White guy gets options or a lighter sentence, black guy, they throw the book at him. Not only that but the media reports seem to be skewed in favor of negative portrayals of black crime.

  5. Kimberly Copeland says:

    Nass Bonoir I'm more concerned with my southside neighborhood where black males are killing innocent people. That's the truth and black folks need to stop kidding ourselves thinking it's not real.

  6. Nass Bonoir says:

    Kimberly Copeland , no one says it's not real but focusing on that alone AND NOT on the obvious wrongs that are being brought upon OUR PEOPLE, by those who should be PROTECTING US, is VERY REAL. Also, like the brother says, POVERTY, among other things, are the REAL reasons why our neighborhood is the way it is. Let's start with that and see crime go down SIGNIFICANTLY. What are the causes of poverty? Why is our education system not serving US the way it should? Why can't we find the jobs that we STUDIED for? Why are we not getting calls for interviews because we live in a particular neighborhood or because we have the 'WRONG NAMES'? YES, crime is devastating our neighborhood, but what are REAL THE ROOT CAUSES of this? Like the brother says, Blacks don't have a MONOPOLY on committing crimes, as a matter of fact MOST CRIMES ARE COMMITTED BY NON-BLACKS.

    Focusing on Black on Black crime whenever such tragedy takes places, as the talking heads on FIX News want us to do, only MUDDIES UP THE WATER, and we end up not SEARCHING or LOOKING for REAL SOLUTIONS, starting by addressing some of the issues I brought up.

    Please check out Tyrone Sweeney's post on this thread for more FACTS.

  7. Nass Bonoir says:

    Was Black on Black crime THE PROBLEM then? Please, DON'T GET IT CONFUSED…Take a listen.

  8. Shawn Mc says:

    Nass Bonoir you need to read the fbi stats and stop trying to ignore the facts, many black who are successful don't live in those areas so they don't see it.

    check the stats on fergeson, for such a small community they rob like their crazy over there

  9. Shawn Mc says:

    Kimberly Copeland i live in illinois and i feel sorry for the brothers and sisters over there that have to live like that,when they started killing kids i was done making the excuses for the bullshit

  10. Shawn Mc says:

    we black people have a murder problem, why is that hard to understand.your stats have us at 50% and we are only 16% of the populace.
    bro this aint rocket science, the answer is in front of you. id give you guys way more respect if you would just say black on black death is no big thing we need to focus solely on white on black.

  11. Nass Bonoir says:

    Look at these numbers and tell me who should be PUBLIC ENEMY #1. Again no one is excusing anybody.

  12. Nass Bonoir says:

    Shawn Mc , tell me who should be PUBLIC ENEMY #1 by these numbers? Copy the link if you have to. LOOK at the NUMBERS, please.

    I will not excuse a SYSTEM Run & Control by the ideology of WHITE SUPREMACY, I Will Not. These same issues we are talking about today, in terms of Law Enforcement Individuals KILLING OUR PEOPLE, are the same issues Malcolm and others talk about around 50 years ago and earlier too. There were no high numbers of Black on Black crimes then were there, but they KILLED OUR PEOPLE AT WILL nevertheless.

    Poverty and the LACK OF APPROPRIATE RESOURCES are the root causes; brought on by a SYSTEM set up to KEEP US FIGHTING & KILLING EACH OTHER for the scraps left for to us. Ask yourself why most businesses in our neighborhood ARE NOT OWN BY US? Again, why are our schools are not producing a higher percentage of scholars? Why the rate of UNEMPLOYMENT of Blacks nationally is basically DOUBLE those of whites ACROSS THE BOARD, including educated professionals, those with Masters Degree and Phds?

    LET'S NOT FORGET THE SYSTEM THAT WE ARE CURRENTLY OPERATING IN; we have to accept that REALITY…then hopefully we can come together in order to ACTIVELY CONTINUE to SOLVE some of those basic things YOU & I are so concerned about. Focusing on the results and NOT the causes of what ails OUR SOCIETY will only lead to more FRUSTRATION and us having to REVISIT these scenarios over and over again; think of the Treyvon Martin situation…what was/is the result of that tragedy. The NATION never truly dealt with the underlying causes, so we are here AGAIN.

  13. Shawn Mc Crime is a problem and as long as you have people who settle their differences with violence than violent crime will remain. Black on Black crime is a problem I never said it wasn't but one has to understand the nature of black crimes. Most are financially motivated. Most of the time when a person commits a crime it is one race on itself white on white, black on black, asian on asian etc. I believe that the culture of our young men is to be anti-law enforcement, and it seems that the thug culture has a strong hold of our communities. Change will come when there is no longer any glamour in being a "thug n-word". All this can be changed in one generation.

  14. wow just checked out the uniform crime report u posted NASS im speechless FACTS are AMAZING to have this has revealed some very important information. We all know we are fighting a battle on many different fronts and they all require our attention but some things do correlate i must admit u right on point

  15. Shawn Mc says:

    exactly look at the far right and see the percentages. we are 16% of the population but averaging 50% of all assaults is incredible and its 80% black on black.

    this is insane

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