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8 thoughts on “Watch Melissa Harris-Perry’s Heartrending Video of Black Men Killed by Police

  1. Anonymous says:

    i'm not an American and i'm not staying there, but my questions are ; These incidents only happen to / against the blacks or also to the whites? why are the shootings are always from the whites police???

  2. Larry Lord says:

    All good but nothing but racist crap. Now do a little research and tell us how many UNARMED whites have been killed by blacks over the same time period. Better yet, tell us how many unarmed WHITES have been killed by police over the same period. This should not be about race and you should not be race baiting. The facts are that when people do stupid things they pay a price.

  3. Jessica Perkins says:

    And those blacks who killed those white ppl also get higher sentences than their counterparts and have the higher chance to get the death penalty than white people who killed blacks….

    Black people are also more likely to get killed by the police….These are known facts that even criminal justice textbooks cover in colleges.

    So congratulations you missed the entire point…

  4. Jessica Perkins says:

    That's the beauty of white privileged….You don't have to experience this garbage everyday and get pass to be ignorant about the whole subject without consequence.

  5. Wynton Larry says:

    This guy (just like most white folks) just don't get it. I'm 48 years old and I've been robbed, beat up, got picked up and dropped off in a blood neighborhood (thinking that I was a crip), Arrested and convicted and sent me to prison for illegal gun possession after they said they found this gun in my car. I have never owned a gun in my life. All of this was done by white cops and I never did anything to deserve this. They just don't understand it because it doesn't happen to them and they don't see when it happens to us. When white people get pulled over they know exactly what they've done wrong but it doesn't take a reason to pull us over. It is a very frightening experience when you get pulled over knowing you've done nothing wrong. You never know how it's gonna turn out. This happens to us everyday and you don't have to be doing ANYTHING for these things to happen. I've also noticed the a lot of white folks take sides with anybody that have committed a crime against black folks. As if we TRULY deserve any and everything that anyone chooses to do to us. Even though I have many white friends and neighbors I just can't help but wonder how they truly feel about non whites. You see the uprising because black people are tired of how we get treated by not just the police but the criminal justice system as well. And let me not leave out the hispanics. They go through the exact same thing. So what I've learned today(from Mr. Larry Lord) is that if I complain or speak out about how black folks are treated by white cops I'm race baiting or I'm just a racist. Thank you Mr. Lord you know it all.

  6. John Lindsay says:

    NOT just to Blacks but also Asian- & Latino/a-Americans, and Native "Americans."

    The mainstream, White-owned media KNOWS that by KEEPING the focus solely on African Americans, that most Whites –who are racist– will NOT speak out against these MURDERS.

    May 2014:
    Asian Americans Against Police Brutality Press Conference

    July 2012: Anaheim Police Brutality Sparks Outrage After 2 Latinos Shot Dead and Demonstrators Attacked

    Seattle Police Officer Kicks Hispanic Man. Police Brutality? You decide.

    Police Say Tasering 8-Year-old Native American Girl Was Justified

    JL: This girl was having a temper tantrum, and had a small paring knife in her hand.
    Yet, one of 4 cops on the scene tased her, the voltage lifting her up off the ground and slamming her into a wall.
    I'm quite these White racists would NOT have done an 8-year-old 70-pound White girl like that.

    That's just 4 cases and I can easily post another 100.

  7. John Lindsay says:

    @Larry Lord

    JL: You're INCREDIBLY freaking ignorant.

    Over the past 3 weeks, I've collected over 30 videos demonstrating, "How White cops pleaded with White males with pistols/rifles to put their weapons down.
    The videos range from 20 to 45 minutes….where White males did not comply….yet were NOT KILLED by White police officers.

    Thanks to Jessica Perkins and Wynton Larry!!!

  8. John Lindsay says:

    @ Junior Stewart:

    JL: This relates to slavery….because the very first police officers were authorized to catch enslaved people who had escaped….as well as to CONTROL People of Color(African-, Asian- & Latino/a-Americans and Native "Americans").

    You ought to try researching sometimes….BEFORE YOU "OPEN" YOUR MOUTH and/or put fingers to the keyboard….and let everyone know just how ignorant you are about such matters.
    Interestingly, MOST other Whites and yourself have no idea how to define "race"-bating….without Googling it.

    "The birth and development of the American police can be traced to a multitude of historical, legal and political-economic conditions. The institution of slavery and the control of minorities, however, were two of the more formidable historic features of American society shaping early policing. Slave patrols and Night Watches, which later became modern police departments, were both designed to control the behaviors of minorities."(People of Color is the preferred term today)

    This disastrous legacy persisted as an element of the police role even after the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In some cases, police harassment simply meant people of African descent were more likely to be stopped and questioned by the police, while at the other extreme, they have suffered beatings, and even murder, at the hands of White police. Questions still arise today about the disproportionately high numbers of people of African descent killed, beaten, and arrested by police in major urban cities of America.

    Victor E. Kappeler, Ph.D.
    Associate Dean and Foundation Professor
    School of Justice Studies
    Eastern Kentucky University

    For much more see:

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