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14 thoughts on “Video: Why Are Some Black People Showing More Concern for the Police Than for Michael Brown?

  1. Michael Solomon says:

    Thats one way to look at it, but what happens if that's not what they want answer that Jesus

  2. Christopher Muhammad says:

    Oh he 'bout to get a job for FOX. They love them type of negroes

  3. Pierre Don says:


  4. Mickey MenKauren says:

    In the house.

  5. Mickey MenKauren says:

    Where was this coon when all of that madness occurred?

  6. The minister makes a lot of sense. However, why go to a WHITE CONSERVATIVE MEDIA OUTLET to vent? Doesn't he realizes he is just contributing to DIVIDE and CONQUER? He is no better than the people he criticizes. Why not meet with BLACK COMMUNITY LEADERS IN PRIVATE and discuss this? We seem to communicate better with everyone except ourselves. Let US talk to US!!!!

  7. Rod Gilliard says:

    I agree with him, but the problem is he's too critical without articulating solutions. And I detect that he has hatred for his people. If you want change so bad then what are you yourself doing to change. Criticizing by itself is not going to help.

  8. As Far as I'm concerned, if this Jabronie, Fox News, etc. is soooooo concerned about Chicago or Detroit or wherever, then WHY AREN'T THEY HELPING THOSE PLACES OUT??? Don't pop smack unless you are and have been involved from day 1……..F HIM!!!!

  9. Peace to the god Rod Gilliard, the principles in The traditional, Kemet/black constitution, the traditional, Kemet treasury administration, a/k/a the people’s administration of Black Public Servants and the ancient wisdom of Ma'at, the divine principles of truth, justice and righteousness are not conquered, maybe they are in your mind. I think your observations speak to your limited cultural consciousness and your defeatist attitude. You say what we need is a sophisticated effort to improve our social and economic condition but you have no plan to point to. Where is your plan since you reject the social engineering plan of our ancestors, Ma'at, treasury and constitution. What you call a battle plan is really a party platform for reconstruction that i'm not afraid to publish.You really sound like your afraid to fight and die for your rights, i guess its the negropean in you brother, oh my bad, I mean other. Peace!

  10. Bwire Vincent says:

    What a moron!

  11. This response is outrageous. The Fox News Channel would be the only channel to run this type of message. Bite your teeth and bear it. What a degeneration his own people. This was a rare display of a House N****a, Uncle Tom, or a Wannabe White, Black Man. He wants to blame his own people for all their misfortune; stating its okay for police to pull you over for any reason, you should know how to behave, and just the tone of his delivery is ridiculous. For a pastor I hope he is showing his congregation exactly how to bow down to racism. This one person does not speak for this black woman.

  12. Sadly he does not consider that the cop who stops a person could be violating his rights?

  13. Sadly he does not consider that the cop who stops a person could be violating his rights?

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