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In South Africa, Blacks and Whites Don’t Trust Each Other

Source: Uncornered Market

Source: Uncornered Market

JOHANNESBURG – The level of trust between Blacks and whites in South Africa is diminishing year on year, a survey released on Thursday found.

“Seventy-three percent of African respondents agreed, while 44 percent of whites also agreed,” Gauteng City-Region Observatory (GCRO) executive director professor David Everatt said.

“Black attitudes towards whites are hardening year on year, while whites have softened.”

The GCRO, a partnership between the University of Johannesburg, the University of the Witwatersrand, the Gauteng government, and the South African Local Government Association, conducted a study with over 25 000 people to gauge satisfaction levels with governance in Gauteng province.

At least 60 respondents per ward were sampled in each metropolitan municipality and 30 per ward in local municipalities.

The number of Africans saying they would never trust whites increased from 68 percent in 2009 to 73 percent in 2013. Over the same period, the perception by whites had increased from 40 percent in 2009 to 44 percent in 2013.

Coloreds and Indians also agreed – 55 percent of Indians and 61 percent of coloreds.

Everatt said the notion was held deeply in the “older” townships. The study found that in those townships, 77 percent to 100 percent of the respondents believed that Blacks and Whites would never trust each other.

Those townships included Mamelodi, Soshanguve, Mabopane in Tshwane, Alexandra, Soweto in Johannesburg, Khutsong in the West Rand, Thokoza, Tsakane and Tembisa on the East Rand, along with Sebokeng in the Vaal.

Everatt said times had changed and so had people’s ways of thinking.

“Before whites said they would never trust Blacks, and Blacks were more open-minded,” he said.

The survey also looked at the roles played by the different race groups in building and benefiting from the resources of the country. Among the issues looked at was the role played by colored people in building a new South Africa.



What people are saying

12 thoughts on “In South Africa, Blacks and Whites Don’t Trust Each Other

  1. Why the percentage is not 100%? Who would trust a buch of invaders, colonizers, and murders? These criminals try to get something created to kill all the black in SA, and look how they treated Mandela while he was in Robin Island. Then even Mandela comes out of prison, and start talking like he did, on behalf of the whites. Will black people ever learn. It does not matter if you treat them nice, they still will hate blacks, because we have what they want, and they hate that the creator gave us all that we have, compare to them, they have far less, they cannot get over that, so they hate us. Then went on to create a system of white supremacy, because that is the only way they could be not feel inferior. Interesting though, they used the blacks to set themselves up like they have, by using and misusing Afrukan people.

  2. Another major problem is that here in South Africa and Africa in general we have the most self serving leaders in the world, leaders who would rather perpetuate white supremacy and keep Africans or black people in poverty. This does not affect them because they are working with the very same people that do not want to see Africans succeed and improve their lives so our leaders have sold us to the white people.

  3. I can see by the comments below some people are self educated..

    Here's some facts.

    Bantu's are also invaders which is true. Look up the story where the Zulu's came from and how they came into existence by genocide of the Mfecane. They came from the north of Africa, and killed the indigenous people of South Africa, the Bushman. (Black history in Africa) So black African Bantu's are not even indigenous to South Africa. Bushmen (or Khoi-Khoi) knows the history very well and resent the bantu for this till this day. The black African only came into contact with whites a 100 years later when whites were in South Africa already. So neither whites, nor bantu black Africans were there first. The Bushmen are not bantu, nor are they european. However many Europeans and bantu have bushmen ancestory.

    South Africa's total population is near to 50 million. Whites are 4 million. Thus a minority.

    The government is a black nationalist government enforcing black privilege. If you go around Johannesburg the nice car drivers are blacks. You have black privilege laws putting blacks into positions, not because of their skills, but because of their race. Racial engineering all over again. But many of us laugh cause history will judge that government the same way it judged the previous.

    Blacks are the highest percentage of criminals that commit murder and rape, not just against fellow blacks, but against minorities, which include mix race, asian and white people. Not the other way around.

    White people, a minority, like African-Americans in the US, are the largest group that are targeted by hate crimes. Except in South Africa it's blacks murdering, raping and torturing whites.

    Now if you have a black racist government that is a majority, that even discriminate against orphanages if there's too many white children (google it), and mass hate crimes being committed against minorities (whites), then you will get trust issue. That's just the law of human behaviour.

    Just look at the rest of Africa. Slowly South Africa is turning into just another African country. And for the unsuspecting tourist. Cape Town is not South Africa. It's the last bastion of Europe at the tip of Africa, and that's why it looks modern and working. It is also the ONLY province run by a white party! All the other provinces are bankrupt and run by the ANC of old President Nelson Mandela. (Which was one of the best black leaders we had)

    And many black people are fed-up too, not just whites. The main reason stereotypes happen over and over if because of "educated" comments like here below, bad leadership, and racist laws, that does educated black people a huge disfavor.

  4. Gert Van der Linde says:

    You have nothing we want…just give back our land you have stolen and leave us the fuck alone!

  5. You talk about invaders, or who came to SA first. Afurakan people are the indigineous people of the planet, there were no whites in Africa before they invaded many countries, that is the only way they they came to Afuraka, as invaders.

  6. Gert Van der Linde This is one of the most nonsense statements I have read in a while. First, the land you want belongs to Afurakan people, and you say you want your land back, how did the whites get this land? When you come to this realization, you will stop claiming something that is not yours.

  7. Robert Kant That is easy for you to say, after blacks have been supressed, and oppressed, held in slavery, killed us if we tried to read, while holding blacks in slavery for hundreds of years, and they used the wealth to create everything most other people do not have, by committing crime to have what you have today. That is funny, you said stop speaking English, guess what, I sure in hell would not be had it not been forced upon me. My language my culture, everything taken from me, I bet you never thought about that. Sure you didn't, participants of white supremacy do not think like that.

  8. Robert Kant says:

    Nzingha Shabaka I am From Holland, born there lived here since i was 10… my parents took me to this country and i had no say in that. i learned 2 foreign language not native to me. i live by every rule in this country and still this government sees me as nothing any white male comes last place. why am i being blamed huh Nzingha

  9. Bantus are blacks therefore not invaders. And bantu is a language not a peoples. The Mfecane is a white invention to justify land theft and has no bearing in any historical reality. Black south africans are indigenous to south africa, and the nguni speakers there language mixed with the khoi san language which is why despite being "bantu" they use khoi san words and click sounds dumb dumb. And you think the khoi san are not black, you need to get your brain checked. Cape town doesn't even have a white majority, there are more whites in and around pretoria percent wise. White south africans are the last leech to be picked off.

  10. Robert Kant Whites didn't create shit

  11. I'm not South Africa –I'm an American, but did you ever think about the fact that a lot of younger white South Africans who were born around the time/after the Apartheid ended have nothing to do with that system? They can't help what their ancestors did. Yeah, maybe some of them cannot be trusted, but throughout life I've discovered that too many people, of all races, including my own cannot be trusted. There are good people; there are bad people. I try to give everyone the benefit of a doubt.

  12. Raymond Emmanuel Davis II You can believe that nonsense if you want, it has never done blacks any good, and never will. I see news all the time how whites in SA still are racist, sure there may be a few, what difference does it makes, blacks need to control their own country, control their resources, sure as long as whites control all that, I guess a few will act nice, why would't they. Bottomline forget all that, blacks need their whole country back, and whites need to go back where they came from.

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