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The Police Officer Who Murdered Mike Brown Will Not Be Punished

On the afternoon of Saturday, Aug. 9, 2014, a Ferguson, Mo., police officer fired his gun several times, killing teenager Mike Brown in the streets. The sad reality that people outside of St. Louis will come to learn is what residents, past and present, already know: The police force in St. Louis and surrounding communities is the most racist in America.

Before I moved to St. Louis, I was told to avoid entering Ferguson, but unfortunately, as a basketball official and baseball/softball umpire, I was assigned to games there. Every time I went to a game, a police officer would pull me over. On several occasions, officers would have their guns drawn and pointed at me. My hands would be in plain view, resting on the steering wheel. However, that did not stop them from damaging my car with their nightsticks.

I wrote many letters to political officials and filed many complaints to no avail. After a couple of filings, the desk sergeant started throwing my complaints away in front of me. Suffice to say, I am of the opinion that the police officer who shot and killed unarmed Mike Brown – while Mike’s hands were raised in a surrender-like position – will not be punished. Let me explain how.

At the Texas university where I am an associate professor, we hire adjunct professors who are or were Houston police chiefs, assistant police chiefs, and city councilpersons. After conversations with them, I know how the Houston Police Department would handle a Mike Brown murder. I suspect Ferguson will handle it in the same manner.

First, the Ferguson Police Department will collect all evidence and monopolize it. It will take court orders for them to share the evidence.

Second, they will create a narrative that conforms to that evidence. They will analyze that narrative six ways to Sunday to ensure that it is airtight.

Third, they will blackmail or pay off witnesses so that they give alternative versions of events. Dorin Johnson, the friend of Mike Brown, has been extremely consistent in detailing the encounter that he and Mike had with the rogue Ferguson police officer. The Ferguson police will convince many residents to give different versions of the events to neutralize Johnson’s testimony.

Fourth, an all-white or pretty close to all-white grand jury will be seated.

Presto! The police officer will walk.

Another sad fact that was revealed from the events that Saturday is that the mistreatment of African-American citizens is very prevalent in that metro area. In Cahokia, Il., a St. Louis suburb, African-American males are routinely arrested for no probable cause.

I have witnessed one African-American male in particular taken into custody multiple times – his name will not be stated because it would draw more injustice to him.

I have seen the Cahokia police arrest this young man in a number of ways; I saw them pull over a car in which he was riding in the back seat; I saw them go to his house and pull him out in the wintertime without a coat on his back; and I saw them waiting for him outside a church during a Sunday service.

His family is not able to afford an attorney to get him out of jail or sue over the many times he has been violated. No other help is available, for the NAACP in the area is dormant or just ineffective, and none of the city officials are willing to do anything about the police force. The media were informed about the many incidents, but they are not interested in his story. Maybe they will be now.

I moved from St. Louis to Houston. As police departments go, I jumped from the frying pan into the fire. You’ve all seen online the horror of the Houston Police Department beating citizens and running into them with their patrol cars. In Houston, police routinely violate the civil rights of my students, family members of my students, and my family members. They have violated my civil rights too.

I will not detail the many times I have been profiled by police in Houston, but many African- Americans, myself included, do not believe there are more good police officers than there are bad ones.

If there were more good officers than bad, then there would not be so many civil rights violations by the police. If there were more good officers than bad, then the number of civil rights violations would decline. If there were more good officers than bad, then there would be fewer incidences of police killing African-Americans.

Police often complain that they do not get cooperation from residents when trying to solve crimes. Ironically, police do not cooperate with residents when the police commit crimes or violate the civil rights of citizens.

When citizens do not cooperate with the police and give them the information they seek, police will arrest those citizens for obstruction of justice or on some charge that makes them complicit.

Don’t believe me? An African-American male in St. Louis audio-taped one encounter with the police in which they blackmailed the young man. So, if citizens do not cooperate with the police so they can arrest the wrongdoer, what does it mean when a police officer does not enforce the law when a fellow police officer is a wrongdoer?

It is not OK for police to look the other way, sweep it under the rug, or laugh it off. If that officer does nothing, then he is just as culpable. No one believes that police officers break the law and no one knows about it. I bet many police officers know, but choose to do nothing. Therefore, there are far more bad police officers than there are good ones.

Dr. Maruice Mangum, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Barbara Jordan-Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs Associate Professor, Department of Political Science Texas Southern University

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26 thoughts on “The Police Officer Who Murdered Mike Brown Will Not Be Punished

  1. Daniel Gaskins says:

    If the Police officer is not punished, what will that say about the FBI since they are ALSO investigating the case?

  2. Daniel Gaskins says:

    If the Police officer is not punished, what will that say about the FBI since they are ALSO investigating the case?

  3. The same thing it said about them in the Trayvon Martin case, and I am sure there a plenty more. They are full of it, and also stand with the FACT that as a Black person, you have No rights

  4. It's says it's a ruse. The FBI is more criminal than anything that I'm sure exists in Ferguson, Mo. They have a long, documented history of violating the basic human rights of black people so I would write that off as a publicity stunt. Meaningless and not intended to bring about anything but more obstruction of the truth & real justice for this boy's family. This country is run by the MOB. They are just a very organized criminal network; so how can you expect ANY justice from a bunch of criminals?

  5. Vonnie Marshall says:

    Blacks are sitting ducks. The police aren't even hiding murdering us IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. Just unabashed with their MURDERING.

  6. Sibyl Nesmith Let them tell it but we ALL have rights that are God-given– life, liberty and the right of self-preservation that cannot be limited or abridged by any man or being. It's time we start exercising the fundamental right that makes it clear that when that line in the sand is wrongly & illegally crossed, then we will use full force to preserve our lives. It's either us or them. I'm tired of seeing us burying our children while they get a promotion or a free pass.

  7. Khari A Fogdog says:

    Sibyl Nesmith it's not just Black persons that have not rights, Whites don't either… the only ones that do are the ones they do not refer to the "Goy",

  8. Joan Coulter says:

    Daniel – What does it ALWAYS say: That the need be no concern for the life of a Black man/boy. A Black man/boy can be murdered at the well of the "policeman" holding the gun. No reason is required. Can we expect anything different from the FBI? As to the young man being terrorized by the police, sad as it may be, but he needs to leave town if he values his life.

  9. Joan Coulter says:

    Khari A Fogdog Where did you get that from- "Whites don't have right either"? What United States have you been living in?

  10. Khari A Fogdog says:

    Joan Coulter I choose to look at all sides, that's where I got that from. And I live in the one being militarized and trained by the IDF as the Dual National Policy Makers who are controlling everything while robbing US blind, pitting the nation against one another, and lying to everyone about all of it.
    The Khazars assimilated the Sephardi and stole their identity; they're doing the same everywhere else they can. Just because an octopus can assimilate a rock doesn't make it a rock… it's still an octopus. What IF people lifted up the rocks, actually looked underneath (follow the money) as opposed to listening to the race baiting MSmedia (I can't be the only one seeing how the "entertainment" industry is fueling and fanning flames) – who owns the media. If you haven't seen it look up Kelli Thomas for starters.
    I'm just saying, it's Americans across the board being murdered, relentless warrant-less raids, and it's not going to get any better with a nation divided.

  11. Winston M. Child says:

    Unpunished? Not if people take matters into their own hands.

  12. Tarsyia Waddell says:

    There is a story behind the story. Trust me there is more to tell at a higher level. History repeats itself for a reason. CONTROL.

  13. Khari A Fogdog Still there is still no history of oppression associated with being white.

  14. Khari A Fogdog says:

    Leila Crockett actually that isn't accurate. Moreover, slavery didn't end it just includes all but one RACE now. Even if it were true are we going to continue to live in the past or allow it to run over us like it is. I choose Personal Responsibility – and stop filming and start doing.

  15. Khari A Fogdog In what instance throughout history were people oppressed for being white? Even if we are all slaves to the sytem, (which I tend to agree), we are not all treated equally under that system and do not all share the benefits of being male or having white skin.

  16. Also to say that addressing racism is "living in the past" makes you sound flippant an uninformed which many white people are. In truth, you are the least qualified when it comes to discerning the experiences of people of color.

  17. Khari A Fogdog Also, FYI Judaism is not a race, it is a religion.

  18. Sibyl Nesmith This has 0 to do with the marten case.

  19. Christine Cuneo How are you qualified to discern this? What makes your perception valid even?

  20. Manuel Thursday says:


  21. Khari A Fogdog says:

    Leila Crockett Just because I'm choosing to look at it from a logistical standpoint as opposed to an emotional one doesn't mean I'm being "flippant". Think about it this way, how rational is anyone when they're emotional???? Keeping US EMOTIONAL is part of Their game. I'm trying to be part of a solution, to get people to think about maybe looking deeper into the problem… i.e. who's behind the Training. What IF we looked at the source to stop the bleeding. What IF we stopped funding the apparatus they're using to pay for it? It is as much our fault for being so apathetic, ignorant and disengaged, the status-quo isn't working! The media and their minions keep telling US "it's whities fault!" while the other side rants on "it's the Black's fault!" both saying whatever narrative is going to get people EMOTIONAL.
    I'm saying What IF WE (as in WE The People for a change) changed our focus to US instead of fighting amongst each other as in doing so it ONLY SERVES THEM – THEM meaning those responsible for funding, writing, lobbying, and voting on the very laws allowing these behaviors in the first place all the while THEY are trying to sway US into giving up OUR Rights? I don't suspect you'll read this, but I hope you will as maybe it'll explain it better. The part I hope you'll take away from it is how we're all being played and the bigger picture of unity rather than focusing on 1 aspect of it. ( ).

    Since you asked: to teach US what really happened doesn't serve the RULING CLASS' narrative. Just because you don't "learn" something in school (aka indoctrination camps) doesn't mean it didn't happen nor does it mean that what we're taught is 100% factual or accurate either.
    Regarding Whites Slavery you can Read: 'The Naked Quaker: True Crimes and Controversies from the Courts of Colonial New England', 'White Cargo: The Forgotten History of Britain’s White Slaves in America'. In fact, Blacks also owned Whites, "the practice became so prevalent that the Virginia Assembly passed a law prohibiting it, i.e. “It is enacted that no Negro or Indian though baptized and enjoyned their own freedom shall be capable of any such purchase of christians…” ~ Statutes of the Virginia Assembly." And then there's the MANN ACT. (side note: if you're going to research something on Wikipedia, 1st youtube 'Zionist Wiki Training' so you can see who's behind what you're 'learning')
    And, then of course there's 'the Holodomor Holocaust' we're never told about either. Plus, within the last 20 yrs especially it is in one's best interest to also find out who is funding the person/scientist/science or "study"… and if they're on the tel-lie-vision, they're there for a reason and you can believe it's for spin and to sway public opinion.

    Obviously Judaism is a religion, but clearly you're not aware that there is also a jewish RACE (read your bible Revelations 2:9 & 3:9 speaks of this RACE).
    You might want to also read “Legacy: A Genetic History of the Jewish People,” by Harry Ostrer, a medical geneticist and professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, claims that Jews are different, and the differences are not just skin deep." As I had already mentioned above in regards the the Sephardi Jews vs the Khazars 'jews'(read about King Bulan). NOT that this is even the issue, but you asked. We The People (regardless of color, religion, creed, or gender) should be working together and that was my whole point. You can not fight an enemy if you don't understand the enemy… and from the looks of it, most can't even identify the enemy, and if that's the case, we're all screwed.

  22. Khari A Fogdog Yawn… I have no clue what you find so emotional about my posts… The one spewing and trolling is you.

  23. Khari A Fogdog says:

    Leila Crockett Lay off the GMOs and soda then if you have no clue. It seems you have no idea what you're talking about, you have no idea what you don't know and you're sounding like you're part of the Hasbara Project. Just because someone posts something doesn't mean you have to have an opinion then and remember I only responded to you, it wasn't the other way around. Don't let the facts get in the way of your opinions next time.

  24. Khari A Fogdog Riiiiggghhhttt… Like all the facts from the bible… Your aggression doesn't help in getting your message across.

  25. If an animal bites you put it down

  26. Kelly Taylor says:

    Joan Coulter ..I am a white man living in Alabama..We ALL live under martial law here.Police kill here regardless of race.Its not about race .Its about money and power.Police power is their drug.It is addictive and they get a paycheck for using it.

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